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E1A and E2A scales notionally from 01.10.2000 for the JTOs and SDEs in Civil/Elect/Arch/TF wings and PA/PS cadres: The proposal is already approved by MC of BSNL Board. Next, it is to be approved by the BSNL Board. This issue was focused by the Assn immediately after the membership verification. On specific querry by the MC to the recognized Assn, SNEA further clarified to management that the pay scales are to be extended notionally from 01.10.2000 till the date of implementation. Later on it has become an agenda in the recent agitation by Joint Forum where management assured to expedite the process. The proposal to place it before the BSNL Board is moved.

Inform all the Executives working in Civil/Elect/Arch/TF wings and PA/PS cadres.


GS writes to CMD, BSNL for increasing the number of DGM(T) posts by matching savings or upgradation, utilising the DE posts reserved for MT quota. Number of DGM(T) posts are very less in Telecom Engineering side in comparison with other streams in BSNL.

GS letter to CMD


Focus on submission of subscription deduction forms upto 15th July.

As per the guidelines issued by BSNLCO on 22.12.2016, the subscription deduction can be changed to another Assn during the month of July. New forms can be submitted to the DDOs from 16th June to 15th July. All SSA /Circle Secretaries are requested to approach all the Executives and submit the forms, without disturbing the JF members. The paid members through salary deduction only will be treated as members. The total membership enrolled through check off will have a big impact on resolution of HR issues like standard pay scales of E2 and E3, 3rd PRC, Superannuation benefits, CPSU Hierarchy etc as some Assns are using the number against the interest of the Executives. It is high time to isolate them on the larger interest of the cadre.

Special focus may be given to the large number of Executives not submitted the option forms so far. Large number of Executives in the Non recruiting units like Mtce Regions, Project Circles, Civil/Elect/Arch, Insp Circle and QA, BBNW, NCNGN, ITPC, TF, PA, PS, AD(OL) etc are not covered so far. New members can be added every month.





On 24-06-17 Com.B.G.Patel, CS, Gujarat and Com.Rakesh Mehta, JS (West) / CHQ  met Hon MoSC Shri Manoj Sinhaji at Ahmedabad during his visit to Gujarat. They apprised Hon MoSC about the long pending issue of E2-E3 Standard pay Scales, 3rd PRC implementation & other issues such as  giving opportunity to BSNL in Digit india Program of Govt. Of India for specific Rural & urban Wi-Fi Project. Hon MoSC responded positively and concerned about our Cadre issues & also about  the growth of BSNL. Further he advised to take all out steps on our side to provide QoS to our esteemed customers, there by to increase the overall Revenue of BSNL.  View Glimpse of Photos.


A meeting of the Officers Organisation in Public Sector Banks, Public Sector Enterprises and Central Government (Banking Sector, Telecom Sector, Power Sector, Oil Sector, Coal Sector, Natural gases, Defence Sector, Insurance Sector, Railways and Central Govt Gazetted Officers Organisations) met at Bangalore on 20th June 2017.


Combined CEC meeting of Rajasthan Circle will be held at Jaipur on 25.06.17


Meeting between Secretary, DoT and BSNL management on 3rd PRC and E2, E3 pay scales:

The scheduled meeting between Smt Aruna Sundarrajan, Secretary/DoT and BSNL Management was held at 4 PM today, 23.06.2017. DIR(HR), CGM(Legal), PGM(Estt) and GM(SR) represented BSNL. In the evening JF met DIR(HR) and held discussions on the developments in DoT.

a) 3rd PRC implementation: BSNL management pleaded for implementation of 3rd PRC with 15% fitment. Response of Secretary was positive but made certain important queries how BSNL is going to meet the additional expenditure of about Rs 2500 Cr. After implementation, taking bank loan and making payment like MTNL is not advisable, Secretary informed. BSNL should be able to meet the additional expenditure and come out with proposal how to meet the additional expenditure from internal recourses after implementation of 3rd PRC, Secretary directed BSNL. BSNL told Secretary that it will work out the details and submit it at the earliest.

b) Approval of standard pay scales of E2 and E3: BSNL explained the issue to Secretary that the pay scales are lowered by DoT ignoring BSNL proposal. Secretary informed that she is aware of the issue and will do the needful.


Developments in DoT on E2 and E3 scales:

DoT seeks clarification from BSNL on the representations of some of the associations in BSNL as mentioned below:

This department has received representations from various associations of BSNL (AIBSNLEA, TOA and AIBSNLOA) regarding BSNL managements proposal only for E1A and E2A. The associations have also informed that they shall be forced to start active trade union actions and agitations. Further, this will lead to litigations and chaos and will result in anomalies and disparities between seniors in terms of Time span to reach same pay scale under Time Bound Promotions. It is also alleged that the move will impact EPP, MSRR and MTRR and there is no reason for BSNL to go back from its earlier proposal”

It is clear from above that the ploy of DoT is to scuttle the demand and justify their action of lowering the pay scales. As we feared, DoT is using the name of some Associations (some are heard for the first time) against the interest of the Executives in BSNL. In the process, these Assns are playing in the hands of the establishment. When BSNL management recommended to replace E1A and E2A alone (scales not approved by DoT so far) and this proposal is acceptable to majority of the Associations in BSNL, DoT cleverly used the name of few Assns to torpedo the BSNL proposal. These Assns should understand at least by this time that they are playing with the sentiments and future of thousands of Executives in BSNL else history will never forgive them.

United Forum Constituent, AIGETOA has today once again emphasized that they do not support the demand of AIBSNLEA for cascading and AIGETOA will not be part of any agitation on the cascading demand against the apprehension of DoT. Another United Forum Constituent AITEEA has also written that they do not support the demand of cascading.

JF leaders met DIR(HR) and CMD and discussed the developments. The reply will be send after CMD returns from foreign tour.


View Corporate Office Orders:

Preparatory work for promotion to AGM / DE (T) on Adhoc/Regular basis
- Missing APAR - Corrected List 6 and 7.

SDE Transfer order - Cancellation - Retention reg.
DE Transfer order - Retention reg.
DE Transfer order - Cancellation - Retention reg.
DE Transfer order - Modification reg.
DE Transfer order - Modification.


Joint Forum deferred the agitation programmes:

JF deferred the agitation programs demanding implementation of E2 and E3 scales from 01.01.2007 for a period of 6 weeks, upto 06.08.2017.

JF deferred the agitation programs demanding settlement of HR issues in BSNL for a period of 3 months, upto 24.09.2017.

However, JF will be reviewing the progress on each issues, every fortnight and decision will be taken to prepone the agitation if required.

JF letter to Secretary, DoTJF letter to CMD, BSNL


All India Public Sector and Central Government Officers Confederation

A meeting of the Officers Organisation in Public Sector Banks, Public Sector Enterprises and Central Government (Banking Sector, Telecom Sector, Power Sector, Oil Sector, Coal Sector, Natural gases, Defence Sector, Insurance Sector, Railways and Central Govt Gazetted Officers Organisations) met at Bangalore on 20th June 2017 to discuss the efforts of the Govt to privatise Public Sector, Public Sector Banks and to handover Public Services to the Private Sector, issues in pay revision and 3rd PRC implementation etc which is not good in the interest of the country. GS/SNEA attended the meeting representing BSNL. The meeting decided to form a steering committee to focus on the issues affecting the common man due to above efforts.  The meeting decided to nominate General Secretary, National Confederation of Officers Associations (NCOA) as the Chairman and Com D.T. Franco, General Secretary of All India Bank Officers Confederation as Convenor of the Officers Confederation.  The steering Committee consists of representatives of Officers Organisations in Banking Sector, Telecom Sector, Power Sector, Oil Sector, Coal Sector, Natural gases, Defence Sector, Insurance Sector, NTPC, NHPC, other public sector enterprises, Public Services like Karnataka Antibiotic Ltd, Railways and Central Govt Gazetted Officers Organisations.

The following decisions were taken in the meeting. 

1. The Confederation appeals to the Govt to have a relook at taxation on superannuation/retirement benefits. The tax should be uniform for gratuity, leave encashment and medical benefits on retirement. 

2. The Confederation shows serious displeasure on tampering of 3rd PRC recommendation by Committee of Secreatries and appeals to Government to restore the same.

3. The affordability of PSUs in the 3rd PRC recommendation should consider precious 10 years of profitability rather than 3 years as the periodicity of Pay Revision is 10 years.

4. To start an agitation against the move of the Government to privatise Public Sector Undertakings and Public Sector Banks which were created out of the Public money and assets which belong to the larger masses of the country.

5. To oppose and agitate against the ill conceived moves to merge Public Sector Banks and Public Sector undertakings which ultimately will lead to privatisation of Banks / Public Sector Enterprises as attempted in the case of Air India.

6. To demand immediate end to the process to privatise BEML which has contributed so much for the growth of the Defence Sector.  The Confederation also demands that the Government should reconsider its proposal to allow Private Sector like Reliance and Foreign Companies which will lead to compromising the defence of the country. 

7. In the name of disinvestment very high value assets are being sold at very cheap rate to the corporates and private individuals. An example is selling of Hotels owned by India Tourism Development Corporation.  It was started to promote tourism industry in the country when the Private sector was not willing to invest.  One example is the sale of ITDC, Temple Bay at Mahabalipuram to GRT at the price which is not even 1/100 of the market price.  Already 20 out of 35 hotels have been sold to private individuals and to corporates / relatives close to the politicians.  The Forum appeals to the Govt to safe guard the interest of atleast the remaining entities which have a huge asset.

8. The Forum supports the struggle and the strike on 27th July 2017 announced by the BSNL Officers and employees and demands that the Govt support the Public Sector Companies like BSNL and MTNL which are the pioneers to reach telecom services to the interiors of the country instead of supporting Reliance and other Private sector companies which are out to loot the masses of the country. 

9. The Confederation urges the Govt to look into the losses made by State Bank of India by merging Associate Banks and put an end to the talks of further mergers.

10. The Confederation also demands from the Govt to fulfil the promises of the Prime Minister that the Railways will not be privatised and put an end to the recommendations of the Dr. Bivek Debroy Committee which has prescribed privatisation in stages.  The Confederation also pleads to the Government to stop efforts to privatise Karnataka Antibiotic Limited and save the lives of crores of people who are benefited by the production of antibiotic by this company. 

11. The Confederation also urges the Govt to quickly settle the demands related to pay revision / wage revision which are held up due to bureaucratic delays.

12. The Confederation also urges the Govt the allow the Govt, Govt undertakings and Public Sector Banks to devise an assured pension scheme and put an end to the new pension / national pension scheme which is actually a no pension scheme.  


Meeting with Secretary, DoT on 3rd PRC and E2, E3 pay scales implementation: The scheduled meeting between Secretary and BSNL Management was fixed at 11 am today but postponed as Smt Aruna Sundarrajan posted as the new Telecom Secretary. Earlier she was holding the additional charge of Secretary, DoT. The meeting may take place today in the second half.


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Today, under the banner of joint forum(both SNEA and BSNLEU)Punjab Circle held lunch hour demonstration in Punjab Circle office at Chandigarh regarding allocation of BSNL space to term Cell, DOT. The CGMT, PB has approved the allotment of acres of land and large spaces at sector 53 and Phase IV Mohali to TERM Cell. 

It has come to notice that TERM cell is not paying BSNL against the offices, residences etc availed by them. Arbitrary action taken by Punjab Circle is a gross violation and is opposed by United Forum comprising of SNEA and BSNLEU in PB Circle. In the letter, nothing is mentioned about payment of Infrastructure Charges like rent, electricity, water etc. and there is no clarity who (BSNL/DOT) is going to bear the charges. CGMT has issued the letter unilaterally without taking BSNL interest into consideration. Com Balbir Singh, All India President/BSNLEU and Com Amarjit Singh, CS/SNEA leading the protest in PB Circle.



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