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Messages updated during the month of  Aug 2017


Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL: JF leaders met CMD on 11.08.2017 and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Approval of E2 and E3 Pay scales: CMD informed that Secretary, DoT asked certain clarification from the section how the pay scales were lowered, when intermediary pay scales are not allowed any other option left out other than E2 and E3? Further interaction with Secretary will take place after 28.08.17, on return from leave.

b) Expedite the promotions in various cadres which are under process: JF conveyed strong resentment over the delay in promotions in various cadres and requested CMD and management to take urgent steps to issue the promotion orders. Delay in promotions gives opportunities for others to stall the promotions. The promotion related work is in advanced stage and it can be completed in a couple of weeks, well ahead of the CPSU Hierarchy, JF demanded. CMD assured early actions.

c) Approval for 2% hike in the superannuation benefits: Even under severe financial constraints, management agreed for 2% hike, CMD informed. Before it is approved, the views of the stakeholders are to be known. JF requested CMD to approve the proposal at the earliest as any positive development will be welcomed by the employees. 2% hike will take the total contribution from 23% to 25%, out of 30%.   

d) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy: As court cases are mounting in various cadres on seniority and reservation related issues, only option left for BSNL is to switch over to CPSU Cadre Hierarchy at the earliest, we informed. Since CPSU Cadre Hierarchy will give promotion to all the eligible candidates having the qualifying service, litigations on promotions will automatically end. Switching over to CPSU Hierarchy will give equal promotion avenues to all the cadres. It has to be processed in parallel. CMD assured earlier action and informed that concerned section will be giving a presentation on 17.08.2017 on the draft proposal. 


Wearing black badges and holding Protest demonstration on 17.08.2017 against the DPE OM linking affordability for 3rd Pay Revision.

NCOA decided to wear black badges and hold Lunch Hour demonstration on 17.08.2017 in protest against the affordability clause for 3rd Pay Revision. NCOA demands that Pay revision should be implemented without the affordability clause.


Meeting with PGM(Pers) on 16.08.17: JF leaders met PGM(Pers) and held discussions on the DPC process. As per the information provided by the lawyer, judgment is awaited in JTO to SDE promotion case. However further delay is occurring, MA will be filed which may expedite the judgment, PGM informed. The MA filing delayed as indications received that Hon Court will not give the interim relief by vacating the say.

On SDE to DE promotion, the interim direction of the Hon SC on 11.08.17 to give DE promotion maintaining Quota and Rota as mentioned in the DoT reply may delay the promotions which were in the advanced stage. DoT in its reply submitted to Hon SC stated that Quota and Rota are envisaged in the statutory SDE RR and seniority was fixed correctly as per DoPT guidelines. The SC order may reopen the case for LDCE candidates, unfortunately lost their seniority, even vacancy year seniority. Management is taking legal opinion how to proceed about the SC orders since earlier SC judgment and the present interim orders are contradictory. We are pressing hard to get the promotions as there is no stay on promotions. Similarly in SDE(C) to EE(C) promotion case also, the recent court order against reservation will further delay the promotion to EE(C).

Since situations are worsening day by day, JF demanded to complete the promotions at the earliest.  

As a final solution for uniform promotions and the deadlock situations, we demanded that the CPSU Hierarchy also to be processed in parallel. It is moving forward and the presentation to CMD will be made today.  

Interim order of Hon SC dated 11.08.17



Wearing black badges and holding Protest demonstration on 17.08.2017 against the DPE OM linking affordability for 3rd Pay Revision.

The NCOA meeting held at Chennai on 06.08.2017 decided to wear black badges and hold Lunch Hour demonstration in protest against the affordability clause for 3rd Pay Revision. According to NCOA, more than 160 CPSUs will not be eligible for 3rd Pay Revision due to the affordability clause. NCOA demands that Pay revision should be implemented without the affordability clause.

All Branch/SSA/Circle Secretaries, Office bearers at all levels and activists are requested to make the programme successful.


Com B Srinivasan, DE and Ex Vice President of CHTD Circle passed away, today 12.08.2017. He was a very committed activist of SNEA and instrumental in strengthening SNEA in CHTD. We pray to the almighty and May the Soul Rest in Peace


Attention of Branch/SSA/Circle Secretaries: The pending CHQ quota upto December, 2016 to be collected and remitted to CHQ urgently. This will enable CHQ to clear all the pending welfare claims and disbursing the Circle/SSA quota received from Jan 2017 to the Circle/SSAs.

It is to be appreciated that majority of the SSA/Circles are cleared the CHQ quota upto December, 2016. Congratulations to all of them.


The IVth Circle Conference of Delhi Circle was held on 11th August 2017 in the CTO auditoriam in New Delhi in a grand manner. As already reported on our website that Com. Satish Kumar along with the 220 Comrades has joined SNEA and thereafter an adhoc body was formed. Com. S K Agrawal and Com. Satish Kumar jointly worked for the unification. The  function was graced by the singing and dancing of  Children from P & T school, New Delhi. The chief guest of the function were the CGM NTP Shri P.K.Srivastav and CGM NTR Sanjeev Agrawal. It was also attended by various Senior officers of NTR,NTP and Inspection & QA Circle.  From our side GS Com. K Sebastin, President Com. A A khan, Chairman Com. G.L.Jogi, Jt Secy(C) Com. Arvind Dahiya, CS BSNLCO Com. G.K.Das and veteran Com. Anupam Kaul attended the conference.

Com. S.K.Agrawal, Com. Satish Kumar and Sandeep Mathur were elected as Circle president,Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer respectively for the next term. Com. Pawan Sharma and Com. Pravin Kumar were elected as CWC members. 

Click here for photos.


Convenor, Joint Forum writes to Secretary/DoT and CMD, BSNL regarding reconsideration of the PO issued by DoT on 28.03.2017, lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2 and approval of BSNL proposal for standard pay scales of E2 and E3, replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007. Inordinate delay in resolving the issue created large scale resentment among thousands of Executives which is blowing out of proportion. As per the appeal made by CMD, BSNL to give more time to resolve the issue, the trade union programmes are once again postponed for 6 weeks, till 17.09.2017.

In case the BSNL proposal of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 are not approved by 17.09.2017, Joint Forum will be compelled to resume the INDEFINITE RELAY HUNGER STRIKE and other Trade Union Programmes from 18.09.2017 without any further notice till the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 are notified.

JF letter to Secretary, DoT and CMD, BSNL


The Circle Conference of Delhi Circle (merger conference) will be held at New Delhi, tomorrow, 11.08.2017.


TB promotion: The data sought by BSNLCO received from few Circles only. Remaining CSs are requested to urgently provided the data.


Meeting with Secretary, DoT on E2, E3 pay scales issue postponed to next week due to the busy schedule of Secretary.


Development on 3rd PRC implementation: CMD called a meeting of the GSs of major Assns and Unions to discuss about the DPE OM dated 03.08.2017 on 3rd PRC implementation.

At the outset CMD narrated the present status of BSNL on revenue front. After the demonetization effect, Jio entered into the market. Again GST hit the mobile business further. Mobile revenue has come down by 25% to 30%. This can be compensated by focusing on EB business only. This month cash flow problem is coming and BSNL may be forced to borrow money for paying the salary at the end of this month.

On pay revision, CMD informed that BSNL will not be covered in the normal situation. We have to get special permission from Govt. Hon Minister is in favour of pay revision but DoT stand is not favourable. We all have to work together for achieving this goal.

The paragraph in the DPE OM which states that:

No fitment or any other benefit of pay revision will be implemented in the CPSEs where the additional financial impact of the revised pay package is more than 40% of the average PBT of the last 3 financial years.

is the most dangerous clause which seals the benefits of 3rd PRC to BSNL in normal situation. Other clauses giving exemptions may not be applicable for BSNL. BSNL has to seek exemption from the affordability clause, that is the only viable option to get 3rd PRC. CMD informed that the expenditure for 3rd PRC with full 15% fitment will be around 2800 Cr per annum. Honestly telling, 3rd PRC implementation is a very difficult task.

CMD assured that the Management would continue to take all out efforts for pay revision and trying to get the support of Extl Board members also. He also requested that the employees should ensure that the financial position of the Company is improved.

Comrades, as we are honestly reported earlier, 3rd PRC implementation will be the toughest job, after the formation of BSNL in 2000. All preparations are to be made for a big show down with Govt for getting 3rd PRC. Otherwise BSNL also will be one among the CPSU where pay revision not implemented. Management is having its own limit, we have to understand. Positive stand of BSNL management will not be sufficient to get 3rd PRC. DoT and Govt stand and the cabinet decision on 3rd PRC will be the biggest challenge. We will be utilizing all other options before we are going for next phase of trade union actions. We have to maintain unity among all the sections of employees, it is a must. We will be meeting all the Hon MPs and prominent political leaders to mobilize political support also.


Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL: JF leaders met CMD, BSNL on 08.08.2017 and held discussions on the following issues.

1) Approval of E2 and E3 pay scales w.e.f 01.01.2007 by DoT: JF expressed its strong resentment over the undue delay in resolving the issue eventhough DoT and BSNL management repeatedly assured positive action. On the firm assurance of DoT and BSNL management, JF postponed the agitation programmes for almost 3 months in order to resolve the issue. Now 3rd PRC order has come and we are not able to contain the resentment of all the Executives, especially the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2017, till recently. All are getting less pay, by thousands of rupees.

CMD told that he requires some more time to pursue with DoT and he is in regular touch with Secretary, DoT to settle the issue. Minister assured that lowering of pay scales will be reviewed and BSNL proposal will be considered. JF informed CMD that on his assurance, JF may consider to postpone the agitation for some more time but if it is not resolved by that time, we will be forced to start the agitation once again, in the near future.

2)  3rd PRC and the DPE OM dated 03.08.2017: We discussed the various options before us and the strategies to get 3rd PRC implemented in BSNL. CMD informed that, Hon Minister pleaded for pay revision for the BSNL employees in the Cabinet meeting. As per affordability clause, BSNL is out of the purview of 3rd PRC. However, we have to make all out efforts to convince DoT and Govt for relaxation/exemption for BSNL considering the social obligation, important role played by BSNL in tariff regulation, improvements in BSNL revenue, implementation of Govt projects by BSNL etc. The demonetization, entry of Jio and the implementation of GST put more stress on BSNL and revenue is going down which is a serious issue at this crucial time. We all have to ensure that our revenue is improving, otherwise it will become more difficult.

On fitment, we told CMD that full 15% fitment has to be extended as fitment is having long term impact on pensionary benefits (pension and superannuation benefits). There cannot be any compromise on this. Anything less than 15% fitment will have an adverse impact on pension revision also as DoT will try to link it.

3) Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy w.e.f 01.01.2017: We requested CMD to spare some time to finalise the draft CPSU proposal prepared by Pers section so that it can be taken forward. It will give promotion to all categories of Executives. Now promotions are held up mainly due to reservation issue. The ongoing promotions will be completed by September and immediately after that, BSNL should be in a position to implement it. CPSU Hierarchy only can give uniform promotional avenues to all the streams which are suffering for years together. CMD assured to examine it by next week.

4) HR plan finalization: We requested CMD to finalize the HR plan at Corporate Office itself as all data is available here. If data has to be taken from field units, it will be delayed so much and approval of all the HR issues pending in the BSNL Board also will get delayed. CMD assured to discuss with DIR(HR).


Meeting with PGM(Pers) on 08.08.2017: JF leaders met PGM(Pers) and held detailed discussions on the ongoing DPC related works. PGM informed that they are in constant touch with Kerala to get the updates on the court cases. Meanwhile all the preparatory work is getting completed for promotion to SDE, DE and EE(C ) cadres. Similarly promotions to AO and CAO also is in progress.


RBI surveys a wake-up call for the Narendra Modi government ..... View Media Report.



The 1st All India Conference of AIPCOC, held at Chennai on 05.08.2017 attended by the Associations representing the CPSUs of all the sectors and Central Govt officers. Associations representing Banking sector, Telecom sector, Power sector, Insurance sector, Oil sector, Coal, Defense sector, Central Govt Gazetted officers confederation, Railway, ITDC etc attended the Conference.

Leaders from different sectors addressed the Conference about the issues faced by the sectors and how the Govt policies affected it. Central trade Union leaders also addressed the conference. CSs of AP, CHTD, CTD, KTK, KRL, MH, MP, RAJ, OR, TL, TN and WB Circles also attended the convention. Jt Sec(C ) and Jt Sec(E) also attended.

The conference adopted resolutions against disinvest & strategic sale of CPSUs, merger of banks and PSUs, proposed move for privatization of Railways etc. The conference adopted resolution demanding removal of affordability clause for 3rd PRC for CPSUs.

All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC) Secretary General Com D T Franco unanimously elected as the Secretary General of AIPCOC. NCOA President Com V K Tomar elected as the President of AIPCOC. GS/SNEA Com K Sebastin elected as Vice President of AIPCOC.

State level conventions will be held shortly to elect the state level office bearers.


NEC meeting of NCOA at Chennai on 06.08.2017

National Executive Council meeting of NCOA held at Chennai on 06.08.2017 to discuss the 3rd PRC, the DPE OM on pay revision, HRA etc. NEC condemned the Govt order on 3rd PRC with affordability clause, making majority of the CPSUs out of the purview of 3rd PRC. NEC taken various decisions to oppose the Govt decision and decided to struggle organizationally for the implementation of 3rd PRC benefits for the Executives of all the CPSUs. Legal options also will be examined.

GS, Jt Sec and CSs attended the NEC.



NCOA NEC Meeting at Chennai on 06-08-2017
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National Convention of (AIPCOC)



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Pay Revision of Board level and below Board level Executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of CPSEs with effect from 01-01-2017.....View DoPE Order.


View Corporate Office Orders:
DE transfer order - Retention reg.
SDE Inter circle transfer order.


National Convention of (AIPCOC)









NCOA NGC at Chennai on 06.08.2017



List of SDEs in list 6 for which ACRs are not available at CR Cell of BSNLCO. Pl verify with the SSA/Circles regarding the ACR position.

List of SDEs


View Corporate Office orders:
Incorporating the provisions in BSNL CDA Rules, 2006 - Guidelines to curb practice of Obtaining donations from the contractors, vendors, customers or other persons having commercial relationship / official dealings with the CPSE.
Preparation of e-DPC - Requirement of APARS from 2011 to 2016 for SDE and above in ACE stream - reg.
SDE Tenure transfer order - retention reg.
SDE Tenure transfer order.


In a historic decision, today, complete AIBSNLEA/Delhi Circle having more than 200 members merged with SNEA, Delhi Circle, writing a new chapter of Unity among the Executives.

New Adhoc Committee of SNEA, Delhi Circle formed with Com S K Agarwal as Circle President, Com Satish Kumar as Circle Secretary and Com Sandeep Mathur as Circle Treasurer.

CHQ wholeheartedly welcome all of them into SNEA and wish them all the success. This merger took place in the presence of GS, President, Chairman, AGS and Jt sec.

Circle office bearers of both the Assns and Com Pawan Sharma were instrumental in forging the Unity. Mob No of new CS/Delhi Circle: 09868583030.
Adhoc Committee of Delhi Circle


Right of Way rules: The effects of implementation delay on telecom industry .... View Media Report.


Joint Forum leaders met Director HR on 31.7.17 to discuss upon the agenda points with respect to the pending HR issues. The issues with regard to Promotion, Pension and Pay were discussed at length. We apprised the Director HR about the current status and requested her to get the issues resolved expeditiously. The proposal with regard to increase in quantum of contribution for Superannuation Fund by another 2 percent in addition to earlier approved 3 percent and the proposal with regard to extending promotions in all cadres is expected to be placed before Management Committee for approval in the next meeting to be held this week.