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Strike by Central trade Unions on 02nd September, 2015.

Central Trade unions are going for one day strike on 02.09.2015. The strike is against the anti employee policies of the Govt, against disinvestment of CPSUs, minimum wages hike for the labourers etc.

SNEA(I) decided to provide Solidarity support to the strike by joining the demonstrations with the striking employees.



BSNL’s growth momentum will captivate ensuing Jaipur AIC.

With 3rd PRC at doorsteps and resolution of critical impending issues of standard E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy, 30% superannuation benefits, crossing the deadly red zone is not only important but a must.

Jaipur AIC is being held very close on the heels of constitution of 3rd PRC. Visualized against that critical background, and also the fact that resolution of impending critical HR issues like taking the issue of replacing non standard pay scales for JTOs/SDES and equivalent cadres by by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 to its logical conclusion, putting in place sound mechanism of CPSU cadre hierarchy holistically and getting abnormally delayed issue of resolution of 30% superannuation benefits addressed, how critically significant our timing of AIC is, and more than that what is crucial is to work out how and in what manner we are to come up with a very concrete strategy and plan of action, within a very limited time frame of about 15 months that we have at hand, to get the Company out of the lethal red lines that it is surrounded by at the moment. Creating that situation is not only necessary but a very basic and  inescapable ingredient and prerequisite to get an audience before 3rd PRC. Otherwise, literally speaking, we are bound to be out of purview of 3Rd PRC.

We have had the distinction of being the first CPSU to have got 2nd PRC implemented in 2009, even though our profit lines were fast declining by 2009. Thereafter we strenuously struggled to get 78.2% IDA fitment in 2013 when we had registered huge losses. However, thereafter our losses have been steadily accumulating and today our accumulated losses stand at incredibly staggering Rs 25,000 crores, with depreciation.    

Given the determination and profound commitment of the trade unions and the workforce in BSNL, wiping out or considerably scaling down the losses is not at all an impossible task. In this entire arduous endeavour of revival of the Company, SNEA has to be at the centre stage in so far as drawing up a blue print for revival and its implementation is concerned. Otherwise, frankly speaking the whole thing will go haywire. We have to focus on creating a perfect level playing field to compete, besides getting intensely focussed on real issues that will spurt growth.

We have been put to test in the past on numerous occasions to face challenging situation and it is a matter of great pride for us that on each occasion we emerged with flying colours. Our fundamentals are pretty strong - massive infrastructure that we have, our expertise, our talent and huge manpower are our great inherent strengths on which we have to consolidate and build up. We adequately and successfully demonstrated our strength on various occasions in adverse conditions - in Leh, Uttarkhand, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Visakhapatnam, Srinagar etc etc. In those disastrous situations we worked overnight to restore the services, when our so called competitors fled away and left people high and dry.

Our dedication, hard work, toughness to cross the river by hook or crook, come what may, is eventually going to decide where we shall be landing in so far as looking forward to getting 3rd PRC implemention is concerned. Not only getting 3rd PRC is a matter of concern, but more than that is retaining what we are getting as of now.   Our existing promotions, perks, medical facilities, pension revision, everything is depending upon our performance during the next two years. We already missed Performance Related Pay (PRP) during 2nd PRC itself.

New Management has come out with some bold initiatives. “Free night call facility for landline” and “Free roaming for mobile customers” are two bold marketing initiatives taken by the Management recently. When private operators are facing the brunt of “call drops” more than BSNL, it is a divine opportunity for BSNL. BSNL services are better in many ways and “free roaming facility” has given a boost to it. Now we have to capitalise on that. The report for the month of July is very encouraging. BSNL become number one operator in adding mobile connections in July, pushing Airtel and Vodafone down. The mobile revenue also increased by 3.5%. In landline sector more than ten Circles has reported positive growth. These are all very encouraging inputs. If the remaining Circles are also coming up with same enthusiasm and commitment, then BSNL revival will be on the right track and it can be again positioned as a market player and profit making PSU.

Performance of last two months demonstrates our commitment and concern for the company and our strength to make it profitable by 2017. Our hard work and commitment will take us to the next PRC. No doubt, we will not miss it.

If we miss the 3rd PRC in 2017, we are missing all the benefits for another 10 years up to 2027, we should not forget that crucial fact. In that case the mental trauma, de-motivation, demoralisation, and industrial unrest that will eventually erupt is going to create havoc on us as well as the Company. The Company will be in shambles.

Other important issues are following up standard E2, E3 pay scales, CPSU cadre hierarchy, 30% superannuation benefits. Positive recommendation from the Joint Committee on E2, E3 pay scales has to be single-mindedly and vigorously pursued before BSNL Board and DoT to get the issue resolved once for all before the next PRC. This will boost the morale of the young recruits and the future recruits also. Joint Committee has already submitted the broad contours regarding implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy and this broadly spelt out road map has to be fine tuned in order to make the mechanism practically implementable. That is yet another big challenge requiring a brainstorming discussion. This revolutionary and innovative mechanism of HR growth will give a new direction to our career growth, provided company grows. The pensionary benefits and social security to the BSNL direct recruits are to be addressed comprehensively even by taking some risk in negotiations. To introduce the mechanism without further delay is very important, that also with reasonable amount of contribution. The shortcomings in the recognition rules are to be addressed and the membership verification has to be completed without any delay. All out efforts is required in this direction.

Yes, these are the formidable challenges that need to be addressed holistically in the ensuing AIC through threadbare discussions and resolutions. At the core of the agenda has to be exclusively revival of BSNL. And last but not the least is that this AIC should bring us more united than ever before. We should emerge out as the strongest and unified force in this AIC. Each one of us has an enormous responsibility on his shoulders to forge complete unity and extraordinary solidarity. With that in mind, in unwavering and absolute terms, we should be treading towards Jaipur.


GS writes to DIR(HR) on counting MTNL stay for calculating the saty in MH Circle.
GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding the pay anomaly of TTAs recruited as JTOs as Dept outsider.
GS letter to DIR(HR) on MTNL stayGS letter on pay anomaly of Dept outsider JTOs


Massive Dharna to be held at Corporate Office, Circle and District levels on 16.09.2015, against Subsidiary Tower Company formation.

The Forum meeting which met today, has taken the decision to conduct massive Dharna at the Corporate Office, Circle and SSA levels, against the decision of the Cabinet for formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. The meeting insisted that the government should give up it’s decision to form Subsidiary Tower Company. The meeting also decided to mobilise more than 1000 comrades in the Dharna to be conducted at the BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi. All Circle and District secretaries are requested to organise the Dharna very effectively.


Senior leader Com S. Venkataraman retired on superannuation today, 31.08.2015. He was Circle Secretary, CHTD for years together. He served the association at various capacities as AGS, CWC member etc and made valuable contribution. SNEA(I) extends him and his family best wishes and a very peaceful retired life.