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Messages updated during the month of  Sep 2014


BSNL  Employees  October  2014  IDA ( Industrial DA )  to be Increased Highly......View Media report.


View Media Report:

Major Relief for BSNL Night Unlimited Broadband Customers.
BSNL hikes FMC of Broadband Plans upto Rs 100 in MP and TN.
BSNL announces relief to  Bill Shocked Broadband customers, relaunch two BB Plans and Upgrading download speed
BSNL introduces Combo STV 177 for West Zone, useful for Roamers.


View Corporate office / Other Dept. orders:

Releiving of JTOs working on temporary transfer - reg

DE Transfer from tenure circles reg.

Disclosure of Movable and immovable properties - Lokayukta instructions.
Release of pension and pensionery benefits as per Hon Sc judgement dt 14-08-14- Clarification.
Amendment ot CCS pension rules 1972 -DoP and PW.


Promotion from SDE / Sr.SDE / DE adhoc  to  the Grade of DE Regular orders issued for 29 executives...... View Order copy.


Post card campaign on 03-09-2014: 

All CSs, SSA Secretaries  and Branch Secretaries are requested to send the post cards to CMD/BSNL, Secretary / DoT, DIR(CM / Fin), BSNL, DIR(CFA) / BSNL and GM(SR) / BSNL. 
View contents and addresses.


GS and AGS Com Arvind Dahiya met GM(SR) and briefed him about the latest developments in Kerala Circle. CGMT started questioning the authority of the CMD, GS told GM(SR). The agitation programmes called off on 01.08.2014 after prolonged discussions and written commitments from the CGMT on various issues on the intervention of CMD, DIR(CFA), GM(SR) and GM(NOW-CFA), BSNLCO. However, CGMT is not implementing any of the assurances but unleashed a series of vindictive actions like transfer of office-bearers from HQ (Circle Treasurer, SSA Secretary, SSA President and other SNEA activists), non settlement of earlier vindictive actions etc.

GS and President met CMD/BSNL on 27.08.2014 before leaving to Assam and informed him about the developments. CMD assured to intervene in the matter. After the intervention of CMD, to the surprises of all, even defying the direction of CMD/BSNL, Sri M S S Rao, CGMT initiated a series of vindictive actions. On 28th A/N he personally spoken to all the SSA Heads and GMs to implement the “no work no pay” even for the sanctioned leave period, medical leave period etc in August month itself for about 1200 Executives when his written commitment was “there will be no vindictive action”. Even he sought the help of ITPC for this. He directed concerned officers to prepare the supplementary bill on the holiday, 29.08.2014. The new Circle office body formed on 28.08.2014 but on the same day almost all the new office bearers transferred out of Circle office. This all gives enough proof that he is taking sides and behaving in a partisan way to give undue advantage to some Associations during membership verification. But the “real comrades of Kerala” will prove him wrong.

Even after one month, Kerala not come to the normal situation and Executives could not function in the normal way dedicating themselves for the growth due to the attitude of the CGMT. For the last one month, SNEA(I) kept its word “not to precipitate the situation” on the assurance of CMD and others and tried to maintain the services even during these provocations. Now situation is alarming, we may be compelled to go to street again.

Services are deteriorated like anything, first time in the history of Kerala net broadband connections shown an alarming figure of (-)12,689 and a disconnection of 55,008 and net landline (-)70,476 upto 30.08.14, fault rates are about 50,000 every day, revenue declined comparing to last quarter but CGMT is not concerned about the services or closures. He can boost Kerala is making highest profit, due to the contribution of the employees, contribution of senior officers, earlier CGMs, but how long? In the name of profit made by others, present CGMT started questioning the authority of CMD, DIR(CFA) and BSNLCO? See the arrogance!

CMD is out of station, we are waiting for his return to New Delhi. Meanwhile CEC meeting of Kerala Circle is going to take decision on future course of action on 03.08.2014. Go ahead, comrades, the whole SNEA(I) is with you.



Post card campaign on 03.09.2014: 

All CSs, SSA Secretaries  and Branch Secretaries are requested to send the post cards to CMD/BSNL, Secretary / DoT, DIR(CM / Fin), BSNL, DIR(CFA) / BSNL and GM(SR) / BSNL. 

View contents and addresses.


CS and CHQ office bearers meeting at New Delhi on 05th and 06th September, 2014: Main agenda is:

a)  Review of preparations for membership verification.

b)  Agitational programs.

c)   Organizational matters.


Notice for trade union actions for E2,E3 scale, 30% super annuation benefit, JTO to SDE promotions, CPSU cadre hierarchy etc :

Post card campaign on 03.09.2014: All CSs, SSA Secs and Branch Secs to send the post cards to CMD/BSNL, Secretary / DoT, DIR(CM / Fin), BSNL, DIR(CFA) / BSNL and GM(SR) / BSNL. Post card campaign can start from tomorrow, 02.09.2014 by CSs leaving HQs for CS meet at New Delhi. Matter and Address will be uploaded by today A/N.  


Assam tour of GS and CHQ President from 28th to 30th August:

GS and CHQ President addressed the general body meeting at Guwahati on 28.08.2014, CEC meeting of Assam Circle at Jorhat on 29.08.2014 and SSA conferences of Jorhat SSA and Dibrugargh SSA on 29.08.2014 and 30.08.2014. In Jorhat almost all the young JTOs joined SNEA(I) to strengthen SNEA(I). New SSA Secs of Johat and Dibrugargh are BSNL recruited JTOs. CP/Assam Com Vivek Nath, CS/Assam Com I H Mandal and CWC member Com H P Dutta addressed in the meetings. Com A. K. Ghosh, CS/NE I Circle and Com Sushil Tripathi, SSA Secretary/Meghalaya, Shillong also attended the general body meeting at Guwahati. CS/NE I requested CHQ for settlement of Rule 8 cases from NE I.

An opens session was held on 29.08.2014 at Jorhat. Com K. Sebastin GS, Com G L Jogi President, Sri Rajiv Yadav, CGM/Assam Circle, CP/Assam Com Vivek Nath, CS/Assam Com I H Mandal and CWC member Com H P Dutta addressed the meeting. Sri Rajiv Yadav, CGM/Assam Circle addressed the CEC meeting sharing his vision for revival of Assam Circle. CS, CP and the whole CEC promised him the fullest support in this endeavour.


Com GS and President in their address appealed all the Executives and Non Executives to join together and work with BSNL Management as a team for the revival of BSNL. BSNL shall wipe out the 8000 Cr losses in another 3 years time, by 2017 to become eligible for 3rd PRC due from 01.01.2017. Otherwise 3rd will not hear us. SNEA(I) is always in the forefront to protect the interest of the company after BSNL formation, on CDMA roaming, ADC, copper cable unbundling, GSM tender in 2007, procurement of materials, tenders, USO subsidy in lieu of ADC, 3G roaming, BWA spectrum refund, pension contribution on actual basic instead of maximum of the pay scale, notional loan etc etc thereby protecting the interest of the employees as well.

On cadre issues, SNEA(I) is continued its struggle for settlement of issues like terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL (like pay scales, TBP policy, fitment), EPF contribution @ 12% of emoluments (basic+IDA) without ceiling instead of a fixed amount of 12% of Rs 6500(order issued on 12.08.2005 well before the formation of some Assn which claims for it), TBP policy orders in 2007, thousands of promotions in different cadres, BSNL MS RR in 2009 making the path through for DE/ DGM/ GM/ CGM promotions in the future for the cadre, especially for the young comrades, amendments in BSNL MS RR from 50% to 75% and on Civil/Elect issue, 78.2%, JTO RR, etc. Now DE Regular promotion also issued making the promotions current. All efforts are being taken to complete the JTO to SDE promotions also in the near future.

Our entire focus is to resolve issues like E2, E3 pay scales, 30% superannuation benefit, Time Bound functional promotion, pay anomalies, Civil /Electrical issues etc in the near future for which all Executives has to strengthen SNEA(I) and get ready for another struggle.

All members are very happy about the recent DE promotion ending adhocism and role of SNEA(I) in making such huge promotion order. All demanded to expedite JTO to SDE promotion also. GS explained the queries on Rule 8 cases, special rect drive for NE region, JTO reversion case etc.

SNEA(I) is the home of JTOs. From this platform only all historical struggles took place in the past for the upgradation of 1400-2700 pay scale to 1640-2900 scale in 1986, another revision from 5500-9000 to 6500-10500 in 1996, again E1A scale from 01.10.2000, status changed from Group C to Group B gazetted which made our entry as an Executive in BSNL etc. Along with the cange of pay scales, designation and status, name of the Association also changed from TESA to JETA to JTOA to TEOA to SNEA. All the members pledged to work for 2/3 majority for SNEA in Assam Circle in the membership verification on 10th Dec: 2014.


VC for JTO to SDE promotion: VC received from BR, BBNW, JKD, ITPC, STP and WTR only. VC from major Circles pending. CSs and other office bearers to expedite.

SDE/Adhoc DE to DE Regular promotion: Promoted officers should join the posts at the earliest. The SDEs promoted directly to DE are eligible for one fixation in E4 scale now on promotion and another one on 01.10.2014 on E4 to E5 promotion. SNEA(I) took all the efforts to get the orders released before 01.10.2014, in a record time (when others propagated that the promotion orders will be released after 01.10.2014), for getting this fixation benefit to our Executives. Adhoc DEs became DE regular can opt for DNI from the date of Adhoc DE promotion.

Remaining ACRs and VCs (as per list) to be sent urgently to BSNLCO so that their promotion orders also can be issued before 01.10.2014.


Editorial, August, 2014

DE Regular promotion – an incredibly gigantic effort and dream come true:

Strenuous, singlehanded and sustained efforts of the Association in getting BSNL MS RRs amended to the extent of filling up of 75% STS posts on regular basis eventually led to issuing mammoth promotion orders for 2303 SDE/Adhoc DEs to regular STS on 20.08.2014, a day prior to the expiry of vigilance clearance, thus creating history of all kinds- ending decades old adhocism in STS, first time TES Gr B directly getting regular STS, gigantic size of the order, entire vacancies in regular STS for years 2011-12,12-13 and 2013-14 filled up, regular STS promotion becoming current, and, finally, last but not the least, DPC being completed in incredible and unprecedented record time.

Painstaking and strategic efforts of the Association to get BSNL MS RRs amended in 2013 by increasing the DE regular quota from 50% to 75% gave additional 1378 regular STS posts thereby enabling for the first time promotion of TES Gr B directly to regular STS and in the process dumping adhocism that continued to haunt us for more than three decades during which we have had been struggling to end this menace. Our profound gratitude to Sri A. N. Rai, CMD, other senior officers and the entire DPC team for their efforts to fill up the entire DE vacancies on regular basis for making impossible possibleCrucial effort of the Association in accelerating and facilitating completion of DPC in record time is duly acknowledged by the Management. Our entire focus now is on completing JTO to SDE DPC as and when Hon Court gives some relief. We are hamstrung because of legal complications and have engaged eminent and best legal team to break the stalemate and yield positive results.

Congratulations to all the promoted Comrades and wish them all the best. We are confident that promoted DE/AGMs will be motivated by this neck breaking career breakthrough and rededicate themselves for the growth of our beloved company.

Non resolution of the legitimate and just HR issues of Executives like introduction of standard IDA scales of E2, E3 for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO, 30% superannuation benefits to BSNL recruits, CPSU cadre hierarchy, promotions in different cadres, settlement of pay anomalies, amendments in RRs etc compelled the Association to re-start the agitation which was withdrawn in March, 2014 after concrete assurances from the Management. Association has been consistently urging upon BSNL Management to address these issues for the last five years. The pre-condition set by the Management for resolution of E2, E3 pay scales is met once DPE rejected the E1A and E2A pay scales. The Management Committee of BSNL Board itself felt that the 2% increase proposed by the committee on superannuation benefit is not at all sufficient. CPSU cadre hierarchy is a non-starter. JTO to SDE promotions are inordinately delayed, pay anomalies are not getting addressed etc etc.  We exercised utmost restraint so far, not to disturb industrial peace, urging our members to put in their very best to revive an ailing Company. Thousands of young Executives, whose role in turning around the Company undoubtedly is going to be critical, are thoroughly demoralized and getting detached from the mainstream of the Company. When the Company is struggling to turn around, keeping this young and highly potential flock of Executives demotivated and demoralized for years together, will surely be disastrous for the Company and spell its doom.

Our appeal to the management is not to push us to the wall and compel us to go for intense and prolonged trade union actions, address the issues with seriousness and an urge to resolve through honest discussions. Otherwise, Comrades, we have no other option but to re-start the struggle, be ready for that.