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Meeting with CMD:
CHQ president along with both the AGSs met CMD and discussed following issues.
A)    CMD was informed about disinformation campaign being spearheaded that BSNL is entirely responsible for slow broad band penetration and that BBNL should be entrusted with the job of providing high speed internet to consumers directly. In this connection, Association apprised CMD about meeting recently chaired by MOC&IT wherein he directed top officials of DOT to draw a blueprint to convert BBNL from a business to business enterprise to business to consumer enterprise. CMD was apprised about very serious consequences of this unwarranted move of MOC&IT to reduce BSNL to rubbles. Association pleaded with CMD to convey very strongly to MOC&IT that BSNL is in no way responsible for very poor high speed internet penetration to dispel this impression as quickly as possible. Association will take recourse to very tough organizational actions in case MOC&IT continues his unwarranted diatribe against BSNL in order to push through ulterior motives of the Government to sell BSNL to vested interests on false and unfounded grounds of BSNL not being able to live up to its commitment of providing high speed broadband in rural areas. MOC&IT must instead focus to address chronic policy paralysis which is adversely impeding growth of BSNL and has got worse since taking over of present MOC&IT.
B)    Association requested and urged upon CMD to immediately direct concerned officers to issue re allotment orders of recently promoted regular STS officers in case of TN and CH/TD. CMD assured that orders of re allotment to TN and CH/TD would be issued in a day or two. We expressed our gratitude to CMD. 


GS Com K Sebastin attended and addressed the 6th All India Conference of SNATTA at Kolkatta on 23.11.2014. GS assuered full support in settling the important HR issues like 30% superannuation benefit, LICE from TTA to JTO and JTO RR 2014.

A delegation of Executives from Accounts wing met GS at Kolkatta on 22.11.2014 in the presence of AGS Com Shankar Sanyal and CSs of WB and CTD Circles Com Tapas Ghosh and Com Dilip Shah and discussed various issues of Accounts wing including JAO to AO promotion, diversion of 336 CAO posts from MT quota to regular promotion quota like Telecom side and ending Adhocism in Accounts wing, option for 30% fitment to JAO 2010 batch etc. GS assured the delegation that all these issues will be vigourously pursued at BSNL CO level for early settlement. More than 50 comrades from Accounts wing joined SNEA(I) recently in WB/ Kolkatta circles.


Joint Forum of officers Associations of PSUs consisting of AIBOC, AIPEF, NCOA and SNEA(I) organised a seminar on 22.11.2014 at Bengaluru in a grand manner. The main speakers were Com K Ashok Rao (President, NCOA), Com R Rajan (CHQ Treasurer SNEA(I)), Com Krishna Murty (AIBOC), Com Nayak Wadi (AIPEF), Com Venkata Shiva Reddy (KEBEA) and Com M. Sivaraman (NCOA). Com S B Nagavi, CS/KTK Circle and large number of comrades of KTK Circle especially from Bengaluru attended the seminar.

Joint Forum of Officers Associations of PSUs consisting of AIBOC, AIPEF, NCOA and SNEA(I) organised a seminar on 23.11.2014 at Hyderabad in a grand manner. The main speakers were Prof. Prabhath Patnaik (Eminent Economist and Prof JNU, New Delhi), Prof K Nageswar (MLC, Telangana State), Com K Ashok Rao (President, NCOA), Com P Padmanabha Rao (Jt Secretary South, SNEA(I)), Com Ratnakara Rao (AIPEF), Com Harshavardhan Madabushi ( AIBOC) and Com K S N Raju (Advisor, NCOA). AGS Com A. Chandrasekhar, CP Com J Uma Maheswar Rao and large number of comrades of AP Circle especially from Hyderabad attended the seminar.


Since Coal India workers has deferred the strike, the lunch hour demonstration of SNEA(I) scheduled tomorrow (24-11-2014)  in support of Coal India is deferred till further notice.


Extend full support to strike by Coal India workers on 24th Nov, 14.
Comrades throughout the Country must hold massive country wide lunch hour demonstrations at CGM/GM Hqs in support of the strike by Coal India workers to oppose the unwarranted move of the govt. to offload its 10% equity in profit making CPSU which has been operating in a hostile and counterproductive climate of unprecedented political corruption in nexus with corrupt private sector for the last two decades. Hats off to workers of Coal India who, despite all the odds and massive political corruption and policy paralysis in the sector, yielded positive and encouraging results. Extend them full support in defeating ulterior motives of the govt. to shield corrupt private sector yet again at the cost of highly strategic and revenue yielding CPSU.


MOC & IT mulling final burial of BSNL
Comrades get ready for a protracted and do or die struggle to defeat diabolical moves of the govt. to consign strategic national telecom institution to flames. On the pretext of slow pace of broad band penetration, for which BSNL is in no way responsible, MOC&IT is preparing fertile and elaborate ground for final burial of BSNL by converting BBNL into full fledged service provider to kill our potential broad band segment business and create a parallel state owned competitor. End result of this would inevitably be that both companies collapse.  Comrades, rise to the occasion to safeguard our beloved Company from annihilation and knock down sinister moves of MOC&IT and the Govt. Alibi of slow broad band penetration is a calculated ploy to hand over strategic and monopolistic last mile to private sector.    
MOC&IT is totally unconcerned, disinterested and unconnected to chronic and multiple policy ills afflicting BSNL. No effort is made by MOC&IT yet to even look cursorily at some basic issues that continue to paralyze growth of BSNL. Policy paralysis continues and Govts Hoopla to end policy paralysis is a complete hoax with regard to BSNL. MOC&IT needs to connect to hard ground realities of BSNL and come out of the ivory tower that he is living in since his taking over with regard to BSNL.
Our struggle has to force MOC&IT to come out of ivory tower and reconcile to and understand hard ground realities of BSNL so as to comprehensively address chronic and basic issues that impede growth of BSNL. Our struggle has to remind MOC&IT that he is the owner of the prestigious and strategic telecom institution of the Nation and that it is his fundamental responsibility to strengthen it, not weaken it. As of now he has made no effort whatsoever to even understand the basic issues that require comprehensive and expeditious resolution.   
As far as we are concerned, we are fully committed to deliver high speed internet to common man through highly ambitious Digital India initiative of the Govt. MOC&ITs apprehensions that BSNL cannot deliver on high promise of PM to deliver high speed internet are unfounded and devoid of reality. Our struggle has to force him to understand the larger issues of policy in BSNL that need quick resolution. BSNL will never be found wanting in meeting the objectives spelt out by the Govt., once basic and larger issues are addressed in totality. That has to be the essence and objective of our struggle. And SNEA, given its chequered legacy and history of walking that first crucial extra mile of struggle, is fully capable of creating this situation. Gear up  to create that situation that compels MOC to have a hard look at the ground realities prevailing in BSNL that have jeopardized its growth.    
- News in Todays Economic Times - Page 15
Government may bundle internet, eServices projects into one
The telecom department (DoT) plans to shortly move a Cabinet note to merge two key broadband ventures into a jumbo Rs 60,000-crore project to speed up delivery of high-speed internet and government services to the common man under the ambitious Digital India drive.... Read More


Lunch /Closing hour demonstration to be organized on 24.11.2014 at Circle/SSA HQs in support of strike in Coal India to protect the captive mines and disinvestment move. By the strong opposition from the employees, last week Govt decided to exclude the captive mines from the auction process.


SNEA(I) UP(East) published JTO(T) to SDE(T) LDCE study materials in their website www.sneaupe.org

Click here for downloading Study Materials->   Paper-I Mgmt, Paper-II-CFA, Paper-II-CM, Paper-II-EB


JTO to SDE Promotion – Urgent attention of CS, Office bearers and activists: VC pending from ALTTC, BBNW, BRBRAITT, CTD, ETP, GUJ, HP, IN, NCNGN, NE-I and NTR Circles for the first batch itself.(Reminder issued on 13.11.14).
Assessment report with two years additional ACRs of 2010-11, 2011-12 of 1998, 1999 and 2001 batch JTOs of all categories and ST category from 2002 to 2005 with VC for 1999 & 2001 (OC and SC only) not received from any of the Circles. Last date is 30.11.2014 (Reminder issued on 18.11.14).
CHQ is making allout efforts to get the promotion orders issued at the earliest. However it all depends how fast our CSs, office bearers and activists at all levels respond in the sending the necessary feed back to BSNLCO with VCs and ACRs.


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