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Policy R/Comrade, No body is discussing about seniority of LDCE 2007 PASSED Comrades ELIGIBLE for VY 2001-2002 WHILE DPC quota candidates for the VY 2001-2002 has been incorporated in sen list no7.As per SDE RR 1996 the ratio is 75% dpc and 25% LDCE.The SDE RR 2002 come in to force wef 1/3/2002.So there is no relation to SDERR 2002 modification for these SDEs.R/GS Pl take up the case as higher level.5
Policy Sir Thanks for your dynamic struggle on the issue of Joint Committee recommendations on the agenda of a) CPSU Cadre hierarchy and b) first TBP uniformly after 4 years to remove the anomaly is signed by all the Committee members. Please clarify the service period 4 years is included in the service period completed in DOT or not. 0
Organisational The pay and allowances for the month of August15 has been paid on 1.9.2015.This month pay and allowances i.e. for September15 not credited till now. Reasons?0
Policy Next pay revision should be delinked with profit/loss criteria. Bcoz: 1. Its not BSNL, the govt. policies are responsible for losses. Then why BSNL employees have to suffer, while decision makers ll enjoy the PRC benifits. 2.Many state PSUs are implementing wage revisions on par with state govt. employees, irrespective of losses. We can take APSRTC case as an example. If state PSUs can implement PRC then why cant central PSU?? Why that curse on central PSUs? 3.Some sectors are boom ing and some are facing bad phase. Every company in telecom is facing loss/ debt. Its not only BSNL. Its not employees fault. Its the market situation. Govt. has given assurance for full support to BSNL and its staff. If it cant keep its word, then we should not stay in BSNML. Let us revert back to DOT.4
vijay kumar
Policy R comrade pl discus about SDE RR modification what will be the benifit to LDCE 2007 passed SDEs pl discus 5
Organisational We all know that, wiping out those accumulated losses is not possible with in an year. To be frank, no company in telecom sector is in profit. All have huge amount of loans in their balance sheet. In this situation, its better to pursue with GOI to extend the PRC with our loss/profit motto. Otherwise lets all get reverted to DOT. 1
Romesh dulloo
Organisational I am pleased to know that the CGMT kerala circle has been removed and placed on compulsory wait. It is ur consistent efforts and struggle for the past nearly 2 years.I wish u best of luck and hope u will struggle with right approach to get the BSNL on the track. God bless u all.0
Prasad k
Others Airtel, Idea hike post-paid data tariff - The Hindu News 30 Aug 2015 : BSNL And Airtel 3G Data Price Comparison. BSNL And Airtel 3G Data Price Comparison: 1GB Data BSNL Rs 170,Airtel Rs 300 .......Read More...
Arun Kumar
BSNL CO. New Delhi
Policy A letter dtd. 25th Aug 2015 from Sr.GM(Pers.) was endorsed to all heads of Telecom circles/Metro districts/Maintenance Regions/Projects/Stores/BRBRAITT/ALTTC regarding submission of APAR/Vigilance clearance of the executives mentioned in sheet-I & sheet-II before 31.08.2015. Para 4 of this letter states that "If APAR/Vigilance clearance of any executive is not received before 31.08.2015, he/she will be left un-accessed and DPC will be conducted without further delay." My question is from management of BSNL and our Association that why any executive are punished(left un-assessed)for non-submission of APAR in time by custodians of APAR? Why custodians are not penalised for non submission of APAR in time?2
Policy This is regarding BSNLs purchase policy. BSNL insist that TEC approved vendors only can participate in tenders when Made in India products are procured where as for Imported items this condition is not there.Actually this TEC certification is a handicap to BSNL in the sense that it restrict competiton and limit our options to those with TEC certification only.From our experience the TEC certified products are not superior.In the case of SMPS power plants we are feeling it.It seldom works beyond the warranty period and no support thereafter.Why should we insist for certification,instead of framing only the Specs.and conduct QA for compliance.0
Siba Prasad Das
Suri SSA,Under W.B circle
Others Sir,Regarding pay fixation of FR(22)(1)(a)(1)for regular JTOs who officiated earlier,the name already sent to CHQ from W.B circle,why are you waiting to file the court case?Sir,we are facing the question from our members.So pl. do something without any delay. Sibu Das, Z.S, Suri SSA,W.B. 0
Organisational Sir, It is good news for BSNL to regain No.1 position. In addition to that if employee cost reduces possibility of turn around at fast rate.0
Policy In some district some Officers are given unwanted information to customers,due to this public targeted that officers and blame to BSNL service some officers also circulate wrong information among the officers and take credit to himself that I am good officer how to stop such type nuisance activity0
Rupak Medhi
Others G.S. Sir, We are very worried about the situation arises at High Court, Kerala for the promotion case from JTO to SDE. Please upload the (1) O.A. filed in the High Court and (2) Impleading petition filed by the SNEA on dtd.5/8/15. We want to know the details about the relief sought by them and by SNEA. (3) Moreover, you are requested to give comments whether promotion may be proceed like the case of JAO to AO {message board dtd.13/7/15/, 15/7/15, 16/7/15 & 23/7/15} without VC. (4) Kindly elaborate about regularisation of 500 Officiating JTOs each year & how the matter related to this case ? SNEA site dt.12/8/15. (5) Why the supernumerary posts are under question, pl clarify. Please do the needful in time. 2
Others SNL side requested time to file the counter reply in the new case where the seniority of JTOs of 2001 recruitment year in which 500 officiating JTOs are regularised each year. Now they are shown against supernumerary posts which is under question. This issue was not agitated earlier in the Hon CAT or no reply filed, so BSNL sought time for detailed reply. Now, Case posted after 10 days Onam vacation. May come up for hearing in the first week of Sep 2015. ......IN THIS WAY GOING ON GOING ON.......NEVER ENDING LIKE RIVER "NILE"...DEAR JTO COMRADES (WHO ARE PROMOTED FROM TTA,PI/WO/AEA/TA .most served technically to this department in the said posts and promoted during 1995 to 2001 as JTO fortunately or unfortunately. As JTO working in Outdoor/ Group sections are facing many troubles in facing day to day every body knows the departmental MMMM (money,material,man and Managment) position....Dear GS sir, Kindly look in to the case...go for SLP as previously SNEA (I) think....our age old and most senior comrades are thinking on this promotion issue...and mindfully thinking about SNEA(I)...DEAR respected GS sir.....we are all serving this department since 30 to 32 years in various positions from Electro-Mechanical age to Digital age and going "retire" with out position of TES-Group B....Think...Think..Think best...On formation of SNEA (I) at Kanyakumari to till date have solved many more miracle issues. KINDLY SOLVE THIS PROMOTION ISSUE ALSO....AND ANNOUNCE AT AIC AT JAIPUR POSITIVELY.....LONG LIVE SNEA(I) AND LONG LIVE BSNL......0
Others Can anybody brief what new case was filed by union in Arnakulam High Court against which BSNL soughtt ime on dated 12.08.150
Others Dpc case... Tarikh pe tarikh... Never ending court case.. all are now helpless .. we are are going to retire as JTO.0
v.maheswara rao
Others The jto to sde dpc case was again posted to sep,2015 for hearing. Actually this court said in the month of july, that the final hearing will be held. Now the final hearing was changed to normal hearing and there is no end for the postponement. My request to the union is to ask the court to vacate the stay first and if necessary some posts should reserve to the petitioners. First the petitioner has challenged the eligibility list of jtos and now they shifted their point on diversion of jto vacancies. How the court is allowing this at the time of the final disposal of the case. Only solution is to request the court to vacate the stay first. Otherwise this case will not be settled in 2015.1
Mustkim Ansari
Others Dear friend, there is a Civil Sub division office in U.P. (East) in Distt Deoria where no any facility related to Office service telephone no. is available since April 2015. After enquiring about phone, the staff say that this service telephone no. has been permanentaly disconnected from CDR as per DGM Deoria order.A letter has been send regarding restore office telephone no. but no any action has been taken till date.0
Mohd Maqbool
Policy Congratulation to the comrades of Kerala Circle . We all should all learn from these comrades , the ways and means of association fight with the Management and how to achieve the goals .1
harinath c.hyderabad
Policy sir it is learnt fron one ITS offiecr that dot is again repatriating about 170 ITS officers back into BSNL, , it is clear that this its officers are not laeving bsnl, court orders are being denied.what to d?1
K S Jamwal
Others Status of JTO to SDE Promotion : Friends Final hearing completed and Normal hearing started at Hon,ble court.Please wait and watch.2
Abhay Kumar
Others I was a regular SDE and passed the LDCE 2007 . But the list released on 20th by the corporate office after a lapse of 8 years does not bear my name. The reason is no known to Bihar or Assam Circle. I have been transferred to Assam from Bihar on tenure. Its frustrating please listen1
Hanchate MS
Policy Dear All, what us CASCADING Effect, in respect to standard pay scales E2-E3 w.e.f. 1.1.2007? 4
Policy JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon Kerala High Court is listed for final hearing tomorrow, 23.07.2015. The VC for the remaining Circles shall reach BSNLCO without further delay. In the case of Circles like HR, VC is expiring shortly. They also call for fresh VC and keep it ready. Promotion and posting orders will not be issued without vigilance clearance by BSNLCO or Circle /SSA offices. Dear all sirs this is time to awake and fight for promotion to JTO to SDE with out further dealy in the name of receiving VCs...Dear GS kindly look in to this issue and settle it like as in the case of promotion JAO to AOs....Do the needful....postively...Many JTO comrades are with anger on this issue......please understand....LONG LIVE SNEA(I).....3
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