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Messages updated during the month of  Dec 2020


Twitter Campaign on 17.12.2020 demanding promotions w.e.f. 01.07.2018:

Open Twitter accounts for all the members and follow the Twitter account of CHQ, GS, Circle and SSA. 

SNEA/CHQ can be followed on @sneachq

General Secretary can be followed on @gssnea



View Corporate Office Order:


Agitation programs demanding promotions w.e.f. 01.07.2018 through BSNL Executive Promotion Policy Amendment and Rect Rules 2017 (BEPPARR 2017).

Posters for the agitation may be printed by the respective Circles/SSAs. Sample poster for printing:

Sample PosterSample Poster (pdf)


Agitation programs demanding promotions w.e.f. 01.07.2018 through BSNL Executive Promotion Policy Amendment and Rect Rules 2017 (BEPPARR 2017).

Protest Day on 10.12.2020.

Sample Black Badge for printing and wearing on 10.12.2020.

Sample black BadgeSample Black badge (pdf)


Lunch Hour Demonstration - 02.Dec.2020


Congratulations to all for making a good beginning to our agitation by Lunch Hour demonstration:

Lunch Hour demonstrations conducted throughout the country on 02.12.2020 demanding promotions for all the eligible Executives w.e.f. 01.07.2018 itself through the Time Bound Functional Promotion policy, BEPPARR 2017.

Mobilise for the Protest day on 10.12.2020 and Twitter campaign on 17.12.2020.

Our demands are:

Time Bound Functional promotion upto AGM/CAO/EE Grade in every 5 years.

Promotions from 01.07.2018 onwards through BEPPARR 2017.

Change of Designation.

Service weightage for the past service.

Regular Promotion upto DGM Grade instead of LA arrangement.

PARITY and UNIFORMITY in Promotions among different wings.

Our agitation will open the doors for smooth career progression for BSNL Executives and they can become DGM, Jt GM, Addl GM, GM etc in the coming days to lead the company.

All the leaders should lead from the front in this crucial struggle.

Do not forget the fact that this struggle is for all the cadres and wings and individual agenda/priority having no place at all.

Start mobilization meetings station wise for the Hunger fast from 04.01.2021 onwards.

Click to View Glimpse of Photos of Nationwide Lunch Hour Demonstrations held on 02-12-20.


Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, DIR(HR):

GS, President and both AGSs met DIR(HR) on 01.12.2020 and held discussions on the following agenda points. This was in continuation of the earlier meetings. Shri R K Goyal/PGM(P), Shri A M Gupta/Sr GM(SR), Shri Ashutosh Gupta/GM(A) and Smt Samita Luthra/GM(Rect) were present. The discussions continued for about two hours:

1. DoT approval for the BSNL proposal for E2 and E3 scales replacing E1A and E2A.

We explained that on DoT approval, many issues of post 2007 rects JTO/JAO can be settled once for all like i) Pay loss issue, ii) E1+5 increment issue, iii) anomaly in 1st TBP promotion, iv) anomaly with MTNL etc. Till 2014, BSNL was pursuing for revised E1A and E2A. In 2016 BSNL modified its recommendation and recommended E2 to E7 scales. Again on our pleading, mgt limited the proposal to E2 and E3 alone. The financial implications worked out is less than 70 Cr per year. DIR informed that DoT is not inclined for E2 and E3 scales. We requested DIR(HR) to continue to pursue the matter in DoT.

2. i) Pay loss of Rs 22820 for the 2007/2008/2010 rect DR JTO/JAO batches,  ii) Pay loss for the JEs of 2007 to 2010 batches and become JTO/JAOs and iii) E1+5 increments for the post 2010 rect JTO/JAO equivalent cadres till approval of E2 scale.

We explained it for about half an hour, the discrimination met out by the post 2007 rect JTO/JAOs in many ways. They are placed in 3 different initial basic pays, some at Rs 22820, Rs 19020 and Rs 16400. Due to this, some are getting first TBP in 4 years, remaining in 6 years. Management extended Rs 22820 for the JAOs joined after 07.05.2010 as a special case, discriminating other JTO/JAOs joined prior to them. Similarly, the JEs also joined in 2007 to 2010. Same benefit is to be extended to all those joined prior to 07.05.2010, we demanded. For the remaining JTOs, minimum of E2 scale equivalent should be extended as recommended by BSNL management to DoT.

PGM(Pers) tried to justify the action on many ways but no solution offered to address the huge pay loss issue. Finally DIR(HR) informed that further the matter will be discussed after Sr GM(Estt) joins back.

3. JTO to SDE promotion to SC/ST quota for the unfilled quota of 2009-10 and 2010-11 vacancy years, notionally w.e.f. 15.06.2018, the date of promotion order. Promotion for the remaining SDE vacancies and Promotion in different cadres:

We demanded immediate action for the notional promotion from 15.06.2018 itself for the left out vacancies of 2009-10 and 2010-11 vacancy years, for Gen/SC/ST category. Remaining all vacancies is to be filled at the earliest latest by 31.12.2020 as per the CWC decision, we demanded. The JTOs of 2012 batch also to be promoted simultaneously. Our CSs are coordinating the work in the Circles.

Mgt explained the progress in the DPC work. Management is making all efforts to complete the DPC, starting from JTO to SDE. Mgt is considering the promotions without reservation for all the vacancies batch wise. Due to the court order, promotion cannot be given with reservation, mgt informed. On our query how promotions for so many vacancy years together can be made without reservation, there was no proper reply. We told that Reservation is a constitutional right which cannot be taken away by BSNL. Vacancy based Promotion without Reservation is illegal and it will lead to so many complications as we had seen earlier in CAO promotion. The view of the top mgt and the legal cell on giving promotion without reservation will be known only when this issue is discussed with them on later stage. While going ahead with the preparatory works, we have to wait and watch the developments.

Mgt informed that promotion without Reservation is discussed with AIGETOA also and there is no problem for them! It is further informed that SEWA, BSNL also agreed for promotion without reservation, if it is batch-wise, promoting all in the batch.

After incorporating the corrections, the 2nd AIEL (upto 2008 rect) is send to the CGMs for cross verification.

The DPC will not alter our demand for promotions w.e.f. 01.07.2018 we categorically told Management. After the DPC also, our declared agitation will start from 04th January, 2021 demanding promotions from 01.07.2018 itself. Relaxation for further promotions, future promotion chances, everything is depends on that.

If DPC is going to be held without following reservation and SEWA also not having objection, then what is the problem in giving promotions to all the eligible Executives in all the wings, Rect year wise through the Non-post based Time Bound Promotion (BEPPARR 2017), what is the objection for SEWA BSNL now, BSNL mgt could not answer.

4. SDE to DE promotion for the left out cases w.e.f. 29.06.2018 notionally, who are seniors.

We explained that all the SDEs in Gen/SC/ST category in list 5, 6 &7 promoted in June, 2018 and SC/ST from list 8. The Promotion of about 50 missing/left out cases, who are seniors is pending in the name of contempt case. Their juniors belong to General Category (OC), already promoted on 29.06.2018. The contempt case is disposed on 25.02.2020 directing to review the promotion of the SC/ST Executives. There is no justification in stopping the promotion of the seniors. This is the legal opinion we got from few senior lawyers. We demanded immediate promotion.

Mgt informed that fresh legal opinion will be taken in which the seniority of the SDEs already promoted in 2018 will be explained category wise along with details of the missing cases. This will clear the hurdles and the seniors missing in the earlier list can be promoted. DIR(HR) directed to expedite the matter.

5. DGM (Telecom/Fin) Regular promotion.

We explained that:

a) The eligible Executives, DGM(T) about 150 and DGM(F) about 15 should be immediately given regular promotions. The 206 seniority is not going to alter the seniority position.

b) For the remaining DGM vacancies, onetime relaxation may be given considering the mass retirement due to VRS and abnormal delay occurred for DE/CAO promotions. The DE/CAOs have sufficient experience in the cadre by Offtg/LA promotion but they are not having regular service due to delay in Regular promotions. Almost all are working as DGM on LA basis.

Mgt informed that the Regularization of existing Adhoc DGMs will be completed first by publishing the DE seniority list. Thereafter relaxation in DE/CAO qualifying service for DGM promotion will be considered.

6. Immunity from transfer — issues in latest clarification.

In the new guidelines, Assn Treasurers HQ is defined by the Management as the HQ of BSNLCO/Circle/SSA, just like the HQ of Secretary and Asst secretary. Treasure is not involved in interaction with the management, mainly doing Association accounting work. Assn decides the places from where the Treasure has to function. It is for the welfare of the members. It should be continued, we demanded.

Immunity from transfer is a protection given to the Office bearers from harassment by the employer. The OB should be free from harassment and threat of transfer. For that purpose, Immunity from Transfer has made as a mandatory provision. Otherwise the employer will misuse it and use it as a tool for harassing the OBs.

We demanded that both clauses should be modified keeping the spirit of the concept, Immunity from Transfer.

After discussion, DIR(HR) agreed to reconsider both cases.

7. Covid 19 cashless treatment and compensation to the family in case of Covid 19 death.

a) Making arrangements to get cashless treatment for Covid 19 patients, atleast one or two Hospitals in each City/Dist/Taluk places to mitigate the hardships of the employees. Empanelled hospitals are stopped cashless treatment due to huge outstanding dues.

b) Medical Insurance during Covid 19 for BSNL employees: Payment of Rs 10 lakhs on Covid deaths as done by Postal dept. The BSNL Employees are taking all the risk in the Covid 19 Pandemic Period, for maintaining the services. Being an essential service, they are forced to travel extensively for providing services. In the Covid pandemic, the field staffs are exposed like anything. Some employees are affected by Covid 19 and undergoing treatment. Unfortunately few deaths of BSNL employees also happened due to Covid 19. Due to lack of any Medical Insurance, their family is not getting any support. Medical Insurance for BSNL employees due to Covid 19 pandemic is very much essential.

After detail discussion, DIR(HR) assured to re-process the Payment of Rs 10 lakhs on Covid deaths as done by Postal dept. Mgt will try to clear some good amount pending for hospitals for better treatment.

8. Pending Rule 8 and Rule 9 transfers.

Many genuine Rule 9 cases of female JTOs, acute medical cases etc are pending. Some very genuine Rule 9 extension cases are also pending at BSNLCO. CGMs are not considering Rule 8 transfers because Rule 9 transferees are not returning after deputation. We demanded that all genuine Rule 9 requests and extension requests are to be considered sympathetically. Also some workable mechanism is to be find out for settle Rule 8 Transfers, we demanded.

DIR(HR) assured to examine the cases and consider the requests.

9.  Service FTTH connections.

a). At present Post paid plan 525 with 40 GB per month for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO, AGM/CAO and equivalent cadres is approved by BSNL. It is not sufficient for the present conditions, hence it is suggested to upgrade it to Post paid 799 plan with 60 GB data per month.

b). Presently BSNL Executives are allowed residential BB services on copper media for their home usage at the discounted rate of 60% or Rs. 300/- discount whichever less. We demanded FTTH connections instead of BB connections for JTO/SDE/DE equivalent cadres with 777 plan. If the Executive opts for higher plan, the discount applicable for the allowed plan may be extended. The difference in plan amount will be paid by the Executive.

c). In other places, we request upgrade the BB connections to BB plan with 4 GB/per day. With this, there is no additional financial burden on BSNL since already service residence connection having Rs. 600 calls free available.

After detailed discussion, DIR(HR) decided to form a Committee to finalise the proposal.

10. Rotation of Executives within CFA, TxN, Mobile verticals to have experience in all segments.

The Executives are not getting opportunity to work in different sections namely CFA, Transmission, Mobile etc. In the first 10 years of service, all should get an opportunity to work in all verticals and get the experience. For that all the Executives should be rotated among different sections after definite period. Thereafter they can be posted according to their expertise.

DIR(HR) informed that it is a very good suggestion and will take actions according.

11. Declaration of tenure stations in UKD Circle: UKD Circle recommended for declaring few stations as tenure stations and the proposal is pending with BSNLCO. PGM assured to process the matter after discussing with DIR(HR).

DIR(HR) informed that tenure stations are under reconsideration and along with this, UKD Circle proposal also will be considered. 


Lunch Hour demonstration at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs on 02.12.2020.

Demand: Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion in all streams from 01.07.2018 onwards with Parity through the new promotion policy, BEPPARR 2017 approved by the Board.

All the Executives should join the agitation for their career growth.


View Corporate Office Orders:
Reconciliation of Ex gratia amount payable to VRS 2019 Optees reg - DO by DIR HR letter to Circles reg.
Hiring of vehicles under NFS project reg.


Lunch Hour demonstration at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs tomorrow, 02.12.2020.

Demand: Non-post based Time Bound Functional Promotion in all streams from 01.07.2018 onwards with Parity through the new promotion policy, BEPPARR 2017 approved by the Board.

All the Executives should join the agitation for their career growth


CHQ extends best wishes for all  comrades  who  retire today on superannuation, for a happy and peaceful  retired  life. Comrade you are starting a new journey  and  exceptional chapter of your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph.  We thank you for your dedication & congratulate you on your retirement.