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The executives, who are to be considered as per eligibility for promotion to DGM (T) is enclosed. The details of APARs not received also mentioned.
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GS writes to GM(Pers) regarding request transfer in the cadre of SDEs from Kolkatta TD:

GS writes to GM(FP) regarding cancellation of transfer orders from TN Circle in the cadre of AOs on compassionate ground.

GS writes to GM(Pers) regarding cancellation of tenure transfer order – case of Kamalesh Ghosh, SDE worked in tenure station, Sikkim.

Letter to GM(Pers) regarding request transfer in the cadre of SDEsLetter to GM(FP) for cancelation of transfer from TN Circle Letter to GM(Pers) for cancellation of tenure transfer


Agenda meeting with DIR(HR) on 08.10.2015 at 05.00 PM on the following issues:

1.  30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees.

2.  Promotions in different cadres and finalization of new seniority lists as per para 206 and LDCE: JTO to SDE promotion, SDE to DE promotion, issues related to DGM promotion, finalization of syllabus for LDCE to SDE(TF).

3.  Issues related to Membership verification among Executive Assns: a) making changes in the new Recognition Rules, b) deduction of subscription from the salary and c) restoration of trade union facilities.

4.  Pay anomalies: a) Recovery /reduction in pay and Committee on Offtg pay fixation, b) Antedating of increments, c) Senior drawing less pay than the juniors -- generalization of Hon Supreme Court order, d) annual increment @ 3% of current basic pay.


Maximum publicity and marketing has to be done to the new BB schemes of 2 Mbps speed among the customers and public.

Along with that the Free call facility during night hours is a good package to offer to the public.

Free roaming facility for mobile connections is another attractive offer.

A net increase of about 4% is observed in the revenue during last few months, a very very positive and promising trend. However we have to grow further and further, month by month to reach the figure of 15% to offset the losses. 

All employees are to contribute much more towards the growth and revenue generation so that we have to get all the benefits of 3rd PRC.


Congratulations: Chairman, Joint Committee submitted the recommendations of the Joint Committee on a) E2, E3 pay scales, b) CPSU cadre hierarchy and c) First TB promotion uniformly after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 to CMD, BSNL today:


GS Com K. Sebastin and Chairman/SNEA Com G. L. Jogi met CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the following subjects:

A.       Further actions on the recommendations of the Joint Committee: GS thanked CMD for the reconstitution of the Committee and monitoring the progress also. GS requested expeditious actions on the recommendations of the Jt Committee.

On our apprehension about the dissent note by the committee members from official side, CMD assured that management is committed to resolve the issues and the dissent note will not come on the way. CMD informed that the report has been already marked to DIR(HR) for further actions.


The Joint Committee recommended:

i)         Replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007.

ii)        Implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy or TB functional promotion from JTO/JAO --> SDE/AO --> Sr SDE/Sr AO -->DE/CAO/EE without linking with existing seniority and availability of posts, with a residency period of 5 years for each promotion from one grade to the next grade.

iii)       Maximum residency period for first TB promotion is recommended to reduce from 6 years to 5 years w.e.f 01.10.2000.  


The committee has been reconstituted after SNEA agitation in April-May, 2015 with Sri Mohammed Ashraf Khan as the Chairman. This decision has been taken in the meeting between SNEA and CMD, DIR(HR) and ED(Fin) on 06.05.2015 during the agitation. CMD assured in the meeting that the committee will conclude the recommendations by 15.08.2015 by regular meetings, atleast once in a fortnight. The earlier committee formed on 28.02.2012 was defunct for more than 3 years which compelled SNEA to launch trade union actions in February, 2014 and in April-May, 2015. After the reconstitution, SNEA followed up the issues on a day to day basis which resulted in the final recommendations within four and half months time. Before that SNEA pursued the pay scale issue in DoT and DPE vigorously and got the proposal of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A rejected by DPE.

Comrades, we have to be very vigilant and in full organizational preparedness to ensure that the recommendations are implemented in totality without any change. As some negative forces are working to see that no cadre issue is getting resolved for the absorbed/directly recruited Executives, we have to keep ourselves prepared for any organizational actions in short notice to see that the recommendations are getting implemented in the minimum possible time.


B.       Popularising and effective marketing of new Broad band schemes with 2 Mbps speed. CMD requested to give maximum publicity to the new schemes and get maximum connections. The revenue has to increase considerably in the coming months by the new initiatives.

New business avenue by imparting training – advantage of recent tour to Kenya to attend the Afro-Asia submit. CMD explained the new initiatives to increase the revenue by imparting training with the available infrastructure. BSNL utilizing this as an opportunity and DoT is supporting BSNL to get new businesses.


SDE to DE promotion for the vacancy year 2014-15: Pending APARs list is uploaded. All CSs and activists are requested to arrange the missing APARs at the earliest according to the list. BSNLCO directed circles to sent one copy of the APAR directly to the CR Cell under DIR(HR).

SDE to DE promotion for 11 SDEs (missing cases) approved by DIR(HR). Promotion Orders are expected in a couple of days.
List of SDEs APAR not received


Meeting with the Secretary DoT: Core Committee members of the Forum met Shri Rakesh Garg, Secretary, DoT today. Com. K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com. P. Abhimanyu, Convener/Forum, Com. Chandeswar Singh, President/Forum and Com. Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA participated. The Forum representatives expressed their concerns to the Secretary, DoT, with regards to the formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. They also conveyed their dissatisfaction to the inordinate delay in the settlement of 78.2% IDA merger to the pensioners. The representatives also requested the Secretary, DoT to take expeditious steps to implement the assurance given to the Forum, in the meeting held on 01.05.2015, in respect of the next round of pension revision to the BSNL retirees. The Secretary, DoT assured to do the needful.


Meeting with the new Additional Secretary of DoT. The Core Committee members of the Forum met Shri N. Sivasailam, Additional Secretary, DoT today. Since the Additional Secretary is also a director of the BSNL Board, the Core Committee members discussed a number of issues connected with the viability of BSNL and solicited his fullest cooperation for strengthening the Company. The Additional Secretary responded very positively. He expressed his desire that BSNL should become the no.1 telecom operator in the country and assured his fullest cooperation for it. We drew his attention to the fact that the post of Director (Finance), BSNL, is lying vacant for a very long time, which is adversely affecting the functioning of the Company.


GS and President met GM(Pers) on 07.10.2015 and held discussions on a) promotion from i) JTO to SDE – filing of reply, ii) SDE to DE and iii) DE to DGM, b) committee on officiating pay fixation, c) modification of tenure transfer orders from ITPC, d) reduction of tenure of Rajouri etc in J&K Circle etc. The draft reply has been send to Kerala Circle on 05.10.2015 for filing the counter reply in JTO to SDE case. Further discussions will continue tomorrow.


As reported earlier, the promotion orders of DE(TF) to DGM(TF) issued for 12 DEs on regular basis. Among them, 02 are Adhoc DGM(TF) and remaining 10 are DE(TF)s. Congratulations to all the promoted officers.

We are extremely grateful to CMD, DIR(HR), ED(NB), GM(TF), GM(Pers), Jt GM(Pers) and the DPC section for the promotion orders.

DGM(TF) promotion order