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AGM BW HR BSNL CO issued orders for cancellation of transfer order of  Shri. Balasubramanian SDE Civil TN Circle on genuine medical grounds.  Copy<<<>>

He was promoted as  SDE in Dec 21 and was transferred from TN to KTK Circle and was retained till 31/03/2023 and now his transfer order is cancelled om  genuine medical grounds and retained in TN Circle.

SNEA CHQ conveys thanks to Shri. P Dayal, CGM BW BSNL CO and all officers of BW Section for giving consideration to this genuine request. 


AGM SEA BSNL CO issued orders giving consideration to the request by AOs for change of Circle on pending transfers  allotment of circle on Transfer in the grade of Accounts officer. Copy<<<>>


AGM SEA BSNL CO issued Transfer order in the grade of Accounts officer wherein Six AOs are transferred from CHTD to Karnataka Circle to meet acute shortages in Karnataka Circle and one AO is transferred from ITPC to BSNL CO.  Copy<<<>>


Team SNEA WB and SNEA CTD welcomes CMD BSNL during Kolkata visit: {Report by Shri. Somenath Ghosh CS SNEA WB Circle}: CMD BSNL was on official tour of West Bengal Circle and held review meetings with individual Circle i.e. CGM CTD, CGM WBTC and CGM CNTX East Circle and higher officers in these Circles.

During this special visit CMD BSNL met with the representatives of all the associations & unions from CTD, WBTC and CNTX East separately.

Mrs. Madhu Arora, CGM WBTC, Shri. Debashis Sarkar, CGM CTD and Shri. Pradip Gupta, CGM CNTX-E Circle along with other senior officers from all three circles were present during this special meeting. 

From the SNEA side this meeting was attended by Shri.  Amit Khan, CP SNEA WB, Shri.  Uttam Kumar Pal, CP SNEA CTD Shri.  Somenath Ghosh, CS SNEA WB Shri.  Amit Sarkar, CS SNEA CTD Shri.  Promit Gangooly, ACS HQ SNEA WB Shri.  Ankur Singh, ACS SNEA WB Shri.  Harekrishna Fouzder, Org. Secy. SNEA CTD Shri.  Mahua Rakshit, ACS SNEA CTD Shri.  Soumik Ghosh, CEC Member ACS SNEA CTD Shri.  Sudip Jyoti Dhar, CEC SNEA CNTX East Circle attended this special meeting with CMD BSNL. 

At the outset, the jumbo team of SNEA gave a warm welcome to Shri. P. K. Purwarji CMD BSNL by presenting Flower, Memento. Team also submitted a Memorandum of certain HR issues of the executives in BSNL.

After welcome, CMD BSNL offered representatives of SNEA to share their views/issues.

Shri.  Somenath Ghosh CS SNEA WB Circle specially gave warm welcome to CMD BSNL and appreciated the incredible effort of CMD BSNL for bringing back to back revival packages to BSNL. This is probably the first time where any CMD BSNL came to Kolkata for a development meeting. He whole heartedly appreciated the praiseworthy efforts of our CGM WB, CNTX-E and CTD towards positive development of respective circles. He informed all the issues being faced by WBTC due to shortage of manpower, and sincerely requested for deploying more manpower here in WB. He further requested for resuming the CGA appointment citing the recent incident of Late Vikash Kumar, JTO.  CS WB Circle also requested for early resolution of long pending HR issues like 3rd PRC, Standard Pay Scale, promotion in all cadres & pay loss issues. In conclusion, CS WB conveyed thanks to CMD BSNL for giving his precious time for hearing our different issues & difficulties with an earnest request to resolve service related issues of WBTC as well as all pending HR issues. 

Thereafter Shri. Amit Sarkar CS SNEA shared his views wherein he conveyed sincere thanks to CMD BSNL for revival package. He specially conveyed thanks to CGM CTD for his special efforts to uplift CTD. He added that HR issues need to be addressed immediately to motivate the employees which certainly will ensure positive growth of BSNL. 

After patience hearing to the delegation of SNEA, CMD BSNL responded that he is aware of these issues and assured that he will go through the memorandum submitted by team SNEA and definitely address all those issues. He added that he has lots of things to share with representatives of associations for which a separate session may require to share the ongoing development at Govt end as well as BSNL end.

On implementation of 3rd PRC, CMD BSNL informed that as per government norms, BSNL has to satisfy the profitability clause.  Regarding Promotions, CMD BSNL responded that he is ready for all promotions but due to several court cases it could not mature. He also told that once court cases are cleared, the promotions orders will be issued immediately. 

The meeting lasted for more than half an hour and concluded with thanks.  Photos <<<>>


AGM Pers  BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads to furnish the data on Job rotation of officers holding sensitive posts.  The compliance report is to be sent by 31/03/2023 QE March 2023.  Copy<<<>>


SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR BSNL Board requesting for early action on filling up of all available vacancies of SDE Telecom including earlier vacancies due under 67% SCF as well as 33% LDCE quota. Copy<<<>>


Update on issues related to EPF Higher Pension Joint Option for Post 2014 Retiree/ Serving Employees:  SNEA CHQ is getting many queries about the Higher Pension issues and mainly on 26(6) permissions made mandatory by EPFO which is not mandatory as per the Hon.  SC Judgement.

In this regard, it is to inform that SNEA CHQ is pursuing this issue at all possible levels and offices like NCOA, EPFO HQ, BSNL HQ to get early relief to the EPF Members. Apart from the instructions issued to Circles, Circle, EPF Nodal Officers, the issues have been taken up by BSNL Management with EPFO Office, New Delhi and are being regularly pursued with EPFO.

For persuasion and ascertaining the progress at EPFO, Shri. V. K. Tomar, SG NCOA & GS MTNL EA, Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA and Shri. Gopal Krishna Awasthi, Advisor SNEA CHQ visited EPFO HQ New Delhi on 21/03/2023 and discussed the details with prominent officers. It is reported that the matter is being reviewed at EPFO and the issues will be finally decided by the administrative Ministry to take contentious issue. The issue will be decided well in advance so that the individual will not face any hardship in submission of Higher Pension Option.  

Meanwhile, NCOA, of which SNEA is an important constituent, has written to CPFC and Labor Minister and also issued notice for contempt against EPFO so that issues related to mandatory submission as required under 26(6) is resolved in a time bound manner. Further preparations on filing contempt petition by NCOA is under process and will be submitted within this week or latest coming week.

Thus, SNEA is continuously monitoring the issues at all levels and till time we do not find major issues and we are hopeful that the issue of mandatory permission under 26(6) will also be resolved shortly and there is no need for panic and worry on part of individuals.

 All CS/DS /OBs and activists are requested to peruse the issues if any at respective level and see any issues faced by Regional EPFOs about 26(6) permission as BSNL HQ has already instructed all Circles and Circles to take further call on it.  

SNEA CHQ appeals to all the EPF Members to have their own analysis of the issues and decide on submission of EPF Higher Pension issues. For any further inputs /feedback or issues the individuals may contact Shri Sumit Saxena Joint Secretary Central SNEA CHQ by e-mail  or Mob 9425039501 so that issues if any can be taken further for its timely resolution.


AGM Pers DPC JM BSNL CO issued remainder to all Circle Heads on Updation /Correction of record in respect of  SDE Telecom cadre executives in SAP-ERP system for e-roster preparation.  Copy<<<>>    Annex <<<>>

The status report extracted from SAP-ERP system is circulated, nearly 70% of the data only are entered 30% is till remaining. Hence all the circles need to complete the data updation and the compliance report need to be furnished by today itself i.e. 24/03/2023. 

All CS/DS and activists of SNEA are requested to look into the issues pending in their circle with respect to the e-Roster issues related to mismatch cases, corrections in date, Rectt year etc and related pending information. The highest mismatch circles are ITPC Pune, Karnataka, Maharashtra, CNTx South/North/East, Corporate office, Gujrat, Chhattisgarh etc. Timely updating of data will expedite the calculations of vacancies correctly and issuing further promotion orders by filling these vacancies. 


AGM Estt BSNL CO issued Office Memorandum addressed to all Circle/Units Heads of BSNL for extending the time period for submission of online Certificate for Personal Upgradation Allowance by left out individuals and now window for the same will be open from 22/03/2023 to 28/03/2023. Copy<<<>>

A window for submitting self-certification regarding expenditure of Personal Upgradation Allowance for purchasing books, journals etc was made available in ESS portal from 13/03/2023 to 20/03/2023 for all BSNL working executives but some working executives have not submitted the self-declaration and many have requested for extension of date.

Accordingly SNEA has requested for one more opportunity for these executives for submission of the requisite certificate regarding for Processional Upgradation Allowance.

SNEA appeals all executives to take serious note of this extended date and submit the pending self-certificates in given time immediately and latest by 28/03/2023 by keeping in mind that the chances of second extension are as good as nil and hence chances of losing Professional Upgradation Allowance @ 2 % of basic for Year 2023-24 in case of non-submission of this online certificate are more.


AGM Pers Policy BSNL CO writes reminder letter to Circle Heads for submission of the comments for continuation of new All India Tenure stations and also for continuation of existing All India Hard/Soft Tenure stations.  Copy<<<>>

In special approach to review the All India Hard/Soft Tenure stations the comments were called from all Circle Heads and till now only Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, West Bengal & Sikkim Circles have submitted proposals for the same in given time i.e. by 17/02/2023.

There are many other Circles like Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, NE-I, NE-II, A & N which are all India Hard Tenure stations and Punjab, Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, AP, Telangana,  Karnataka etc which have All India Soft Tenure stations but none of them have submitted the comments either for continuation or discontinuation of the Tenure stations and in such cases the chances of continuation of Tenure stations are less and no chance to get any other station declared as all India Hard/Soft Tenure from these Circles.

Hence all Circle Secretaries concerned are requested to take up matter with the Circle Heads    and see that comments are sent for continuation of the existing Tenure stations if desired so along with additional requirement if any latest by 24/03/2023 or through e office  by email on


AGM DPC JM BSNL CO writes reminder to Circle Heads Karnataka, Gujarat and QA Circle for sending combined residency period details of JTOs for corrections in the AIEL List No 5 of JTOs in Telecom wing as per revised guidelines issued by Establishment section of BSNL CO and this information is to be submitted latest by 24/03/2023. Copy<<<>>

The work of issuing final AIEL 5 and AIEL 6 is held up for want of the partial information from Karnataka Circle and no information from Gujrat and QA/Insp Circle.

CS SNEA and activists concerned are requested to look into it and see that data is sent immediately so that both the AIELs can be finalized at the earliest.


CMD BSNL issued appreciation letter to RJ, HR and HP circles for achieving the 1st rank respectively in Large, Medium, and Small circles categories in Mera Circle Sarvshresth Circle challenge Feb, 2023.  RJ Circle <<<>>    HR Circle<<<>>   HP Circle <<<>>

SNEA also congratulate the Heads of these Circles and LC team of these Circles who are involved in Provision and Maintenance of Lease Circuits for such excellent performance.


AGM LM-II BSNL CO writes to Concerned Circle Heads to furnish the rent data of various type of staff quarters for X,Y,Z category for review of rent thereof for Renting out vacant staff quarters under CROP-2020 Policy.  Copy<<<>>


AGM LM-II BSNL CO writes to Concerned Circle Heads to furnish the rent data of various type of staff quarters for X,Y,Z category for review of rent thereof for Renting out vacant staff quarters under CROP-2020 Policy.  Copy<<<>>


SNEA CHQ writes to Director HR BSNL Board requesting to review and restoration of the Tenure period and facilities available for executives working at All India Soft/Semi Hard Tenure stations. Copy<<<>>



Meeting with CGM BW on different HR issues: Shri. Arvind Pal Dahiya, CP SNEA BSNL CO and Shri. M.S. Adasul, GS SNEA had a meeting with Shri. P. Dayal CGM BW BSNL CO Delhi on 17/03/2023. We had detailed discussions on different HR issues. The details are as follows.

Status of JTO to SDE Civil Promotions: We requested the status of JTO to SDE Civil Promotions as many of the executives are waiting for it. CGM BW informed that the proposal for the SDE promotions has been sent by his office to Pers Section and further course of action is required from Pers Section. He added that the SDE promotions will be issued once the issues related to SDE RRs are settled and to overcome the ongoing issues it may take time of a month or two.

Status of EE to SE Civil Promotions: On EE to SE Promotions, he informed that the proposal for SE promotion of five EEs  has been initiated by BW Section and further course of action will be taken by DPC Section. On our query, why posts are limited to five when there are more posts, he informed that these are SCF quota posts and for other posts under LICE quota separate action will be taken by issuing notification of LICE for eligible candidates for which modalities are yet to be decided.  

Status of SDE to EE Civil Promotions: We narrated the unrest among the SDEs in the Civil wing and how some SDEs in Civil wind missed the EE Promotions even though certain posts are still vacant. We also narrated that due to the modification in MSRRs, the certain SDEs with Diploma qualification who were senior and have missed the promotion in the last list issued in Jan 23, will never get a chance to become EE and it is hard for them. He agreed to the concern expressed by the association and he is aware about the unrest but now the issue is taken and pending in court and the final call on SDE to EE Civil promotions will be taken on clearance of the court case at CAT Ahmedabad.

Status of the Court Case at CAT Ahmedabad: We narrated the efforts of SNEA as well as BW section in clearing the court case at CAT Lucknow has given opportunity to get promotions to certain SDEs but some could not join due to status-quo order by CAT Ahmedabad. We added that the majority of Civil wing SDEs were convinced that the promotions of all eligible SDEs will happen in step by step manner. But SDEs with only Diploma qualification are barred permanently from EE promotions but some such SDEs though junior as date of joining criteria are promoted as per old SDE RRs. Under this heartburning situation closing doors of EE promotions for life time, the aggrieved executives have approached the court of law and are praying for justice. CGM BW agreed to the concern expressed by the association  and informed us that the case at CAT Ahmedabad  is being taken care of by submitting a reply by BSNL by quoting the directions of Hon. Supreme Court that the already settled cases cannot be reopened. We added that the principle of date of joining has been implemented in all other wings except Civil, then how it can stand in court. He added that the seniority list of SDE Civil was prepared well before this judgement and BSNL will pursue the case on this basis and the suitable reply is being filed at CAT Ahmedabad by the Gujarat Circle.

Modifications in MSRRs about Educational Qualifications: We have once again drawn attention of CGM BW about the issues created by modification in educational qualification in MSRRs and unrest among the JTOs and SDEs of Civil wing who have devoted for DoT/BSNL without focusing on getting degree of graduation in Engineering. We also added that in BSNL there is no specific work done for which educational qualification of minimum Engineer Graduation is required. No building has been constructed by BSNL over the years and nowadays major and focused work is of land monetisation to generate money for BSNL. When there was some work of such technical qualification, we compelled these Diploma holders to do that work and now when their turn came, they are being deprived by applying for a retrospective condition of Engineering Graduate from 1992. We added that this unrest is the reason for the present court case of EE promotions and requested to modify MSRRs. CGM BW agreed to our concern and updated that he is well aware about the unrest. But the modifications in MSRRs are not done or even proposed by BW section and it is done by the Pers DPC section and BW Section is unaware about it and advised us to discuss this issue with GM Pers and higher level. On our request about his opinion about it, he conveyed that he agrees that there is no such highly technical work in BSNL and present works can be handled by Engineer Graduates as well as Diploma Holder. He added that , if need arises so specifically, the Civil Engineering graduates available in BSNL can take care of it as quantum is very less as compared to many other works which can be handled with such experienced JTOs/SDEs in the Civil wing. We requested him to take up issue from BW Section and we also will take it again, he informed that there will not be any action initiated by BW section at its own, but if views are asked, then BW section will convey it suitably and directed us to take up matter further with Pers Section.  

Restoration/Creation of posts AGM L&B and GM L&B for effective Land Monetisation: We reminded CGM BW about our pending request during discussions on last EE Civil Promotions for overcoming court case by promoting all eligible SDEs as EEC by review of restructuring norms by creation of fully justified post of AGM L&B for effective land monetisation. We added that promotion of maximum eligible SDEs will overcome the ongoing dispute of seniority to a better extent. CGM BW BSNL CO informed that the matter has been under active consideration as the proposal for restoration of post of AGMs and GMs for L&B activities is under process. It is proposed that one additional post of GM L&B will be added for big Circles where one post is already existing and one new post will be created in the small circles and accordingly at least one post of AGM will be added in each Circle depending on the quantum of the land monetisation works. He added that proposal is sent to Restructuring cell BSNL and final decision will be taken by this cell but added that as the quantum of Land Monetisation is huge, there will be definite addition of AGM/EE L&B.

Additional Slot for EPP Upgradation Exam: We brought to notice of CGM BW about the difficulties faced by Executives in the Civil wing in undergoing EPP Upgradation examination and requested for an additional slot for the same. CGM BW informed that there is no such issue to his notice and it exists, the same will be taken with ALTTC and additional slot/s will be made available as and when requested and assured to do needful.

Issue of Sale of prominent Staff Quarters in Mumbai: We shared with CGM BW about the tension and trauma faced by the executives residing in staff Quarters of Powai and Prabhadevi Dadar due to action of Maharashtra Circle for vacating staff quarters for monetisation purpose. We narrated that these are the prominent locations and though at a distance of 10 to 15 Kms from Head Office, these are the only locations available for executives and vacating these staff quarters and shifting all officers and staff to Mulund is totally a wrong process. This will affect the office working as well as the family members and children will suffer their ongoing education after shifting. We requested to drop the proposal for sale of these Staff quarters and money can be generated from other properties of BSNL. CGM BW informed that there is no proposal from BW section for sale of Property at Powai as well Prabhadevi Dadar and hence no need to worry for staff and officers staying in these quarters. But added that there is proposal for sale of Staff Quarters at Pach Bungalow and Wireless Compound and as same is not vacated the proposal for land monetisation is not moving ahead. Some prominent customers have approached for purchase, but as these quarters were occupied and hence not responded further and land monetisation cannot complete. He appealed us to see that both the staff quarters at Pach Bungalow and Wireless compound are vacated at the earliest and this is the concern of BSNL to expedite the land monetisation process.

Allotment of BSNL Land for Societies of BSNL employees: We brought to notice of CGM BW that if BSNL is in need of money from sale of land of BSNL, then the willing employees and executives may be given opportunity for same as all together can share the cost of the property if property i.e. vacant space and staff quarters is allotted to societies. We requested to allot land to the BSNL employees or their Housing Societies so that BSNL will get money and at the same time BSNL executives will get the permanent residential accommodations which is need of the time. CGM BW straightway rejected the proposal for allotment of land or staff quarters to society or individuals as it will give scope for corruption and complaints and hence no one will come forward for the same. He added that individuals cannot afford the cost of property and BSNL cannot sell it in pieces. But the sale of property is open for all and willing executives may form a group or society and take part in ongoing auctions. Only issue is that after the auction is over, the Money depositing is to be done in the given and fixed time of 60 days and for that one has to be ready and prepared in a period of 60 days. If this is possible, individuals and societies also can take part in it. We added that some of plots are not in list of monetisation, but some executives may come forward for monetisation of that property, CGM BW informed that Monetisation of land is the purpose of the process and the list of land to be monetised is changeable can be modified as per the demand and cost BSNL will be getting out of it.  

Consideration of Genuine Individual Requests: We also discussed the genuine individual requests of Civil wing Executives for modification/retention on transfers and after detailed discussions on the cases he assured to look into it except one case which is not in his hands.

The discussions lasted for half an hour and concluded with thanks.  


DGM CNO BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads For assigning KPI in quarterly IPMS of the executives for timely sending the different reports. Copy<<<>>


DGM NWO BB&IN BSNL CO writes to all Circle/Unit Heads conveying QoS Targets for FTTH-BB Connections for the financial year 2023-24. Copy<<<>>


DGM CNO BSNL CO writes to Circle Heads For assigning KPI in quarterly IPMS of the executives for timely sending the different reports. Copy<<<>>