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Lot of queries are coming requesting for withdrawal of VRS options. They can represent to the competent authority, ie. appointing authority. Assn also will try for that as about 40% of the Executives opted in excess of the anticipated number.


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Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on 06.12.2019:

On 06.12.2019 we met CMD/BSNL along with AIBSNLEA and discussed about DE to DGM(T) promotion:

Before opening that subject, we demanded immediate promotions to all the grades considering the post VRS scenario. Because of large scale VRS, lot of vacuum created in many places which is to be filled immediately. Since Executives are already working in higher scales, just by re-designation, promotions can be effected.

We demanded that only regular promotion is to be issued in the future, no look after arrangement. By LA arrangement, management getting the work done but the Executives are losing its promotion and service also.

Regarding DGM promotion, CMD told that due to the new hurdle created by SEWA and some Executives in the Parliamentary Committee, promotions could not be issued without their clearance. After 15 days, he will try to convince the Secretary/DoT and the Chairman in this regard. Last Friday, 29.11.19, CMD assured us to speak to Secretary after 05.12.19 but today CMD talking about the meeting after 15 days. This delay tactics is going on for the last two months. In categorical terms we told CMD that the file for DPC conduction was pending with him for 15 days and if it was cleared in time, the promotion orders could have issued 10 days back. All the DPC work completed and VC was ready but approval not given. So blaming the SEWA and other Executives repeatedly and putting the entire blame on the Executives is not correct. Management is to be blamed, not the Executives. It is clear that Management is intentionally delaying all the promotions till the implementation of the restructuring plan.

We came out of the meeting as it is clear that CMD is not at all interested to give any promotion and simply telling excuses one after other. Last few months, he was giving false hope to us in each meeting.

We are afraid that the new CMD is trying to demoralise the remaining staff by denying the legitimate promotions to make the company further sick and create a situation conducive for privatization. The success of BSNL VRS, option of more than 50% of the employees, is in fact the failure of the BSNL management and a clear indication that the Executives lost faith in the present management. Nobody is having any clue how to run the company, post VRS.


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Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR):

Today, 05.12.2019 we met Director(HR) along with AIBSNLEA and held discussions on Restructuring plan. PGM(Pers) and GM(SR) also present.

During discussion we asked about yesterday’s meeting with the Parliamentary Committee for IT. The meeting was very smooth and appreciated the efforts of DoT, BSNL and MTNL for the Revival efforts. DoT Secretary and others were very happy with the success of VRS, Director(HR) informed.

There was no other meeting between BSNL and DoT yesterday.

On age reduction to 58, Director told that since large number of employees opted for VRS, there is no need for age reduction. BSNL will convince DoT in this regard.

Since large number of Executives opted for VRS, about 40% higher than the anticipated figure and vacuum created in lot of SSAs, we requested Director to reconsider the matter and convince the dynamic officers not to take VRS and stay with BSNL.

On DGM promotion, the minutes of the meeting between Parliamentary Committee for SC/ST, DoT and BSNL received in which it is recorded that Secretary/DoT replied that DGM promotion will be considered after the restructuring. This is on a specific query on promotion to 287 SC/ST candidates as DGMs. In fact all will be covered in this promotion. This fact is to be explained to Secretary/DoT and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee before issuing the promotion orders. Management will try to do this. In the last meeting, CMD promised us that he will meet Secretary, DoT after 05.12.2019 in this regard.

On salary payment DIR(HR) informed that there will be no discrimination between unabsorbed ITS and BSNL employees. If required it will be informed to the Court also.

Clarification sought on completion of mandatory training before VRS will be issued in a day or two. There is no need to undergo training.

The request transfers of all those opted for VRS will be issued immediately, including tenure Circles for facilitating them to submit the Retirement papers in the parent Circle. Those applications along with option papers can be sent to CHQ urgently through the CSs.

Discussion on Restructuring plan started point by point and will continue tomorrow morning at 10 am in which GM(Restg) and GM(Trg) also will join in addition to PGM(Pers) and GM(SR). The discussions will be strictly based on the proposal we submitted yesterday.


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GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL:

Suggestions regarding Post VRS BSNL:

SNEA suggestion on Post VRS


Some fake news is spreading through the social media that GS/SNEA and GS/AIBSNLEA opted for VRS.

I decided not to opt for VRS and continue to work for the Revival of BSNL in all possible manner.

GS/AIBSNLEA also not opted for VRS.

I am very much confident that BSNL will flourish in the coming days.

Sebastin. K, GS/SNEA.


Just few hours left for a right decision:

The rumour spread by many quarters about BSNL Revival is unfounded. Surprisingly this rumour is spread mainly by the group, not eligible for VRS! If BSNL is not there, what is their fate?

Comrades, now Govt is very serious on Revival of BSNL. This is clear from the Govt decision on the Revival package: Govt taken the financial burden on its shoulders instead of burdening BSNL.

i) Govt funding for VRS instead of BSNL.

ii) Entire 4G spectrum cost and GST borne by the Govt.

iii) Financial support in terms of 15000 Cr Bond with sovereign guarantee.

iv) Permission for land monetization for 38,000 Cr to clear the loan as well as the expenditure for future expansion.

v) 5G spectrum in the future, free of cost as that of 4G.

vi) There is good trend in the Telecom market, tariff is increasing.

vii) There will be accountability and it will start from the top, clear message from the Minister.

Struggle by AUAB given a new life to BSNL in the form of Revival package. With so many struggles and sacrifices during last few years in the form of wage cut, memo, charge sheets, action under 17A, the AUAB compelled the Govt to approve the Revival package. If the struggle and persuasion was not there by the AUAB, by this time, we would have seen the natural death of our company, which many forces anticipating. The critics should understand this reality.

Those participated and spearheaded the struggle, the sincere and good workers should remain with BSNL and continue to play an active role in the Revival of our beloved company and set example for others and to motivate the good workers to stay with BSNL. All along our struggle was for the Revival of BSNL. 


AUAB given call for Lunch Hour demonstration at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs on 04.12.2019 demanding:

1. Immediate salary payment for October and November, 2019.

2. No discrimination in salary payment between BSNL employees and the ITS Officers on deputation.

AUAB notice to Secretary/DoT and CMD/BSNL


GS writes to Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon MoC: Kind intervention solicited for issuing promotion orders (just designation change) for more than 5,000 Officers (out of 13,000 opted) opted for VRS before their retirement who are working in the same grade for 15 to 30 years. Young Executives career growth also is fully depend upon promotion. There is no financial implication on giving the promotion/designation change as all are working in higher scales, rather huge saving is there for BSNL and DoT.

GS letter to Hon Minister


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GS writes to Secretary/DoT regarding clarification VRS– 2019: Urgent clarification required on the following points referred by BSNL to DoT as the last date for withdrawal/ submission is 03.12.2019. The VRS optees are afraid that they may face hardships in the future if these issues are not clarified by the Govt in advance.

Delay in issuing clarification may result in large scale withdrawal of the VRS options.

GS letter to Secretary, DoT regarding clarifications on VRS-2019


GS writes to CMD/BSNL and Secretary/DoT regarding Salary payment: There should not be any discrimination in salary payment for the BSNL employees in the pretext of court order as Govt and BSNL miserably failed to present the facts before the Hon Court. Salary for the ITS Officers heading the company as Directors, CGMs and GMs should be paid along with other employees:

DoT and BSNL has to take immediate steps to pay the salary for the months of October and November immediately with all the recoveries.

Any discrimination in salary payment in BSNL cannot be accepted. Any discrimination in salary payment will invite wide spread resentment among the employees and in that case this Association will be compelled to go for protest actions immediately, including legal remedies.

GS letter to CMD and Secretary, DoT


Just two more days left for your final decision:

The panic on transfers, work load etc should not become a reason for taking VRS. Rumours about age reduction and 33 years service already clarified by the Minister in the Parliament. Once a robust outsourcing model is set in motion, it will be easier than today’s situation to supervise the work. Only challenge is to derive a successful outsourcing mechanism. The pending bills may be able to clear in few months once the loan is approved /bond is released.

Better career prospects in terms of promotion, 3rd PRC and a better work culture in BSNL are expected in the coming days.

The leaders should remain with BSNL and continue to play an active role in Revival of our beloved company and set example for others and to motivate the good workers to stay with BSNL. All along, our struggle was for the Revival of BSNL, not for VRS. For the good workers, there is no reason to leave BSNL.

The fake news circulated in social media quoting meeting with CMD/BSNL is another handiwork of the same disgruntled elements who never bothered about BSNL and its future.  



Post VRS Scenerio --- Management decisions are so crucial for Revival of BSNL. Touring and campaigning for VRS is not going to help BSNL Revival.

VRS to BSNL employees is just one of the proposals in the BSNL Revival Package approved by the Union Cabinet on 23.10.2019. Faster launching of 4G services, land monetization for meeting the OPEX and CAPEX, getting the bond for 15,000 Cr with sovereign guarantee, BSNL and MTNL merger are other important decisions taken by the Union Cabinet to support BSNL Revival.

However, it is observed so far that BSNL management is engaged only in activities related to implementation of VRS. While appreciating the efforts to make the parting of VRS optees with BSNL very smooth, focus is getting diverted from the real challenges, the maintenance of the vast BSNL network in the post VRS scenario. More than 50% of the BSNL employees are retiring on a single day where majority of the works are done in house, without much outsourcing. The customers are having huge expectations after the Govt decision on BSNL Revival.

Restructuring of the organization and downsizing is one major point, management has to implement carefully. Insignificant Circles like Project Circles, NCNGN, INSP etc and small territorial Circles are to be merged for operational requirement and to reduce establishment cost. The reduction in higher level posts of CGM/GM will automatically reduce the staff down the level and resultant establishment cost also. Due to staff reduction, lot of office accommodation will become vacant and renting out of vacant spaces will be a big business opportunity. BA concept should not come as a hindrance for empowering the TDMs and TDEs to deliver the best. BSNL Management should utilise restructuring as an opportunity to reduce the dependency of Officers on deputation, empowering the BSNL Officers to take more responsible positions like DGM and GMs.

The post VRS maintenance activities are to be meticulously planned and executed before the VRS. The loss making exchanges are to be identified, dealt separately for getting Govt support for maintaining such exchanges or to close down in the near future. Paperless work is to be implemented across BSNL effectively utilising CDR and ERP. The report generation and duplication of work is to be avoided.

Since the number of Non Executives are coming down drastically, outsourcing is to be put in place well before the date of VRS with proper monitoring mechanisms. Remaining Executives are to be deployed in advance without much disturbance for effective supervision. Office work can be easily outsourced. Outsourcing the CSC work with the supervision of BSNL employees is a must to retain the customers.

Most complicated and challenging job will be the maintenance of landline connections, which is one of the major revenue earning businesses for BSNL. Methodology for maintenance of landline sector may vary from Circle to Circle, SSA to SSA and even exchange to exchange. Freedom is to be given to the SSAs and Circles. A combination of models with per line expenditure and revenue sharing model, depends upon the field requirements can be an effective alternative to the present system.

As far as CM vertical is concerned, passive infra maintenance is to be immediately outsourced, Circle or SSA wise, not on Zone wise or pan India basis. It should not become a burden for BSNL as happened in the last tender. Similarly OF route maintenance can be outsourced, depends upon the availability of Officers.

Outsourcing should not hand over the control to the vendors. In case of failure of any vendor at any point of time, BSNL staff should be in a position to take over the maintenance activities. In other words BSNL should not become vendor dependent, in any case. Further, outsourcing should not become a new source of corruption and leakage of money, management should take care.

Simultaneously more attention is required on launching of 4G services. The BSNL services are affected generally at all the places due to non payment of labour/vendor payments, unscientific retrenchment of labours, non payment of rentals, vehicle and electricity charges etc. The land monetization is to be done on time bound basis to clear the dues and generating money for expanding the network. Issuing of bonds and collection of money on war footing and payment of dues will bring confidence among the vendors who are reluctant to engage with BSNL as of now. Management should immediately divert its attention towards these serious issues.


CHQ extends best wishes for all  comrades  who  retire today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful  retired  life. Comrade you are starting a new journey  and  exceptional chapter of your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph.  We thank you for your dedication & congratulate you on your retirement.


Meeting with CMD, BSNL on 29.11.2019: GSs of SNEA and AIBSNLEA met CMD BSNL and held discussions on the following issues. DIR(HR) and PGM(Pers) also present.

DE to DGM(T) promotion: The DPC work was initiated yesterday itself but the file approval was not received  from CMD for formal DPC. So we met CMD in the morning itself. As per the assurance given to us, the promotion orders are expected by today evening to facilitate the DEs to join as DGM before their retirement on 30.11.2019.

CMD informed a fresh development in the yesterday’s meeting of the Parliamentary Committee in which Law Secretary, Telecom Secretary, CMD and Member (Services) were called by the Parliamentary Committee. The agenda was reservation in AO to CAO promotion. However on a unstructured querry of the Chairman regarding DE to DGM promotion, Telecom Secretary replied that the DGM promotion will be considered only after the restructuring of BSNL and it is recorded. According to CMD, the reply was given by Secretary(T) without consulting BSNL.

It is learned that some SC/ST members approached the Parliamentary Committee complaining about non-issuance of DGM promotion but in fact it stopped the promotion for all, for the time being. CMD assured that he will discuss the matter with DoT Secretary next week and explain to him that reservation is not applicable in DGM promotion, all the eligible DEs are getting covered and thereafter it will be explained to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee before issuing the DGM promotion orders.

Meanwhile we also trying to meet Secretary and Chairman also to explain the facts and getting the promotion orders issued early.

Restructuring of BSNL: We had brief discussion on the matter and demanded that being the major stake holders of the company, the matter should be discussed with the Associations and Unions. The well experienced BSNL Executives are to be utilised at DE and DGM equivalent level and dependency on officers on deputation should be minimum. CMD agreed to out suggestion and posting will be arranged as per the DELs as well as Revenue. There is no justification for GMs below 20,000 to 30,000 DELs, CMD informed us. The committee report also to be shared with us so that we can place our opinion on the matter. He also mentioned that the management will arrange a meeting with the consultant M/s Deolittee, engaged by BSNL for restructuring. CMD assured detailed discussion with the Associations after 06.12.2019. 

Salary payment for Oct 2019: CMD informed that the salary for Oct 2019  could not be done today as planned earlier due to some urgent repayment of bank interest (Rs 200 Cr) and about 250 Cr shortage is there today. It may take another 4-5 working days to collect the amount for making the salary payment.

AO to CAO Promotion: We requested for consideration of allowing about 70 AOs, who have already been promoted as CAO but could not join due to transfer to other Circle and subsequent ‘Status Quo’ case at Hon CAT Chandigarh. We requested CMD BSNL for consideration of allowing to AOs promoted as CAOs to join ‘as is where is’ basis before relieving them on VRS on 31.01.2020. CMD positively responded and assured that BSNL will file an urgent MA in Hon CAT/ High Court Chandigarh to get the stay vacated.

Requirement of Mandatory Training under EPP: We have requested CMD to issue clarification for giving exemption from the Mandatory Training/Exam in respect of VRS Optees as assured by him. Director (HR) mentioned that the instructions contained in the BSNL CO letter dated 23.01.2013 is applicable to those who are going on VR as per the existing rules but not applicable to those who are going on VRS-2019 scheme. Hence, Management is of the opinion that there is no need to go for training/exam for those who are going on VRS on 31.01.2020 and not completed the required 2 years time. However, we pleaded that most of the CCAs are raising objections for the withdrawal of increments for not fulfilling the instructions of EPP regarding the training/exam and requested CMD to issue necessary clarification in this regard to avoid any financial loss to VRS optees on a later date.


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