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Messages updated during the month of  Aug 2015


JTO- SDE case posted for next Wednesday ( 12-08-2015 ) after allowing the impleading petition filed by us.


AGM transfer order.... View order copy.


2nd Day of Joint Indefinite Hunger Strike by SNEA (I) and BSNLEU 
at Circle Office, Kerala Circle Trivandrum on 04-08-2015.

2nd day of the joint  Hunger strike is crowded with  gallant  comrades from different parts of the circle. More than 500 comrades accumulated in front of Circle Office to register their vigorous protest and offered the indisputable  support to the strike.
Former MLA Com. K.K Shylaja Teacher, All India Democratic Women’s Association Kerala Secretary visited the Hunger Strike Pandal and addressed.  Com. P H M Ismail, FSETO General Secretary, Com. P. K Muraleedharan, Postal Class III  union Circle Secretary, BSNLEU Asst. Circle Secretary  Com K.N Jyothilakshmi, RMS Circle Asst. Secretary   Com. S. Sudarsanan, Asst. Circle Secretary SNEA Com. N.Nijumudeen, District Secretary  SNEA Com. T. Santhosh Kumar, CWC Member Com. M.P.P Panicker,  AIBDPA Leader  G. Ravindran Nair,  Former NFPT Leader and Parathoor Panchayth President  Com. P. Vasudevan also addressed the Hunger Strike today.  Com. P.V Chandrasekharan presided over the function.  


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Recommendations and minutes of the 3rd meeting of the Joint Committee to examine the implementation of E2, E3 scales replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A.

The Committee recommends the following:-

i.         The standard pay scales for JTO and equivalent grades in replacement of the pre-revised E1A pays scales may be fixed at E2 level in revised scale. Similarly, those of SDE and equivalent grades may be replaced from pre-revised E2A pay scale to E3 in the revised scale.

ii.        Necessary changes in the EPP may be made, if required, and also the approval of DoT for issues of related pension outgo, gratuity etc., may be sought by concerned wings of BSNL.

Smt Madhu Arora/GM(Estt) and Smt Smitha Choudhary/GM(EF) who are committee members submitted some dissenting note on issues which are already considered by the Joint Committee.

Joint Committee Recommendation and minutes.


SNEA(I) and BSNLEU, Kerala Circle launched Hunger strike programme from 03-08-2015 in front of CGMT office, Trivandrum.
As per the decision of the combined circle executive committee meeting indefinite hunger strike started today  in front of CGMT office at Trivandrum. About 700  comrades from SNEA(I) and  BSNLEU participated in the hunger strike. Circle Office witnessed cyclopean protest as Valiant Comrades of SNEA (I),  BSNLEU assembled  in astronomically immense numbers  to Protest  against the autocratic and dogmatic approach of CGMT Kerala Circle. The demand is to with draw all all vindictive actions taken by CGMT / Kerala Circle and also to restore all trade union rights. BSNLCCU of Kerala Circle  also started indefinite strike.  

CITU Kerala State Secretary Com. M. Chandran M.L.A inaugurated the historical Joint Hunger Strike.  Com. P. V. Chandrasekharan , All india patron of AIBDPA presided over the meeting. SNEA Leaders Com. Premkumar Circle Treasurer,  Com. T. Santhosh Kumar, DS / TVM SSA, Com. N.A Abraham,  our Ex CS / SNEA(I), BSNLEU Leaders  Com. R. Muraleedharn Nair,  Com. K. Mohan, CCLU Circle Secretary N.R Somasekharan Nair , Confederation of Central Govt. Employees Trivandrum  District Secretary Com.  S. Ashok Kumar addressed the Hunger strike. Federation of State Govt. Employees and Teachers Organization General Secretary Com. P.H.M Ismail, N G O Union General Secretary Com. T.C Mathukutty , Treasurer N. Radhkrishnans visited and greeted the Comrades.  Com. K. Sudheer Circle President SNEA (I), Kerala Circle and Com. K. Mohan Circle Secretary BSNLEU are observing Hunger strike. 



SNEA(I) and BSNLEU writes to the CMD BSNL, demanding immediate intervention to restore normalcy in Kerala Circle as BSNLEU and SNEA(I) launched joint agitational programmes like demonstrations, indefinite hunger strike, non co-operation etc in Kerala from 03.08.2015 onwards against victimization of activists of both organizations and restoring trade union rights

Joint letter to CMD



Radical Cadre breakthrough accomplished – Dignity of basic cadres of JTOs/SDEs restored. Not that replacement scales of intermediary scales of E1A and E2A are restored but our long cherished dream of standard scales of E2 and E3 for basic cadres is becoming a reality. Association’s singular and protracted struggle finally takes us very close to reality.

This Association has had unique and privileged distinction of always having fought struggles to protect the dignity of the basic cadre of JTO from which it took its birth. The first historic milestone of getting scale of 1640-2900 for the erstwhile cadre of JE was achieved in 1987 after what could be called a bloodshed struggle spanning over three years. That struggle forced the obdurate bureaucracy and the Union Cabinet to acknowledge the legitimacy of our struggle and finally concede to our just demand of getting 1640-2900 scale.

The spectacular struggle of 1986 and its resounding success led to this Association being positioned as the most formidable and front line force in the Telecom Trade Unions. Distinguished recognition that this Association thus earned has been the cornerstone of the success of all the struggles that eventually followed thereafter and led to consolidation of the career growth of basic cadre of JTO and the cadres promoted there from.

Profound and unwavering conviction and relentless efforts of the leadership of erstwhile JTOA(I) led to yet another spectacular and truly historic breakthrough in 1996 when 5th CPC was forced to travel miles and miles ahead in not only placing the cadres of JTO and TES Gr B in the scales of 6500-10500 and 7500-12000 but bestowing unique distinction on the cadre of JTO by bracketing it in the category of Gr B gazetted. This was not only the turning point of the cadres of JTO and TES Gr B but paved the way for absorption of the JTO cadre in BSNL in the Executive category. What an incredible breakthrough because of sheer class and vision of the leadership of JTOA(I). Officials of 5th CPC dealing with pay scales of JTO and TES Gr B minced no words in openly acknowledging that JTOA(I) played a crucial role in elevating the JTO cadre to Gr B gazetted status and placing it in the pay scale of 6500-10500. This development forced 5th CPC to correspondingly upgrade TES Gr B to the scale of 7500-12000.

Carrying forward our tireless struggle, in the year 2002, at the time of absorption in BSNL, erstwhile TEOA and BSNLEA, along with Comrades of MTNL, defeated lock, stock and barrel the sinister move of the BSNL Management, in collusion with some Associations, to force our absorption without defining our basic service conditions in BSNL and MTNL. We stood like a rock and forced BSNL Management to allow us to decide where to go - BSNL, MTNL or continue in DOT- by defining our elementary service condition, pay scales, promotional avenues and fitment criterion. We comprehensively defeated the move of the opportunistic forces in the Trade Unions and exposed their unholy nexus with the BSNL Management by trying their level best to allure people to get absorbed as bonded labourers, without knowing basic service conditions, by accepting monthly pittance of Rs 2000. Not only did we stop with disclosure of basic service conditions but we launched yet another struggle in 2002 to force BSNL Management to upgrade the pay scales offered by BSNL Management for the cadres of JTO and TES Gr B from E1 and E2 to E1A and E2A. And we did not allow sinister designs of BSNL Management to prevail by trying to give BSNL recruits pay scale of E1. We put our foot down and made it absolutely sure that BSNL recruited JTOs are not discriminated vis-a-vis JTOs absorbed from DOT.

Having got intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A for JTOs and SDEs at the time of absorption in BSNL, our eyes were simply set to remove this anomaly and we were getting determined to get these non standard pay scales replaced by standard pay scales of E2 and E3. However, after 2nd PRC, BSNL Management succeeded in imposing their dubious designs by demoting the cadres of JTOs and SDEs by downgrading their pay scales from E1A and E2A to E1 and E2. Naturally, we opposed this move tooth and nail and started making serious efforts to defeat this preposterous move of BSNL Management to demote the cadres of JTOs/SDEs.

In the meantime, so called champions of BSNL recruits dealt a severe blow to the issue and derailed the issue by agreeing to the proposition of the Management to agree for E1+5 increments. These self styled leaders of BSNL recruits, who have been playing havoc with BSNL recruits in every possible manner, were driven by their vested interests to accept this dangerous proposition of E1+5 increments. They virtually facilitated the move of the Management to drive last nail in the coffin of the cadres of JTO and TES Gr B. 

However, our commitment and conviction to uphold the dignity and prestige of the cadres of JTO/SDE and not allow irreparable and irreversible damage to be inflicted on these cadres made us just determined to defeat the move of demotion of these cadres. Even though a committee with GSs of all the three Associations was constituted by the Management in February, 2012 to address the issue of standard pay scales, but the committee remained a virtual non starter.

Thus the entire responsibility of restoring the lost dignity and prestige of the cadres of JTO/SDE, which we had earned through tireless struggles of decades, was forced exclusively on us and we, recollecting over huge strengths of the past and living to our history of struggles and upholding the values and spirit of struggle that we have imbibed over decades, embraced this challenge with undeterred determination and unwavering conviction.

Resolution of the issue however got focussed and real momentum after we launched our struggle in March/April2014 and thereafter our intense and continuous persuasion with officers in DOT, DPE and DOP&T. We drafted our strategy and plan of action meticulously. The starting point was overcoming main obstacle in resolution of the issue i.e pension contribution. Having obtained a concrete commitment from the Management that the issue of standard pay scales would be considered in case there is some tangible breakthrough on the issue of pension contribution, we singularly concentrated our efforts in getting a commitment from DOP&T, after intense and continuous persuasion with the concerned officers, that BSNL has to pay pension contribution on actual basic, instead of on maximum of scale. This was the real turning point that paved way towards resolution of issue.

We also had series of discussions with concerned officers in DPE, including Secy/DPE and Jt Secy/DPE, impressing upon them to convey to DOT that under no circumstances will DPE agree to the proposition of BSNL board to introduce non standard replacement scales of E1A and E2A. Having obtained these concrete commitments from DOP&T and DPE, we forced BSNL Management to live up to its commitment of addressing the issue comprehensively once these irritants are addressed. That was the beginning and this alone led to reconstitution of the Joint Committee by the new CMD after notice was served by us on 23.3.2015 to start trade union actions. The commitment given by the new CMD to the General Secretary, after we served notice on 23.03.2015, that he will not allow demotion of the cadres of JTO/SDE and equivalent cadres was groundbreaking and gave us enormous confidence and strength towards resolution of the issue.

 All out efforts were made, within and outside the Joint Committee, to scuttle the settlement, by raising unrealistic and tall demands, knowing very well that Management will never agree to consider these defeatist demands. Ridiculous was the demand raised to restrict these pay scales of E2 and E3 only to directly recruited JTOs in BSNL, that also w.e.f 01.10.2000. Our commitment on resolution of the issue and the tough stand taken by SNEA(I) within and outside the Joint Committee forced them to come around for a settlement. Our strong argument that the minimum of the revised pay scales of E1A and E2A cannot be less than Rs 18850 and Rs 22800 respectively and the DPE order that no intermediary pay scales are permissible after 01.01.2007 left no option for the Joint Committee than recommending E2, E3 pay scales w.e.f 01.01.2007 replacing E1A and E2A pay scales. The Joint Committee meeting on 09.07.2015 came to the conclusion to recommend standard pay scales of E2, E3 for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres. Never did we lose our sight on our demand of E2, E3 scales since 2000 or left the issue at any point of time but continued our struggle for E2, E3 scales. Our unity and commitment ultimately yielded rich dividends. Our demand for upgraded pay scales up to E7 has to be pursued at appropriate time.

Having said that, we have yet a long long way to go to get the issue conclusively resolved. No room for complacency. This is just only tip of an iceberg, even though very crucial. We have to build on the recommendations of the committee and have to continue our struggle till we reach our destination. It has to pass the litmus test of BSNL Board and then the mighty and stubborn bureaucracy in DoT. The real challenge lies in the days to come. That is where our commitment, unity, solidarity and conviction will be tested. We have to maintain extraordinary levels of organizational preparedness at all the levels to successfully face any kind of challenge in future to get the issue resolved at the earliest. Let very serious and extensive organizational preparations commence right now since big struggles undoubtedly will be needed in the days to come to finally clinch the issue and thus restore the lost glory and prestige of the basic cadres of JTO/SDE.    

Yet another milestone to end decades old discrimination in career growth between Telecom and Civil/Electrical/Arch etc - Path breaking and fully justified clarification on BSNLMS RR for Civil/Elect/Arch wings ends decades old career growth discrimination between Telecom and Civil/Electrical/Architecture/TFs Comrades in all respects–commitment that we had made to Comrades of Civil/Electrical/Arch etc at first AIC of SNEA(I) in 2003 at Kanyakumari.

In first AIC of SNEA(I) at Kanyakumari, SNEA(I) resolved to bring about total parity in career growth between Executives of Telecom and Civil/Electrical/TFs etc by ending discriminations that existed in all respects. Parity in Time Bound promotions was already achieved by counting the service from 01.10.2000. Parity in functional promotions was the pending issue that was vigorously pursued by the Association. The diploma holders in Civil/Electrical/Arch wings were deprived of EE promotions since 1994. BSNL decided to amend the BSNLMS RR 2009 reserving 50% vacancies each for Engineering Degree holders and Diploma holders.

Meanwhile DoT with the concurrence of DoP&T issued clarifications based on the Hon Delhi High Court order making Diploma holders with 10 years of experience in the relevant field equivalent to Degree in Engineering. Based on this clarification and Hon High Court judgment, BSNL also issued necessary clarification on 16.07.2015 to the already existing provisions of the BSNLMS RR 2009, ending the discrimination in EE promotion for the Civil/Electrical/Arch wings since 1994, which was one of our demands in the struggle during April/May, 2015 in which assurance was given by CMD and DIR(HR) to end the discrimination in matter of promotions to EE.


ITS case came up for hearing today.

The contempt case filed by SNEA(I), BSNLEU and AIBSNLEA on the issue of deployment of ITS officers, came up for hearing today in the Hon Delhi High Court. Detailed arguments took place for more than one hour but inconclusive. The case will again come up for hearing on 18th November, 2015.


DoP&PW letter on revision of pension of pre-2006 government pensioners

DoPT order on pensioners


Inter Circle transfer orders for SDEs issued.

SDE transfer order1SDE transfer order2 SDE tenure transfer order


Our Circle Secretary, Tamil Nadu Com M. Gopinathan retired on superannuation today. He served the association in various capacities with utmost commitment and dedication. He was the CS during TEOA period also and worked very hard  for the success of the Unification Conference at Kanyakumari in 2003. SNEA(I) extends best wishes to him for a happy and peaceful retired life.


Sri A. N. Rai, DIR(EB) retired on superannuation today. He was holding the additional charge of DIR(HR) for long time till the new DIR(HR) joined. He was our CMD also for few months. As DIR(HR), he was very positive and during his tenure we witnessed large number of promotions in various cadres which was earlier held up due to various reasons. As DIR(EB) he finalised MPLS tender, MLLN expansion and given focus on enterprise business. GS, President, AGS and CS/CO greeted him on his retirement on superannuation.

We thank him for the dedication and congratulate him on the retirement. SNEA(I) extends best wishes to him for a happy and peaceful retired life.