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Messages updated during the month of  Jul 2016


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Promotion Transfer and posting in the grade of Architect on regular basis ... View Order Copy.


DoT issues order, rescinding the 60% ceiling on liability of Govt. to pay pension / family pension to BSNL retirees: Dot Issued order modifying the liability of BSNL towards the payment of pensionary benefits to the retired employees... View Order Copy.


ZTE GGSN failure in South zone for the past 3 days which is affecting data traffic in entire South zone and huge revenue loss to BSNL:
General Secretary brought to the knowledge of CMD, Dir CM and Dir EB about the issue of ZTE GGSN failure for the past 3 days in Chennai which is serving the entire South Zone. Due to this the entire South zone data traffic is affected and caused huge revenue loss for Southern Circles. This is happening frequently in South zone and so far no permanent solution given by the vendor. RCA (Root cause analysis) for the previous failures also not shared by the vendor. CMD told that the issue is known to them, already discussed with the vendor and experts are coming to attend this issue.


JTO to SDE promotion cases posted in the weekly list in Hon HC of Kerala. Cases will be in the weekly list till its disposal.


Superannuation issue is under process in DoT and moving forward.


Approval of standard pay scales of  E2, E3 for the JTO / JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, replacing E1A and E2A:
As assured by CMD yesterday, CMD met Secretary / DOT and Additional Secretary / DOT yesterday itself and discussed about E2, E3,.....etc pay scale issue. CMD told both Secretary / DOT and Additional Secretary / DOT  that the presidential orders for replacement scales of E1A and  E2A is not issued by DOT so far, hence E2, E3 issue has to be processed on priority.


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Not to take followup action on result of LICE to the post of JTO from Gr C employees pulished on 08-07-16 reg.
Promotion to the grade of Adhoc DGM in Telecom stream reg.


View Corporate Office Orders:
Guidelines for considering the requests of BSNL Employees for deputation to Outside organisations reg.
SDE Inter Circle transfer order - Retention order - Cancellation order. 
AGM tenure transfer order.
SDE tenure transfer.
Preparatory excercise for promotion to SDE TF under SQ - Circulation of AIEL reg.


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JTO to SDE promotion case at Ernakulam: The conference with the Sr lawyer is fixed for 25-26, July, 2016 at New Delhi. Most probably, the case will be listed for next week, in the weekly list.


Meeting with Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD, BSNL on 21.07.2016: GS along with Chairman met CMD, BSNL and discussed the following issues.

a) Approval of standard pay scales of E2, E3 for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, replacing E1A and E2A.

Assn explained the developments in DoT which is in no mood to consider the BSNL proposal of E2, E3, -- etc scales. Presidential orders for the revised scales of E1A and E2A for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent cadres not issued by DoT which is a serious problem infront of 3rd PRC. Assn all along demanding this issue to be resolved on priority to resolve the pay loss issue of young comrades and keeping full focus on 3rd PRC. Assn sought the intervention of CMD to resolve the issue. CMD assured his personal intervention to resolve the issue.  

b) Implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy: With relevant data Assn pleaded for early implementation of CPSU Hierarchy to bring uniformity in promotions among all the wings by delinking the promotion from seniority as well as availability of posts. Assn given various suggestions for the smooth implementation which explained to him in detail. CMD assured to consider all the suggestions and informed that he will direct DIR(HR) and concerned officers in this regard.

GS and Jt Sec met GM(Pers) and Jt GM(Pers) and held discussions on a) Offtg pay fixation and pay protection – proposal to correct the clarifications, b) relieving of officers under transfer from different Circles, c) DGM modification and allowing officers to decline the promotions, d) correction in the long stay transfers from AP and KTK based on the transfer policy  etc.


Promotion from JTO(C) to SDE(C): AGS discussed the matter with PGM(BW). As reported earlier the DPC was over for 58 vacancies. PGM(BW) informed that the DPC minutes will be sending to competent authority for approval. Assn requested to expedite the process and issue the promotion orders.


View Corporate Office orders:
SDE tenure transfer order.


GS writes to CMD, BSNL: Any more delay in implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy will further demoralize the Executives waiting for promotions for years together. Uniformity in promotion is required in an organization, giving equal opportunity and career growth to all the Executives -- suggestions for smooth implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy.

GS letter to CMD regarding suggestions on CPSU Hierarchy implementation


DOPT Proposed Amendments in Conduct Rules in Connection with Media reg


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3rd Pay Revision Committee: GS had a detailed discussion with Sri A. M. Gupta, GM(Restg & SR) on 20.07.2016 on the various points to be incorporated in the Questionnaire and BSNL presentation to 3rd PRC on next Pay revision.


View Corporate Office orders:


View Corporate Office orders:


GS writes to Secretary, DoT: Immediate action sought on the decision of the BSNL to replace intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3. Bureaucratic red tape has resulted in such an anomalous situation where basic and strategic cadres in BSNL are without standard IDA scales even after nine years of 2nd PRC report. Retrograde thinking in DoT to refer the issue to DPE is having no rational basis and will be opposed by this Association tooth and nail.
GS letter to Secretary, DoT on E2, E3 ---- pay scale approval


SNEA unequivocally and strongly condemn the diabolical and sinister move of the GOVERNMENT in general and the NITI AAYOG in particular in considering strategic sale of National Telecom Institution of the Country – BSNL. SNEA wows that each and every member of SNEA will fight to the last drop of his blood to ensure that the government does not venture and dare to even remotely go ahead with such retrograde decision.

SNEA warns the government and the Niti Aayog to desist from taking such a preposterous decision failing which this association will fully expose the government,  policy makers, the Niti Aayog of massive political corruption, bureaucratic red tape, complete lack of autonomy for the BSNL Management and protecting vested private operators that has lead to the declining revenue of BSNL and its becoming weak. The government, policy makers squarely responsible for the present state of affairs of BSNL.

SNEA calls upon its members throughout the country to start gearing up for a prolonged and sustained struggle to completely expose and defeat the ulterior design of the government to sell even 1% of the stake of government in BSNL, let alone strategic sale of BSNL that is being contemplated by the government.

SNEA has to remain fully prepared for what could be a bloodshed struggle to fully safe guard against BSNL – a strategic prestigious National Telecom Institution of telecom from attacks from the government, vested interest and bureaucracy. This National Telecom Institution of telecom has met in the most extraordinary and unparalleled manner social obligation of the various telecom policies of government from time to time and has met the aspirations of the common man in providing telecom services of universal qualities at affordable price.

Let the government carefully evaluate and analyze to how private operators have destabilized telecom sector and abdicated and blatantly violated their responsibility mandated to them by the policy in providing services in remote and far flung areas of the country. The Government must heavily come down on private operators for their naked policies violation that has resulted in weakening of BSNL.


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View Corporate Office orders:
SDE own cost Inter Circle transfer order.
SDE transfer order - Retention reg.
SDE own cost Inter Circle transfer order.


Appeal and advisory to BSNL Officers and Executives by Director HR. 


Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR) on 19.07.2016: GS along with AGS met DIR(HR) and discussed the following issues.

GS informed DIR(HR) about the NCOA (representing the Assns and Executives in various CPSUs) meeting at Mysuru for two days on 16th and 17th July to discuss the 3rd PRC related issues. DIR(HR) appreciated the leading role of SNEA in taking up such important issues of all the Executives and suggested to give more focus to such issues in the future also.

1. Approval of BSNL proposal for replacement of E1A, E2A ---– scales: Assn requested immediate intervention at higher level in DOT on the proposals sent by BSNL on Pay Scales for early clearance. DoT is not serious in approving the proposals. This was our apprehension since beginning. Without taking decision on the proposal, there is a move to refer it to DPE. DPE is not having any role other than issuing guidelines. DoT is the nodal ministry to approve the pay scales. Requested her immediate intervention by taking up the matter with senior officers in DoT.

2. Implementation of Jt Committee recommendations on CPSU cadre Hierarchy: Since almost all the promotions are stayed by various courts, CPSU Hierarchy as recommended by the Jt Committee is the only alternative solution. It was assured to us that it will be finalised by 31.08.2016. DIR(HR) informed that the proposal is under consideration and well within target date as per the schedule given to us. Assn given few suggestions: 1) considering the abnormal delay in promotions, onetime measure to promote all the Executives working in higher scales to the higher grade by taking VC, 2) uniform date of promotion, 3) measures to address all seniority related issues as recommended, 4) increase the number of DGM posts to atleast 2000, 5) designation change, 6) relaxation in qualifying service for the Executives recruited /promoted for the same vacancy year.  DIR(HR) assured to consider the suggestions. Our discussion with CMD last week on the issue set the things in motion and picked up momentum.

3. Requested for immediate change of designation of Executives in view of the change of designation of TTA as JE.


Meeting with Sri Deb Kr Chakrabarty, GM(Pers): GS along with AGS met GM (Pers) on 19.07.2016 and discussed the following issues:

1.  Requested to expedite the process of implementation of Jt Committee recommendations on CPSU cadre Hierarchy and 1st TBP promotion after 4 to 5 years as assured and given few inputs as discussed with DIR(HR) and CMD. GM(P) informed that the draft proposal on CPSU Hierarchy is almost ready and will be discussed with higher management first and after that it will be discussed with Assns. The 1st TBP recommendation will be processed after that.

2. Expediting the JTO to SDE SCF court case at Ernakulum.

3. Requested for immediate change of designation of Executives in the field units in view of implementation of changed designation to non Executives. GM (Pers) responded positively and assured to do the needful.


GS met GM(Restg and SR) and informed the urgency of change of designation of Executives from JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and DE/CAO in the field units as designation has already changed for Non Executives.


3rd Pay Revision Committee

The National Executive Committee of the National Confederation of Officers Associations of Central Pubic Sector Undertakings (NCOA), that represents the managerial and supervisory staff serving the Central Public Sector Undertakings met in Mysore on 16th and 17th July, 2016 and resolved as under:

I. The Government should revise the terms of reference of the 3rd PRC (Justice Satish Chandra Committee) with regard to the periodicity in order to ensure that the date of start of pay revision should be from 01.01.2012. The process of revision has already started in several sectors like coal, steel and mining where bipartite agreements have been signed with workmen w.e.f 01.01.2012 as the start date for wage revision. Pay revision of Executive & workmen should be co-terminus in order to prevent anomalies between the sections of the employees. Industrial harmony and productivity cannot be sustained without parity between different sections of the employees.

II. The terms of reference of the 3rd PRC should be amended to delete the term affordable in item 1.0 of the terms of reference. Instead, 3rd PRC should recommend ways and means of ensuring revision of pay for all CPSU Executives irrespective of profitability of the undertaking.

III. Govt should mandate 3rd PRC to examine and suitably recommend the revision of pension of erstwhile DoT employees absorbed in BSNL and MTNL in the context of the fact that complete parity prevails with regard to payment of pension/pension revision between Central Govt employees and BSNL /MTNL absorbed employees in terms of CCS pension Rules, 1972.

IV. Change is required in the existing policy of granting 30% Basic Pay plus DA as superannuation benefits. In the present system, after apportioning for RECHS, EPS, Gratuity etc, a paltry portion is left for pension fund and hence it is suggested to increase this to 40%.

V. The removal of the glaring disparity in the post retirement remuneration of employees of PSUs and Government. Since the establishment of CPSEs, the remuneration policy for Executives serving CPSEs has been framed with reference to recommendations of various pay committees set up for Govt. Servants.  The most glaring disparity is with regard to the provision of post-retirement medical care. In PSUs the post-retirement medical schemes range from Zero to reasonable benefits. However, most of the schemes are funded from the revenue account of the undertaking thereby making the benefit vulnerable to the profitability of the PSU.

VI. Employees of PSUs should be given a living wage irrespective of the profit or loss of the PSU. There is no justification for paying an employee, wages at rates applicable in 1997 (almost 20 years ago). Such payments are even much below acceptable subsistence level.

VII. Under no circumstance should there be delays of several months in payment of wages. Non-payment of wages over extended periods is unjustified both legally and otherwise.

VIII. Existing number of pay scales in the CPSEs shall be increased from 10 to 14 to align one grade with one pay scale.

IX. Rate of increments to be uniform percentage, and it shall be 4%.

X. Pay Scales should be open ended and with this, stagnation problem will not arise. 

XI. Increment on promotion: In addition to annual increment, on promotion, 6% increment (1.5 times of normal increment) should be awarded. 

XII. The present classification of cities may be continued for HRA. The HRA may be calculated as a percentage of Basic + IDA as per the existing rates on revised scales.

XIII. There should not be any ceiling on Gratuity and it should be paid without TAX.

XIV. Variable Pay / Performance Related Pay: Fixed salary and variable component is necessary. The variable pay shall have two components, one based on profit before tax (PBT) and another based on productivity. 2.5 to 7.5 % of the PBT shall be distributed among the Executives as profit sharing incentive. Further, 5 to 10% of the savings accrued through improvement of productivity shall be paid as productivity linked incentive to Executives.

XV. The abolition of bell curve as a basis for creating incentives. It has now been scientifically established that the bell curve is a non-scientific measure. Experience of the last 10 years has established that the payment of PRP based on the bell curve has resulted in creating more disincentive than incentive defeating the very purpose of such payments.

In addition to the common stand on various issues, CPSU specific stand on certain issues can be taken by the respective Assns.

GS, Chairman, Com Arvind Dahiya, VP/NCOA, Com S B Nagavi, CS/KTK and Com Venkatesh Murthy, CP/KTK Circle attended the NCOA meeting representing SNEA.


AGS met GM Pers and Jt GM Pers and discussed on the issue of consideration of request transfers of AGMs and SDEs from tenure / non tenure circles, relief of transferred DEs from CTD etc, discrepancies in the posting of substitutes to CTD SDEs etc. Both responded positively. Also informed that some circles are making arrangement for relieving the DGMs by 20th of July 2016 as per the order no 314-9 /2Ol4-Pers.l Dated:8th July, 2016. It was clarified that as per the order No 314-9 /2Ol4-Pers.l Dated: 13th July, 2016, the last date of relief is 30th July 2016 for all the DGMs whose refusal of promotion was denied by the administration.


View Corporate Office Orders:
DE tenure transfer order.
DE transfer - retention order reg.



DOT released orders for the Revision of pension of BSNL pensioners / Family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay / Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment. The pension will be fixed notionally from 01.01.2007 or on the date of retirement after 01.01.2007 and will be paid on actual basis w.e.f 10.06.2013. We express our sincere gratitude to Ex Hon MOC & IT and all other officers of DoT for resolving the long pending issue of BSNL Pensioners. Sri Rakesh Garg, Ex Secretary, DoT was the man behind the removal of 60:40 condition by incorporating it in the Cabinet Memo.

View DoT order dated 18.07.2016


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View Media report:


AS per the reliable information, the DPC completed for 58 executives for Promotion from JTO(C) to SDE (C) under SCF. 


As reported earlier on our website regarding manhandling of some of our officers of WTP Circle  by M/s L & T, the case has been consistently pursued by our CS, Gujarat Circle Com. B G Patel and our Jt. Secretary(W) Com. Rakesh Mehta with CGM WTP Shri M. K. Jain. This has resulted into show cause notice being served to M/s L & T and withdrawal of instruction related to 100% check.
Letters issued by CGM WTP Circle(Page 1 to 14)


A grand and extremely successful Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA, Madhya Pradesh Circle was held on 3rd and 4th July, 2016 at Hotel Platinum Resort, Itarsi. The Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members/CEC Member and almost all the District Secretaries and so many delegates from every nook and corner of MP participated with full of enthusiasm and made it a grand success. Com Alok Shrivastava, Circle President presided. Com S. Dutta Majumdar, Circle Secretary presented a report for his tenure from 25.05.2015 to 02.07.2016 and appealed to all the DSs to formulate strategies for 1st membership verification and becoming number one Association in MP Circle and start serious preparations in this regard. As per DSs report, SNEA will emerge as the majority Association in MP Circle with comfortable margin. Since the majority Assn is going to decide the future of BSNL as well as the Executives, all out efforts are required to get maximum votes for thumping majority.

In the Ist day of CEC, Com K. Sebastin, General Secretary addressed a large gathering of SNEA members. GS focused on recent developments in HR issues like:

1. Constitution of 3rd PRC & implementation w.e.f. 01.01.2017 etc.

2. Replacement of E1A and E2A scales with E2 and E3 scales w.e.f  01.01.2007 with five promotions and the efforts for up gradation of E3 to E6 scales to E4 to E7.

3. Promotions in different cadres:

4. 30% superannuation benefit

5. CPSU Cadre Hierarchy replacing the existing two tier promotion, delinking seniority and availability of posts, as per Khan Committee recommendations.

6. E1A/E2A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS etc notionally from 01.10.2000. For the first time, mgt agreed to our demand in the meeting held on 17.05.2016. The proposal has gone to MC. However MC sought some information from other ministries which is not relevant in the case and SNEA strongly protesting the said action.The revised dates given by the BSNL Management is upto Aug-2016 for all our issues including this. We are further pursuing the matter.

7. Officiating pay fixation etc. 

After the address of GS, members directly interacted with GS and raised many queries and GS replied to each & every querie in the CEC.

An Open Session conducted in the Afternoon on the theme –  “HOW TO TRANSFORM BSNL FROM OPERATING PROFIT UNIT TO A REAL PROFIT MAKING COMPANY ” Dr.G.C.Pandey / CGM MP Circle, Shri H.K.Mandora / PGM (BW) BSNL CO & PCE (Civil) Bhopal, Dr.Mahesh Shukla Sr.GMTD and Zonal Bhopal, Shri A.K.Mukati/GM (HR & A) MP Circle, CHQ President Com.A.A.Khan, General Secretary Com.K.Sebastin, Com. Manish Samadhiya/Asst.General Secretary SNEA graced the Open Session and in their address gave valuable suggestions/thoughts in the CEC on the subject.

Com Alok Shrivastava, CP in his address elaborated the topic and nicely gave the presentation on the subject with relevant data etc. and opened the subject for discussion.

CS explained the success story of MP Circle under the dynamic leadership of CGM, MP.  Last year MP Circle entered into the 1000 Cr. Club & Fix a self target of 17,000 Cr. for MP Circle. CS also touched the issue of property tax by which BSNL can save thousands of crore rupees (this case pursued by CS SNEA since 2012) and BSNL MP already seal this leakage of revenue in MP, up to some extent with the help of courts orders etc.and also explain the harms/negative part of Zonal concept in MP Circle.

Shri H.K.Mandora/ PGM (BW) BSNL CO & PCE Civil Bhopal spoke on some attractive initiative by BSNL CO on renting of Qtrs, Vacant spaces etc. and explained the “AMRUT Scheme” of BSNL and shared his views on property tax issue.

With warm welcome by the house Dr.G.C.Pandey / CGM MP Circle, in his motivational address requested to all to work for BSNL and appreciated the role of SNEA.

On the joining of a BSNL absorbed CGM in MP as Dr.G.C.Pandey from July’2015, the growth rate of MP Circle continuously increased and continues as of now. In that, SNEA have taken leading role in this increase & also coordinated Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations and members of SNEA MP have done tremendous effort to popularize our attractive scheme through MEGA ROAD SHOW, SPECIAL CAMP, MELA & DOOR-TO-DOOR  marketing campaigning. MP Circle got some prestigious awards,  and achieved a great height in BSNL among all the Circles.

Com A.A.Khan, CHQ President addressed and explained the necessity of SNEA, who will became Ist in upcoming membership verification for paramount prospect of BSNL, as we have pointed out so many viability issues, some of that raised from MP Circle like roaming issue of Airtel etc,etc. He also touched other issues for a large gathering of SNEA members.

Dr. Mahesh Shukla Sr.GMTD and zonal Bhopal in his speech spoke on some hot and burning issues & focussed on working environment in the BSNL. He also apealled to all to work hard in the field and meet out the shortage of field by deploying people from planning etc. at all levels.


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GS along with Chairman, AGS Com P.P.Rao and JS Com Aravind Pal Dahiya met Shri Anupam Shrivastava, CMD BSNL on 14.07.2016 and discussed following issues.

1.       Requested his intervention in clearance of the proposal of E2, E3 and E4 to E7 pay scales to Executives as recommended by BSNL and sent to DOT. Association informed the discussions we had at various levels of Officers in DOT during the intervening period. CMD assured his personal intervention.

2. Requested for the finalization of Jt Committee recommendation on CPSU cadre Hierarchy as assured by the BSNL Management. The dead line is fixed as 31.08.2016, concrete and brainstorming discussions to take place on the proposal. Unless the management and the Associations work in synchronization, the issue cannot be resolved. Requested intervention at higher level for the early implementation of CPSU cadre Hierarchy as all the Executives Promotions are struck up in one court or the other.

3.Association discussed on the issues to be highlighted before 3rd PRC by the BSNL Management and the letter submitted on PRC by SNEA. CMD informed that he had gone through the SNEA suggestions and try to incorporate them. Association requested for projecting BSNL as equivalent to NAVRATNA PSU, as it is operating on PAN India basis with more than Rs 31,000 Crores revenue. Since BSNL is in service sector, the profitability should not be the criteria for finalizing the pay scales. As BSNL is providing services in the nook and corner of the country and non remunerative areas. BSNL is the only operator adhering to the social obligations and meeting the expectations of the Govt. Requested for projecting to the 3rdPRC with special mention about the services BSNL rendering in entire Rural areas and hence the Pay Scales to be finalized without linking with the profitability of the company.

GS and AGS along with the GS SNATTA, Dy GS SNATTA and other Office bearers met GM (Estt) and requested to consider the relaxation for all the TTAs of 2007 recruitment to be made eligible for JTO LICE held on 22.05.2016 to resolve the issue once for all. Present relaxation created more anomaly. In some Circles, TTA exam held in 2008 but they joined for training before 01.07.2008, but relaxation not given. GM(Estt) explained that relaxation is given for those Circles where atleast one batch started training before 01.07.2008 irrespective of date of TTA examination. If any Circle is left out, it will be covered, she assured. We pointed out that clarification is not specifying this fact but taken as a cut off date of 31.12.2007 for TTA exam, irrespective of training. GM further clarified that it is applicable only for the Circles where trg started before 01.07.2008 and it is not applicable for a Circle where trg started after 01.07.2008 but TTA exam held before 31.12.2007. Assn told mgt that rect section and Circles not interpreted the clarification as explained now and it may further vitiate the situation. So viable solution may be to allow everybody. The relaxations thus given, needs to be ratified later by the competent authority, ie BSNL Board to protect the executives from legal hurdle at the later date. GM(Estt) assured to examine the matter in view of the suggestions given by us.

GS and AGS also discussed with GM (Estt) on the 3rd PRC proposals to be submitted by the BSNL and requested to give all possible inputs that project BSNL equivalent to NAVRATNA PSU.

FR 22(1)(a)(1) pay fixation case at PCAT: The case was listed for hearing on 14.07.2016. Since BSNL didn’t filed the reply, Hon Court given a last chance to file reply and posted the matter to 14.09.16.

AGS P.P.Rao and JS Com Aravind Pal Dahiya met PGM (E) in the presence of CE (E) Mumbai and discussed posting of JTO(E) on promotion as SDE(E) in MH itself


GS writes to DIR(HR) -- Declaration of results of the candidates appeared in the LICE from Group C to JTO(T) held on 22.05.2016 for the vacancy year 2013-14. The relaxation given by BSNL not yielded the desired results – By fixing the cut off date arbitrarily as 31.12.2007 considering AP and KRL Circle candidates, TTA 2007 batch for about 16 Circles become ineligible, creating big anomaly--requested to consider the relaxation for all the TTAs of 2007 recruitment to resolve the issue once for all.

GS writes to DIR(HR) --Request for declaration of results of provisional candidates from Kerala Circle in the LICE for Group C to JTO (T) where the TTA examination was held prior to 31.12.2007, the cut-off date fixed by BSNLCO. Avoid further embarrassment to BSNL from Hon CAT

GS letter to DIR(HR) demanding relaxation for all the TTAs of 2007 batch in the LICE held on 21.06.2016 for JTO(T) postGS letter to DIR(HR) for declaration of LICE result of Kerala Circle


Forum leaders called on Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon Minister of State for Telecommunications.

The members of the Core Committee of the Forum, viz. Com. K. Sebastin, GS/SNEA, Com. P. Abhimanyu, Convenor and Com. Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNLEA met Shri Manoj Sinha, Hon Minister of State for Communications. Forum welcomed the MoS(C) and made a brief presentation to the Hon MoS(C) on the efforts being taken by the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations for the revival of BSNL. They explained about the “Service With A Smile” programme of the Forum, currently being implemented by the Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL. Further, the representatives sought the intervention of the Hon MoS(C) to ensure the next pension revision for the BSNL retirees. They also requested that pension contribution by BSNL should be calculated based on actual basic pay and not on the maximum of the pay scale. Other issues are filling up the post of DIR(Finance)/BSNL and transfer of assets to BSNL. The Hon MoS(C) told the Forum to give these issues in writing, and assured that they would be taken care of.

After discussion, GS handed over a copy of the letter submitted regarding pension revision to be made part terms of reference of 3rd PRC
Letter given by SNEA and MTNLEA on future pension revisionPhoto 1 Photo 2


GS along with CHQ President, AGS and CS CTD Com Dilip Saha met GM(Estt) on 11.07.2016 and discussed on the issue of allotment of more number of JTOs to Kolkata TD towards outside recruitment for considering Rule 8 cases. The letter written by CGM Kolkata TD is also submitted. During discussion GM(Estt) informed that BSNL is trying to fill up upto 45% of JTO posts by this rect for all the Circles and suggested to sent a detailed letter by CGM for more allotment.

GS along with CHQ President, AGS, Jt Sec(East) Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Sec(West) Com Rakesh Mehta and CS CTD Com Dilip Saha met GM(Pers) on 11.07.2016 and discussed on various issues. The issues pertaining to the newly formed Circles AP & Telangana were discussed in detail. The detailed discussion was held on the modalities to be implemented  for the relief of transferred DEs and SDEs from Kolkata TD, HR and PB etc to other circles. GM(Pers) responded positively on all the issues and assured all possible help to safe guard the interest of Executives.

GS along with CHQ President, AGS, Jt Sec(East) Com Sankar Sanyal, Jt Sec(West) Com Rakesh Mehta and CS CTD Com Dilip Saha met GM(Restg) on 11.07.2016 and held discussions on extending incentives to the staff under Project Udaan etc. GM assured that as discussed earlier, action is being taken and orders will be issued after completing the formalities.

AGS Com P P Rao, Jt Sec Com Arvind Pal Dahiya and CS WB Com Tapas Ghosh met Sri A. K. Tyagi, PGM(E) on 11.07.2016 and held discussions on various issues. Requested to strongly project to the BSNL Management for extension of E1A and E2A Scales notionally w.e.f 01.10.2000 to the electrical wing as recommended by Vinay Sahi committee, finalization of results of JTO(E), LICE. Modification on Promotion from JTO(E) to SDE(E) of MH Circle was also discussed.


View Corporate Office Orders:

Promotion to SDE grade under LDCE reg 

SDE Tenure transfer Cancellation - Retention order.

SDE Tenure transfer Cancellation  order.

DE Transfer order.

CAO Regular promotion order (One Case) reg.

Acceptance of Refusal of Promotion to Adhoc DGM post reg.


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Presentation to 3rd PRC by BSNL – Provisional suggestions from SNEA

CHQ President along with AGS Com P.P.Rao, Jt Sec(West) Com Rakesh Mehta and CS GUJ Com B.G. Patel met DIR(HR) on 12.07.2016 and discussed on the presentation to be submitted by BSNL to the 3rd PRC. The proposals submitted by our Association is very much appreciated by DIR(HR) and given some more points like challenges which BSNL faced during the natural calamities and come out successfully as reliable Telecom operator etc. The suggestions on Automatic Pension revision, merger of IDA with basic immediately after crossing 50%, open ended pay scales to address stagnation, uniform pay scales, pay revision after 5 years, increasing the number of pay scales to 14, uniform date of increment etc were appreciated. Association was all along stressing the need for giving the Pay Scales of NAVRATNA to BSNL as we are providing services Pan India in Rural and interior regions with reduced tariff inspite of huge losses. The tariff is controlled by BSNL. Though initially, at the time of formation of BSNL it was informed that the services provided in Rural areas are non remunerative will be compensated by the Govt, but the compensation was stopped after few years. It was further informed to discuss on this issue with GM (Est) and instructed accordingly. Consideration of Rule 8 Transfers of JTOs was also discussed. Later all met GM (Estt) and had detailed discussion on the proposals to be submitted by the BSNL to the 3rd PRC.

The issue of non sending to JTO training to TTAs who have declined officiating Promotion as JTOs was also discussed.

Provisional suggestions from SNEA regarding 3rd PRC


CHQ President along with AGS Com P.P.Rao, Jt Sec(West) Com Rakesh Mehta and CS GUJ Com B.G. Patel met DIR(EB) on 12.07.2016 and discussed on the NFS project work and the incident that took place at Gujarat under WTP. Requested his immediate action against the contractors M/s L&T.

CHQ President along with AGS Com P.P.Rao, JS West Com Rakesh Mehta and CS GUJ Com B.G. Patel met GM(Training & Rect) on 12.07.2016 and discussed on the issue of finalization of the training dates to the TTAs selected as JTOs in the LICE. Also the issue of LICE to JTO(Elect) pending since last few months was discussed. GM responded positively on the issues that were discussed.

CEC meeting of Haryana Circle at Karnal: GS, Chairman and Jt Sec Com Arvind Dahiya attended the CEC meeting on 12.07.2016. Details will be uploaded later.


GS writes to CMD, BSNL regarding immediate change of designations of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO and DE/CAO/EE equivalent cadres as Assistant Manager, Deputy Manager and Asst General Manager as followed in BSNLCO in view of the change of designation of TTA as JE.

GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding implementation of reservation policy for SC/ST candidates while issuing Looking After Promotion.

GS writes to DIR(HR): Consideration of Rule-8 Transfer of JTOs, ensuring their relieving & settling the issue once for all by diversion of equal number of JTOs post from transferred circle to transferring Circles…

GS letter to CMDGS letter to DIR(HR) for reservation on LA arrangement also for SC/ST candidates GS letter to DIR(HR) on Rule 8 cases


Administrative approval on Superannuation benefit to BSNL Direct rects: GS writes to DIR(HR) for sending the proposal to the concerned section for early decision. Earlier BSNL send the proposal to DDG(Estt), DoT which is not dealing with the issue. Assn met GM(Estt) in this regard on 08.07.2016.

GS letter to DIR(HR) on Superannuation benefit


CHQ Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries meeting held at New Delhi on 09.07.2016 in grand manner. All the CHQ Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries except NE I, NE II and A&N attended the meeting which started at 10.00 am. GS elaborated on all the issues which our Association was actually involved and taken up with the Administration successfully right from upgradation of Pay scales from Rs 1400 to Rs 1640/-in 1986, Lateral Advancement in 1990, historical Promotions of 8000 JTOs to SDEs in 1993-94, Upgradation of Pay scales from Rs 5500 to Rs 6500 to JTOs with Gr ‘B’ Gazetted status  &  automatic upgradation of Rs 6500 to Rs 7500 to SDEs during Vth CPC, abolition of qualifying exam for JTO to SDE Promotion, not accepting the absorption into BSNL without terms and conditions like the Pay Scales, promotion policies, fitment etc and Assn stopped the illegal process through court cases and finally by historic PCAT judgment,  our Association could achieve E1A, E2, -- E6 scales, 5 TBP after 4-6 years and point to point fixation after continuous organizational protest in 2002-03, enhancement of EPF on actual basic + IDA instead of Ceiling of 12% on Rs 6500 ( Equivalent to fixed amount of Rs 780/-), implementation of TBPs in 2007 w.e.f 01.10.2000, Protesting against the unbundling of copper cables and disinvestment, exposing the 2G Scam, illegal 3G roaming by Pvt operators, reduction of ADC & USO fund to BSNL, 50% IDA Merger struggle in 2006, issues related to TTAs selected as JTOs (Dept outsider), opposing the demotion of JTO and SDE equivalent cadres to E1 and E2, removal of decade old bottleneck problem of Adhocism and paving way for regularization of STS, increase of STS regular from 50% to 75% for the telecom and rigorously pursuing for other wings, filling all DE posts on regular basis in 2014, Promotions to Adhoc DGM, agitation against the cancellation of 45.5 Million GSM tender, surrender of obsolete BWA spectrum, refund of excess amount recovered by Income Tax Dept from BSNL, fighting vigorously in various courts for the SCF and LDCE Promotion from JTOs, Abolition of accounts exam/ counting of residency period/1st and 2nd ACP for Civil/ Electrical etc wings, modification of JTO to SDE Competitive exam to OMR, 30% Superannuation benefits to the BSNL recruited employees, re-constitution of Joint Committee in 2015,  revival of demand of E2-E7 Pay scales, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, membership verification, Notional Fixation of E1A/E2A for Civil/Electrical/Arch/PA/PSs etc w.e.f. 01.10.2000, Uniform 1st TBP after 4-5 years instead of 4-6 years, Restoration of fixation on officiating Promotions, FR 22(1)(a)1 for the offtg JTOs, Constitution of 3rd PRC, 78.2% to pensioners on par with serving employees, relief from botheration on pension(60:40) etc.

After the GS address, a brainstorming session was conducted on membership verification for executives and all the CSs and CHQ OBs participated actively. CHQ President and Chairman gave a motivating address on various issues. Many of the Circles have conducted their CEC meetings and remaining will be completed during this month. The CHQ Office bearers will be attending the CEC meetings. After the CEC meetings, the CSs will tour the SSAs by organizing SSA meetings and followed by Branch meetings. The CHQ Office Bearers along with the concerned CS and office bearers will be attending all Major SSA and branch meetings.

The response of the CSs is overwhelming and resolved that SNEA will come up with thumping majority in the membership verification and will ensure that all the issues of the Executives will be reaching to their logical conclusion. CHQ congratulated all the CSs for their active participation and revolutionary ideas in strengthening the SNEA. The meeting concluded at 2300 Hrs.


A Grand and extremely successful Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA, Bihar Circle was held on 4th July, 2016 at Patna. The Circle Office Bearers, CEC Members and District Secretaries were participated with full of enthusiasm and made it a grand success. Com Ranjan Kumar, Circle President presided. Com Ratish Kumar, Circle Secretary presented a report on growth of BSNL Bihar and appealed to all DSs to formulate strategies for 1st membership verification and becoming number one Association in Bihar Circle and start serious preparations in this regard. As per DS report, SNEA will emerge as the majority Association in Bihar Circle with better margin. Since the majority Assn is going to decide the future of BSNL as well as the Executives, all out efforts are required to get maximum votes for thumbing majority.

In the combined CEC cum General Body meeting, Com K. Sebastin, General Secretary addressed a large gathering of SNEA members. GS focused on recent development of HR issues like:

a)   Constitution of 3rd PRC & implementation w.e.f.01.01.2017 etc. Under the banner of NCOA, SNEA took the leading role in the recent struggle demanding constitution of 3rd PRC. 3rd PRC constituted on 09.06.2016. Further struggle is required to get the terms of reference modified for 1) delinking the profitability from the pay revision and 2) to add pension revision also as the terms of reference. We are mobilising for that. The biggest challenge before us is its implementation, later stage. All efforts are to be made to make the company profitable by that.

b)  Replacement of E1A and E2A scales with E2 and E3 scales w.e.f 01.01.2007 with five promotions and the efforts for upgradation of E3 to E6 scales to E4 to E7. The proposal is strongly pursued in DoT. After E2, E3 approval, the demand for pay parity of Rs 22820/- for 2007, 2008 etc batches to be pursued with BSNL.

c)   Promotions in different cadres: JTO to SDE promotion on seniority and LDCE quota upto 2013-14 vacancy year, SDE to DE promotion, JAO to AO promotion, AO to CAO promotion etc under litigation. CAO to DGM(F) DPC work is going on. JTO(C) to SDE(C) DPC work is under progress. SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E) promotion also under the active consideration of management.

d)  30% superannuation benefit. It is pursued in DoT for administrative approval. Meanwhile the minimum contribution from BSNL side is to be increased to 6% as assured in the AIC.

e)  CPSU Hierarchy replacing the existing two tier promotion, delinking seniority and availability of posts, as per Khan Committee recommendations. Assn is trying to address all the seniority related issues in CPSU Hierarchy with uniform date of promotion. Pursuing for promotion to higher grade for the Executives on higher scales without DPC as a onetime measure.

f)   E1A/E2A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS etc notionally from 01.10.2000. For the first time, mgt agreed to our demand in the meeting held on 17.05.2016. The proposal has gone to MC. However MC sought some information from other ministries which is not relevant in the case. We are further pursuing the matter.

g)   Officiating pay fixation etc. Management agreed to correct the wrong clarifications and the process is already initiated.

Members directly interacted with GS and raised so many queries and GS replied each & every queries.

An Open Session conducted in the evening on the theme – “GROWTH OF BSNL BIHAR- ROLE OF EMPLOYESS”. Shri S.L. Singh/CGM Bihar Circle, Shri Kishore Kumar/ PGM, Patna TD, General Secretary, Com. C. Singh/General Secretary, NFTE were attended. CS explained the success story of Bihar Circle and Role of employees. It is a result of synchronisation between all stakeholders at different level and different units in a single platform to perform for betterment of BSNL. Last year BSNL started so many attractive schemes like “Free Night Call on Land Line w.e.f. 01.05.2015”, “Free National Roaming on Mobile w.e.f. 15.06.2015” and “ Minimum Broad Band Speed Uupgraded without any extra charges w.e.f. 01.10.2015” to attract the customers. SNEA taken leading role under the Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations and we have done tremendous effort to popularize our attractive scheme through MEGA ROAD SHOW, SPECIAL CAMP, MELA & DOOR-TO-DOOR  marketing campaigning from 23.11.2015 and consequently the growth rate of Bihar Circle continuously increased from December 2015 and continue as of now. Bihar Circle got two prestigious awards, 1st Rank in MNP CIRCLE & 2nd Rank in SIM SALE GROWTH (small circle in BSNL) and achieved a great height in BSNL among the all Circle. Com General Secretary appreciated the role of employees in general and specifically members of SNEA for the remarkable growth of BSNL Bihar in spite of lack of infrastructure & resources (Men & Machine). Bihar Circle set an example for other circles in BSNL in terms of achievement. Com. C Singh General Secretary, NFTE appreciated and recognized the potential of employees of Bihar Circle and appealed to all employees, work together for profitability of BSNL. Shri Kishore Kumar, PGM Patna appreciated the dedication & devotion of Employees and appealed to work together for betterment of BSNL. Their speech was very motivational and energised the employees for doing their job with pleasure and customer friendly approach. Shri S.L. Singh, CGM conveyed his thanks to SNEA Bihar Circle for organising an OPEN SESSION in such a manner and choose a very contemporary topics for discussion. He told that all credit goes to employees for the remarkable achievement of BSNL Bihar Circle. He appealed to all employees to do best possible effort to maintain the present growth rate and try to create another big milestone in future also. Today all employees of Bihar Circle feel proud because Bihar Circle set an example for other Circle in performance rating.

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Heavy rains have lashed states of Northern & Central India. Apart from loss of life it has affected Telecom Networks in the region.We have formed special teams under the leadership of CGM & are monitoring the restoration process on an hourly basis......Message of CMD on Twitter.


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As reported in the A/N, TTA to JTO(T) LICE result declared today. Congratulations to all the selected candidates. 301 candidates results withheld as they are party in the case (KRL- 162+45, AP-91, RAJ-03).
Covering letterList 1 List 2


The Court case at Chandigarh on JTO to SDE (LDCE) and SDE to DE promotion: The case listed for today postponed to 28.07.2016. The impleadment application filed by some others rejected by the Hon CAT and decided to hear the case on merit on 28.07.2016. The court case related to JAO to AO etc is listed for 12.07.2016.


JTO to SDE(T) LDCE result declared on 21.06.2016. VC called for.

JTO to SDE(T) seniority quota: Missing VC cases.

Letter calling for SDE(T) LDCE promotionLetter calling for SDE(T) promotion,missing cases


TTA to JTO(T) LICE result is expected today for about 2600 candidates


AGSs Com P P Rao, Com A Chandrasekhar and Jt Sec Com Arvind ahiya m et concerned officers at PGM(BW) and held discussions on the following issues (PGM(BW) was out of station on 08.07.16 and on his direction DGM(BW) discussed the issues): a). JTO(C) to SDE(C) promotion: 57 vacancies will be filled up for which almost all the VCs received. DPC expected next week. Assn requested to accommodate all the SDEs in the respective Circles on promotion. b) SDE(C) to EE(C) promotion: The matter is under active consideration for filling up 168 vacancies and some positive results are expected shortly. c) Transfer of SDE(C) from NE I and NE II to Assam Circle: Assn brought the notice of mgt 8 such pending cases. After discussion, mgt agreed to consider the cases. d) JTO(C) recruitment: The BW section sent the proposal to the competent authority for consideration for both LICE and Direct rect quota.

GS, CHQ President and other office bearers met GM(Pers) and Jt GM(Pers) regarding JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) promotion under SCF and LDCE quota: Assn requested to notify the LDCE immediately and initiate DPC process by calling ACRs and VC. Positive actions are expected shortly.

AGSs Com P P Rao, Com A Chandrasekhar and Jt Sec Com Arvind Dahiya met Sri A. K. Tyagi, newly joined  PGM(E) and held discussions regarding sending JTO(E) selected candidates for training: PGM informed that they referred the case back to rect section regarding the dispute in eligibility. SDE(E) to EE(E) promotion also moving in the right direction.


Circle Secretaries and CHQ office-bearers meeting at New Delhi on 09.07.2016 (9.30 am) in connection with membership verification.

Accommodation will be available for the CSs at the venue on 08th and 09th and for the CHQ office bearers at SNEA Bhavan.

Venue: Hotel KYRON, 15A/45, Saraswati Marg, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, 110005. The venue is about 400 meters from Karol Bagh Metro station.


Finally Union Cabinet approved Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners and removed the important 60:40 ceiling, a big relief to BSNL as well as BSNL pensioners.

Congratulations to all our comrades for the support and the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations.

Union Cabinet today approved the revision of pension of BSNL pensioners and family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% IDA/DR with Basic Pay/ Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% IDA/DR for the purpose of fitment, and (ii) Modifying the liability of BSNL towards the payment of pensionary benefits to the retired employees. The pension of BSNL pensioners/family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 has been revised w.e.f. 01.01.2007 notionally with actual benefit w.e.f. 10.06.2013. However, increase in the amount of DCRG, leave encashment and commutation of pension in respect of these pensioners shall not be increased on this account.

The 60:40 condition introduced by a Cabinet decision in 2005 is removed now, by the present cabinet decision, a big relief to BSNL as well as the BSNL pensioners. The additional pension burden which would have come on the shoulders of BSNL by the 60:40 clause is removed now. The pension revision on 78.2% is mainly delayed for this matter only as Dept of expenditure and Finance Ministry was not inclined for this and making objections. DoT, especially Smt Annie Moraes, Member(Fin) played a very crucial role in removal of this 60:40 condition. Ex Secretary, DoT, Shri Rakesh Garg also supported us.

In respect of employees who are absorbed in BSNL, the pension liability on account of pensionary benefits shall be fully borne by the Government while BSNL will continue to discharge pension liability by way of pension contribution in accordance with FR-116 for the period they so work/worked. 

The revision entails an estimated recurring annual expenditure of approximately Rs 129.63 Cr for pensioners and Rs 24.93 Cr for family pensioners and arrears from 2013-14 would be Rs 239.92 Cr approximately for pensioners and Rs 44.62 Cr approximately for family pensioners. Approximately 1,18,500 pensioners all over India will be benefited by this revision, according to PTI.

The pension revision fulfilled the long pending demand of revision of pension of BSNL absorbed employees who retired between 01.01.2007 and 10.06.2013 and will bring the pensioners at par with the serving employees of BSNL by removing the anomalies.

This was a major demand of the Forum during the strike Notice in April, 2015 where DoT agreed for this.

We are extremely grateful to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad/Hon MOC&IT, Smt Annie Moreas/Member(Fin), Shri Rakesh Gargh/Ex Secretary/DoT, Shri J S Deepak/Secretary, DoT, Shri N. K. Yadav/Member(S), Shri R. K Upadhyaya/Ex CMD/BSNL, Shri Anupam Shrivastava/CMD, BSNL, Shri KCGK Pillai/Ex DIR(Fin), Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(Fin)/BSNL for the resolution of this major issue pending for years together.

However we have to continue our struggle for actual benefits w.e.f 01.01.2007.

Press release on Cabinet decision on 78.2%


SNEA and MEA writes to Hon MOC to include revision of Pension to BSNL and MTNL retirees by revising the terms of reference of the 3rd PRC

Letter to Hon MOC


Court case on FR22(1)(a)(1) for the officiating JTOs: AGS Com P P Rao and Jt Sec Com Arvind Dahiya met the lawyer and held discussions about the case. The case is listed for 14.07.2016.

JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) promotion under seniority and LDCE quota: For the seniority quota, necessary details are sought from TF section by the Pers section. In the case of LDCE, the vacancy position is under recalculation and immediately after that, it will be send to Rect section for conduction of LDCE. 



GS attended the extended CEC meeting of Kerala Circle at Ernakulam on 25.06.2016 in connection with membership verification. All the SSA and Branch Secretaries and other activists attended the CEC meeting taking verification very seriously.

At Jaipur CHQ President, CHQ Vice President and GS attended the CEC meeting on 02.07.2016, specially called to formulate strategies for membership verification and becoming number one Assn in Rajasthan. All SSA Secretaries started serious preparations in this regard. It is decided to conduct the extended SSA Executive meetings and core committee formations by 31.07.2016, as a first step.

In their address, GS and CHQ President explained the activities at CHQ level on BSNL growth related issues, successful implementation of SWAS programme, need for generating maximum revenue and coming out of losses in this financial year 2016-17 in view of 3rd PRC, HR issues like 3rd PRC, replacement of E1A and E2A with E2 and E3 scales, promotions, CPSU Hierarchy, 30% superannuation benefit, E1A/E@A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS etc notionally from 01.10.2000, officiating pay fixation etc.

Multiplicity of Assns and the vested interests playing havoc with the future of the Executives. None of the important HR issues are getting resolved. Our committed members and the Executives are the victims of this. Few with vested interests and selfish agenda are taking the entire cadre into ransom. Overall cadre interest is totally neglected/missing on various issues, rather petty interests and selfish motives taking leading positions. Recently we are witnessing that instead of making serious efforts to get the Khan Committee recommendations which will benefit the entire cadre by upgrading the pay scales from E1A to E2 and E2A to E3 for the entry /basic cadres, will give better pay for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, will give functional promotions instead of financial upgradations to thousands and thousands of Executives after every five years who are waiting for promotions for years together, the anomaly in 1st TBP for thousands of Executives are getting resolved, the Assns made the recommendations in October, 2015 are not allowing the management to implement the same recommendations now. More challenging job will be the 3rd PRC. We struggled under NCOA and got the 3rd PRC constituted. More vigourous struggles are required in the future for the delinking of pay revision from profitability by amending the terms of reference and making pension revision also part of the terms of reference. Simultaneously we have to work for making the company profitable and ofcourse out of the red zone in this year itself. A strong Executive Association with thumbing majority is the need of the hour. To end this deadlock situation, membership verification is the only solution. We should start strenuously working on coming out with flying colours and with thumbs up majority from the ensuing membership verification. It will surely be a litmus test for our organizational capacity and our commitment and determination to face successfully challenges howsoever formidable they are. That is our history and we have to repeat history with impeccable precision. Our unity, commitment and organizational alertness and preparedness on these issues will drive us to the destination.

For the convenience of the Executives, maximum polling booths are to be allotted ensuring atleast one polling booth per division.

SNEA is in the forefront of all struggles to protect the interest of BSNL and its revival. Unbundling of copper cable, ADC, disinvestment, 45.5 M GSM tender cancellation, BWA spectrum refund, ITS absorption issue, 3G roaming, tenders and procurement, expansion of network, MTNL and BSNL merger, Tower subsidiary, pension contribution, 78.2% IDA, filling the posts of CMD and Directors, pension revision etc etc are some of the major contributions.

Similarly SNEA, through continuous struggle during last three decades, uplifted the cadres especially the basic cadre of JTO and to protect the interest of Executives as a whole. The pay scales got revised threes time in 1986, in 1996 and in 2002 at the time of absorption, all through struggles. In 2002, when all other Assns agreed for absorption in BSNL without specifying the terms and condition for absorption, just for an adhoc payment of Rs 2000/, SNEA  alone struggled against that. That struggle resulted in the finalizations  of terms and condition for absorption, ie. a) pay scales of E1A, E2A, E3, E4, E5, E6, b) five TB promotions between 4-6 years upto SG JAG (in DoT only one TBP available after 12 years) and c) Point to point fixation in the new pay scales. From 2003 to 2005, SNEA struggled for making the EPF contribution @12% of the emoluments, without the ceiling on Rs 6500/-. BSNL was making EPF contribution of a fixed amount of Rs 780/- ever month till 2005 (@12% of Rs 6500/-, the upper ceiling). Finally BSNL agreed and orders issued in August, 2005, with retrospective effect from 01.10.2000. Another breakthrough was the EPP order in 2007, BSNL MS RR in 2009, partially implementing the agreement reached in 2002 during agitation. Present struggle and focus is on the implementation of E2, E3 scales for the basic cadres of JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc and CPSU cadre hierarchy as assured to us in 2002. On both issues we are struggling since 2002.

The most important task ahead for SNEA is the constitution of 3rd PRC and its implementation. SNEA started the struggle in the platform of NCOA and launched series of agitation programmes since November, 2015 demanding 3rd PRC constitution. Finally 3rd PRC constituted on 09.06.2016. It is our responsibility to ensure that 3rd PRC is fully implemented in BSNL. For this we have to struggle to delink the profitability from PRC implementation. Simultaneously we have to ensure that pension revision also becoming part of 3rd PRC. These are the major challenges before us.

The biggest challenge before us is to get the standard pay scales of E2 and E3 in replacement of E1A and E2A, for the entry level cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO implemented immediately as 3rd PRC is constituted. Otherwise the pay revision for the entire BSNL Executives will be jeopardised, simply due to this one reason alone. Keeping the future of JTO/JAOs recruited after 2007 and the 3rd PRC in mind, SNEA for the last few years, struggling to get the standard pay scales of E2, E3 implemented in BSNL replacing E1A and E2A. The initial proposal of E1A and E2A got rejected by DoT and DPE due to the efforts of SNEA in July, 2014. We met the officers in DoT and DPE including the Secretary/DPE in this regard. The agitation in April/May, 2015 by SNEA, resulted in the reconstitution of the Joint Committee. SNEA was behind all these developments and finally Jt Committee come out with sweeping recommendations which will change the pay scales and promotional avenues of the Executives in BSNL.

It is the sole responsibility of SNEA to get the Khan committee recommendations implemented in true spirit, without dilution, which are in the larger interest of the cadre. Lot of negative forces are working to undermine the Khan Committee recommendations. Strategically we delinked E2, E3 from E4, --- E7 upgradation as E4, --- E7 upgradation is equivalent to another mini wage revision and DoT may take longer time to decided on that. Due to Union Cabinet decision on MTNL pay scales, it may have to go to the cabinet itself. Others deliberately taken up this issue to derail E2, E3 and to deny the benefits to 2007 and 2008 JTOs and JTO/JAOs recruited after that. SNEA demanding E2, E3 scales with five existing promotions, each promotion after every 5 years, some are struggling to see that the promotions are reduced from five to four by abolishing SDE or Sr SDE grades. They want to create confusion in the mgt, make anomalies and recoveries and anarchy in the company. The ultimate aim is to dump Khan Committee recommendations (inspite of being part of that) as it is formed due to singular efforts of SNEA. If SDE or Sr SDE grade is abolished, the Khan committee recommendations becomes redundant and CPSU cadre Hierarchy and 1st TBP after 4-5 years will not be implemented by the management. When they questioned Khan Committee recommendations, even mgt started talking about another Committee. New Committee means another 3 to 4 years!

Sensing the danger of dumping the Khan Committee recommendations by the management, SNEA compelled to start the agitation. Sensing the urgency of the situation, Mgt started serious discussions with the Assn on various issues on 11.05.16 followed by 17.05.16. After thorough discussions with CMD, DIR(HR) and whole HR team, some concrete decisions are taken to settle all the important HR issues in a time bound manner. Our one day Dharna protected the Khan Committee recommendations. Otherwise, the selfish motives and petty interests would have buried the recommendations by this time and mgt also would have happily gone ahead with E1+5 increments, E2, E3, -- E6 scales, no CPSU Hierarchy, no 1st TBP etc etc. Populism and playing to the gallery has never worked in trade union struggles. Holding on to hard ground realities has always yielded tangible and everlasting results. It is election time, we have to be very careful about such populistic demands from various sections and should not fall into their trap. It has seen in regularisation of Offtg JTOs(from 2000), implementation of 78.2% IDA fitment(with arrears), 30% superannuation benefit (nothing less than 12%), E2/E3 from 01.10.2000 etc etc.

In view of the 3rd PRC and for the benefit of the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, it is  agreed to move proposals in two parts on pay scales, one as per the Khan Committee recommendations on standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A with necessary changes in EPP protecting five TBP, after every five years as recommended by the Committee. The second proposal will cover the cascading factor, upgradation of scales upto E7. The proposal is approved by the MC on 01.06.2016 and send to DoT on 06.06.2016 itself for administrative approval. Getting DoT approval will be a tough job, we have to struggle a lot for that. The demand for 22820/ for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 are to be pursued after the implementation of E2, E3, --- pay scales with the BSNL mgt.

CPSU Hierarchy process is fast tracked. Our single agenda is to get Khan Committee recommendations implemented without any dilution. If that is ensured, a fresh JTO after 5 years of service will become SDE(now 15 to 20 years), an SDE after 5 years of service will become Sr SDE (total 10 years) and Sr SDE after 5 years will become AGM (total 15 years, now 30 to 35 years). While implementation, mgt assured that our demand 1) as a onetime measure, promotion to SDE, Sr SDE and DE grades without DPC for the Executives in higher scales with sufficient service, 2) address all seniority related issues like LDCE seniority, promotion quota seniority, Direct/Dept rect, Qualifying/non-qualifying etc, 3) change of designations to Asst Manager, Dy Manager, Manager, Asst General Manager, 4) decentralization of DPCs to Circles, 5) uniform date of promotion to end anomalies etc will be considered positively.

1st TBP after 4 to 5 years instead of 4 to 6 w.e.f 01.10.2000 is the demand of SNEA alone and it become a new item in the reconstituted Jt Committee. It was a major anomaly for the 1993, 1994, 1995 -- etc batches who got first TBP in 6 years whereas their seniors as well as juniors got it in 4 to 5 years. The recommendation will be processed immediately after CPSU, mgt assured. The EPP will be amended for that purpose, giving 1st TBP in 2005 instead of 2006.

Officiating pay fixation, protection of pay -- withdrawal of wrong clarifications by BSNL: Thousands of JTOs, JAOs, SDEs, AOs officiated in higher post during DoT and BSNL period prior to the clarification are facing reduction in pay by one or two increments and recovery of lakhs of rupees due to EPP clarification dated 19.02.2010 and 30.05.2007. After lot of deliberations, now mgt assured that necessary steps will be taken to correct both the clarifications. The process is already on as assured to us. This is one of the major achievements due to the agitation.

30% superannuation benefits. At our Jaipur AIC, CMD assured 6% contribution to begin with. Earlier in 2014, the CMD assured 4%. But there was no conscience as some are insisting for 12%. Mgt later on made a proposal of 3% in a meeting held on 19.02.16 in which SNEA was not present. Since much opposition was not there from the participants like the demand of full 12% in the meeting, mgt gone ahead with the proposal. The proposal of 3% is now approved by BSNL Board. On our strong protest mgt decided to review the contribution, CMD and DIR(HR) assured us. 4% and 6% proposals not agreed demanding full 12% but finally compromised for 3% in our absence without any protest!.

Promotions in various cadres: All the promotions JTO to SDE, SDE to DE, JAO to AO, AO to CAO, SDE to EE are stayed by various courts. To expedite the JTO to SDE case at Ernakulum, as per our request, BSNL engaged senior lawyer from Hon Supreme Court. We are trying for early hearing of the case. The stay on declaration of LDCE result was vacated by the CAT, Chandigargh and after Assn intervention, the results declared. However stay continuing on promotion. Seniority cum fitness and LDCE promotions are progressing parallel for the vacancies upto 2013-14. The LDCE also notified upto 2013-14, exams will be held yearwise as per the notified schedule. LDCE case along with the case on SDE to DE promotion is listed for 08.07.2016. SDE to DE promotions also, APARs kept ready. JAO to AO promotion and CAO promotion is listed for 12.07.2016. Assn pursuing all the cases in different courts. At all level, Assn is for the SDE RR provisions where vacancy yearwise promotions are envisaged. Unfortunately Hon SC didn’t accepted this fact eventhough BSNL filed the SLPs along with affected parties. We will maintain our stand that date of joining cannot be the criteria to decide the seniority in any cadre, JTO, JAO, SDE, DE  etc. The seniority of the remaining SDEs from list 9 onwards will be finalised as per the latest DoPT OM dated 04.03.2014 in which seniority will be assigned as per vacancy year, according to the quota, reiterating the earlier position(DoPT withdrawn the clarification on date of joining). Due to the multiplicity of the litigation, the only viable alternative is CPSU Hierarchy.

Notional pay of E1A and E2A for Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS cadres w.e.f 01.10.2000: Our Kanyakumari AIC decided to work for uniform promotion policy and uniform pay scales for all the Executives, irrespective of wings. On TB promotions, we could achieve it through EPP. On functional promotion, it will be achieved through CPSU hierarchy. On pay scales, still we are struggling. But we could make a breakthrough on 17.05.2016 when SNEA got an assurance from CMD that this anomaly will be resolved. This is another achievement of our recent agitation.

The meeting decided to work unitedly to



EE Civil to SE Civil Post based promotion - Calling for VC reg.


Govt. pushes for divestment, list on July 5....The meeting will recommend strategic disinvestment only in non-contentious government companies; Air-India, which is now reporting operating profits, and BSNL, among the top three loss-making public sector units, will not be considered.... View Media Report.


View Media Reports:


Editorial (Part II)

Membership verification- Let us get on our toes and start gearing up fully to get critical HR issues whose resolution is getting inordinately delayed resolved. Legitimacy and recognition will accelerate resolution of these issues. Real litmus to demonstrate our unity and solidarity.


During the past couple of years very strange developments started occurring as far as projection and resolution of long pending HR issues is concerned. It is not that only consensus eluded on resolution of these issues, but a very strange kind of environment of mistrust and suspicion started building up and slowly and slowly the situation deteriorated to such an extent where the management for very obvious reasons started playing in the name of this and that.

As far as we are concerned, we were quite transparent and consistent in our stand on resolution of HR issues, be it standard pay scales for basic cadres of JTOs/JAOs, SDE/AOs, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, superannuation benefits, pay anomalies, uniformity in RRs for all the streams etc.etc. Never at any point of time did we digress from our established and well conceived and defined stand on resolution of these issues.

However, we were astonished to find 180% phase shift on resolution of these issues from certain quarters and that is where the management got an excellent opportunity to play and derail resolution of these issues. That however has not surprised us. What has astonished us is that where clear and unambiguous consensus was reached to resolve some critical issues, U turns have been taken and issues which would and should have got resolved are lingering.

Thus when, in the name of complete lack of consensus, the management started playing and issues which were so close to resolution got derailed, we were forced to come out very strongly and vocally in favour of determining who holds majority opinion. It is exclusively in the context of resolution of issues that we decided to push for deciding who holds majority opinion. Otherwise, things were getting murkier day by day and resolution of issues was and is getting defeated. 

Thus Comrades, we have to strive to get distinct recognition and legitimacy that enables us to push forward resolution of issues. We have a well defined and articulated agenda and perspective on HR issues finalized after very elaborate and brain storming discussions. To help us accomplish our set HR goals and also to ensure that we continue with having a vital say in shaping the future state of affairs of the Company and to keep our eyes set on exponential growth of the Company, we need a majority mandate. We would have loved to work in close unison with other Associations for resolution of HR issues as well as growth of the Company but sadly and unfortunately things have reached a stage where it looks quite unlikely and hence the need of demanding who holds majority mandate became almost inevitable for us in the larger and wider context of resolution of HR issues.

Thus Comrades, it is high and appropriate time that we commence our journey right now and work strenuously, straining our nerves and explaining elaborately the historic role of this Association in achieving all major HR breakthroughs in DOT as well as BSNL, also elaborately mentioning unparalleled and singular role of this Association on issues relating to growth and viability of BSNL. This membership verification is surely going to be a real litmus test for each and every comrade of SNEA to demonstrate his conviction, commitment and determination to uplift the cadres of Executives as well as keep the Company glowing. Let us live to our history and yet again demonstrate our resilience. 


Rs.1800/- per month is paid to project Vijay team in CM wing to FM and RM and Rs. 1400 /- in UDAN team as a reimbursement charges to visit and follow up.
As per BSNL h/q the reimbursement scheme was approved up to Sept 2015. After that even after lapse of 8 months no extension of the scheme was issued by BSNL h/q. We took up the matter with restructuring cell to extend the scheme which is required for field Executives for achieving the targets from 1/10/2015.
Matter was discussed and Restructuring cell will shortly issue extension of the scheme w e from 1/10/2015 benefitting all members of Project Vijay and Udan team working across the country.


View Corporate Office orders:


View Media Reports:


Replacement of intermediary pay scales with standard pay scales of E2, E3...... w.e.f 01.01.2007:
GS met Sri Amit Yadav, Joint Secretary (Admn.), DoT and held discussion on the matter. Association explained the issue in detail. The entry level pay scales of E1A and E2A are not approved by DOT being intermediary pay scales. It has been rejected by the DPE also. Now BSNL management proposed to replace the scales with standard pay scales of E2 and E3. Maximum Executives are BSNL Direct recruits and hence DoT do not have any further pension liability. For getting best talent from the market, minimum E2 scale is required. In the last Direct recruits, more than 4 lakhs Engineering Graduates applied and only 2500 selected. For motivation of the new recruits, better pay scales required. Other CPSU like BHEL, NTPC etc, similar pay scales replaced with next higher scale.On query about the financial implications, it was explained that annual additional expenditure is about 46 CR. Total expenditure from 2007 is 380.6 Cr including pay and pension contributions.
After discussion, JT Secretary informed that the matter will be examined in detail by the section. Association requested to expedite the process as 3rd PRC is already constituted. We will further pursue the matter vigourously in the coming days.

It is gathered that there is a strong thinking in DoT for keeping the matter pending since 3rd PRC is constituted. This has to be fought and defeated. BSNL simply shifted the onus to DoT to stop agitation even without taking the matter to Board. We will further pursue the matter vigorously in the coming days.


Superannuation benefits to BSNL Direct recruits:
GS, CHQ President and Chairman met Sri S K Jain, DDG (Estt.) and held discussion on the subject. After discussion he informed us that the superannuation benefits issue is not dealt by Establishment section. It has to be dealt by Admin section. BSNL send the proposal wrongly to Establishment section of DOT. He suggested that BSNL may send fresh proposal to Admin section. After enquiry it is come to know that proposal is lying in pension section. On our request, DDG agreed to mark the proposal to Admin section.


Developments on 78.2% IDA fitment for the Pensioners:
It is understood that yesterday, Union Cabinet discussed the proposal in the Cabinet Meeting. However it deferred the decision for collecting further information. In addition to 78.2%, another important proposal of waiver of 60:40 condition is also part of the Cabinet Memo. We will be further pursuing the matter.


GS writes to DIR (HR) regarding LDCE from Group C to JTO (Elect) conducted on 27.03.2016 and result declared on 31.03.2016.   Sending the selected candidates for training...View Letter Copy.

GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding Bifurcation of AP Circle into AP and Telangana Circles and posting of DGMS from the recent promotion list.... View Letter Copy.


CS and CHQ Office bearers meeting at New Delhi on 09.07.2016 in connection with membership verification.

All CSs to bring the data in the format mailed earlier. Details of CEC and SSA level meetings held so far also may be updated. Tour of CHQ office bearers will be finalised accordingly.


Editorial (Part I)

Biggest battle on hand - getting terms of reference of 3rd PRC amended to delink wage revision from profitability and ensuring pension revision as part of the terms of reference -– vested interest bureaucracy will have to be shaken from its mighty citadels to incorporate this fundamental and realistic amendment. SNEA will have to be yet again the marshalling force in NCOA to lead this formidable struggle. 

While NCOA, and within NCOA, SNEA, was instrumental and undoubtedly and decisively key force, in forcing the Government to constitute 3rd PRC for CPSU wage revision. In so far as terms of reference of the 3rd PRC are concerned, it really makes no sense unless a basic and realistic amendment in the terms of reference of the wage committee to delink the wage revision from profitability of CPSU is incorporated in the terms of reference of the wage committee. SNEA from the platform of NCOA started the onerous task of forcing the bureaucracy to get 3rd PRC constituted more than two years before and since then has been struggling against all the odds to get the wage committee constituted and never drifted in its focus and commitment till finally Government decided to constitute it.

However, without fundamental amendment in the terms of reference to delink wage revision from profitability, wage committee and its recommendations are going to be merely ornamental and cosmetic since more than 80% of the CPSUs would be out of purview of wage revision in that case. Yes, timely intervention of NCOA and spectacular unity exhibited by the affiliates of NCOA defeated the initial diabolical thinking in the Government to disintegrate and create ripples in the unity of Executives of CPSUs by delaying the constitution of wage committee in order to give complete freedom and flexibility to the respective managements of CPSUs to decide and finalize wage revision. Yes, NCOA defeated this sinister move of the Government forcing the Government to legitimately constitute 3rd PRC. This undoubtedly has been a landmark breakthrough for NCOA, particularly SNEA.

Without NCOA taking a very tough and unrelenting organizational stand and adopting a well drafted strategy, bureaucracy would have succeeded in its ulterior motives of dividing the unity of Executives of CPSUs by deciding to allow respective CPSUs to decide their own yardstick for wage revision. And if left unchecked and allowed to succeed, such a preposterous move would have wrecked havoc and fragmented the unity of Executives and CPSUs too. This further would have facilitated the Government to execute its long cherished dirty designs of disinvesting and eventually selling these behemoths of Indian economy and symbols of National sovereignty.        

Having accomplished this breathtaking breakthrough, we have even more challenging and arduous task at our hand- forcing the bureaucracy to treat CPSUs at par with Central Government employees and adopt the same yardstick in so far as fitment criterion is concerned. Viewing developments in a hard and realistic perspective, one cannot escape inferring and concluding that contribution of CPSUs towards strengthening Indian economy and in building basic infrastructure blocks of growth of Nation building has not been only spectacular but really unparalleled. Massive political corruption, strong nexus between politicians, bureaucrats and the mafia has wrecked havoc on these bedrocks of Nations growth and economy. Be it Coal, Power, Telecom, Civil aviation, Heavy industries etc. etc, massive corruption has undermined growth of CPSUs and hence there is just no rationale, strength and legitimacy in linking our wage revision to profitability. Doing this is just illegitimate and that is where our job lies - in exposing and publicly propagating vigorously and vociferously what is generally known to the Indian public by now. Not an easy job but yes given the fact that today Indian public is generally aware of how these strategic units of Country’s growth have been systematically degenerated and decayed by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, our job is not all too difficult.

Similarly, the pension revision for the BSNL absorbed employees didn’t find place in the terms of reference of the Pay Revision Committee eventhough DoT was specifically demanded for it. The pension revision has to be automatic as in the case of Govt employees, delinking it from the pay revision of the serving employees. This amendment also to be incorporated in the terms of reference of the 3rd Pay Revision Committee.

Thus Comrades, our real struggle to force the Government to immediately revisit the terms of reference finalized by it and incorporate basic and rational amendment to delink wage revision from profitability and pension revision for the BSNL absorbed employees now starts and we have to get tough to such an extent that we have to ensure that 3rd PRC does not commence even elementary deliberations unless this fundamental amendment is incorporated. It is only after we succeed in forcing the Government to introduce this critical amendment that the deliberations and submitting of memoranda etc. etc. to 3rd PRC will have meaning and objectivity. Otherwise, deliberations and submitting of memoranda is going to be a lame duck affair, completely devoid of any relevance and objectivity.

This is undoubtedly going to be the most daunting struggle since bureaucracy needs to be shaken in order to look at the entire gamut of issues relating to CPSUs in a pragmatic and realistic manner and the hard reality is that CPSUs wage revision has to be analogous to 7th CPC in terms of not linking wage revision of CPSUs to profitability like 7th CPC. They cannot close their eyes to the realities that have jeopardized growth of CPSUs and if they close, we will have to force open their eyes to peep at hard ground realities. That is where the role and struggle from the platform of NCOA assumes greatest significance and even greater and critical will be the role of SNEA in marshalling the struggle and taking it to its logical conclusion of delinking wage revision from profitability.