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Discripancies observed in the submission of data for the preparation of AIEL of JTOs reg.:
Proforma promotion in the grade of AGM reg.

AGM Promotion order - Refusal reg.
SDE Regular Promotion order - Refusal.



Rally conducted by AUAB on 14-11-2018.


Rally by AUAB on 14.11.2018.

At New Delhi, Rally to Sanchar Bhavan will start from BSNLCO at 1 PM.

Since DoT is not agreeing to BSNL proposal for 3rd PRC with 15% fitment and going back from its earlier commitments, all the employees are requested to join the Rally. Public Rally and the participation will have big impact on the Govt and its decisions in the coming days.

Make door to door campaign today for the success of the Rally


DOT returns the BSNL proposal for 3rd Pay Revision:

1. Revenue from operation is on huge decline, 20% in 2017-18 in comparison with 2016-17 and 27.8% in comparison to Q1 of FY2018-19.

2. During 2017-18, BSNL estimated 4.8% growth, but it has actually reduced by 14.8%.

3. Expenditure on employees remuneration is continuously growing comparing to its revenue. It is 65.7% of revenue from operations during 2017-18. Now it has become 89% during Q1 of FY 2018-19.

4. 4303 Cr is the additional expenditure per annum for 3rd PRC with 15% fitment (pension contribution calculated on maximum of the pay scale) and it may cross the revenue from operations (2760 Cr is the additional expenditure if the pension contribution is on actual basic pay).

5. For 4G rollout, loan has to be taken and the additional revenue expected after that will be required for repayment of loan.

6. The excess payment on pension contribution is shown as Rs 2000. Govt not agreed to the BSNL proposal for pension contribution on actual basic pay.

7. BSNL proposes additional revenue from FTTH etc.

Finally DoT asked BSNL to work out a concrete workable proposal with a detailed analysis on the above points.


Holding of Rally at BSNLCO, Circle and SSAs by AUAB on 14.11.2018. At New Delhi, Rally will be to Sanchar Bhavan.

Letter to Secretary / DoT and CMD / BSNL.


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Rally at all levels on 14.11.2018

by All Unions & Associations in BSNL demanding implementation of the assurances given by the Hon MoSC in the meeting held with the AUAB on 24.02.2018.

Charter of Demands:

(a) 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.

(b) Implementation of Government Rules in payment of Pension

contribution by BSNL.

(c) Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL as per the proposal submitted by the BSNL Management.

(d) Pension revision for the BSNL pensioners.

e) Settlement of left out issues of the 2nd PRC.


Circle Conference - Jharkhand

The Circle Conference of JKD Circle was held at Training Centre, Ranchi on 28.10.2018. GS attended and addressed the Conference. An open session was held in the afternoon in which CGM/JKD Circle, Shri K. K. Thakur, Shri A. K. Samanta, GM(Admn) and Shri R. Prasad, GM(Mkg) addressed. Com Paknaj Das, CS/JKD and Com Rajan Ram, CP/JKD, Com M S Adasul/CS MH, Com Ratish Kumar, CS/BR and Com Jagdish Rout, ACS/OR also addressed the session.

GS in his address explained the proactive steps taken by the management, the trade Unions/Assns and the employees together in particular to revive BSNL. BSNL took very important steps to strengthen the transmission network and its reliability. Phase VII plus and Phase VIII.4 GSM expansion really improved the quality of mobile network. AUAB is struggling to get the 4G spectrum allotted. TDM switches are replaced by IP switches through NGN. Very competitive tariff plans are introduced to retain the customers. Now our main focus is to increase the customer base and concentrated efforts on FTTH connections and EB business. FTTH equipments are procured through Add on order in NGN tender and by a new tender. It is time for us to think positive and utilize the strength within BSNL and convert it into business. Management and the employees together have to work out the future strategy. Utilizing all the available resources, we have to provide maximum connections. Our efforts should be to improve the customer base and retain the existing customers at any cost.

GS explained the important breakthrough SNEA could make on the HR issues through various struggles:

1. Promotions in various wings: Many in the cadre of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and equivalent cadres were languishing for long in their respective stream, virtually with no hope of promotion in sight. The protracted court cases regarding seniority and reservation spelt doom to many to go without promotion before superannuation. The irresponsible and reckless act of filing OAs on frivolous ground and obtaining stay on all promotions, who are unbothered about its implications, has cast indescribable disaster on the prospect of thousands of Executives.

During May, 2018, as a big relief, Hon SC allowed reservation in promotions through an interim order which opened the window for promotions. During the month of May and June, 2018, BSNL witnessed more than 12,800 promotions in different cadres. All the vacancies in all the cadres, except SDE(T) and CAO as on 30.06.2018 are filled up. The approval of CPSU Hierarchy on 28.05.2018 and our strong demand for its implementation w.e.f 01.07.2018 compelled the management to complete all the promotions before 01.07.2018, the due date of CPSU Hierarchy. The management and the Assn at all level exhibited tremendous coordination to complete the work in the stipulated time, something which was unimaginable or impossible. The efforts of SNEA to promote the JTOs, both LDCE and SCF together upto 2010-11 was misinterpreted by some sections and tried to create misunderstanding among the innocent JTOs.

Parallel to CPSU Hierarchy implementation, all out efforts are continuing for the DPC from JTO to SDE and AO to CAO for the vacancies prior to 30.06.2018. For SDE promotion, Assement sheet and VC received from almost all the Circle. The contempt case filed at CAT/EKM against the CMD and others casting shadow on our efforts. Side by side BSNL filed a review petition in the Hon HC to restore 1) rect year and 2) Trg centre marks as the criteria to decide the inter-se seniority of JTOs in a particular rect year. The court case at EKM is the main hurdle. Another issue is the recent SC order on reservations in promotions in Nagaraj case which again put fresh hurdles in SDE and CAO promotions. The legal opinion received by BSNL is to wait for the DoPT instructions in this regard. However we are continuing our efforts.

When management discriminated different cadres repeatedly in promotions and proposed upgradation of posts for a particular cadre, humiliating others, SNEA protested against this naked discrimination and demanded parity in promotions. Finally we could succeed when management taken a decision that hereafter any upgradation is done and promotions are given, it will maintain parity. It was a big moral victory for SNEA where we could stand with the sentiments of thousands.

2. Uniform TB promotion policy (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) w.e.f 01.07.2018: After the MV in December, 2016, Assn made continuous efforts for framing the policy. Management discussed this policy matter with the Recognised Association only. Broad agreement reached between Management and the Recognised Executive Assn, SNEA by October, 2017 and the policy got approved by the MC on 02.11.2017. BSNL Board approved the proposal on 28.05.2018, with the prospective date, 28.05.18. We are making all out efforts to get it notified w.e.f 01.07.2018. It will be the biggest career breakthrough for the Executives, after the terms and conditions for absorption.

3. E2, E3 pay scales w.e.f 01.01.2007 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A: After lot of struggle, BSNL management recommended the upgraded pay scales of E2 and E3 to DoT on 06.06.2016, which is a major breakthrough. However DoT is very negative on this issue and even gone to the extent of declaring that E1 and E2 are the pay scales approved by DoT for the BSNL directly recruited Executives at the time of formation of BSNL and not E1A and E2A. Still we are continuing our struggle to get E2 and E3 scales approved. For this purpose, we met Hon Union Ministers for Finance, Heavy Industries and Telecom and the senior officers of DoT, DPE and Dept of Expenditure and pursued the matter. After the DPE reply, now our all out efforts are concentrated in DoT to get E2 and E3 scales approved and the PO modified in this regard. So far BSNL did not endorsed the PO issue by DoT on 28.03.2017 lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2, due to our strong protest.

4. 3rd PRC implementation with full 15% fitment: The 3rd PRC constituted as a result of the struggle by NCOA. We interacted with 3rd PRC through NCOA and finally Govt approved 3rd PRC with affordability clause which denies pay revision for majority of the CPSUs including BSNL. After that, SNEA being the Recognised Assn, negotiated with BSNL management for full 15% fitment. The issue we are pursuing under the banner of AUAB and various agitations taken place for the settlement of this most important HR issue. The settlement of 3rd PRC is vital for the revival of BSNL as the employees will be highly motivated by the implementation of 3rd Pay revision with 15% fitment. 3rd Pay revision with 15% fitment will be the biggest challenge before us in the present financial condition of the company.

5. 30% Superannuation Fund: SNEA struggled for the EPF contribution without the ceiling and got it implemented in 2005. After 2nd PRC, we are demanding contribution beyond the existing 20% and pursued along with other Unions and Assns also. Finally in a very significant breakthrough, it started with 3% on 05.05.2016, and thereafter it increased by another 2%, taking the total contribution to 25% out of 30%. We are struggling for another 2% more as assured by the CMD. The entire pension fund of 5% is handled by LIC.

6. Group Term Insurance (GTI): This is another issue, SNEA taken up immediately after the membership verification. SNEA pursued it with management, LIC and SBI Life for all the Executives. Now the proposal is in the final stage with the LIC and the options will be called for shortly.

7. Pension revision for the Govt pensioners retired from BSNL: SNEA is tying its level best to delink the pension revision from the Pay revision. According to us, the pension revision with 15% fitment has no relation with pay revision for the serving employees as the pension is paid by the Govt and having no link with the financial condition of BSNL. This issue we are pursuing under AUAB banner also.

8. Pension contribution on actual basic pay, instead of maximum of the pay scale: BSNL is compelled to pay the pension contribution for the absorbed employees on the maximum of the pay scales where as the Govt orders stipulates pension contribution on the actual basic pay, w.e.f 01.01.2006. Since then BSNL made almost 2500 crores excess payment to DoT in this regard. SNEA taken up this issue with DoPT, DoE etc. DoPT supported our demand. Dept of Expenditure is positive in this regard but DoT(Finance) is not in a mood to recommend from their side. SNEA and AUAB is pursuing with DoT and Hon Minister in this regard for a positive decision.

Settlement of Pension contribution on actual basic pay is very important as 3rd PRC implementation is very much depends on this factor.

9. First TB promotion uniformly after 4 years: This is an anomaly for the JTO/JAOs recruited between 1993 to 2001. All of them got the first TBP in 5 or 6 years where as their juniors got it in 4 years, after 01.01.2007. After the approval of CPSU Hierarchy by the Board, now SNEA pursuing this issue. It will be thoroughly examined and thereafter it has to get the approval of MC, BSNL Board and DoT as it involves amendment of EPP w.e.f. 01.10.2004, with retrospective effect.

10. Offtg pay protection: More than 10000 JTO/JAO, SDE/AO equivalent cadres faced reduction of one or two increments and recovery of lakhs of rupees on the basis of the wrong clarification issued by BSNL on 19.02.2010 that pay protection is not available on Offtg promotion to SDE/AO and DE/CAO/EE equivalent cadres. After continuous pursuation and struggle for more than 7 years the issue finally settled and orders issued on 28.02.2017, protecting the increments drawn during Offtg promotion. The increments restored and arreas paid wherever reduction in pay and recovery taken place, thereby settling one of the burning issue.

11. Pay loss issue for post 2007 rect JTO/JAOs: Our demand for fitment of 30% and fix the initial pay as Rs 22820/- for the post 2007 batches treating it as an anomaly is not accepted by the management. Since the pay loss is huge and cannot be simply ignored, we are not leaving this issue but trying to find some alternative ways to address the pay loss. Now SNEA is trying to resolve this issue by giving additional increments from E2 scale which is possible only after the approval of E2 and E3 scales.

12. JTO 2014 RR notification, Regularization of Offtg JTOs and JTO LICE for the years, 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16: The JTO RR amended and notified in 2015 thereby, i) reducing the qualifying service from 7 years to 5 years, ii) Rect year concept done away and vacancy year concept introduced in the JTO rect/seniority, iii) Method of fixation of seniority is defined as Trg centre marks in the RR itself and iv) Offtg JTOs made eligible to become JTOs as a onetime measure and absorbed in 2013-14, 50% vacancies. Remaining vacancies of 2013-14 under 50% quota and the 50% quota for the years 2014-15 and 2015-16 filled in a sequence through LICE, thereby making LICE current. Side by side DR rect also taken place against 2016-17 vacancy year. 

13. FR22(1)(a)(1) without the restriction of FR35: The fixation of the pay of Offtg JTOs under FR22(1)(a)(1) without the restriction of FR35 was our demand and through legal fight in Hon PCAT, New Delhi, we got it implemented for our SNEA members. The appeal filed by BSNL in the High Court and Supreme Court are dismissed recently, paving the way for its generalization. Finally after the SC order, BSNLCO issued the orders generalising the pay fixation.

14. Additional increment on post based promotion: EPP- 2007 provides one additional increment on post based promotion in the same pay scale. By an arbitrary decision, DoT rescinded this provision on 05.07.2017. We challenged the order in the Hon PCAT, New Delhi and Hon CAT quashed the DoT order dated 05.07.2017, restoring the additional increment.

15. E1A, E2A scales w.e.f. 01.10.2000 for the JTO/SDE equivalent in Civil/Elect/Arch/TF wings, PA/PS etc: After lot of pursuation, we got it approved by MC of BSNL Board. Thereafter it was placed before the Board for approval. However DoT is not allowing this to discuss in the BSNL Board.

16. Increasing the number of DGM(T) posts by 800: The approval of CPSU Hierarchy and the resultant promotion to AGM grade where the number of AGMs will be between 9,000 to 10,000 naturally lead to the requirement of increase in DGM(T) posts. The present DGM posts is just 1331 proportionate to the earlier 5303 AGM posts with a ratio of 1:4. In the changed scenario, to maintain the same ratio, the DGM post is to be increased to another 800. This demand is strongly pursued by SNEA. Meanwhile efforts are going on for DGM promotion for about 800 DGM vacancies available as of now.

Circle office Bearers list


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24th  Circle Conference of  Kerala Circle is being held on 09-11-2018 & 10-11-2018 at Highway Garden, Ernakulam. GS, CHQ President and CHQ Treasurer are  attending the conference.


SNEA letter regarding reduction in AMC charges for CM vertical --- BSNLCO taken the inputs very seriously and initiates action to reduce the AMC expenditure. All CSs are requested to follow up at Circle level.

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Amendment to SNEA Constitution:

Suggestions if any for amendments to the Constitution of SNEA are invited by the Constitution amendment committee. Suggestion from the Circles may be forward by the Circle  Secretaries. The suggestions should reach before 10 th November 2018 by mail to any of the following. No WhatsApp message is expected.
Com. George Varghese (
Com.BG Patel (, 
Com.Dilip Saha (, 
Com.Ajay Trivedi (sneaupe@gmail).
Com.Dutta Majumdar, (

                                                    George Varghese
Constitution Amendment Committee



Refund of Circle / SSA Quota:
The Circle / SSA Quota due for AUG 2018 & SEP 2018  transferred on 31-10-2018 to the respective Circle accounts of Andaman & Nicobar, Andhra Pradesh,  Bihar, Calcutta TD,  Chennai TD, Delhi NTR, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh,  Jharkhand,  Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra,  Tamilnadu,  and West Bengal Circles.  
Pending Dues / Donation adjusted for Circles Assam, Chhattisgarh, J&K, Kerala, Odisha, Punjab, Telangana, Utharakhand, UP  East, and UP West.
BSNL CO, North East II and Rajasthan Circles quota to be settled. Details will be sent by e-mail to the respective Circles.
Settlement of Welfare claims:
All Welfare claim cases received by CHQ on or before 31-10-2018 were settled.


Meeting between the Secretary (Telecom) and the AUAB:

A meeting between Ms.Aruna Sundararajan, Secretary, Telecom and the All Unions and Associations of BSNL(AUAB) was held on 02.11.2018.

Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS/BSNLEU, Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS/NFTE, Com.K.Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com.Prahlad Rai,GS/AIBSNLEA, Com.Ravi Shil Verma, GS/AIGETOA, Com.Suresh Kumar,GS/BSNL MS, Com. Revti Prasad, AGS/BSNL ATM, Com. Rashid Khan, AGS/TEPU and Com.H.P.Singh, Dy.GS/BSNL OA participated in the talks on behalf of the AUAB. From the DoT side, Ms. Anuradha Mitra/Member(Finance), Shri Ravi Kant/ Member(Services), Shri.N.Sivasailam/Special Secretary and Shri R. K. Khandelwal/ Joint Secretary(Admn) participated. From the BSNL Management side, Shri Anupam Shrivastava/CMD BSNL, Ms. Sujata Ray/ Director(HR), Shri Saurab Tyagi/Sr GM(Estt), Shri A.M.Gupta/ GM(SR) and Shri Sheo Shankar Prasad/DGM(Estt) participated.

At the outset, the representatives of the AUAB pointed out that DoT failed to take appropriate action to implement the assurances given by the Hon’ble MoS(C) in the meeting held on 24-02-2018, in view of which the AUAB has been compelled to go on agitational programme. On the 3rd Pay Revision issue, the Secretary, Telecom assured that the Cabinet Note, for getting the approval of the Cabinet, would be sent at the earliest. The AUAB pointed out that within three months the Pay Revision issue has to be settled fully, otherwise, Parliament elections would be announced, settlement of Pay Revision would become difficult. Secretary informed that some queries are there, it will be raised by DoT to BSNL in a week time. As and when BSNL replies, it will be processed. AUAB demanded the formalities of Cabinet memo to be completed before this month. Secretary, Telecom assured to act fast.

On the issues of allotment of 4G spectrum, Payment of Pension Contribution on the actual basic pay and Pension Revision issues, very useful discussion took place. On the 4G issue, the Cabinet Note has been sent for inter-ministerial consultation, and soon it will go for the approval of the Cabinet. On the issue of Payment of Pension Contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale, the matter is being recommended for the approval of the Department of Expenditure, with a positive note of the DoT, by next week. On the Pension Revision of BSNL retirees, the Secretary Telecom appeared to be convinced with the arguments of the AUAB, that it should not be linked with the Pay Revision of the serving employees. She directed the Member (Services) to immediately discuss the issue with her. On the 30% Superannuation benefits for the Directly Recruited employees, the Secretary Telecom said that it should be settled by the BSNL. Thereafter CMD assured to examine another 2%.

We got an opportunity to discuss E2/E3 pay scales also eventhough it was not an agenda but related with 2nd PRC issues pending in DoT, on which SS(T) replied that DPE accepted the DoT decision which we countered nicely. We explained that DPE not agreed fully with DoT. The information submitted by DoT to DPE was wrong, so DPE could not give the correct direction to DoT. GS read out the relevant portion in the letter from DoT to DPE in which it was stated that 1) E1 and E2 are the pay scales approved for BSNL direct recruits, 2) E1A and E2A are onetime dispensation for the absorbed officers etc. Finally Secretary assured to examine how wrong information has been sent by DoT to DPE and corrective actions will be taken.

After the meeting with the Secretary, Telecom, the meeting of the AUAB was held. The meeting expressed it’s satisfaction about the discussions on the issues of Allotment of 4G spectrum, Payment of Pension Contribution and Pension Revision. Even though the approach of the Secretary, Telecom was positive, the AUAB meeting viewed that the progress in the matter of 3rd Pay Revision is not satisfactory. Hence, the meeting decided to go ahead with the agitational programme of holding Rally on 14.11.2018 and called upon the employees to effectively organise the rallies on 14-11-2018. It is decided that the AUAB will again meet on 14-11-2018, to review the situation.
AUAB meeting with Secretary/DoT on 02.11.2018


View Cor. Office Instructions:


Revival of BSNL: DoT appointed IIM, Ahmedabad as consultant for the revival of BSNL. Prof Rekha Jain from IIMA is heading the team. They visited Kerala Circle as part of the study and invited SNEA for the discussions. Eventhough they had given 30 minutes time, very fruitful discussions held for more than 1 hour. SNEA KRL Circle in consultation with CHQ given a detailed presentation. IIMA team very much appreciated our presentation.  

BSNL Revival Plan --- PdfBSNL Revival Plan-- Power point presentation


Vindictive actions in Maharashtra Circle: In continuation of the discussions with DIR(HR), GS, President, AGS and Jt Sec held meeting with GM(SR) on 01.11.2018 and further explained the issues. GM(SR) immediately spoken to GM(HR)/MH Circle to find out why dies-non and charge sheets are issued which spoils the industrial relations. GM(HR)/MH confirmed that charge sheets are issued and they are now settled by giving censures. We told GM(SR) that censure also will be treated as a punishment and the Executives will miss the promotions. GM(SR) asked GM(HR)/MH to settle the cases of dies-non and charge sheets. Further we discussed the transfer of Com Adasul and Com Anil Dubey. CHQ is waiting for the communications made by the Circle to the CGM opposing the die-non and charge sheets for declining the LA promotions to submit a detailed letter. We are pursuing the case on regular basis to protect the interest of each and every member.



Ensuing AIC’s unwavering and singleminded focus has to be towards bringing BSNL out of the very deep waters it is in. Company is heading towards what surely is an irretrievable and irreversible phase since its formation. Company can sail to the safe shores only through concerted and focussed efforts of the Management and Employees. Management has an onerous task to maintain industrial tranquillity by addressing fundamental HR issues to keep HRs motivated and completely involved in crucial revival struggle of accelerating growth momentum and revenue generation.    

Management has to fully understand that resolution of key issues of 3rd PRC, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy implementation, standard pay scales of E2 and E3, Pension Revision, full 30% superannuation benefits etc. alone can create an environment where unified struggle between Management and Trade Unions will have some meaning and will produce tangible results.

Ensuing AIC at Ludhiana is being held at a time when the entire Telecom Industry is in complete chaos and is confronted with existential crisis. The entire Industry is gripped by severe, unprecedented and unrelenting financial stress set off due to illegitimate predatory pricing that Telecom Regulator and the Govt. freely allowed R-Jio to indulge in. And this anti-competitive market activity that R-Jio was permitted to indulge in has shaken the very foundation of the entire Telecom Industry to such an extent where the very existence of other private Telecom giants, who were and continue to be the sweet hearts of the Government, is threatened. Despite huge and sustained support, to the extent of lakhs of crores, in the form of incredible and overnight policy concessions and other measures that these so called giants got and continue to get from the Govt. to offset the impact on their revenues due to huge market destabilization and turbulence that predatory pricing of R-Jio was permitted to create, even these giants have reported a decline in their revenues, ranging from 50 to 60%.

In sharp and glaring contrast, our beloved Company which got and continues to get mere brickbats from the policy makers and the Government, exhibited tremendous resilience and withstood market turbulence in an exemplary manner and this is clearly reflected and established by relative comparison of dip in our revenues vis–a-vis so called giants of Telecom Industry. It is a matter of great pride for all of us that, despite being trampled over and every attempt made by the policy makers and the Govt., to wipe out BSNL from the Telecom Market, BSNL could maintain the market share, that is the silver line. Despite continuing denial of 4G spectrum, which has crippled the growth of BSNL, our market share is intact.      

This slide down has had inevitably its impact on resolution of some key and fundamental HR issues notably, implementation of 3rd PRC in its totality, a key enabler towards revival of the Company. Looking at very important specific cadre related issues, implementation of significant CPSU Cadre Hierarchy mechanism already approved by the Board, resolution of standard pay scales of E2/E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007, Pension revision, 30% Superannuation benefit etc etc are no less important, and, in that context, timing of our ensuing AIC is just apt to hammer out a comprehensive Organizational strategy and plan of action to ensure these crucial issues reach their logical conclusion without further delay.

During the intervening time, however, we have covered many milestones; some difficult and some seemingly impossible. Amongst them, some of the issues that we have had been struggling with and relentlessly pursuing for 10 to 15 years, since 2002, are refund of BWA spectrum/Income Tax/USOF refund of about 13,500 Crores, ERP implementation, Expansion in Core network, Phase VII plus and Phase VIII.4 GSM expansion, NGN implementation, membership verification, Uniform Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, historic promotions in different cadres for about 13,500 Executives, Board approval for 3rd PRC with 15% fitment, BSNL approval for standard pay scales of E2 and E3, 5% contribution towards 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL directly recruited employees, Offtg pay protection, rect to JTO/JAO cadres in Dept/DR quota and regularization of Offtg JTOs, Group Term Insurance (GTI), amendments in RRs, FR22(1)(a)(i) for Offtg JTOs, Additional increment on post based promotion etc.

Comrades, having achieved some insurmountable tasks, we are left with many more. Our unfinished and top priority agenda is to force the Govt. to  allocate 4G spectrum to enable BSNL to launch 4G services without further delay whatsoever, 3rd PRC implementation with full 15% fitment, implementation of CPSU hierarchy, standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007, Pension revision, remaining 5% contribution towards 30% Superannuation benefit, pension contribution on actual basic pay, First TB promotion uniformly after 4 years, Pay loss issue for post 2007 rect JTO/JAOs, notional pay of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF wings & PA/PS, increasing the number of DGM(T) posts by 800 etc.

Given the past history of Trade Unions of BSNL, their resolution and commitment to confront, strive, struggle and succeed in overcoming most difficult situations, from time to time, bringing back BSNL back to glory, the present challenge, by any stretch of imagination IS NOT GOING TO BE AN IMPOSSIBLE ONE. However, in scripting this historic struggle and successfully taking it where it has to reach, SNEA has to be, inevitably and unquestionably, at the centre stage of the entire activity, right from the abinitio to the ultimate stage. We have a very unique and distinguished history in leading such difficult struggles, which at the beginning look seemingly impossible, and this is precisely the time to recall all our past strengths and resolution and take on the present threatening situation, with no looking back till we reach our destination since there is just no scope to look back. Looking back simply means missing the bus that would lead us nowhere.

Our fundamentals are pretty strong - massive infrastructure that we have, our expertise, our talent and huge manpower are our great inherent strengths on which we have to consolidate and build up. Our dedication, hard work, toughness to cross the river by hook or crook, come what may, is eventually going to decide where we shall be landing in. We have come out with “SWAS” programme and “BSNL at Your Doorstep” to focus on revival and accelerate the growth. This is not sufficient. BSNL services are better in many ways and we have to fully capitalise on these existing strengths.

If we miss the 3rd PRC now, we are missing it forever; we should not forget that crucial fact. In that situation, the psychological trauma that will be inflicted on us and de-motivation, demoralisation, and industrial unrest that will eventually erupt are going to create havoc on us as well as going to take the Company to a stage where its retrievable for sure will be impossible.

Management, on its part, has to understand and acknowledge how crucial it is not to disturb industrial equilibrium at this crucial hour when Employees and the Management have to move hand in hand and struggle shoulder to shoulder to come out of the deep morass that the Company is in. Management has to completely shed its parochial approach, that is visible of late, of coming down on Trade Unions at the very drop of the hat. That unprofessional and outdated approach is not going to lead anyone anywhere, neither the Company nor the Management or the Employees. Persisting with an obsolete/counterproductive attitude would be simply disastrous. Management has to be highly sensitive, responsive and receptive towards the aspirations of the HRs. That is how and where the HRs gives out their very best even going to the extent of shedding their blood to uplift the Organization. That is the mantra and it will go a long way in strengthening the trust between the Management and the Employees and bridging the widening gap that is so critical to successfully overcome the present deadly situation which is surely going to get deadlier by the day unless arrested.

Yes, these are the formidable challenges that need to be addressed holistically in the ensuing AIC through threadbare discussions and resolutions. At the core of the agenda has to be nothing but revival of BSNL. Of course, the situation warrants and calls for close, unrelenting and concerted approach between the Trade Unions and BSNL management. Unison and cohesiveness of an extraordinary type between the two is just the need of the hour, and to forge such cohesiveness, everyone has the responsibility to sit together and hammer out a comprehensive strategy, both long and short term, to tide over the emerging deadly situation. Choice is ours, whether we want very small and insignificant favours from the Management, and for that narrow perspective  we stay divided, or like a rock we all stand together, unshaken, unruffled and unmoved  and collectively struggle to safeguard the future of more than 1.8 lakh employees and their families and, of course, our beloved Company. Otherwise everything will perish in the ongoing turbulence in the industry. Massive reforms and restructuring is inevitable. And for that we should emerge as the strongest and unified force in this AIC with firm resolutions. Last, but not the least, is that this AIC should bring us more united than ever before. With that in mind, we should be treading towards Ludhiana.


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Promotion / posting of JAOS to the grade of Accounts Officer on regular basis-reg.
Acceptance of refusal of AGM Promotion reg.
AGM Transfer Order.
AGM Transfer Order.


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GS, President and AGS met Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(Fin) on 31.10.18 and held discussions on Precarious fund situation in BSNL: We discussed the serious issue of fund allotment and it is reported by KTK Circle that Electricity authorities disconnected several connections and Exchanges/BTSs are down. DIR(Fin) informed that there is serious cash flow issue and next month it may worsen further. BSNL taken up the issue with DoT. All has to work together to come out of this grave situation, forgetting the differences, she suggested. SNEA assured its full support.

Earlier GS brought these issue to the notice of CMD, DIR(Fin) and GM(BFCI). On the intervention of KTK Circle, management met the Electricity authorities yesterday, 31.10.18 and got one month extension for the pending payment. The connections will be restored by today, 01.11.18. DIR(Fin) assured to allot fund to KTK on priority.


Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR), BSNL on 31.10.18: GS, President and AGS met DIR(HR) and held discussions on the following issues:

a) Vindictive actions by CGMT at Maharashtra Circle: SNEA strongly protested against the continuing vindictive actions against the Executives including our strong activists by CGM/MH. Earlier 22 Executives were given dies-non of 2 to 3 lakhs and issued charge sheet for declining the promotions where as BSNL is allowing declining the promotions. Recently again provocative actions are taken by CGM/MH against Com Adasul and Com Anil Dubey by transferring them to remote places. Further charge sheet is also issued to Com Anil Dubey. The transfers are arbitrary, against the transfer policy. DIR(HR) was very much concerned about the developments and assured her intervention. Her concern was about the delay in bringing the serious issue of dies-non and charge sheet to 22 Executives to her notice by SNEA. We informed her that it has come to our notice on 13.10.2018 during the CEC meeting of MH Circle. We are getting the details of the cases from MH Circle. Two days back we got some informations and remaining informations about the dies-non and charge sheet to 22 Executives is collecting from the Circle and will be furnished in a day or two. DIR(HR) assured to intervene and restore normalcy in MH Circle.  

b) CPSU Hierarchy notification: The committee asked to examine the concerns expressed by some sections is completed the task but yet to submit the report as one member is on leave. Report is expected next week.

c) Changes in the REA Rules to increase the number of office-bearers to 15: The demand for increase the number of office bearers to 15 for Circle/SSA level discussed further. DIR(HR) is more or less agreed to increase the number but hinted that to compensate that some facilities may be reduced like number of Spl CL at Circle/SSA level. Further discussions will be held with GM(SR).

d) Soft tenure orders: The Circle break is approved by DIR(HR) as assured earlier. Orders will be issued shortly.