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Your support will make us strong, from 12000 plus membership to 15000 plus, crossing 51%:


A strong and vibrant Association, SNEA only can take the Govt and the Management head on.

SNEA only can resolve YOUR issues.

SNEA is for BSNL Revival.

SNEA is for protecting YOUR JOB.

Where the other Association in the past, when BSNL was under threat?

In how many agitations they participated to protect BSNL?

Had you seen that Association in many struggles for BSNL Revival?

Where are they now, in this crisis period?


GS writes to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR):

Need for working out a permanent solution to the Rule 8/Rule 9 transfer of JTO/JAOs working in various Circles for years together which requires sympathetic consideration. Temporary solution can be redeployment to shortage Circles on request on the backdrop of Restructuring. Promotion through CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, after 5 years is a permanent solution:

GS letter to DIR(HR)


GS writes to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR):

Recovery of excess payment due to wrong fixation of pay during implementation of 2nd PRC --- case of Officiating JTOs

GS letter to DIR(HR)



View Corporate Office Orders:



Finance Ministry given approval of Sovereign Guarantee for issuing long term Bonds by BSNL and MTNL. BSNL can issue Bonds for Rs 8500 Cr and MTNL can issue Bonds for Rs 6500 Cr. The money can be utilised for restructuring of debts/loans and as CAPEX for 4G launching. This is one of the proposals approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019 as part of Revival Plan.

SNEA and AUAB struggled for more than two years to ensure that BSNL is not getting closed and the Revival Plan is getting approved. 

Approval from Finance Ministry


SNEA is for Standard Pay scale of E2 and E3 replacing E1A and E2A for all the post 2007 rects and the future rects.

Protected the Cadres from demotion to E1 and E2 pay scales

SNEA was formerly known as JTOA which represents JTOs alone. After BSNL formation, SNEA formed to represent all the Executives.

Upliftment of the basic cadres, JTO/JAO equivalent cadres in terms of Pay Scales, promotions etc has given highest priority by SNEA.

In 1986, we got 1st upgradation of JTO pay scale from Rs 1400-40-2300 to Rs 1640-60-2900.

In 1996, we got 2nd upgradation of JTO/JAO pay scales from Rs 5500-175-9000 to Rs 6500-200-10500. JTO status also upgraded from Group C to Group B Gazetted.

In 2003, we got 3rd upgradation of JTO/JAO equivalent cadres pay scales from the BSNL offered E1 scale to E1A scale, w.e.f. 01.10.2000, on absorption. Eventhough it was part of Terms and Condition for absorption from DoT to BSNL, SNEA ensured that the same E1A scale is applicable for the BSNL directly recruited JTO/JAOs also.

Now we are for the next upgradation of JTO/JAO pay scales from E1A to E2 scale.

The upgraded pay scales have to be applicable w.e.f. 01.01.2007, for all the JTO/JAOs recruited from 2007 onwards, till date, including the GATE JTOs/2018 JAOs and the future rects also.

On 2nd PRC implementation, DPE issued guidelines on 26.11.2008, directing all the CPSUs to switch over from intermediary pay scales to standard pay scales w.e.f. 01.01.2007. In BSNL, E1A and E2A are intermediary pay scales which are to be replaced with standard pay scales.

Got 2 golden opportunities to settle the demand but due to the immaturity and adamant stand of AIGETOA, it did not happen.

1. In 2010, the issue of Pay anomaly of 2007, 2008 rect JTOs referred to a Committee. SNEA demanded that standard pay scales of E2 & E3 in place of E1A & E2A are to be processed and sent to DOT and they shall be allowed to draw Rs 9850/- till settlement.

AIGETOA demanded 5 additional increments to the E1 scale (E1+5) to address the pay loss instead of E2 and E3 scale for the Cadre and they were unable to think about SDE cadre at that time. By this proposal, AIGETOA accepted E1 pay scales for the post 2007 rects instead of E2. Our pleading with them not to demand E1+5 and to demand E2 and E3 pay scales as demanded by SNEA was not accepted by them. Their demand was E2 scale w.e.from 01.10.2000 onwards.

2. In 2013/14, the joint Committee formed with the Assn representatives deliberated the issue of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f. 01.01.2007. Somehow through many interactions, we could convince the Chairman and the members from Official side about the need for E2 & E3 pay scales to boost the morale of the young rects as well as for attracting best talents into BSNL. In the next meeting, Chairman of the Committee offered standard Pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing E1A and E2A w.e.f. 01.01.2007, without any change in other standard pay scales. Chairman informed that if all are agreeing, the Committee can make a unanimous recommendation. AIGETOA told the Committee that their demand for E2 scale is from 01.10.2000 onwards, not from 01.01.2007. Chairman and SNEA pleaded with them that E2 scale from 01.10.2000 onwards is not part of the terms of reference of the Committee. It is a 2nd PRC issue due from 01.01.2007. Even then AIGETOA not changed the stand and insisted for 01.10.2000. The Committee wind up the meeting abruptly and there after no meeting on E2/E3 scale taken place.

These two were golden opportunities we got, to get standard pay scale of E2 and E3 for the post 2007 rect JTO/JAOs. The financial condition of BSNL was far better at that time. But they did not allow that to happen because they want E2 from 01.10.2000 onwards and their juniors, post 2007 rect JTO/JAOs getting higher pay scale of E2 was not acceptable for them.

Till 2014, BSNL was pursuing with DoT for the approval of its proposal dated 09.01.2009 with revised E1A & E2A. Initially it was rejected on 24.01.2011 and finally on 18.07.2014, after referring to DPE. In May 2015, as a result of our agitation, the Joint Committee for the pay scales and CPSU Hierarchy reconstituted by the new CMD taken charge. Khan committee recommended E2 and E3 scales replacing E1A and E2A without mentioning anything about other scales.

How we protected the Cadres from demotion to E1 and E2 pay scales.

On 06.06.2016, BSNL recommended standard pay scales of E2 and E3 with cascading effect to DoT for approval, modifying its earlier proposal of E1A and E2A dated 09.01.2009. DoT rejected the proposal with cascading effect on 09.08.2016 stating that: ------ considering the present financial condition of the company and the huge financial burden on Govt. -------, the proposal cannot be acceded to. BSNL again requested DoT to reconsider the decision. Immediately, after the 1st MV in Dec 2016, SNEA took it up with CMD and DIR(HR) and started vigorously pursuing in DoT.

In another development, in the case filed by AIGETOA activists, CAT/CDG directed DoT to notify standard pay scales (not E2 and E3). They may not have prayed for standard pay scales of E2 & E3 and CAT did not order for that. As usual they filed contempt against the Secretary/DoT against non-notification of standard pay scales. Utilising this opportunity, DoT notified the lower pay scales of E1 and E2 (E1 & E2 being standard pay scales) on 28.03.2017, replacing the (non-standard) higher pay scales of E1A and E2A and come out of the contempt filed by AIGETOA. DoT issued the PO, ignoring the BSNL recommendation, Union Cabinet decision and DPE guidelines on 2nd PRC. DoT taken a stand that approved pay scale of BSNL direct recruits from 01.10.2000 is E1 and E2 only and E1A and E2A scales are not applicable for BSNL direct recruits. By this, the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO demoted after their recruitment. This was a unilateral decision of DoT, without the recommendation of BSNL. Pertinently, the pay scale of an employee cannot be downgraded except by way of inflicting punishment on him. The effect of Presidential order dated 28.03.2017 is such that the pay scale of employees has been downgraded from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2 without any fault of them.

BSNL was duty bound to notify the PO issued by DoT. SNEA strongly protested against this retrograde order, demoting the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO by lowering the pay scales. We did not allow BSNL to notify the lower pay scales of E1 and E2. We demanded that BSNL should write to DoT to approve E2 and E3 scales as recommended by BSNL. On our strong stand, BSNL did not notify the E1 and E2 pay scales and written back to DoT on 03.04.2017 itself stating that:

i) E1 and E2 scales are not recommended by BSNL. BSNL recommendation is standard pay scales of E2 and E3.

ii) As per DPE guidelines, the pay scales are to be finalised as per the recommendation of BSNL.

iii) BSNL was making profits when 2nd PRC recommendations are implemented w.e.f. 01.01.2007 and all the employees got the benefit of 2nd PRC with 30% fitment and 78.2% IDA neutralization. So, the revision of pay scales to E2 and E3 as recommended by BSNL is fully justified.

Against the DoT order lowering the pay scales to E1 and E2, we launched several agitation programs from April, 2017 onwards. Management tried to crush the Association by various means, by charge sheeting the General Secretary for serving notice for agitation, filing court cases in the Delhi Court to ban all type of agitations by SNEA, including demonstration. Management tried to get injection from the Hon Court restraining SNEA from any type of agitation programs. SNEA never relented. We had gone ahead with our agitation programs till DoT agrees to review the Presidential Order for E1 and E2. We fought in the court also to get our trade union rights unaltered.

Several rounds of meetings took place at various levels for resolving the issue by reviewing the PO dated 28.03.2017 and approving E2 and E3 scales. Important meetings are:

1) Three meetings with Hon Minister, Shri Manoj Sinha.

2) Two meetings with Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon Union Transport Minister who intervened in the matter.

3) Tri-party meeting between Secretary/DoT, CMD/BSNL and SNEA.

4) Tri-party meeting between Hon MOSC Office, BSNL and SNEA.

5) Several meetings with Officers of DoT at the level of Secretary, Addl Secretary, Member (Fin), Joint Secretary etc.

Our Maharashtra Comrades played an important role in arranging such meetings.

On our continuous pursuation, Hon MoSC agreed to review the decision. However, the concerned Officers in DoT given a very negative feedback about the case, in the file. It is stated in the file that BSNL direct recruits approved pay scale from 01.10.2000 is E1 and E2 only. E1A and E2A scales are applicable only for absorbed Executives and not for BSNL direct recruits and BSNL wrongly extended E1A and E2A to BSNL direct recruits after the formation of BSNL. We countered this with the facts and relevant order of DoT dated 28.07.2003, extending E1A and E2A scales to all JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs, irrespective of BSNL absorbed or directly recruited. Finally, Minister directed to refer the matter to DoPT. It gone to Dept of Expenditure and finally to DPE. In the details furnished to DPE, DoT submitted wrong facts again, as submitted to the Minister like E1A and E2A scales are not applicable for BSNL Direct rects and the pay scale approved for them is E1 and E2 and hence the PO issued by DoT is correct. We had several rounds of discussion with the concerned Officers in DPE including Hon Heavy Industries Minister, Secretary/DPE, Addl Secretary, Jt Secretary and the Advisor and explained the background of the case. We made BSNL management also to meet DPE authorities and explain the matter.

Finally, after those meetings with DPE, DPE has given instructions to DoT to review the matter based on the recommendation of the PSU and as per the DPE guidelines issued on 26.11.2008. This is a major breakthrough as our two arguments accepted by DPE: i) the pay scales are to be approved based on the recommendation of BSNL and ii) the affordability clause is to be decided based on DPE guidelines of 26.11.2008 and not based on the financial status as on 2017.

But by this development, by end of 2018, BSNL entered into serious financial crisis. All attention diverted for the survival of BSNL. All issues having financial implications kept pending by DoT and BSNL. Even then we discussed this with Hon Minister and DoT Officers in few AUAB meetings.

After lot of struggle for months together, we could get a Revival package approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019 and thereby protecting our company as well as our jobs. After VRS, the establishment cost has come down drastically.

Merger of BSNL and MTNL which is part of Revival Plan is under examination. BSNL & MTNL Pay Scales are to be made equal before merger with revised pay scales of E2 and E3 for BSNL. We had taken up the issue again at the right time, for the settlement when Govt considering the merger. It was the   demand of SNEA to implement E2 scale etc in BSNL to have parity with our sister concern MTNL from the time of formation of BSNL.

MTNL EA is the Association representing more than 80% of the Executives in MTNL. MTNL EA is our former Delhi and Mumbai Circles. Both Associations together chalked out the plan to get E2 and E3 before merger of BSNL and MTNL. For that we decided for any type of joint struggle also.

Comrades, SNEA gone for agitations on maximum occasions for E2 and E3 pay scale upgradation. We ignored all type of threats and intimidations from the management and DoT on this vital issue and gone ahead with struggle. SNEA is very much confident that with the support of all the BSNL Executives, we will be able to get E2 and E3 pay scales approved w.e.f. 01.01.2007, for all the post 2007 rects, including the GATE JTOs, 2018 rect JAOs and even the future recruits in the cadre of JTO/JAO.

Before last MV, all were claiming as representing majority executives and on that plea management was denying all proposals as there was no unanimity. But after MV, being the Recognised Association we could get the management accept our demand for E2 and E3 pay scales and CPSU CH eventhough there were conflicting proposals from others. This is going to resolve many issues for the Executives.

Now it is high time for all Executives to join together and strengthen the struggle of SNEA with thumbing majority for the implementation of E2 and E3 pay scales which was accepted and recommended by the strenuous efforts of SNEA.

Approval of E2 & E3 can also pave way for resolution of pay loss issue of Rs Rs.22820 by giving additional increments.

DIR HR DO letter dtd 03.04.2017 requesting to reconsider the DOT decision and approve E2 and E3 pay scalesPO issued by DoT in 2003 with E1A and E2A pay scales PO issued by DoT lowering the pay scales to E1 and E2


Congratulations to the new young team of Chennai TD.

The CEC meeting of Chennai TD held on 06.07.2020 unanimously co-opted Com S. Boobalan (2016 JAO), Com A S Suresh (2002 JTO) and Com V Saravanan (2015-16 LICE JTO) as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer respectively.

Chennai TD is the 13th Circle elected an young BSNL recruit as Circle Secretary after A&N, AS, BSNLCO, BR, CTD, JKD, KRL, NE-I, OR, RAJ, UP(E) and UKD. Other Circles also on the way. Our young comrades took the responsibility as SSA Secretaries in more than 70% of SSAs.


Window for change of membership opened upto 15.07.2020:

Your support will make us strong, from 12000 plus membership to 15000 plus, crossing 51%:


Only a strong and vibrant SNEA with minimum 51% membership can settle the issues like: i) Early Revival of BSNL, ii) Uniform promotion for all the Executives after every 5 years, iii) E2 & E3 pay scales, iv) Pay loss (Rs 22820) issue, v) Enhancement of Superannuation benefits, vi) 3rd PRC, vii) 1st TBP in 4 years, viii) EPF Full Pension, ix) E1+5 for post 2010 rects, x) E1A & E2A from 01.10.2000 for Civil/Elect etc, xi) Fast Track promotions, xii) Rule 8 transfer etc etc.

A strong Association, SNEA that can take the Govt and the Management head on, only can resolve these issues.

SNEA unites all the Executives DR or Promotee or LICE or LDCE or Absorbee or BSNL direct recruit. SNEA represents all the Executives, Seniors as well as Juniors, Absorbee & BSNL direct recruits, DoT & BSNL rect, SCF & LDCE, DR & LICE from all the streams and treat them at par.

All Circle/SSA/Branch Office bearers, activists and members are to interact with each and every Executive, explaining the achievement / breakthrough / progress/ status of the issues taken up by SNEA as listed below:

1. Protected BSNL from the threat of closure. Protected job of thousands and thousands of employees.

2. Opposed Tower Subsidiary formation. Actively involved in the major issues like Restructuring, review of sanctioned posts based on Assets, Pension Contribution, Project Vasundhara, FTTH policy, Outsourcing of CFA and OFC work, NGN tender, MPLS expansion, Phase VII add on and Phase VIII.4 GSM tender.

3. For smooth career progression, Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy negotiated and approved by Board. It will ensure Promotion after every 5 years, upto AGM Grade, irrespective of vacancy. Implementation from 01.07.2018 will ensure parity and smooth career progression for youngsters.

4. 14,082 Executives got promotion, filling almost all the vacancies in all cadres. Approval of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy on 28.05.18 made it possible in June 2018.

5. BSNL recommended standard pay scales of E2, E3. Protected the Cadres from demotion to E1 and E2 scale from 2017 onwards. Making all the efforts for the approval of E2 and E3 pay scales w.e.f.01.01.2007.

6. Superannuation Fund created with 3% contribution. Another hike @2% of the emoluments w.e.f. 01.04.2017. Pursuing for further enhancement.

7. EPF full Pension: EPF contribution without the ceiling of 12% of Rs 6500 implemented in BSNL. SNEA and its members becoming direct party in the case at Hon Supreme Court for EPF full Pension.

8. BSNL Board recommended 3rd PRC with 15% fitment. BSNL is the only loss making PSU, recommended Pay Revision.

9. Group Term Insurance (GTI) for the BSNL Executives from March, 2019 with a premium of Rs 9440/- for coverage of Rs 50 lakhs for all Executives up to 50 Years.

10. First TBP uniformly after 4 years: Action initiated.

11. Pay loss of Rs 22820/- for post 2007 rects: We made Management to accept there is huge pay loss. Initiated legal action for 2007 & 2008 rects. Demanded continuing with the pre-revised scale of Rs 9850/ till the issue resolved. Additional increments from E2 also demanded.

12. E1+5 increments ensured for all the post 2007 rect JTO/JAOs: Upto 2010 implemented. For Post 2010, approved by DoT. Implementation of E1+5 increment for post 2010 rects pending as it is linked with E1 and E2 scale notification (SNEA opposing E1& E2 notification).

13. Rect of thousands of JTO/JAOs in Dept/DR quota by clearing various hurdles. JTO LICE made almost current.

14. Maximum Rule 8 cases settled utilising LICE and GATE JTOs as substitutes. Relaxation in qualifying service for LICE JTO/JAO in Rule 8 Transfers.

15. External MT stopped. Examination for internal MT conducted for the career progression of young Executives.

16. Orders issued on 28.02.2017 protecting the officiating pay.

17. Protection of Additional increment on functional promotion.

18. SDE RR amended with Rota & Quota from 28.08.2015.

19. FR22(1)(a)(i) fixation for Officiating JTOs.

20. E1A and E2A pay scales for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS from 01.10.2000 approved by the MC of the Board.

21. Addressing Reversion of 2001 Rect JTOs passed LDCE 2007.

22. e-APAAR and e-DPC got it introduced in BSNL.


GS writes to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR):

Extending E1+5 increments to post 2010 Recruited JTO/JAOs --- implementation of 1st part of the Presidential Order issued by DoT on 28.03.2017. Requested to take urgent action to extend Rs 18850/- as the initial basic for the JTO/JAOs recruited from 2010 onwards. This will give some relief to the GATE/LICE JTOs and the JAOs who were recruited between 2010 and 2018. At the same time, the 2nd part of the PO, the revised pay scales of E1 and E2 should not be notified as it is to be modified to E2 and E3 by DoT.

GS letter to DIR(HR)


The online meeting of the AUAB held yesterday. BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, FNTO, BSNL MS, SNATTA, BSNL ATM, TEPU and BSNL OA participated. Com. K.Sebastin, GS/SNEA presided over the meeting. AUAB meeting expressed their deep anguish and resentment over the cancellation of BSNL 4G tender. No other assurance contained in the Revival Package has been implemented to revive BSNL. The meeting criticised the failure of BSNL Management for taking timely action to upgrade the existing 49,300 BTSs to 4G and issuing add on order for procurement of Phase VIII.4 for 4G sites. By that BSNL could have launched 4G services long back. The meeting expressed its concern over the deterioration in the quality of services due to accumulation of faults. The cluster based tender is a big failure and financial burden for BSNL. Further, the meeting severely criticised the BSNL Management for not paying salary to the employees on due date and for failing to ensure cashless treatment to the employees during COVID-19 pandemic.

After in-depth discussions, the meeting decided to organise the following programme of action: -

1) Wearing black badge and Black flag demonstration during lunch hour on 16.07.2020.

2) Memorandum is to be submitted to all the MPs during the period from 13.07.2020 to 31.07.2020.

3) Twitter campaign on 05.08.2020. 


1) BSNL should immediately be allowed to roll out 4G Services.

a) BSNL should take immediate actions to upgrade the 4G compatible BTSs.

b) Add on order for 4G equipments as per Phase VIII.4 tender should be issued immediately.

c) In the matter of procuring new equipments and upgrdation, there should not be any discrimination.

2) Government should immediately implement other decisions contained in BSNL’s Revival Package like extension of Sovereign Guarantee for the issuing of Bonds.  

3) Urgent measures should be undertaken by the BSNL Management for immediately improving the quality of service.

4) Management should ensure that the salary payment made on the last working day of every month.

5) The Management should immediately take steps to ensure that the employees get cashless treatment from empanelled hospitals during Covid 19 pandemic. The Management should pay Rs.10 lakh to the family of the employees who die due to COVID-19, based on the instructions issued by the DoT. 

AUAB Circular


SNEA got Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy Or CPSU Cadre Hierarchy approved by the BSNL Board:

Give us your full support & Vote to cross 51% mark in the 2nd MV.

SNEA assure promotion to all the eligible Executives in just 3 months.

For finding an everlasting solution to the core issue of Promotions, we meticulously worked out a Non-post based, Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy Or CPSU Cadre Hierarchy (CPSU CH) which will ensure Time Bound Functional Promotion after every 5 years, upto AGM Grade, in 15 years (5 years: SDE, another 5 years: Sr SDE and in another 5 years: AGM). It will be implemented from 01.07.2018, ensuring smooth career progression for youngsters, with parity in promotions.

Thousands of Promotions in June, 2018 is the first phase of CPSU CH. 

Read more about CPSU Cadre Hierarchy


On Friday, we met the concerned officers and enquired about the implications of the judgment dated 25.02.2020 (received last week) of CAT/CDG on the promotion from JAO to AO, SDE to DE and AO to CAO. The court case was on reservation in promotion as per Hon SC orders, catch up rule (AO to CAO) etc. BSNL is examining the case. Shortly it may be referred to DoT for their advice and further action on the judgment will be taken as per the advice of DoT. DoT may refer it to DoP&T, the nodal Ministry.

On promotions in various cadres, it is informed that BSNL cannot take decision on promotion involving reservation till the advice is getting from DoT or DoP&T on the judgment. Promotion which did not involve reservation is possible. 


Pay loss (Rs 22820) for post 2007 rects, especially 2007, 2008 rect JTOs and 2010 direct rect JAOs who recruited in the pre-revised scale of E1A:

As all of you know, the 1st tenure of SNEA as Recognised Association since December 2016, especially last two years was turbulent one. Our main focus and aim was to SAVE BSNL from its CLOSURE in order to save the Career and Future of thousands of Employees especially Youngsters who have a long career ahead. It was very important to ensure that BSNL, our Bread and Butter is secured. But as a responsible Association which is very keen on the upgradation of the basic cadre of Executives, SNEA ensured that we will not allow degradation of our basic cadre and our fight will be continuing in the future too for the upliftment of the Basic Cadre by ensuring E2 scale and settling the Pay Anomalies happened for posts 2007 batches.

We initiated legal action on this demand for the 2007, 2008 rect JTOs and 2010 direct rect JAOs who recruited in the pre-revised scale of E1A scale of 9850-250-16400 (starting with Rs 9850/-) to compensate their pay loss in comparison with their present basic which they may get if they were placed in 9850/- as initial basic pay. Our demand is to put them back to 9850/- from the time of rect till the finalization of the replacement scale of E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 and subsequently compensate their pay loss by  continued in the giving additional increments on E2 scale for which we are pursuing.

Read more for details ----


Superannuation Benefits to BSNL Direct Rect employees:

The Pension for the Absorbed employees given an opportunity to fight for the social security for others. BSNL may be the only loss making PSU in which Superannuation Fund is created with 5% contribution from BSNL, due to the efforts of SNEA and AUAB.

We will continue our efforts for i) full 30% contribution towards Superannuation Benefits,  ii) date of effect from 01.01.2007 and iii) getting a favourable judgement on EPF full Pension from the Hon Supreme Court for our members.

After becoming Recognised Assn, we could achieve a hike @2% of the emoluments w.e.f. 01.04.2017 and the orders are issued on 08.01.2018. Post VRS, we are pursuing for further enhancement.

Today the contribution of BSNL directly recruited employees reached 25.1% of the emoluments (Basic + IDA) out of 30% by the efforts of SNEA and AUAB. They spread hatred among the employees, by unleashing lies about Pension contribution to the absorbed employees.

Read more for details ----


EPF Full Pension Case filed by NCOA/NCR at Hon SC:

The revised data received from few Circles. Remaining Circles are to collect the information urgently. Additional personal details of the individuals becoming applicants in the case such as a) Fathers name, b) Date of birth, c) Designation with place of posting and d) employer name (BSNL) are required.

The lawyer had given us time upto 18.07.2020 to submit the list. So the list should reach CHQ latest by 17.07.2020.

The case was filed by NCOA and NCR in the Hon SC.

All the Executives interested to become party in the petition in the Hon Supreme Court can utilise this opportunity. In some earlier cases, EPFO extended the Full Pension benefits to the applicants alone, not to all similarly placed pensioners. So, lawyer advised us all members individually to become a direct party, without taking any risk.

All CSs, SSA Secs, Branch Secs and activists should ensure that each and every BSNL recruited Executive is informed about the court case and if they are interested to become party in the case, details are to be collected and mailed.

For avoiding hardship to the individuals for sending individual vakalatnama, General Secretary will be signing the affidavit on behalf of all the applicants. 


SNEA gone to court for facilitating promotion, for removing hurdles on promotion and not to stop or stay the promotions.

SNEA formerly known as JTOA, the cadre Association representing the JTO cadre alone. After BSNL formation in 2003, SNEA formed, representing all the Executives in different cadres. Our focus was always on the upliftment of the basic cadres. When there was not much hindrances on promotion, SNEA could promote about 21,200 JTOs as SDEs in 11 years, from 2000 to 2011. Today JTOs from 1999, 2000, 2001 onwards rect are struggling for promotion. Who stopped their SDE(T) promotions since 2011 deliberately?

Read more for details ----


View Corporate Office Order:

SDE Tenure Transfer order Cancellation reg.


GS writes to Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR):

1. ERP Relieving of Executives to Tenure Circles by BSNLCO through ERP – request to reconsider the decision and keep the order under abeyance for six months considering the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

2. Request for cancellation of the transfer orders of SDEs on immunity grounds.

3. Request for cancellation of the transfer orders of SDEs already working in Soft Tenure SSAs.

GS letter to DIR(HR) on ERP relievingGS letter to DIR(HR) on cancellation on immunity grounds Letter to DIR(HR) on cancellation of transfer from soft tenure


SNEA submitted application for participating in the 2nd Membership Verification among the Executives.