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Group Health Insurance Policy- 2nd Window for Submitting Option

Last Chance, Only 1 day left. Option closes on 18.5.2022.

 - Policy effective for 11 months wef 1.6.2022. Premium payable is also 11 months only.

 - Option once submitted will be final, withdrawal is not available.

 Features: Very competitive Premium Rates, No Medical Test, No Exclusions, All pre-existing disease covered, 14000+ Hospitals with Cashless facility, Reimbursement of treatment in non-em paneled hospitals, Continuity Benefits on Retirement or Transfer out of BSNL, Children up to 25 yrs and Parents/Parents-in-law up to 85 years may be included irrespective of their income or health conditions. 30 days per and 60 days post hospitalization treatment covered. Rent rent 2% and ICU 4%  of SU per day. Ambulance Rs 2k/occasion, many other attractive features..

 Key Benefits of Policy


BSNL management has invited the applications for Executives (Telecom/Finance) for the post of DGM (02), AGM (06), SDE (04), CAO/AO (03) to be posted at BRBRAITT Jabalpur. The last date of receipt of application at BRBRAITT through proper channel will be 18.06.2022. The shortlisted candidate will be interviewed through video-conference by selection committee later. This is in continuation of discussions held by SNEA CHQ with Director HR in persuasion for issuing transfer orders of selected executives in Telecom wing where Director HR was kind enough announce that all Training Centers will be made fully functional. <<Link>>


DGM SCT BSNL CO  endorsed  a copy of DOPT guidelines vide  OM No. 36012/16/2019-Estt.(Res) dated 12.04.2022 on  reservation in Promotions and the procedure to be followed prior to effecting reservation in the matter of promotions by all departments of Central Governments. {link}


SNEA conveys best wishes and warm greetings to one and all the Executives and non-Executives in the BSNL a very Happy World Telecommunication Day 2022. The theme for this year is Digital technologies for Older Persons and Healthy Ageing. This theme emphasizes the importance of using telecommunications and information and communication technologies to stay healthy, connected and independent on a physical, emotional and financial level.


Report on Special meeting By Director HR with SNEA CHQ Team on different HR issues:


Approval of proposal E1 plus Five increments: Association brought to the notice of management that hundreds of JTOs are facing issues due to non-grant of standard pay scales and there is disparity in grant of E1 plus Five increment granted by BSNL in lieu of standard pay scales. On basis of expectations that Standard Pay scale will be approved by DoT, BSNL has not granted Five increments even though matter is very clear and within the hands of BSNL management. 

PGM Estt added that it is not possible to grant the five increments to all JTOs/JAOs and wherever it is possible that has been granted. We have brought to the notice of Director HR that there is disparity and many of JTOs/JAOs are not getting five increments. PGM Estt added that matter has been decided by BSNL Board long back and there should not be disparity but JTOs/JAOs who have joined BSNL on or after 08/07/2014 are not eligible for increment as by that date wherein DPE returned back file of stating that higher pay scales cannot be given to BSNL recruited as JTOs/JAOs and E1A and E2A is applicable only to Absorbed JTOs/JAOs. In March 2018, DoT issued Presidential order for E1 Scale for JTOs/JAOs and same is not implemented as it is creating more anomalies among this young brigade which will be biggest mass unrest in BSNL.

It was responded by BSNL management that after 2014, it is mentioned as E1 scales for all notifications issued for recruitment of JTOs/JAOs. We informed that it is mentioned in notification for recruitment of JTOs as E1 scale and in some cases, it is also mentioned that the pay scale offered will be enhanced in days to come, but in notification issued for JAOs Pay scale mentioned is E1A and not E1 and hence all JTOs/JAOs working in BSNL are eligible for E1 plus five increments. We appealed that BSNL management should come forward and give some motivation to all these deprived JTOs/JAOs who are backbone and future of BSNL. 

Responding it positively, Director HR informed that he agrees with the concern expressed by the association about financial crises faced by JTOs/JAOs and declared that all JTOs/JAOs who have joined before 08/07/2014, will be given E1 plus five increment and for JTOs/JAOs joined BSNL on or after 08/07/2014, SNEA may details and matter needs to be decided by Board. Director HR directed PGM Estt to take required steps in granting E1 plus five increments to all JTOs/JAOs joined before 08/07/2014 and to have study of matter of JTOs/JAOs who have joined BSNL after 08/07/2014 and report him the details. 

We conveyed thanks to Director HR and PGM Estt for such positive response and starting wave of positive energy by redressing financial grievances of JTOs/JAOs to some extent and deciding matters which are in hands of BSNL Board and expected similar actions on all other pending HR issues. 

Updates on discussions held on remaining agenda points is being updated one by one. 


Report on Special meeting By Director HR with SNEA CHQ Team on different HR issues:


Standard Pay scales of E2 and E3 from 01/01/2007: Association expressed that denial of Standard pay scale to the executives even when there are clear guidelines from DPE for scrapping non-standard pay scales existing in BSNL and replace it with standard pay scales is one of the prime reasons causing unrest among young executives in BSNL. 

We added that long pendency of granting Standard Pay Scales is one of the prime demands of SNEA for which we have conducted agitational programme and Huger fast for 66 days which we have concluded with positive assurance from BSNL management to resolve it with dialogue.  

Director HR informed that though BSNL has repeatedly written to DoT for granting E2 & E3 Pay scales for JTOs/SDEs, but same is always denied by DoT. Director HR added that DyCLC New Delhi in last consolidation meeting with SNEA and BSNL, has given directions to BSNL to pursue with DoT for grant of Standard Pay scales. Director HR shared that accordingly BSNL has taken up matter with DoT and was seriously pursuing with DoT for its approval. He added that with such keen persuasion, DoT has responded on 10/05/2022 and conveyed that Standard Pay Scales as requested by BSNL cannot be grated. 

Director HR added that SR cell is drafting formal letter to GS SNEA conveying the decision of DoT with its copy to DyCLC. Director HR informed that in his opinion it is difficult task for getting approval of standard pay scales from DoT. We asked reasons for non-settlement of demand for grant of Standard pay scales to JTOs/JAOs SDEs/AOs by DoT and it was informed that the letter will be handed over to SNEA shortly but no reason is specifically mentioned in letter and perhaps the financial conditions of BSNL, demand of cascading effect etc may be the prominent reasons. He added that BSNL will convey the reply received from DoT to SNEA and informed that whatever is required on part of BSNL has been done and nothing more is possible for approval of Standard Pay scales from side of BSNL. 

We responded that only required on part of BSNL management is that the stand taken by BSNL for grant of Standard Pay scales should be continued and should be owned by the Management till its final settlement. We added that once BSNL conveys the decision of DoT to SNEA, we will take up matter with concerned officers of DoT and will also inform DyCLC New Delhi on this negative development against assurances given to SNEA and will request to take up matter with DoT for not conveying the administrative approval even after repeated recommendations of BSNL when entire financial burden is to be borne by BSNL even though nothing as financial support has been asked by BSNL from DoT for approval of standard pay scales. Director HR informed that BSNL will continue on its stand for approval of E2 & E3 pay scales and SNEA may further pursue matter with DoT on the basis of reply which will be conveyed by BSNL to SNEA with copy to DyCLC New Delhi. 


Report on Special meeting By Director HR with SNEA CHQ Team on different HR issues:


No Vindictive actions for participation in agitational programme and Settlement of vindictive action if any: SNEA demanded that we have responded very positively to appeal made by BSNL management to withdraw the agitational call of indefinite hunger fast and we expect reciprocate action on part of management by withdrawing all vindictive actions taken against SNEA Members for participation in call. 

We requested for releasing of Salary which kept on hold by applying principle of No Work No Pay as all the pending works also done by the agitating comrades. When it is decided to resolve all the issues by dialogue, we need that no vindictive action continues. This was opposed by the officers in SR Cell stating that deduction of salary has been already implemented and the details have been sent to DoT and other offices and hence there cannot be change on this action at this stage. 

We replied that nothing is impossible as being stated and BSNL has authority to take review action and this period can be adjusted against leave of individual executives and when we have come forward one step and started dialogue with management by withdrawing call which was not possible for last two months, management needs to come forward one step and settle the vindictive action. 

Director HR informed that the principle of No Work No pay has been applied as per directives of Government of India and this principle is applied when there are calls for strike in mass and hence the principle applied for No Work No pay for mass CL on 07/02/2022 cannot be adjusted against leave and now matter is not in hands of BSNL. 

Director HR further added that he does not want to give signal that BSNL is supporting Strikes in mass and this financial matter needs concurrence of other offices also, which is not possible at this stage. Director HR added that same is principle applied for all strikes and even some of bank executives have come forward at their own with written request to deduct salary for the strike period. 

We elaborated that if it is not possible to adjust this strike period reported against some of executives in place of leave as it is financial matter, it is within the hands of BSNL that entry of Strike Made in ERP against such executives should be removed/ deleted. Director HR informed that this entry has no effect and it is without break in service. 

We narrated that in recent past some issues are reported while granting TBP and same period and it may cause some another impact in days to come. Further, when SNEA has shown positive approach then management has to come forward. In conclusion Director HR accepted request of SNEA to delete the Strike entry made against the executives whose CL was not sanctioned and he/she was reported on strike and has directed PGM SR to take corrective action to make necessary corrections in ERP. 


Report on Special meeting By Director HR with SNEA CHQ Team on different HR issues:


Consideration of pending OTP Request Transfers in all cadres and wings: Association expressed unrest among the executives due to delay in consideration of request transfers submitted under OTP and some of requests are not given consideration even after period of one year of their request. 

We narrated that some of executives have given requests in hard copies before implementation of OTP and again submitted in OTP, but no consideration is given these Circles at Company cost. Due to this action, the executive who are waiting for Own Cost Requests are feeling cheated and harassed. If their request were given consideration in time, there would not have been any issue. Hence to avoid hardship of executives as well as for reduction of company cost orders, there is need of timely consideration of request transfers under OTP or reject it in time bound manner as assured in OTP transfer policy guidelines. But there should not be delay for deciding on request transfer under OTP beyond period prescribed in OTP Transfer policy. 

PGM Pers responded that with introduction of OTP, he has made sincere efforts in bringing transparency on issue of transfer posting. Earlier it was not possible to trace any of the requests for individual, but in OTP he/she is aware about status of OTP request. PGM Pers added that his office is taking care of all such requests to maximum possible of feasibility. If application is submitted it does not mean that the concerned executive will get the same place only. We are trying to accommodate maximum possible requests, but it is not possible for accommodate all requests in same quarter. His office is taking care for consideration of such requests in future days and whenever it is possible and hence such request is neither rejected nor considered and kept pending. 

We narrated that delay up to on one or two quarters can be understood but if it is taking more time then the priority of executives may change and at certain later stage, he/she may not be or may lose interest in requested transfer due to changing family circumstance. Hence it is requested to give consideration of all OTP in time Bound manner and most probably during the quarter in which individual has applied for OTP request. Non-consideration of requests in time is causing hardship to concerned executives/family members as they are unable to decide on sifting of family members. 

Some of the executives whose requests are not given consideration are now transferred under long stay at Company cost to other Circle and their request to opted Circle and same is not given consideration and other are posted to these Circles. This has created discrepancy which needs to be taken care. PGM Pers informed that efforts are being taken and will be continued to give consideration for all OTP requests.  In conclusion PGM Pers informed and OTP not given consideration will be decided within two quarters and assured that no OTP request will be kept pending or undecided beyond period of second Quarters from last date for submission of application in OTP.

Restoration of option for withdrawal of OTP request at least before order is issued: We elaborated the issues faced by the executives due to withdrawal of option for withdrawing Own Cost Request of executives in OTP and delay in consideration of requests. PGM Pers informed that as some of executives misused the option and one side option was withdrawn and on other side the transfer order was issued. He added that once application is submitted the executive must be ready for transfer and no transfer order will be cancelled once request transfer is given consideration. 

We elaborated that it may be case or situation in some individual cases, but in general the executives may want to change his request or withdraw the request due to changed circumstances. We added that we agree that once order is issued means there may not be cancellation, but cancellation by withdrawal of option submitted under OTP or change of option given before the transfer order is issued is quite possible. It is also possible that individual may submit option for cancellation of change of Circle /SSA and same is approved by the nominated Officer in Pers section by confirming where the transfer order is issued or not. 

We also added that there is need of some additions in OTP as executives from Non Recruiting Circle or executives opting for Non-Recruiting Circle only GM area is shown as option while there is need of location of BAs under the area of GM area in non-Recruiting units. By understanding issues and concern expressed by association, PGM Personal directed association to give detail feedback on changes required under OTP and to further discuss the OTP related issues separately and assured to incorporate all possible changes and make OTP more useful and transparent. 

Updates on discussions held on other agenda points is being updated one by one. 


Report on Special meeting By Director HR with SNEA CHQ Team on different HR issues:


Cancellation of proposal for Rotational Transfers on completion of 26 years of service:  SNEA has brought to the notice of the Director HR, the hardship faced by new team of SNEA CHQ and feeling of betrayal as Mass transfers are issued targeting the SNEA Members on the day when SNEA CHQ has very positively responded to the appeal by BSNL management to withdraw the agitational programme successfully going on for continuous period of two months i.e. 66 days. We put forth that these mass transfers seem like that it is revenge against the executives who have not opted for VRS. We also narrated that there is feeling of cheating by the management among members of SNEA as these Rotational Transfer orders are issued specially targeting member of SNEA.

Director HR responded that it is not the case for management everybody is equal. It is but natural that when it was decided to given consideration to long stay transfers, SNEA being the association in existence for long time, the members of SNEA are coming under zone of consideration and perhaps members of other associations may be few or may not be there. Director HR added that there is no intention of targeting SNEA or its members and it is an attempt to improve the working culture in BSNL by making executives working at different Circles.

We clearly told that the management may not have any such intention, but the news is spread by that some team had meeting with CMD BSNL and directly CMD BSNL to issue transfer orders and hence these long stay orders are issued. We also brought to notice of Director HR that on the day, the long stay transfers are issued such advance messages are spready from 0600 Hrs in the morning about seniors are being thrown out and the long stay order is issued by afternoon. We added that it may not be coincidence and there is scope to believe that definitely something wrong going on BSNL CO and certain information is being deliberately spread that someone is working above the BSNL management and giving directions to work against interest of BSNL in general and SNEA in particular and same are followed by the management.

We expressed our displeasure on such politics played and support by certain officers in BSNL otherwise there is no chance that someone meets higher officers in BSNL management and BSNL management works on directions of such team thereby differentiating among its own executives. Director HR took details of misleading information spread on this subject and reiterated that BSNL management is not biased to any executives and not favoring any association, but it seems that someone is misusing the actions and due care will be taken in future. We narrated that due to transfers naturally there is some unrest, but such misleading information deliberately spread has created mass unrest among the executives.

We added that SNEA never opposed any transfer in the larger interest of Service and it may be please seen that wherever transfers were issued, majority of SNEA members have followed, rather many of SNEA members come forward and opt for Tenure stations. We have drawn attention that SNEA always opposed the Rotational Transfers at any level starting from District to Corporate Office as these rotational transfers will not benefit BSNL by any way.

We made it clear that non one including us understand logic behind such mass transfers where about 80 officers from profit making Kerala Circle are transferred to other Circles and similar number of executives are posted as substituted to these executives. We added that this is the situation in all Circles from where transfers are issued. Director HR informed that the actions are not targeting any particular Circle, but it was felt by management that executives working in one Circle are not getting update knowledge on working of other Circles. 

Also, the experts in Circle like Kerala are required at the Circles where the works are not done properly. We added that this action of management will not affect only Kerala Circle but it will affect all the Circles as executives are transferred in mass among all Circles and rotation of officers just to know working at other Circle will not benefit to BSNL but it will be surely affected on the projects are being allotted to BSNL by the special efforts of CMD BSNL by his keen persuasion over the past two years.

We expressed that we are unable to understand the real intention behind these mass transfers and requested for cancellation of Rotational Transfers. Director HR informed that it was decided to transfer all the executives who have completed 18 years in particular Circle and there are about 3500 such executives coming under zone of transfers but to avoid mass transfers it has been decided to transfer few executives with age of 26 years stay in particular year. Director HR added that after 26 years, the further transfer orders of executives with stay of 22 years, 20 years and 18 years will be issued in coming years and no executive who is completing 18 years’ service in one circle will be spared from these long stay transfers. We informed that this action of BSNL management is not going to benefit BSNL by any way and hence we oppose the Rotational transfers that to be in masses.

We expressed our concern over the fact that BSNL is not able to pay even SAB contribution in time  due to financial crises and till about one years subscription is pending, then there is no need of making Expenditure of crores of rupees on these avoidable and unwanted Rotational transfers. Hence all rotational transfers should be cancelled or restricted to Minimum and need base transfers to meet acute shortage. 

We added that CMD BSNL has informed in meeting with all associations that he also prefers the transfers from excess to shortage Circles and not such long stay Rotational Transfers. Responding it PGM Pers added that there will be litigation if we transfer executives with less stay from one Circle and executive with higher stay from other Circle is retained and already his office is defending court cases on these long stay matters in Himachal Pradesh and Odisha Circle.

We have added that there are no any criteria to issue transfer order on basis of stay of 26 years and it is wrongly interpreted by the management. We added that our executives are ready for transfers and there is no issue on their part in joining new place of posting and many are willing to join or will join under compulsions created by the Management, but it is to be decided by BSNL management, in what way it is going to benefit BSNL.

It was responded by Director HR that there will be some improvement in non-Performing Circles. PGM Pers added that if deficit Circles like Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra etc are excluded then there will be only few transfers and chances of court case on basis of long stay will more. He added that the concern expressed by SNEA in not issuing long stay transfers from deficit Circles will be taken care in all further transfers but let the present transfers implemented. PGM Pers also firmly assured that all the representations received for change of Circle, Retention on genuine medical grounds and request for grant of immunity of different grounds will be given consideration. He assured to take corrective action where ever the ERP entry is found to be incorrect

We have brought to notice of Director HR that there are certain policy violations while issuing transfer orders and hence there is need of cancellation of these mass transfers and to review the matter. We have elaborated how the executives working at Hard tenure stations are also targeted and transferred to other Hard tenure stations and even soft tenure stations against the guidelines of transfer policy. This has created mass unrest among the executives working at extreme difficult stations already declared by State and Central Governments as also by BSNL management.  We submitted details of violation of Transfer Policy and how the existing guidelines are also not respected while issuing this order and how it s reason for mas unrest among the executives except few executives who are unable to understanding with its consequences and fact that they also will be facing such hardship in coming days.  Copy<<<>>>.

We have put forward the fact that the JTOs become executive cadre in 1998-99 and the stay for Inter Circle long stay transfer should be counted from date of JTO becoming executive and not from his/her date of joining. PGM Pers informed that if we count date from that day also, the same executives will be under long stay and by that time all will be completing service of 18 years.

We categorically brought to notice of Director HR that even executives working at Tenure Stations are also not spared. It was responded by PGM Pers that the officers working at Tenure stations have never opted for choice station after completion of Tenure and hence their names are included.

We have brought the facts to the notice of Director HR that there are cases who have completed All India hard tenure within the Circle and opted for choice station within the Circle, but their stay is counted without giving break in the long stay of the executives and hence their names are appearing in long stay list.

We added that as per tenure transfer policy, the stay should be counted from the date of joining at choice station Tenure and not the day when said executive has joined at the Circle as being done now. We elaborated that same is matter with All India Soft Tenure stations and same also not given consideration as per the guidelines.

We narrated the issues of Circle Stay break in case of executives transferred by CGMs of Non-Recruiting Circles/units wherein the break in length of service is not granted while counting of stay. We also added that some of executives are age barred for such inter circle transfers and till their names are included.

We brought to notice that some of the DGMs are transferred as AGM which is not correct. He added that if wrong entries are made in ERP or data is not updated and orders are issued on wrong data, all such cases will be reviewed and corrective action will be taken.

We have narrated that medical ground cases are not given consideration and in response PGM Pers informed that all the medical ground cases are given consideration for which entry is made in ERP and cases where entry is not made in ERP are not given consideration. Director HR assured to take corrective action and issue revised order, but it will not be generalized.

We also gave details of mass transfers and Circle wise displacement and Director HR informed that he is having that data and already gone through it and in his opinion, these are not mass transfers.

We have made it clear that as per Transfer policy criteria maximum 10 % executives can be transferred in particular year but more than 35 % executives are transferred from Circles and requested to review the matter of Rotational transfers and continue only with need base transfers to meet acute shortage of executives.

We proposed that if BSNL management want to bring cultural change in working of BSNL as proposed then it may take 2 to 3% of executives in long stay or by calling options with firm assurances to them for returning back within two years so that aim of management will be given care and the same time mass dislocation will not be there.

Director HR informed that this is decision taken after elaborate discussions at Higher Management and it is difficult to revert it back. We responded that there are many occasions that even decision of BSNL Board is changed in BSNL and when we are giving details of violation of Transfer policy and also how these Rotational Transfers will kill the growth of BSNL, there is need to review the wrong decision and insisted for cancellation of transfer orders. We have handed over the brief note on the issues created due to these Rotational Transfers and requested to have look into it. Copy <<<>>>

Director HR assured to look into it and appealed those executives should join at transferred places if they do not have serious issues and it will help them to improve while working at higher level. We informed that some of the executives have prepared mind for joining but want firm assurance to bring them back. Director HR assured that all these executives will be surely given opportunity to join their Circle on completion of two years.

In conclusion Director HR informed that he has taken feedback from association and corrective action will be taken after discussing the issues with CMD BSNL and firmly assured to discuss the issue with CMD BSNL and convey the decision on cancellation if any it shortly. Director HR concluded that he cannot firmly assure about cancellation, but assured to look into the genuine requests and for corrective actions required as per transfer policy guidelines. 

Updates on discussions held on other agenda points is being updated one by one. 


Meeting of AIGETOA, SNEA & SEWA with Director HR on Reservation in Promotion:

Today a meeting of three associations i.e. AIGETOA, SNEA and SEWA was held with management. The meeting was attended by Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Veerbhadra Rao President Shri Ravi Shil Verma Chairman AIGETOA, Shri M. S. Adasul GS SNEA, Shri Jagtar Singh JS North SNEA, Shri N. D. Ram, General Secretary SEWA, Shri R A Meena, VP-I , SEWA CHQ and Shri Mukesh CS SEWA BSNL CO as representatives from association side.

The meeting was chaired by Honble Director HR Shri Arvind Vadnerkar Ji and was attended by PGM Pers, PGM SR, CLO and other officers from SR Cell.

The issue of discussion was how to move ahead with reservation in promotion.

 All the three Associations were unanimous on the issue that the current OM dated 12.04.2022 has clarified the process in detail and the same needs to be followed in totality. As far as Roster is concerned, DoPT has emphasized on following the 1997 OM for roster preparation.

It was unanimously proposed by associations that OM 1997 needs to be followed in totality. Association side also demanded to increase more number of posts and include all to avoid any future dispute. We once again highlighted that matter of increasing more number of posts in cadre strength has already been taken up with CMD BSNL on meeting dates 26th April 2022 and he has given positive assurance for the same as BBNL operations are being taken over by BSNL and more manpower is needed for the same.

It was also emphasized that all vacancies including that of DGM Needs to be filled up in all cadres.

Discussion was also held on AO to CAO promotions and it was emphasized that the disputes needs to be cleared and relaxation of 15 days may also be granted for making maximum promotions in the AO to CAO grade.

Management should now take an expeditious action on extending the promotions as all the three association has given the go ahead for the same.

Director HR categorically assured that management is determined to go ahead with promotions and conveyed his pleasure that all three associations have taken same stand and this was the basic purpose of the meeting.

The management is enthusiastic on this development after clarification from DoPT and Director HR assured that all necessary actions shall be taken to ensure the promotions at the earliest.

Friends, with single voice from all the three Associations, we are very hopeful that long pending promotions from SDE to AGM, AO to CAO, AGM to DGM (Regular) including DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular) are expected positively.

General Secretaries,



Report on Special meeting By Director HR with SNEA CHQ Team on different HR issues:


Restoration of facilities of All India Soft tenure stations:  Elaborating issue, association put forward the facts that BSNL has introduced the facilities of All India Soft Tenure stations by considering the hardship and difficulties faced by the executives while working at SSAs where the working conditions in 2012 and extended some special facilities like break in long stay of the executive from that Circle even if executive joins from the same Circle. But in 2015, all of sudden this facility has been withdrawn without any consultation to the associations.

This matter has been raised by association but till the facility is not restored. Director HR directed PGM Pers to elaborate the issue further, he in turn put light on the fact and conveyed that what association has expressed in correct. But it was decision of BSNL Management and conveyed that due to inequitable circumstances the said facility is withdrawan and same cannot be restored now. He added that instead of break in long stay of the Executives working at Tenure stations are now provided the facility that whoever has worked for three years at All India Soft Tenure stations, this period of three years is reduced from total long stay in that Circle and no break in length of service or stay of the executive is granted.  

We have added that this was the only facility to the executives working at All India Soft tenure stations and these is no reason in withdrawing or opt for nearby Circle. This was the facility specially introduced for the executives who cannot afford or complete All India Hard tenure for different family reasons and also due to critical climate conditions at All India Hard tenure stations. PGM Pers informed that this facility of break in Circle stay of executive is available for executives joining All India Soft Tenure stations from other Circles and not available for executives from same Circle. We elaborated that the break in Circle stay is available for all executives joining other Circle and even if any executive joins from present SSA to nearby SSA of other Circle and not specially for executives opting for All India Soft Tenure stations.

We added even the reduction of three years stay is also not followed in these orders and executives working at all India Soft tenure stations are transferred under long stay rotational transfers. PGM Pers informed that if there is any such case that the executives have worked at All India Soft tenure station from 2012 to 2015, the break in Circle stay of executives will be granted even if he/she is from same Circle and if any executive has joined at All India Hard tenure station, he/she will get reduction of three years length in Circle stay and no such executive is transferred under 26 years criteria.

We have elaborated that there are such cases and we will submit the list of such cases. We requested the very purpose of declaring the All India Soft tenure stations was given relief to executives within the same Circle and executives joining from other Circle will naturally get the break in long stay as facilities as available even for transfers at Non tenure stations. We added that there is no other facility granted to executive working at soft tenure stations as available at hard tenure stations even though executive is working for period of three years.

We elaborated the hardship and difficult conditions while working at difficult areas and stressed need for restoration of only facility available to executive opting for All India Soft tenure station in same Circle. Director HR narrated that he understands the difficulties faced by the executives working at difficult stations like Uttarakhand and also in affected areas like Bastar, Gadchiroli and added that sometimes the difficulties in these soft tenure stations are more than the all India Hard Tenure stations and there is need of corrective action. He added that association has raised this issue rightly, but it was never raised earlier by any association or Circle Head as raised now and hence no corrective action may have been taken.

We brought to notice of Director HR that many Circle Heads have written on this matter and even SNEA CHQ also has submitted letter on this subject as per feedback from CS SNEA Uttarakhand and if required we will provide all relevant documents and letters given by different CGMs.

In Conclusion, Director HR informed that this matter of facilities for all India Soft tenure stations will be reviewed and firmly assured to look into it. He also directed to have review of policy for transfer and posting to All India hard tenure Stations as well as All India Hard tenure stations and requested SNEA to give detailed feedback on it. 

Updates on discussions held on other agenda points is being updated one by one. 


Special meeting By Director HR with SNEA CHQ Team on different HR issues: After elaborate and healthy discussions on different HR issues during introductory Meeting of new SNEA CHQ team with CMD BSNL on 21/04/2022 and with Director HR on 22/04/2022, BSNL management made an appeal dated 28/04/2022 to new team of SNEA CHQ for withdrawal of the ongoing agitational call of Relay Hunger Fast and to resolve the issues through dialogue, on 66th Historical day of struggle, SNEA CHQ has withdrawn the agitational call of Relay Hunger Fast on 02/05/2022.

Accordingly, meeting was scheduled on 05/05/2022 but same was postponed by the management at last moment and it was decided to hold this meeting on 10/05/2022.Accordingly, this special meeting was held on 10/05/2022 at 1600 Hrs in the chamber of Director HR BSNL Board. This meeting was chaired by Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar Director HR BSNL Board. From Management side the meeting was attended by Shri. R.K. Goyal PGM Pers BSNL CO, Mrs. Anita Johri PGM SR BSNL CO, Shri. Saurabh Tyagi, PGM Estt BSNL CO, Shri. S. N. Gupta GM Restg BSNL CO, Shri. Santosh Kumar DGM SR BSNL CO and Shri Krishna Murarai Ruhela, AGM SR BSNL CO.

From SNEA side the meeting was attended by Shri. Manish Samadhiya President, Shri. Rajesh Manchan, Vice President, Shri. Niranjan Sahu, AGS, Shri. Rajdeep AGS, Shri. Pavitra Singh AGS HQ and Shri. M. S. Adasul GS and we have submitted feeling and views of executives in BSNL on different pending HR issues.

At the very outset PGM SR gave warm welcome to all participants in the meeting and specially conveyed thanks to SNEA for responding the appeal of the management and withdrawing agitational programme of Relay Hunger Fast and being ready for resolution of pending HR issues through discussions. From SNEA side GS & AIP conveyed thanks for arranging meeting as assured and narrated that we have kept faith on the words of CMD BSNL and Director HR and have withdrawn Agitational Programme and we are full confident that Management will keep its words and resolve the issues through dialogue.

The point wise discussions are as follows.

A.   Original Points of Agitational Notice:

1.    Promotion to the BSNL Executives through the BSNL Board Approved Time Bound Promotion Policy w.e.f. 01/07/2018 onwards., which is framed as per the terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL by following Reservation Policy of Government: Initiating discussions on the subject Director HR informed that as per demand of SNEA and discussions held with DyCLC, BSNL has once again taken up matter of Time Bound Promotions with DoT and unfortunately this time also same is not approved by DoT and it has been returned to BSNL with directions to review it in view of VRS and restructuring thereof. Director HR informed that the matter will be reviewed accordingly but added that there are issues in getting the approval of Time Bound Promotions as proposed by earlier Board and they want to review it. We narrated that SNEA has never opposed any review and our only concern was its retrospective implementation without further delay and we have no objections for changes required if any and we are till ready for required changes in this policy. Director HR added that Management also wants to have mechanism of Time Bound Promotions after resolution of issues and added that as BSNL has sufficient vacancies to promote executives through DPC and proposed to promote the executives through DPCs as immediate relief. We narrated that in changed scenario it is but natural that there is demand for promotions through DPC as sufficient vacancies are available after VRS and SNEA has already conveyed its stand to go ahead with DPCs for filling vacant posts as early as possible. We brought it notice of Management that this scenario of vacancy position will vanish in days to come. We elaborated that it was VRS which has created vacancies in AGM cadre otherwise BSNL was facing issues of excess AGMs and same is case with all other posts. Rather in Civil and Electrical wing promotions as per the vacancy position will be negligible and in Telecom and Account wing also situation will be same as once these posts are filled in through DPC. Hence SNEA always promoting for Time Bound Promotions and we have not left our agenda of Time Bound promotions over the years and even continued the recent struggle single handedly. We conveyed in clear words that demand of SNEA is that we want promotions to all eligible executives and it’s up to management that they want to give it through DPC or through Time Bound Promotion Policy. We conveyed that SNEA will be happy if BSNL Management is ready to promote maximum executives by filling all vacant posts with relaxation of eligibility conditions with immediate effect. We also requested to check possibilities to make provisions for accommodating executives in promotions by diversion of posts without affecting other cadres, but our members and executives in BSNL are waiting for promotions and it’s up to management to choose method and give promotions to all eligible /conditionally aspirants. But Management should continue efforts to maintain the assurances given to this Association by DoT for Five Time Bound Promotions in service span of executives in BSNL which has also become need of time. We clarified that the present vacancies are created due to VRS and if there was no VRS and creation of vacant post, everybody was proposing Time Bound Promotion Policy and was ready to accept it. But in changes scenario, this well-defined Time Bound policy has been disowned by the management and this is reason for our worry. We narrated that once the vacant posts are filed through DPC, these posts will be occupied by young executives in BSNL as average age of BSNL executives has reached to 43 years. Hence till the promoted executive is further promoted to higher post or retires from the occupied post either by VRS or by superannuation there will be no vacancy and critical situation may arise as happened earlier that there will be no possibility of even single promotion in year and hence, we are demanding for Time Bound Promotion Policy. Director HR agreed to the concern expressed by association and conveyed that management also want to promote the executives in Time Bound manner but there are issues in implementation of Time Bound Promotion Policy as it is. Director HR further narrated that SEWA BSNL has already raised objection on Time Bound promotions on reservation issues and they want reservation in Time Bound promotions also and management is of the opinion that once the promotions are being issued for all in time Bound manner, except issues of APAR gradation and clearance of VCs, no executive will be deprived and hence there is no need of reservation. SEWA BSNL wants the reservation and maintenance of Roster in Time Bound Promotions which is found difficult by Management at this stage. We have cleared that we do not have any objection if the concern expressed by the SEWA BSNL is given consideration rather, we support the constitutional demand of SEWA BSNL and it is up to management how these issues are taken care. We have no objection if any executive under Reserved category is promoted early on fast track of Time Bound Promotions, and our only concerned is that for non-resolution of issues on part of management, all executives in BSNL should not be deprived from the Time Bound Promotions and carrier progression. Director HR informed that there are complications in approved promotion policy and not only SEWA but other constituents including prominent officers in BSNL have certain reluctance in implementation of Time Bound Promotions as per the present policy approved by BSNL Board. We once again conveyed that BSNL management has to take review and come up with the required modification in policy acceptable to all. Our only demand is that as available in every CPSU and available to DGM and above level officers and Non-Executives in BSNL, we want Time Bound promotion Policy for middle level executives. We narrated that already Non-Executives in BSNL have Time Bound Functional Promotion Policy through NEPP, the higher-level executives from DGM and above level also have fixed time Bound promotion policy and only middle level executives from JTO to AGM are deprived from the Time Bound Promotions. It was replied that there are no reservation issues in DGM and above level and hence it is applied for DGM and above level. It is seen that there are reservations in Non-Executive Category, but there also time Bound Promotions are implemented. We narrated that BSNL Management should have its review at its own why issues are created only for Time Bound promotions of executives in Middle management and how it has approved the Time Bound promotions for all other groups in BSNL including officers on deputation. Director HR agreed that there is Time Bound Promotion policy for executives at the level of DGM and above and it is only change of designation and no financial benefits are available to DGM and above level Officers or for Non-Executives. We made it clear that there is financial implementation as on every change of designation for DGM and above or for non-Executives, there is one increment payable and same is case for non-executives as everybody is getting one increment under Non-Functional time Bound Upgradation. We added that for JTO to AGM level also BSNL is granting one increment and there should not be any confusion on it. Only it is matter of making these Time Bound Non-Functional promotions/Upgradations as Functional promotions and same has been duly recommended by BSNL and it is need of time to question officers in DoT why they are opposing Time Bound Promotions only for JTO to AGM level officers who are backbone of the BSNL and on whose shoulders the entire responsibility of executing the different work is given by BSNL management. Director HR and other officers present in the meeting also agreed to the stand of SNEA, but conveyed their inability due to repeated non-approval of Time Bound Promotions by DoT. Director HR added that BSNL will convey the decision of DoT for review of Time Bound Promotion Policy to all association and it is up to association to decide on its further persuasion. We conveyed that it was required on part of BSNL management to check with DoT why they are not giving approval and why every time new reason is given and proposal is returned to BSNL management. We assured that from association also we will continue our persuasion and we will be happy that BSNL management also seriously pursue for it. Director HR responded that no one from BSNL Board agrees with the present promotion policy as this policy is complicated and it is difficult to understand and implement it practically. We demanded for review it as per the Directions of DOT and make it as simple as per the existing Time Bound Promotion Policy of BSNL applicable for executives in cadre of DGM and above and we do not have any objection in getting time Bound Promotions as happening to DGM and above level officers in BSNL. It was projected that there will be cylindrical position and at certain time there will be more AGMs. We made it clear that these is no such issue reported even in DGM to PGM level Officers and nothing has been happened or reported in Non-Executive Cadre. In revised RRs also BSNL has proposed Time Bound promotions after 12 years and same situation will occur as that will happen in case of implementation of Time Bound Promotions. Only required are strong initiatives by the management in support of Time Bound Promotions for executives in Middle level management which we do not find rather management is disowning it earlier decision and hence the proposal is not accepted by executives’ management is proposing. In conclusion, Director HR informed that BSNL management is bound to go ahead as per directions of DoT and as association SNEA it is up to SNEA where it is to be taken up with DoT for its approval or ask for reasons for its non-approval. We have conveyed that SNEA will continue its persuasion at all levels so that each and every executive gets time Bound Promotions at least up to AGM level and requested to continue support by BSNL Management for removal of existing discrimination among its own officers in Time Bound Functional promotions.

We have also elaborated discussions on following points and details of discussions including that of burning issue mass transfers on criteria of 26 years and we have very fruitful discussions on all the points and details will be updated one by one. Please bear with us for some time.

2.      Standard Pay scales of E2 and E3 from 01/01/2007.

3.      Regular DGM Promotions instead of Looking after Promotions by relaxing the qualifying Service

4.      Scrapping of MT and DR DGM RRs

5.      Regular Promotions instead of LA/Adhoc Promotions

6.      No Vindictive actions for participation in agitational programme and Settlement of vindictive action if any.

B.   Other Pending HR issues

1.   Restoration of facilities of All India Soft tenure stations

2.   Cancellation of proposal for Rotational Transfers on completion of 26 years of service.

3.   Consideration of pending OTP Request Transfers in all cadres and wings.

4.   Restoration of option for withdrawal of OTP request at least before order is issued.

5.   Issuing pending Rule 8 /9 Request transfers

6.   Review of JAO Rule 9 repatriation Orders

7.   Approval of proposal E1 plus Five increments.

8.   Expediting the steps to reduce pay loss to JAOs/JTOs with proper solution thereof;

9.   Uniformity in TBP by granting First Time Bound Promotions in Four years.

10.   Review of Restructuring Norms and justified/sanctioned post of executives as per practical requirement.

11.   Promotion for all eligible Executives from JTO to DGM by filling all vacant posts either by CPSUCH or by DPC, whichever is possible.

12.   Action for Promotion for Executives recruited under PWD Quota.

13.   Keeping on hold the procedure for review of RRs and review the matter as fresh.

14.   Issuing Posting order of Executives selected for posting at Training Centres.

15.   Restoration of procedure for posting of executives at Choice SSA /Circle by withdrawing compulsions of posting to CNTX Circles.

16.   SAB Contribution and its timely reimbursement.

17.   Fast track promotions for Executives.


Reopening of booking of suits in SNEA Bhavan:  The booking of the suits in W. Seshagiri Rao SNEA Bhavan, Ramesh Nagar, Delhi-110015 was kept on hold for two years due to pandemic Covid 19 and ongoing agitational programme for making staying arrangements of participants. Now it is decided to open booking of suits with immediate effect and this booking will be limited only to SNEA members and his/her close relatives at nominal maintenance charges of Rs. 500.00 per suit per day. The booking of the suit will be online and separate link is provided on SNEA CHQ website <<<link>>> and booking will be confirmed only on recommendation of CS/DS of District concerned and no direct booking will be allowed. 

For any issues related to booking of suit and availability of suit, payment of charges etc., the concerned SNEA members may contact Shri. Digambar Care Taker at SNEA Bhavan Delhi on LL 011-25934899 or Mobile 9540807448, or Shri. Tatababu Karanam CHQ Treasurer 9449854737.  


LICE JTO-JAO Pay loss issue Movement: Special meeting of Committee members of Pay Loss Committee of SNEA members was held along with newly elected CHQ Office Bearers on 01/05/2022 at 1100 Hrs wherein this issue was elaborated discussed understanding all angles of the issues and overall grievances of thousands of the executives. This meeting on the genuine pay-loss issue being faced by thousands of LICE JTOs and JAOs lasted for more than two hours.

The genuine pay-loss issue was meticulously represented before the new CHQ Body of SNEA by the Members of Pay Loss Committee formed on LICE JTOs-JAOs. Shri. Vismay Oza, Chairman of this committee elaborated the facts justifying demand to extend 30% fitment to all JE as we all are recruited before implementation date of 2nd PRC.

Shri Manish K.P. Member of Committee explained the legal complexity and options to explore this issue also submitted supporting documents of different PSU where their pay anomaly committee extended benefits to employees till date of implementation.

The other members of Committee, Shri. A. R. Jangid, Shri Shailendra P. Solanki, Shri.  Datta Dubil Patil, Shri Moolchand also explained in details of this genuine issue of more than 7000 LICE JTOs/JAOs. It was apprised to new CHQ Body how the thousands of executives are facing a pay-loss of up to Rs. 10000/- per month and the status-quo on the issue at various fronts and how this issue needs serious persuasion on platform of SNEA.  

After elaborate discussions on this issue, it is decided to intensify the efforts in resolving the burning issue. On behalf of SNEA CHQ,   GS informed that this is injustice to executives and assured to pursue the issue in BSNLCO in continuation of letter vide letter dated 13/01/2022 written by then GS. In conclusion GS has appealed to committee members to consolidate more supporting documents related to the case on the findings so that no stone would be left to un-turned in this regards and assured that there should be no deviation or second thought in the mind of anybody and SNEA CHQ will go to greatest possible extent to resolve the issue and bring the justice for thousands of JTOs/JAOs who are suffering loss for years together.

Shri. Niranjan Sahu AGS and Shri. Pintoo Kumar JSE have taken efforts for arranging this special meeting to understand nitty-gritties of the burning issue.


Copy of letter of Ex-GS


Withdrawal of ongoing Indefinite Hunger Fast Agitation by SNEA on 66th Historical day: After introductory meetings with CMD BSNL and all Board of Directors, by newly elected team of SNEA CHQ, one special appeal has been made by BSNL Management for withdrawal of ongoing agitational programme with assurance to resolve the issues through dialogues and discussions. Copy<<<1>>>.


This appeal was discussed in depth among SNEA CHQ OBs and Circle Secretaries and finally SNEA CHQ has submitted response to an appeal made by the management. Copy <<<2>>>


In this response addressed to CMD BSNL, we have conveyed our message to the management in short that the issues already decided by BSNL Board are now disowned by the Management themselves, by this there is much unrest among the executives as it will bring direct impact on carrier progression of executives in BSNL. We have brought to the notice of CMD BSNL that attempt of disowning their previous decisions passed by the highest Body of BSNL and now taking the new stand on already decided issues is the main reason for ongoing struggle.


On submission of our letter in response to the appeal by BSNL Management to all concerned officers and offices, Mrs. Anita Johri PGM SR BSNL CO who deals with Association related activities has called us for discussions and appreciated the stand of SNEA. PGM SR firmly informed that BSNL management is ready for discussions on all the issues and especially ready for issuing maximum promotions which is one of the demands in agitational call. In the intervening period discussions could not been held due to our agitational programme. PGM SR also informed that our ongoing agitational programme for last 65 days is damaging the image of the BSNL. PGM SR appealed, when Government of India is coming forward with Revival 2.0 plan, when Worthy CMD BSNL is vigorously pursuing with DoT and Government of India for overall revival of BSNL, the ongoing agitational programme is impacting the image of BSNL as well as the focus of BSNL Management also gets diverted to some extent. Finally, PGM SR requested to withdraw the agitation call and assured to take all steps as PGM SR BSNL CO to resolve the issues in best possible manner. PGM SR also proposed to have meeting headed by Director HR BSNL Board to resolve the issues raised by SNEA and also arranged meeting with Director HR BSNL Board for further discussions and immediate decision on ongoing call. PGM SR informed that SR office has conveyed DyCLC about latest discussions with new CHQ Body of SNEA and requested to defer or cancel the meeting which is schedule on 05/05/2022 and also appealed SNEA to respond it positively and PGM SR assured us to discuss and decide on our demands before the scheduled meeting with DyCLC.


Then PGM SR arranged meeting with Director HR BSNL Board to have further dialogue and decision thereof. We have elaborate discussions on appeal made by BSNL management and its response by SNEA. Director HR expressed that he has earlier also shared with the then GS that management can decide on certain issues but resolution or even assurances on certain issues are not possible at this point of time. We clearly told them that nothing is impossible as we have raised the issues which were either decided by BSNL Board or pending at DoT for final decision, in most of the cases the issues raised are within the Purview of BSNL management to decide. We categorically brought to the notice of Director HR that earlier management was always proactively supported CPSUCH but now it is being narrated that it is not possible to implement it which is not correct and not even accepted by AIC.  PGM SR informed that CPSUCH is not possible and no need to discuss it as promotions through DPC are possible. We added that promotions through DPC are possible as vacancies are created due to VRS and once vacancies are filled then there will not be any scope for any promotions for left out executives as there will no vacant posts for years together as promoted executives are young. We demanded for Time Bound Promotions as assured by DoT to Hon Court at the time of absorption in BSNL.


On further discussions, Director HR informed that CPSUCH is not possible as being approved earlier and there is need to change. We conveyed that we are ready for discussions for desired changes but we have to go for Time Bound promotions for all executives in BSNL. We also narrated that we want promotions for our executives either by CPSUCH or thorough DPC. Director HR also appreciated the stand of SNEA & views expressed in the letter. Director HR informed that many of the issues mentioned in the letter by SNEA can be resolved with positive response through dialogue only. He appealed SNEA to withdraw the agitational call and be ready for in depth discussions on the issues. On E2 E3 pay scales, Director HR informed that the fresh proposal is sent to DoT and asked us to pursue with DoT. Director HR informed that if required he will conduct one special meeting for the issues raised by SNEA in agitational notice and also on the issues mentioned in the letter by SNEA in response to appeal made by the management.

There after we had short meeting with CMD BSNL and we narrated about our discussions with Director HR in presence of PGM SR. We have stressed about need to take up Time Bound Promotions and Standard pay scales with DOT as fresh call and requested CMD to recommend the issues approved by BSNL Board to DoT and we will pursue these issues at DoT along with BSNL Management. CMD BSNL was very kind enough to give his consent for the same and directed us to initiate dialogue so that we can have some decisions on the HR issues.


After detailed discussions, Director HR appealed that in view of positive discussions from both the sides, SNEA should review decision of the agitational programme and has to come forward for special meeting over all the issues raised by SNEA including issues that are included in todays letter. He directed PGM SR to call the views of all concerned officers on issues raised by us and thereafter to have meeting on 05.05.2022 at 1600 Hrs. to have detail discussions. We have conveyed our readiness for attending this meeting with other CHQ OBs at any time.  In good gesture, Dir HR offered that he can come to Pandal and is ready to meet the comrades on hunger fast and other comrades supporting them. 

Thereafter, SNEA had internal discussions and views of Shri. P.P. Rao, Ex AGS HQ and Shri. A.A. Khan Ex-President CHQ, Shri. Satish Kumar CS NTR and Shri. D.D. Bansal CS BSNL CO were taken. Shri. P.P. Rao was of the opinion that we have to take written assurance before withdrawal of call but we have narrated that CMD BSNL, Director HR have assured firmly and formal meeting is scheduled to discuss over the issues to its depth and outcome will be inform to all the concerned. Shri. A.A. Khan Ex-President CHQ has told that he is no more in CHQ Body and hence his comment at this stage is not required. We requested that as he was at helm of affairs and is well aware about the issues and outcome thereof, his comments will help us to reach to the final conclusion. He shared that practically it will be difficult on continuing the agitation due to heavy heat wave in Delhi and also if management has come forward then it should be positively responded by Association. But there should not be compromise on the main demands of CPSUCH and Standard Pay scales. He added that he is also aware about some positive steps on promotions but these promotions should not come in way of CPSUCH which is final solution for promotions to all and we have appreciated his concern expressed by him and assured to take care of it. Com Khan also asked for written confirmation from the management. Com Satish Kumar CS NTR Delhi informed that it is better to withdraw the agitation call and we should resume the dialogue with management.  Shri. D.D. Bansal CS BSNL CO was of the opinion that we should not immediately respond to withdrawal and must take time for 2-3 days and then withdraw agitational call will be better, but we have informed him that there is no purpose by extending it just for two or three days. We have requested the team of BSNL CO including EX AIP and Ex AGS HQ to join the pandal and it was very positively responded by all.   


Meantime, Shri. Santosh DGM SR has handed over the copy of letter for special meeting with SNEA between 4th to 6th May 22. Copy <<<3>>> But it was finally confirmed by Director HR that meeting with SNEA will be held on 05/05/2022 at 1600 hrs.


Finally, Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, Director HR BSNL Board, Mrs. Anita Johri, PGM SR, Mrs. Samita Luthra, GM Rect/Trg BSNL CO along with Shri. Santosh DGM SR, Shri. K.M. Ruhela AGM SR and team of SR section visited the pandal and offered juice to our comrades on fast, Shri. Pintoo Kumar, JSE SNEA CHQ and Com Shashi Kant DS SNEA Patna and formally appealed to withdraw the agitational programme by offering juice. Director HR has further appealed to us to come forward for dialogue and tries to resolve the issues to best possible extent which was responded very positively by SNEA leaders present in pandal.


Director HR along with his entire team was present in Pandal for about 40 minutes and has firmly assured to resolve all the issues which are in hands of BSNL. Director HR specially mentioned that on part of Government of India, very good initiatives are being taken after persuasion of CMD BSNL for revival of BSNL and there is need that all associations and especially SNEA should join hands together with the management for such great efforts required for revival of BSNL. Director HR added that there is no need of any agitational call by any association as certain issues can be resolved with discussions and there are some issues will not be resolved. He expressed that when climate is extremely hot in Delhi, then why the executives are going through this much hardship and pains needs to be ascertain. Director HR informed that all the issues can be discussed and resolved to some extent and efforts will definitely be made on his side for the same. He added that as demanded, BSNL has again sent the proposal for Standard Pay scales and chances of its clearance are more now. On time Bound promotions he informed that DoT is not agreeable and BSNL also has noticed certain issues in it.  We have requested to recommend it along with other issues pertaining to DOT & Govt of India with positive note from BSNL Management as done earlier so that positive message is sent among BSNL executives and Director HR has assured for same with discussions thereof.  In further interactive session on queries raised by participants and mainly by Com A.A. Khan Ex-AIP over different HR issues, Director HR has shared his opinion. Shri. Bansal CS SNEA BSNL CO has raised that BSNL do not have money to pay even SAB/EPF contribution regularly, but money is being spent on mass transfers. He insisted for clearing further dues of SAB as it is adversely affecting the moral of young executives.  Director HR informed that issue raised is genuine but it is required that that more funds need to be generate by BSNL. He further added that we have observed positive graph in the month of March 22 for cash collection and similar actions are required throughout the year to increase revenue by about 1000 Crore. This will make it easy to pay all dues in time. Director HR assured to clear outstanding dues of SAB as early as possible. On mass Rotational Transfers, Director HR informed that this was policy decision taken in January 2022, and none have objected it. Management was waiting for AIC of SNEA and matter was finally discussed by him with CMD BSNL on Friday late evening and it was decided to issue orders. We have brought to his notice that BSNL do not have money to pay even genuine dues, there is no need of such transfer for name sake disturbing executives. We added that in last meeting with recognized Unions/Associations, CMD BSNL has proposed for transfers will be only from Excess Circles to Shortage Circles but here Executives are transferred randomly and we are seeing it as deliberate attempt of harassment of the executives in general and SNEA member in particular. We also narrated that the representations called for and submitted by executives with due recommendation by Circle Heads are not given due consideration and we are in the apprehension that these orders are issued only to target SNEA members by violating the BSNL transfer policy. Director HR informed that policy was decided long back and naturally being senior, the affected executives may be members of SNEA. He assured to have in depth discussions on all issues related to mass rotational transfers in proposed meeting on 05/05/2022. Director HR informed that Executives are already playing and further will have to play very-very important role in implementation of Projects assigned to BSNL and there is need of expertise and hence he will take care of all HR issues. He specifically added that in days to come the work culture of BSNL will be majorly driven by executives and its dependence over non-executives be very less and may be limited to JEs who also on the other way are the part of executive category due to their educational qualifications at par with the qualification of JTOs. He underlined importance of Executives and appealed the association leaders to convey message about the positive steps taken by Government of India and CMD BSNL in revival of BSNL under plan 2.0. He added that with his initiatives, BSNL has come up with GHI and GTI schemes and it will be useful for majority of executives. He assured to take more such steps in days to come. In conclusion he once again appealed to come forward for discussions by withdrawing the agitational call.


With such very positive development over the day and with firm and very positive response from BSNL Management, SNEA has withdrawn the agitational programme on its 66thday, which is historic day for our agitational programme.


Though, we have withdrawn the agitational programme, we are committed to resolve the issues. Continuous struggle for 66 days in biting cold as well as very Hot summer season shows commitment of our esteemed members towards the resolution of HR issues of executives in BSNL and we will surely get it done at any cost. We will try our level best for resolution of issues through dialogue and we are hopeful that we will get very positive response from all. If we do not get positive response through dialogue, we are free to reopen all the channels for resolution of our issues raised in AIC. 


For us as SNEA, the resolution of HR issues of Executives is on top most priority and we will continue the same more vigorously through continuous dialogue.


SNEA CHQ conveys sincere thanks to Shri. Pravin Kumar Purwar, CMD BSNL, Shri. Arvind Vadnerkar, Director HR BSNL Board, Mrs. Anita Johri PGM SR BSNL CO for their initiatives and to start dialogue with SNEA for resolution of HR issues.


SNEA CHQ conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to all the beloved comrades and leaders of SNEA from all Circles/Districts who have given strength for agitational programme by active participation since last one year in general and especially for last 66 days in particular. We assure all rank and file of SNEA that your sacrifices will not go in vain and we will see that all the issues are resolved in favour of BSNL executives in general and SNEA members in particular. 

Our Struggle Zindabad, Our Unity Zindabad.

SNEA Zindabad, BSNL Zindabad. 


Transfer Orders