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Messages updated during the month of  Jul 2016


GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding LDCE from Group C to JTO(Elect) conducted on 27.03.2016 and result declared on 31.03.2016.   Sending the selected candidates for training

GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding Bifurcation of AP Circle into AP and Telangana Circles and posting of DGMS from the recent promotion list

GS letter to DIR(HR) on LDCE to JTO(E)GS letter DIR(HR) on DGM posting


CS and CHQ Office bearers meeting at New Delhi on 09.07.2016 in connection with membership verification.

All CSs to bring the data in the format mailed earlier. Details of CEC and SSA level meetings held so far also may be updated. Tour of CHQ office bearers will be finalised accordingly.


Editorial (Part I)

Biggest battle on hand - getting terms of reference of 3rd PRC amended to delink wage revision from profitability and ensuring pension revision as part of the terms of reference -– vested interest bureaucracy will have to be shaken from its mighty citadels to incorporate this fundamental and realistic amendment. SNEA will have to be yet again the marshalling force in NCOA to lead this formidable struggle. 

While NCOA, and within NCOA, SNEA, was instrumental and undoubtedly and decisively key force, in forcing the Government to constitute 3rd PRC for CPSU wage revision. In so far as terms of reference of the 3rd PRC are concerned, it really makes no sense unless a basic and realistic amendment in the terms of reference of the wage committee to delink the wage revision from profitability of CPSU is incorporated in the terms of reference of the wage committee. SNEA from the platform of NCOA started the onerous task of forcing the bureaucracy to get 3rd PRC constituted more than two years before and since then has been struggling against all the odds to get the wage committee constituted and never drifted in its focus and commitment till finally Government decided to constitute it.

However, without fundamental amendment in the terms of reference to delink wage revision from profitability, wage committee and its recommendations are going to be merely ornamental and cosmetic since more than 80% of the CPSUs would be out of purview of wage revision in that case. Yes, timely intervention of NCOA and spectacular unity exhibited by the affiliates of NCOA defeated the initial diabolical thinking in the Government to disintegrate and create ripples in the unity of Executives of CPSUs by delaying the constitution of wage committee in order to give complete freedom and flexibility to the respective managements of CPSUs to decide and finalize wage revision. Yes, NCOA defeated this sinister move of the Government forcing the Government to legitimately constitute 3rd PRC. This undoubtedly has been a landmark breakthrough for NCOA, particularly SNEA.

Without NCOA taking a very tough and unrelenting organizational stand and adopting a well drafted strategy, bureaucracy would have succeeded in its ulterior motives of dividing the unity of Executives of CPSUs by deciding to allow respective CPSUs to decide their own yardstick for wage revision. And if left unchecked and allowed to succeed, such a preposterous move would have wrecked havoc and fragmented the unity of Executives and CPSUs too. This further would have facilitated the Government to execute its long cherished dirty designs of disinvesting and eventually selling these behemoths of Indian economy and symbols of National sovereignty.        

Having accomplished this breathtaking breakthrough, we have even more challenging and arduous task at our hand- forcing the bureaucracy to treat CPSUs at par with Central Government employees and adopt the same yardstick in so far as fitment criterion is concerned. Viewing developments in a hard and realistic perspective, one cannot escape inferring and concluding that contribution of CPSUs towards strengthening Indian economy and in building basic infrastructure blocks of growth of Nation building has not been only spectacular but really unparalleled. Massive political corruption, strong nexus between politicians, bureaucrats and the mafia has wrecked havoc on these bedrocks of Nations growth and economy. Be it Coal, Power, Telecom, Civil aviation, Heavy industries etc. etc, massive corruption has undermined growth of CPSUs and hence there is just no rationale, strength and legitimacy in linking our wage revision to profitability. Doing this is just illegitimate and that is where our job lies - in exposing and publicly propagating vigorously and vociferously what is generally known to the Indian public by now. Not an easy job but yes given the fact that today Indian public is generally aware of how these strategic units of Country’s growth have been systematically degenerated and decayed by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, our job is not all too difficult.

Similarly, the pension revision for the BSNL absorbed employees didn’t find place in the terms of reference of the Pay Revision Committee eventhough DoT was specifically demanded for it. The pension revision has to be automatic as in the case of Govt employees, delinking it from the pay revision of the serving employees. This amendment also to be incorporated in the terms of reference of the 3rd Pay Revision Committee.

Thus Comrades, our real struggle to force the Government to immediately revisit the terms of reference finalized by it and incorporate basic and rational amendment to delink wage revision from profitability and pension revision for the BSNL absorbed employees now starts and we have to get tough to such an extent that we have to ensure that 3rd PRC does not commence even elementary deliberations unless this fundamental amendment is incorporated. It is only after we succeed in forcing the Government to introduce this critical amendment that the deliberations and submitting of memoranda etc. etc. to 3rd PRC will have meaning and objectivity. Otherwise, deliberations and submitting of memoranda is going to be a lame duck affair, completely devoid of any relevance and objectivity.

This is undoubtedly going to be the most daunting struggle since bureaucracy needs to be shaken in order to look at the entire gamut of issues relating to CPSUs in a pragmatic and realistic manner and the hard reality is that CPSUs wage revision has to be analogous to 7th CPC in terms of not linking wage revision of CPSUs to profitability like 7th CPC. They cannot close their eyes to the realities that have jeopardized growth of CPSUs and if they close, we will have to force open their eyes to peep at hard ground realities. That is where the role and struggle from the platform of NCOA assumes greatest significance and even greater and critical will be the role of SNEA in marshalling the struggle and taking it to its logical conclusion of delinking wage revision from profitability.