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Condolence on the sad demise of Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, 

former President of India. May his soul rest in peace.

Don’t declare holiday on my death, instead work an extra day, if you love me”. Dr A P J Abdul Kalam


Joint Committee meeting: Deliberations on implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy started today in the Joint Committee. GS explained the following points to the committee.

a)        As per the terms and conditions of absorption in BSNL, Time Bound functional promotion from JTO upto SGJAG was assured between 4 to 6 years of service.  

b)        However, the EPP implemented by BSNL followed two types of promotion, financial upgradation and post based promotion.

c)        The bench mark for future promotions to be finalised giving weightage to the performance.

d)        New Designations are already followed in BSNLCO, it can be uniformly implemented in the field units also.

e)        The Executives working in different scales are to be fitted into the new mechanism without disturbing the already availed grade/scale.

f)        The apprehension of Management on huge number of executives can be addressed by changing the duties, responsibilities and reporting system.

g)        However, the new promotion policy has to be worked out 1) without disturbing the existing 5 promotions and 2) residency period should be kept between 4 to 6 years as per the terms and condition.

Next meeting will be held on 05.08.2015, 11 AM.


GS and CHQ president met CMD(BSNL) and appraised him the developments in Kerala Circle and the continuing vindictive actions of CGMT/Kerala. The trade union rights are neglected and the working atmosphere is further worsening. Casual labourers are on agitation for the last four weeks and service is badly affected. Vindictive action is continuing against the Office bearers of BSNLEU also. Further we informed the CMD that the orders issued by BSNLCO with the approval of then CMD/BSNL as settlement of the agitation in Kerala is not implemented by the CGMT. If the instructions of CMD itself is defied by the CGMT, then who will listen to the CGMT and what discipline will be enforced in the Circle.

CMD immediately directed DIR(HR) to see that whatever the instructions are issued by the CO, it is implemented in letter and spirit by the CGMT/Kerala.


JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon High Court, Ernakulam: Final hearing continued today. Our lawyer, BSNL lawyer and lawyer from one of the applicants argued today. The arguments from the lawyer representing another case will be made on Wednesday and Hon Court decided that the final arguments will be completed on Wednesday, 29.07.2015.


Core Committee of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations meeting with CMD, DIR(CFA) and other officers on 24.07.2015:

CMD and DIR(CFA) held  discussions with Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations to review the implementation of recently launched “”Free Night Calling from BSNL land lines” and “Free Roaming for incoming calls on BSNL mobile connections”. GS attended the meeting as core committee member. GM (NWP-CFA), GM (NWO-CM), GM (PP, S&M and Infra) were also present in the meeting.


CMD initiated the discussions with opening remarks that till these schemes are introduced, all operators are almost in the same footing. Now BSNL got an edge over all other operators and this is a golden opportunity which we may get very rarely, “once in a life time”.  CMD and other Directors are strongly monitoring and reviewing the progress. CMD mentioned that the sole purpose of conducting the meeting to have a joint effort for revival of BSNL. CMD impressed upon to organise Melas, campaigns, improve quality of service to attract more and more customers to BSNL. Each and every employee should involve in this initiative for revival of BSNL.


DIR(CFA) informed that 4 lakh WiFi modems are available with BSNL and the cost is now reduced to Rs. 1500/-. It should utilised to provide connections whoever is demanding WiFi modem and increase the revenue. In the case of DNP, the incoming facility allowed for 60 days instead of earlier 30 days. But by 31st August, they have to be made active by reconnection and special efforts are to be made for this purposes.


Certain Circles made good initiatives. UPE, MP , RAJ, CHTD Circles and Nagergovil SSA in TN are taking the lead. GS explained the issues in the field units like shortage of dropwire, 5 pair cable, OF cable, labour problems etc and requested management to release more fund for cable repair so that cable fault can be rectified and more areas can be made feasible. Due to shortage of fund, cable faults are not getting repaired and faults are set right by changing the cable pair. Focus can be given to hostels and other concentrated areas to popularise these schemes. Special teams are to be deputed to these places with an assurance to after sale service also. Delay in SIM activation is also to be resolved. New connections should be activated within 2 to 3 hours by our IN.

CMD and DIR(CFA) suggested to monitor the performance of the Retailers and Franchises so that sales can be further improved. Proper monitoring will improve the sales.

Concerned GMs reported the progress during the last two months. Last year BSNL was providing 8.6 lakhs mobile connections per month. During May, June, 2015 it increased to 11.6 lakhs per month, an increase of 36%(including MNP). In July BSNL already crossed 11 lakhs by 23rd and we are expecting that we will cross 15 lakhs.  Still there is good scope of further improvement in this segment.  In MNP port out was higher but that also changed and now more or less equal. 

On landline sector, before the launch of the scheme, the net disconnection was 1.20 lakh per month. Now up to 15th July 2015 the net disconnection is reduced to 11,000 per week or 40 to 45 Thousands per month.

Good news is that ten Circles come positive in net landline connections i.e. A & N, Assam, Chennai TD, Chattisgargh, Jharkhand, Haryana, J&K, NE-I, Punjab and Rajasthan Circles.

Core Committee leaders appraised the actual status of implementation of these schemes in field units and the initiatives taken by the Forum in this regard. But the response from Circles and SSAs are not encouraging hence Circles/SSA Heads should be directed to hold meeting with the Circle/SSA level Forum leaders to mobilize and involve the employees for the success of these schemes. They also apprised about the scarcity of material in some circles.

DIR(CFA) informed that he himself or concerned GMs can be apprised regarding shortage of material, if any in Circles/SSAs through SMS or in person by the members of the Core Committee.


GS and CHQ president met DIR(HR) and appraised the latest developments in Kerala Circle and the vindictive actions of CGMT/Kerala. Eventhough CMD has given time for meeting, the meeting could not take place as the video conferencing with CGMs are continuing even late evening. The meeting is rescheduled for Monday.


The long pending issue of pay fixation of JAOs (Deptl - 40% quota) of 2010 Batch arising out of Non-Executives  Wage revision orders dated 7.5.2010 and subsequent clarification dated 18.5.2011 settled....View Order Copy.
SNEA (I) was pursuing this issue for quite long time. SNEA (I) extends heartfelt thanks to CMD, Director HR and all Committee members for settling this case.


View Media reports:


CGMT Kerala continues his vindictive actions--- Yesterday Trivandrum SSA Secretary Com Santhosh Kumar. T, transferred to Kannur SSA in an arbitrary manner for the simple reason, he has addressed BSNLEU’s 36 Hunger Strike at Circle Office on 22.07.2015.

As part of the Agitation conducted by SNEA (I) during June, July 2014, CGMT has started vindictive actions on Association Leaders and activists including the Circle Treasurer, Circle Secretary, TVM SSA President, Circle Office Branch President, RTTC Branch Secretary and other leaders in the form of charge sheets, memo’s and transfers.

SNEA(I) Strongly protest against the arbitrary Transfer of Trivandrum SSA Secretary and other Activists of the Association and sought the intervention of BSNLCO for restoring Trade Union/Association Rights.

SNEA(I) Kerala Circle is holding Lunch hour demonstration in all the SSA HQs today, 24.07.2015

SNEA(I), Kerala Circle extended solidarity and support to BSNLEU for its struggle for Protecting TRADE UNION RIGHTS and other genuine demands. BSNLEU was on 36 hour hunger fast against the CGMT from 22.07.2015. As part of their agitation, BSNLEU planned a march to the CGMT residence on 28.07.2015.