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GS Writes to CMD regarding
Postponement of two days huger fast in protest against continuing indiscriminate victimization of members of SNEA(I)/Kerala by CGM Kerala commencing from 1000 Hrs of 24th July by CHQ office bearers at BSNL CO to 31st July, 2014 and one day hunger strike at all Circle HQs on 31st July, 2014. 

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Retention of DEs in Chennai TD: GS, President and AGS met Sri A. N. Rai, CMD, BSNL on 25.07.2014 and requested for retention of all the DEs till DE regular and DGM promotions are over. GS explained that most of the DEs retained in CHTD are very seniors as per seniority also. Due to retirement and anticipated DGM promotions, large no of DE vacancies will arise in CHTD. Once DE Regular and DGM promotions are over, maximum DEs can be posted to CHTD and remaining can be transferred to other SSAs as per seniority.


VC for DE promotion: Still 886 VC’s are pending from the circles as on 24.07.2014. Details: AP-29, AS-30, BBNW-02, BR-03,  GUJ-03, ITPC-02, J&K-13, JKD-6, KOLTD-10, KTK-214, MH-10, MP-05, NE-05, NE-II- 23, NETF- 03, NTR-39, OR-13, PB-10, QA-10, RAJ-17, STP-8, TN-03, T&D-03, UPE-50, UPW- 58, WB-05, Untraceable-299. The details of untracesble cases like expired / retired /vrs /not wkg in the circle etc to be intimated directly to DPC section by Circles. Otherwise vacancies will be unnecessarily reserved for each untraceable cases.
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Developments on Kerala issue: Meeting between Kerala Circle Administration and our Association took place today on the charter of demands. During the marathon discussion for more than 3 and half hours, Assn provided important inputs on various contentious issues. A final decision on various issues will be taken within two days.    

In the meantime as a goodwill gesture, the public rally to CGMT office in the banner of “Samara Sahaya Samithi” scheduled for 25.07.14 deferred to 30.07.2014. The Relay hunger strike will be continuing till all issues are resolved.


JTO to SDE promotion – seniority case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam: In continuation of our discussion with CMD, BSNL on 23.07.2014, GS and AGSs met GM(EStt) and discussed engaging a senior lawyer at Ernakulam on 31.07.2014 or sending a Sr lawyer from Delhi. GM(Estt) informed that as directed by CMD, he had spoken to CGMT/Kerala Circle in this regard. CMD directed CGMT to ensure that senior lawyer is present on 31.07.2014. CGMT assured BSNLCO that he will ensure Sr lawyer will be representing BSNL in the case on 31.07.2014.


Attention Circle Secretaries,

All CSs are requested to ensure the furnishing of fresh Vigilance status of the eligible JTOs in respect of whom the earlier furnished vigilance status has expired as on date to Corporate Office before 16-08-2014 

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View Corporate office Instructions:

JTO to  SDE T Promotion under  seniority  quota -  Furnishing  current VC status reg.

SDE Tenure transfer order reg.


Standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc: DoT intimated the decision of DPE on the BSNL proposal of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A to CMD, BSNL. DPE earlier rejected the proposal of E1A and E2A. Now Assn will pursue the implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 --- E7 for the Executives in BSNL. Last few months Assn vigorously pursued the matter in DoT and DPE and met all the concerned officers in DoT and DPE including Secretary/DPE, Jt Sec/DPE, Jt Sec/DoT etc and ensured that DPE is not approving the proposal of E1A and E2A send by BSNL through DoT.

This is one of the major step for implementation of standard pay scales in BSNL which SNEA(I) pursuing with top most priority with the support of all the Executives.


Meeting with CMD, BSNL: GS and President met Sri A. N. Rai, CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the ongoing agitation in Kerala Circle for the last 29 days. CMD informed us that appropriate instructions are already issued to Sri MSS Rao, CGMT/Kerala to resolve the issues immediately. CMD was very unhappy due to the fact that even after strict instructions, vindictive actions are continued by the CGMT. CMD further told us that since instructions are already issued by BSNLCO, Assn may reconsider the programme of hunger strike at BSNLCO from tomorrow and facilitate the dialogue. GS and President explained the compelling reasons to start agitation programmes at CHQ level as situation in Kerala is worsening day by day due to vindictive actions. CMD assured that no further vindictive actions will be taken by the CGMT like charge sheet, memo, dies-non, second medical opinion etc and CGMT is directed to invite Assn for discussion and resolution of all issues. Assn assured that SNEA(I) will respond very positively in case CGMT is ready to resolve the issues.

On JTO to SDE promotion case, Assn requested CMD that BSNL to engage a senior lawyer from Delhi to defend the case at Ernakulam as Kerala Circle repeatedly failed to defend the case properly. CMD assured that he will give proper directions to Pers section and GM(Estt) holding the charge of GM(Pers) in this regard.

Before meeting CMD, GS, President, both AGSs and CS/CO met GM(SR). GM(SR) informed that CMD decided to issue appropriate instructions today itself to CGMT/Kerala to discuss all the issues with the Association and resolve them. This is in addition to the instructions already conveyed to CGMT telephonically by CMD. CGMT is asked to give a report in three days time. Since CMD already intervened in the matter, CMD desires that the letter for holding two days hunger strike at BSNLCO to be reconsidered. GS and President explained the compelling reasons to start agitation programmes at CHQ level as situation in Kerala is worsening day by day due to vindictive actions. GM(SR) suggested to postpone the programmes for few days to facilitate the dialogue and resolution of the issues.  

CGMT invited SNEA(I)/KRL for discussions today A/N itself but for the convenience of the Assn, meeting postponed to tomorrow A/N.

In order to have a conducive atmosphere for discussion and resolution of the issues, the hunger strike at BSNL CO on 24th and 25th postponed to 31st July and 01st August, 2014.

All Circles to hold one day hunger strike at Circle HQs on 31st July, 2014 in solidarity and support of our Kerala Comrades.


View Corporate office order:

Preparatory work for promotion to AGM on regular basis and requirement of ACRs - Reminder.

SDE TF Transfer order.