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Serious lapses in printing the ballot paper for the membership verification in MP Circle reg - GS writes to Dir HR.


View Corporate Office orders:

Final Seniority list of SE Civil based on review DPC held by DOT on 17-04-14 reg.
Transfer of AGMs reg.
DE tenure Transfer order reg.
DE tenure Transfer order reg.
AGM / DE promotion preparatory work - Calling for VC - Reminder.
CCS CCA Rules 1965 — Clarification regarding effect of warning censure etc on promotion reg - DoP&T instructions.


All CSs / DSs / BSs and activists are requested to make extensive preparation for the ONE DAY STRIKE on 15-12-2016 and Make it a grand Success


Polling details received from Circles.
A& N.. 84.21%
ALTTC.. 91.30%
AP & TLG.. 96.12%
AS.. 92.85%
BR .. 92.86%
BSNL CO..85.05%
CHG.. 93.79%
GUJ... 93.06%
HR.. 93.68%
J&K... 93.52%
JKD.. 92.95%
KTK.. 94.65%
MH... 94.37%
MP.. 92.36%
TTC, JBL.... 94.44%
NE I.... 88.4%
NE II.... 93.9%
NTR DELHI... 92.4%
OD.. 96.09%
PB... 95.53%
RAJ... 94.88%
TN ...96.39%
UP East.. 93.37%
UP West... 93.64%
UKD.. 94.88%
WB.. 94%.
Total.. 94.52%
Kerala tops with 97.53%, lowest A&N with 84.21%


Congratulations to one and all for making the membership verification a grand success. The extensive tours and door to door campaign by our CSs, SSA Secretaries, Branch Secretaries, office bearers and Core Group members at all levels resulted in heavy polling in almost all the Circles/SSAs. CHQ congratulate all of them for the excellent work done for the last 6 months.

Last but not the least, our sincere gratitude to all our grass root level members and supporters for making the MV a grand success.

Our sincere gratitude to DIR(HR), GM(SR), DGM(SR) and all the officials in SR section for their untiring efforts to conduct the MV in a free and fair manner. 



The ignorance of One Voter in a democracy impairs the Security of ALL

John F Kennedy





Dear Comrades,

Finally the day has come to decide our destiny, the day we are dreaming for the last 5 years.

The membership verification is for the next three years. All the Major HR issues are in the advanced stage, in the verge of finalization. It may take few months only. To accomplish our dream of upgrading our pay scales to E2 and E3, to end the stalemate in functional promotion by switching over to CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, for the best 3rd PRC w.e.f 01.01.2017 with upgradation of remaining pay scales upto E7, 30% Superannuation benefits and Term Insurance, first TB promotion, Notional pay of E1A and E2A for C/E/Arch/PA/PS/TF w.e.f 01.10.2000, Officiating pay protection and pay anomalies, pay parity of Rs 22820, for a transparent and best uniform HR policy, relieving of Rules 8 cases,

To protect BSNL and to ensure its financial viability,

Vote for the strongest and largest Association which is having the strength and capacity to fight for the rights, having visionary leadership for the future, respects constitution and democratic values at No: 9 SANCHAR NIGAM EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATION



Every unpolled vote renders the cadre weak.

Every unpolled vote is for the Administration.

Every vote against the majority Association is for the Administration.

And every vote for a weak Association is a vote against the bargaining strength of the recognised Association.

Every vote against the Association that fights for the Oneness and Unity of the Executives is for the Administration.

Every Vote for the Association that cannot fight for the Executives is for the Administration.

Go along and vote the best.

Vote for Unity.

Vote for highest bargaining strength for the Executives.

Select the best, Elect the best.

Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL


Tips to the Voters,

1. Bring your valid BSNL ID card. Otherwise take authorization letter from the controlling officers with photo.

2. Check that ballot paper is duly signed by the Presiding officer on the back side. Otherwise your vote will become invalid.

3. After putting the stamp, fold the ballot paper vertically so that ink may come in the same line as you voted.


Click here to view  the  Stand  of  SNEA:


GS and President met Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL on 06.12.2016 and held discussions on the following issues:

a)         Approval of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A before 3rd PRC by taking up separately with DoT. Today we had another round of discussion with CMD in this regard. DoT is of the opinion that either E1A and E2A scales are to be taken to Union Cabinet for approval or E1 and E2 pay scales are to be implemented by BSNL due to the financial implications on BSNL and DoT mainly on account of the proposal of upgradation of all the pay scales upto E7. This BSNL proposal to upgrade all the scales was rejected by DoT earlier once. So unless and until BSNL taking a stand to save the E2, E3 proposal part by processing it separately, there is every possibility to reject even E2, E3 proposal again. CMD told that BSNL will take necessary action immediately and concerned officers are already directed to get the E2, E3 proposal approved first before 3rd PRC as promised to us.    

b)        Pay parity of Rs 22820 for the 2007, 2008 rect JTOs and 2010 direct rect JAOs.

Assn explained the injustice meted out to the JTO/JAOs recruited between 2007 to 2010 as their pay is fixed at Rs 19020 where as the pay for others are fixed at Rs 22820. There is difference of Rs 3800 in the basic pay itself and about 8000 rupees in the emoluments.

Since E2, E3 proposal is already approved by BSNL management and now under process in DoT, we requested CMD to address this anomaly at the earliest. Even after implementation of E2 scales, the disparity in pay will continue. We suggested to CMD to refer the matter to a committee as done in the case of other pay anomaly cases. CMD made some queries about the anomaly to understand the issue and finally told that the matter will be discussed further with DIR(HR) and others to find some way out. The suggestion to refer to a committee is a good suggestion, it will be considered, CMD informed.

As demanded by some section, it cannot be settled by giving additional increments in E1 scale (E1+11 increments as suggested). There is no provision in the rule to give additional increments beyond the minimum of the next higher scale, E2. In other words by giving addtl increments in E1 scale, the pay can be enhanced maximum upto minimum of E2 scales, ie 20600. So it can be settled by giving additional increments from E2 scales only, this is one option.

Further such issues cannot be settled simply by one meeting with CMD or anybody else. It requires continuous persuasion and struggle of the highest magnitude.  Today even E1 +5 increments itself is not extended for the Executives recruited after 2010, this fact we should not forget. So comrades, before taking final decision, think twice, which Association is having the capacity, will power and tradition to fight with the management and settle the issues. Whether those who tried to sabotage the agitation of SNEA in 2002-03 for standard pay scales of E2 in collusion with management is capable? The same people now sabotaging E2 and E3 scales by insisting for upgradation of all the pay scales and keeping all of you under the threat of demotion to E1 scale can do it? The set of people finished AIGETOA and its identity (according to the version of their Ex GS) can do it? What they could do in the last 3 years after the MoU other than settling AIGETOA once for all? AIGETOA compromised their identity and now AITEEA is doing the same thing?

Comrades, take right decision and this is the right time to take such decision. Otherwise it will take years to understand as happened to AIGETOA.


When AIGETOA is demanding separate Assn for the BSNL direct rects, how they are supporting an Association like AIBSNLEA openly, which is opposing the same all along? Even SNEA suggested them to participate in the verification process in order not to lose their identity. The MOU partner interest is to get their votes, by not allowing them to become an applicant Assn. That strategy worked out very nicely for them and in next three years they will see that AIGETOA is nowhere.

Since they decided not to participate, they have to strengthen the majority, strong Association because all the issues raised by AIGETOA members will be discussed and decided by negotiation, by the recognized Association only. AIGETOA appears to be serious in resolving the issues. If that is the case, they have to support SNEA to become the majority recognized Association with huge margin and bargaining power. All policy matters and HR issues will be discussed and negotiated only with the majority Association and no other Association, including the support Association will have these rights. Therefore in the membership contest, the majority that the recognized Association can accrue matters most, in terms of the bargaining power it can command.

Since the MOU partner membership confined to CAO/AGM and DGM grades, they are not bothered about the standard pay scales of E2, E3 for the JTO/JAO recruited after 01.01.2007 as majority of their members are not affected/benefited. So deliberately they are putting upgradation of all pay scales as a precondition for replacing E1A and E2A with E2 and E3.

Similarly they are not concerned about implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy as an alternative to the present dead lock situation in promotions due to obvious reasons. So they are making fresh demands against the spirit of Khan Committee recommendations.

It is time for AIGETOA members to introspect what they achieved during last 3 years with the MOU partner. Any single positive step on any issue affecting thousands of Executives? Is the same stalemate for the Executives in all spheres to continue? Is there any meaning in weakening the strongest Association and strengthening the hands of the management by voting to somebody else or abstaining from voting?


SNEA has always been opposing MT/DGM from External candidates. SNEA is opposing MT/DGM RRs in the present format. If BSNL management comes up with any fast track promotion mechanism in place of Internal MT recruitment by addressing the short comings, incorporating necessary modifications and is acceptable to the rank and file of SNEA, we will welcome it.


CHQ is receiving some representations from various Circles regarding issues faced by PAs/PSs working in BSNL. The CHQ has taken cognizance of their genuine grievances and is trying its best to address the issues faced by PAs/PSs.


GS writes to Secretary, DoT for immediate approval of E2 and E3 pay scales before 3rd PRC: Urgent intervention to issue Presidential orders by approving the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 as recommended by the BSNL management in line with Union Cabinet decision and DPE guidelines. The BSNL proposal is pending in DoT for more than 6 months for approval. Presidential orders for these two basic cadres not issued, practically demoralizing the entire BSNL Executives, paralising BSNL growth. These pay scales revisions are part of 2nd PRC recommendations due from 01.01.2007.

Requesting to arrange the meeting between DoT, BSNL and the Assn to find out a workable solution. GS letter to Secretary, DoT


Membership verification on 07.12.2016:


My Vote for

a) Financial Viability of BSNL and protecting BSNL from vested interests

b) Immediate replacement of E1A and E2A scales with Standard pay scales of E2 and E3 before 3rd PRC

c) Success of SWAS programme

d) 30% Superannuation Benefits, Term Insurance and social security

e) Opposing Tower Subsidiary formation and protecting BSNL from disinvestment and disintegration

f) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy upto AGM Grade as per the recommendations of Khan Committee

g) Struggle against corruption and to protect our members fighting against corruption

h) Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL and upgradation of remaining pay scales upto E7

i) 1st TB promotion after 4 to 5 years

j) E1A and E2A pay scales from 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect/ Arch/TF/PA/PS wings

k) Officiating pay protection and pay anomalies

l) Unity of all the Executives in BSNL. More than one Association will aide and suits the management, not the Executives

m) Getting upgradation of pay scales of JTO cadre in 1987 (from 1400-2700 to 1640-2900), in 1996 (from 5500-9000 to 6500-10500) and in 2002 (from E1 to E1A) through historic and sustained struggles of SNEA(then JETA/JTOA/TEOA).

n) Rejecting the adhoc payment of Rs 2000 (when all other Assns [AIBSNLEA] were ready for absorption just for Rs 2000 and tried to sabotage the agitation of SNEA) and finalising the terms and condition for absorption in BSNL like E1A, E2A, -- E6 pay scales, 5 TB promotions after every 5 years and point to point fixation, before absorption.

o) Group B gazetted status for JTO cadre facilitating absorption as an Executive in BSNL.

p) Protecting BSNL from disinvestment and copper cable unbundling, Struggle for ADC and USO subsidy, procurement etc.

q) 12% EPF Contribution without the ceiling of Rs 6500 (now Rs 15000) for BSNL directly recruited employees

r) Struggle against cancellation of 45.5 M GSM tender, for refund of Rs 6752 Crores as BWA spectrum Refund charges, filing Writ Petition by SNEA in the Delhi High Court challenging 3G roaming and ICR pact, finalization of tenders, CDR, ERP etc

s) Five TB Promotions policy with liberal attendance condition ensuring 100% promotion to the Executives.

t) Concluding ITS absorption issue through Cabinet decision.

u) BSNLMS RR 2009 ensuring direct promotion from SDE/AO to AGM/CAO.

v) Opposing BSNL and MTNL merger

w) resolving the issues of Civil/Elect/Arch wings like counting of residency period from 01.10.2000 for the 1st TB promotion, 1st and 2nd ACPs, relaxation for Accounts examination, ending the discrimination in promotions for Diploma holders by issuing clarification.

x) Amending the BSNLMS RR to increase the regular quota from 50% to 75%.


Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL


During implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy, we are trying to render justice to the Executives whose promotions are delayed due to Dept reasons by giving suitable relaxation in qualifying service for them for the next promotion so that they also will get the promotion at par with the Executives promoted for the same vacancy / rect year. In CPSU Hierarchy, the promotions will be on rect/vacancy year basis for all the cadres in all the wings. This will address all the seniority related issues. This will be pursued as per Kolkata CWC. This demand along with other demands is accepted by the management in principle.


The CHQ had discussions with some of the representatives of DGMs who were  directly recruited by BSNL. After discussion some problems concerning their cadre were brought to the notice of CHQ. Since their issues are genuine the CHQ will be taking up the issues with management in near future.  


MVP Campaign at Kolkata on 05.12.2016
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