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Beloved and untiring heroes of Kerala Circle- your incredible determination and valour has left us all awestruck and stunned. We are amazed at the depths of your strength, your conviction, your undying spirit and legitimacy of your heroic struggle to expose and defeat nepotism and autocratic functioning so as to safeguard values and mechanisms that you hold so dear and close to your chest and which have undoubtedly contributed towards spectacular growth of Kerala Circle.

Dearest Comrades we are conveying you this message on behalf of each and every Comrade of our Association throughout the Country and the message is loud and clear - that each one of us will stand solidly with you to defeat ruthless   victimization let loose by CGM/Kerala and which you have been enduring and taking on your shoulders for the last about two months, with toughest and extraordinarily formidable courage, hitherto unseen and unheard off. Beloved Comrades, we have just no words to reciprocate your valour. The message is, yes, each one of us will stand with you like a rock and shed every drop of his blood to defeat wrath let loose by CGM whose rationality and reason is clouded by extraneous considerations, no matter what happens in the process to the model circle of growth of BSNL of which everyone in BSNL is proud of.
When the struggle is for a cause and has total legitimacy, victimization is an act of desperation and is resorted to by those who have no interest in growth of the Organization and deliberately do not visualize the long term, grave and irreversible implications of victimization on growth and development, and that too of a highly fertile circle like Kerala. The issue of transfer and posting is a corollary of tough stand taken by us to strongly oppose reopening of some critical policy decisions to safeguard the legitimate interests of Kerala Circle. That those critical issues are being sidetracked and the issue is being projected as one of transfers is baseless and will not stand scrutiny. Our timely intervention and opposition towards certain arbitrary decisions to reopen some settled issues has undoubtedly resulted in mass scale transfers in contravention of transfer policy. The genesis of our struggle is basically our tough stand on not allowing compromising legitimate interests of BSNL. Top management of BSNL has to understand this basic fact and act.
Comrades, CGM has victimized hundreds and hundreds of our comrades so far. Let him victimize thousands and thousands but that will not deter our caravan from marching ahead. Let CGM continue ruthless victimization, our march will continue and our determination and conviction to face ruthless victimization and continue our march will get more resolute. That is what the history of struggle and that too of a democratic and legitimate struggle tells us. Repressive measures have never, never been able to silence just and legitimate struggle of workers committed to safeguard the interests of their place of bread and butter. Go ahead fearlessly and continue your march fearlessly in the face of ruthless victimization.


GS Writes to CMD regarding
Postponement of two days huger fast in protest against continuing indiscriminate victimization of members of SNEA(I)/Kerala by CGM Kerala commencing from 1000 Hrs of 24th July by CHQ office bearers at BSNL CO to 31st July, 2014 and one day hunger strike at all Circle HQs on 31st July, 2014. 

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Retention of DEs in Chennai TD: GS, President and AGS met Sri A. N. Rai, CMD, BSNL on 25.07.2014 and requested for retention of all the DEs till DE regular and DGM promotions are over. GS explained that most of the DEs retained in CHTD are very seniors as per seniority also. Due to retirement and anticipated DGM promotions, large no of DE vacancies will arise in CHTD. Once DE Regular and DGM promotions are over, maximum DEs can be posted to CHTD and remaining can be transferred to other SSAs as per seniority.


VC for DE promotion: Still 886 VC’s are pending from the circles as on 24.07.2014. Details: AP-29, AS-30, BBNW-02, BR-03,  GUJ-03, ITPC-02, J&K-13, JKD-6, KOLTD-10, KTK-214, MH-10, MP-05, NE-05, NE-II- 23, NETF- 03, NTR-39, OR-13, PB-10, QA-10, RAJ-17, STP-8, TN-03, T&D-03, UPE-50, UPW- 58, WB-05, Untraceable-299. The details of untracesble cases like expired / retired /vrs /not wkg in the circle etc to be intimated directly to DPC section by Circles. Otherwise vacancies will be unnecessarily reserved for each untraceable cases.
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Developments on Kerala issue: Meeting between Kerala Circle Administration and our Association took place today on the charter of demands. During the marathon discussion for more than 3 and half hours, Assn provided important inputs on various contentious issues. A final decision on various issues will be taken within two days.    

In the meantime as a goodwill gesture, the public rally to CGMT office in the banner of “Samara Sahaya Samithi” scheduled for 25.07.14 deferred to 30.07.2014. The Relay hunger strike will be continuing till all issues are resolved.


JTO to SDE promotion – seniority case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam: In continuation of our discussion with CMD, BSNL on 23.07.2014, GS and AGSs met GM(EStt) and discussed engaging a senior lawyer at Ernakulam on 31.07.2014 or sending a Sr lawyer from Delhi. GM(Estt) informed that as directed by CMD, he had spoken to CGMT/Kerala Circle in this regard. CMD directed CGMT to ensure that senior lawyer is present on 31.07.2014. CGMT assured BSNLCO that he will ensure Sr lawyer will be representing BSNL in the case on 31.07.2014.


Attention Circle Secretaries,

All CSs are requested to ensure the furnishing of fresh Vigilance status of the eligible JTOs in respect of whom the earlier furnished vigilance status has expired as on date to Corporate Office before 16-08-2014 

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View Corporate office Instructions:

JTO to  SDE T Promotion under  seniority  quota -  Furnishing  current VC status reg.

SDE Tenure transfer order reg.


Standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc: DoT intimated the decision of DPE on the BSNL proposal of intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A to CMD, BSNL. DPE earlier rejected the proposal of E1A and E2A. Now Assn will pursue the implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 --- E7 for the Executives in BSNL. Last few months Assn vigorously pursued the matter in DoT and DPE and met all the concerned officers in DoT and DPE including Secretary/DPE, Jt Sec/DPE, Jt Sec/DoT etc and ensured that DPE is not approving the proposal of E1A and E2A send by BSNL through DoT.

This is one of the major step for implementation of standard pay scales in BSNL which SNEA(I) pursuing with top most priority with the support of all the Executives.


Meeting with CMD, BSNL: GS and President met Sri A. N. Rai, CMD, BSNL and held discussions on the ongoing agitation in Kerala Circle for the last 29 days. CMD informed us that appropriate instructions are already issued to Sri MSS Rao, CGMT/Kerala to resolve the issues immediately. CMD was very unhappy due to the fact that even after strict instructions, vindictive actions are continued by the CGMT. CMD further told us that since instructions are already issued by BSNLCO, Assn may reconsider the programme of hunger strike at BSNLCO from tomorrow and facilitate the dialogue. GS and President explained the compelling reasons to start agitation programmes at CHQ level as situation in Kerala is worsening day by day due to vindictive actions. CMD assured that no further vindictive actions will be taken by the CGMT like charge sheet, memo, dies-non, second medical opinion etc and CGMT is directed to invite Assn for discussion and resolution of all issues. Assn assured that SNEA(I) will respond very positively in case CGMT is ready to resolve the issues.

On JTO to SDE promotion case, Assn requested CMD that BSNL to engage a senior lawyer from Delhi to defend the case at Ernakulam as Kerala Circle repeatedly failed to defend the case properly. CMD assured that he will give proper directions to Pers section and GM(Estt) holding the charge of GM(Pers) in this regard.

Before meeting CMD, GS, President, both AGSs and CS/CO met GM(SR). GM(SR) informed that CMD decided to issue appropriate instructions today itself to CGMT/Kerala to discuss all the issues with the Association and resolve them. This is in addition to the instructions already conveyed to CGMT telephonically by CMD. CGMT is asked to give a report in three days time. Since CMD already intervened in the matter, CMD desires that the letter for holding two days hunger strike at BSNLCO to be reconsidered. GS and President explained the compelling reasons to start agitation programmes at CHQ level as situation in Kerala is worsening day by day due to vindictive actions. GM(SR) suggested to postpone the programmes for few days to facilitate the dialogue and resolution of the issues.  

CGMT invited SNEA(I)/KRL for discussions today A/N itself but for the convenience of the Assn, meeting postponed to tomorrow A/N.

In order to have a conducive atmosphere for discussion and resolution of the issues, the hunger strike at BSNL CO on 24th and 25th postponed to 31st July and 01st August, 2014.

All Circles to hold one day hunger strike at Circle HQs on 31st July, 2014 in solidarity and support of our Kerala Comrades.


View Corporate office order:

Preparatory work for promotion to AGM on regular basis and requirement of ACRs - Reminder.

SDE TF Transfer order.



Two days hunger fast commencing from 1000 Hrs of 24th July by CHQ office bearers at BSNL CO in solidarity and support of our Kerala Comrades and to protest against continuing indiscriminate victimization of members of SNEA(I)/Kerala by CGM Kerala instead of resolving the issues.

View Copy of the letter.


Samara Sahaya Samathi formed at Trivandrum on 22.07.2014 under the Chairmanship of Com. V. Sivankutty  M.L.A and took over the responsibility of the democratic Struggle in Kerala.


In the meeting Com. P.V Chandra Sekharan, All India Secretary, AIBDPA, CITU Secretary Com.  Madhu V.K, INTUC Leader Sri. Muhammad Iqbal, AITUC Leader Com. Pattom Sasidharan, Secretary General of Confederation Central Govt. Employees  Com.M.Krishnan, ACS  BSNLEU Com. Santhosh Kumar, FNTO Leader Com. V.Viswakumaran Nair and leaders of FSETO, CCLU , KGOA, KUEU, PSCEU, KMCSU, KSTA, AKGCTA, NGO Union, BEFI, AIBEA, AIBDPA, AIBSNLPWA, AIBSNLPWA, NFPE, AIBDPA, NFPE, NGOU (S),  KGNA, KSTA, LFSA, All Kerala Private College Teachers Association and Com.R.Rajan, CHQ Treasurer attended.

Samara Sahaya Samathi announced its first action as Massive demonstration on 25th July 2014 with mass participation of all their members.


GS and President met GM(SR) and briefed him about the latest developments in Kerala Circle. GM(SR) told us that CMD is very seriously intervened in the matter.


The SLP on seniority list no 6 & 7 listed for hearing on 22.07.2014 in the Hon Supreme Court was not taken up today as constitution bench was sitting. The case will be listed for hearing on every Tuesday in the Hon SC.


JTO to SDE promotion: The ACRs and VCs are under scrutiny at BSNLCO. All CSs are requested to ensure that all the VCs and ACRs are dispatched by Circle.

VC for DE promotion: 126 VCs received from KRL-65, GUJ-14, HP-08, NTR-2, JKD-03, ITPC-03, QA-16, WTP-3, NETF-3, ETR-1.

DGM Adhoc pending VC cases are 386.  All C/S are requested to expedite the VCs.


Massive victimization of members of this Association by CGM/Kerala because of firm and sustained opposition of the Association towards waiving off/reducing penalty of Rs 30 crores, by present CGM/Kerala, imposed against Nortel, vendor for GSM expansion, in the year 2011, in conformity with stipulated contractual obligations, for its abnormal delay in implementing phase 1V GSM expansion- Benign and expeditious intervention solicited
GS Writes to Hon. Minister of Communication - View Copy of Letter


Yet another glaring and calibrated move of present CGMT / Kerala Circle to review penalty levied on M/s Nortel during 2012 and 2013 for its abject failure to meet contractual obligations to provide AMC for phase 1V (76 days) and phase 1V.5 (628 days) GSM expansion projects in Kerala Circle....GS Writes to CMD...View Copy of the letter.


Standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc: The DPE letter negating the BSNL proposal of E1A and E2A reached DoT. DoT will communicate the decision of DPE to BSNL shortly. SNEA(I) is pursuing the matter in DoT.


Relay hunger strike by our Kerala Comrades continues for the 28th day: In protest against the vindictive action of Sri MSS Rao, GM who is looking after as CGM/Kerala, yesterday our Kerala comrades taken Mass leave. According to the information about 1300 Executives were on leave maintaining skelton services. Services are badly affected and according to CDR, more than 70,000 complaints are pending yesterday in KRL Circle alone where as other Circles in the South have less than 15,000 complaints each. Congrats comrades, keep it up and continue the fight for the dignity of the prestigious Circle, for a better working environment, against corruption, against humiliation, harassment and vindictive attitude of Sri MSS Rao.


Transfer of Posting order of AGMs reg.


Improving BSNL functioning a priority: Centre... View Media Report.


Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3,……. E7 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A, E2A for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres up to SGJAG as per the understanding reached between BSNL Management and SNEA(I) on 18th & 19th March, 2014 reg – GS writes to CMD…. View Copy of the letter.


GS writes to Director HR regarding the Sympathetic consideration of the pay anomaly of TTAs recruited as JTOs in 2009 as Departmental Outsider in the Direct Recruitment quota... View Copy of the letter.


VC for DE promotion: About 170 VC received from BR, CTS, ETR, HP, MH, MP, NE-1, STP, WTR CIRCLES. Still 1041 VC’s (379 VC for 2011-12, 293 for 2012-13 and 513 for 2013-14) are pending from the circles. Details: A&N- 6, AP-29, AS-30, GUJ-14, HP-10, J&K-22, JKD-6, KOLTD-6, KRL 52, KTK-224, MH-24, MP-11, NE-II- 23, NETF- 5, NTR-41, OR-13, PB-10, QA-26, RAJ-20, STP-9, UPE-51, UPW- 59, WB-6, Untraceable-292.

All the circle secretaries are requested to go through the list and make all possible efforts to get the VC latest this week itself so that the DPC can be completed before the expiry of the other VCs on 18.08.2014. Click for pending list>>>>
DE to DGM VC also may be expedited.


Relay hunger strike by our Kerala Comrades continues for the 27th day: SNEA(I) Kerala Circle to boycott  the Regional cultural meet proposed to be held on 24th and 25th July 2014.

All CHQ office bearers should be ready to come to New Delhi  on a very short notice.



View Media Reports:
MTNL turns profitable at Rs 7,825 crore, BSNL loss at Rs 7,085 crore.
Telecom department may levy weighted spectrum usage charge for all airwaves held by telecom operators.
TRAI may oppose the proposal of telecom department for cap on shared airwaves in a circle.


BSNLEU Kerala circle conducted demonstrations on 18.07.2014 at all SSA Head Quarters in support of the ongoing agitation demanding the administration to settle the Agitation which is presently affecting the services. We extend sincere thanks to BSNLEU for their solidarity.


View Media Reports:

GS writes to CMD regarding the Casual approach of CGMT, Kerala Circle in dealing with the court case related to JTO to SDE promotion irrespective of strong direction from BSNLCO...... View Copy of the letter.


View Corporate Office orders:

Transfer and Posting order in the grade of EE civil.

Recovery of Prequisite Tax from Gr A officers of Govt of India working in BSNL reg.

Implementation of Hon SC judgement  to implement the provisions of Persons With Disabilities act 1995 reg.

RH on 17-02-2015 for Mahasivaratri reg



Why Should We Choose BSNL as our Telecom Operator ?

BSNL Withdrawn some STV / Combo Packs in Prepaid Mobile Services

BSNL Offers Voice Only Facility on Fiber to Home Services in Karnataka.

BSNL Reduces Installation Charges for Closed Customers on Reconnection in AP Circle.

BSNL introduces VDSL Unlimited Broadband Plans at FMC Rs 1745, Rs 2845 and Rs 3445.


Relay hunger strike by our Kerala Comrades continues for the 24th day---.

As CMD/BSNL and DIR(CFA) intervened in the matter, Assn restrained itself from aggravating the situation as requested by them. But the arrogant CGMT Sri MSS Rao is continuing his vindictive actions like issuing dies non to the comrades availing leave and participating in the hunger strike, video graphing the agitating comrades including lady comrades which created wide spread criticism about his motives, issuing memos, transfers etc which cannot be tolerated. But this gimmicks did not demoralize the valiant comrades and the hunger strike is continuing for the 24th day. The services are severely affected. SSA Heads are closing thousands of complaint dockets without attending the fault. We are confident that CMD/BSNL and DIR/CFA will resolve the issues without any delay.


If the issues are not resolved in another few days, Assn is planning for All India agitation as decided in the CWC. All CHQ office bearers should be ready to come to New Delhi next week on a very short notice.


Meeting with Sri Anupam Srivastava: GS and President met Sri Anupam Srivastava and discussed the alleged corrupt activities of Sri MSS Rao, CGMT Kerala in the Nortel penalty waving case. He had formed committees after committee to get a favourable report to reduce the 30 Cr penalty imposed by earlier CGMT in 2011 based on the recommendation of a high level committee. DIR(CM) categorically told that there is no instruction from BSNLCO to review any penalty and if CGM is doing so, it is his own decision only. Now matter is under examination by CM cell and appropriate action will be taken.

Assn categorically told that all his corrupt activities and transfer of GMs, DGMs and Executives who are not supporting his corrupt activities will be fully exposed by the Assn. As a result he is becoming more and more vindictive day by day. But ultimately he has to pay the price for his corrupt activities and provocative actions.

The profit theory of Mr MSS Rao is not his contribution but because of the smart tariff revision by BSNLCO. The tariff revision alone given 143 Cr additional revenue in CFA (72 Cr in basic phone + 71 Cr in broadband) and about 120 Cr in CM segment. If the tariff revision was not happened, then the profit would have been about 150 Cr instead of 411 cr as boosted by Mr Rao.


Amendments to the new Recognition rules, 2014 for Membership verification: BSNL constituted a committee with Sri M C Choube, ED(CN) as Chairman and Sri A. K. Jain, CGM/NTP, Sri Neeraj Verma, GM(SR) and Sri R K Goyal, GM(EStt) as members to examine the proposals of amendments in the Recognition Rules, 2014. SNEA(I) demanded amendments of some important provisions before the commencement of verification which will be examined by the committee shortly.


JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam. The OA was listed for “Final disposal” on 16.07.14. However it is learned that BSNL lawyer sought adjournment as senior lawyer engaged by BSNL was out of station. Assn will be taking up the issue with the top BSNL Management, the lack of interest shown by Kerala CGMT in ensuring the appearance of Senior lawyer in the court when the case was listed one month back itself. When BSNLCO is eagerly waiting for the outcome of the case after completing all the preparatory works for promotions, the stand of CGMT Kerala even defying the repeated instructions of BSNLCO and DIR(HR) is astonishing.  

The SLP filed by BSNL and all other connected SLPs on Rule 206 seniority is listed for final hearing in the Hon Supreme Court on 17.07.2014.



BSNL Increases Landline Free Calls upto 300% for Own Network without Hike in Rental Charges.

BSNL Introduces New STV for Friends & Family with Longer Validity in GSM Prepaid Mobile Service.

BSNL Kerala Announced Ramzan Special STVs with Full Talk time Offer.

BSNL Tamilnadu Offers Radiation Free GSM Phone @ just Rs.1000 with 12500 Seconds Free Talktime every month.


JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam: The OA  listed today for “Final disposal” is posted on 31-07-2014.


JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam. The OA is listed for “Final disposal” for tomorrow, 16.07.14 as item No 40.

The SLP filed by BSNL and all other connected SLPs on Rule 206 seniority is coming up for final hearing in the Hon Supreme Court tomorrow.



All our CS / SSA / Branch Secretaries, office bearers and activists may start base level preparations for the verification. Recent developments gives us an opportunity to enroll more and more members. Association will be coming out with the “Manifesto” shortly.


GS and President met CMD BSNL and discussed about the Kerala issue. CMD informed that DIR(CFA) is already seized the issue and in touch with CGMT Kerala. On the alleged large scale corruption charges against Sri MSS Rao, CGMT, CMD informed that the Nortel issue is made over to DIR(CM) for thorough inquiry. Fixing of staffing norms by CGMT ignoring the staffing norms of BSNLCO and exercise of rationalization in the name of CGMTs norms, CMD told us that no Circle is having such power to change the norms and all Circles has to follow the norms fixed by BSNLCO and posts sanctioned by BSNLCO. Tomorrow, Assn will be meeting DIR(CFA) also.


View Corporate office orders:

Stay on clause 5.1 of Recognition of Executives Rules 2014 reg.

JTO Civil to SDE Civil promotion as per Hon CAT Jabalpur direction reg.

Vigilance clearance for AGM regular promotion.

APAR for promotion to the grade of DGM Regular reg.


View Media Report:

LS passes TRAI Amendment Bill for appointment of Nripendra Misra as Principal Secretary to PM Modi.

BSNL Has The Largest Subscriber Base Of Landlines And Broadband In India.
Government mulls telecom infrastructure mandatory for future real estate ventures.

BSNL, MTNL and Other Telecom PSU to Spend Rs. 6,464 Crore This Fiscal Year.
3G services to cover 90% of A-grade circles by 2015.

Telecoms gear up to spend more on Capex due to 10% duty.


BSNL and MTNL did not get necessary structural support: Govt.....View Media Report.


View Corporate office orders:

DOJ not yet received cases of Adhoc / Regular DEs reg. .   View List.

DE Adhoc - Promotion order - Retention reg.


DOT replies to Department of Expenditure regarding revision of Pension / family pension of Pre-2007 retirees BSNL IDA Pensioners / family Pensioners who retired prior to 01.01.2007 and Post 2007 BSNL IDA Pensioners who retired between 01.01.2007 and 09.06.2013 by allowing the benefit the merger of 50% DA / DR effectively amounting to 78.2% ....View Letter Copy.


Case at Hon Supreme Court on 147 seniority.
The SLPs alongwith the MAs filed by the applicants and BSNL came up for arguments on 07/07/2014. The applicants (147 officers) and BSNL pleaded for allowing the promotions. Our senior lawyer strongly opposed any stay on Hon EKM High Court order and argued that any promotion including 147 officers will be as good as stay of Hon EKM judgment and CAT judgment. After hearing the pleading from both sides, Hon SC decided for final hearing of the SLPs in the last week of September and dispose off the matter on merit. Meanwhile Hon SC allowed to go ahead with promotions as per the existing seniority subject to the outcome of the SLP.
Click here to view the order


Highest Number of DELs...Smart Working Practices...? DCRMS...?

At last Kerala Circle falls to 18th Position in Basic revenue growth as per Corporate Office office letter. It is shocking to see that Kerala Falls to 18th Position in revenue growth under the Smart Working of CGMT Kerala Circle…

Let us have a close look at the growth figures of Kerala in terms of real statistics, reports of TRAI, orders of Corporate office to establish that Kerala Circle has actually registered a negative growth with reference to previous Year. For this, we are producing hereunder two detailed reports.
We can clearly find out that, despite increase in revenue in 2013-14, which is  again largely due to increase in tariffs rather than increase in volume of traffic, the profit during 2013-14 is 43.42% as compared to profits of with respect to 92.08% and 93.84 registered in 2012-13 and 2011-12.
Performance of the Kerala Circle

Financial Year





  Balance sheet

Actual Fig

Actual Fig

Diff (%)

Actual Fig

Diff (%)

Actual Fig

Diff (%)

















Total revenue (A)








Revenue Growth

2.25 %

3.42 %

7.69 %

Profit / Loss








Please see the huge decline in Profit Growth
Let us look at following salient, mindboggling and revealing facts and parameters.

  • The expected profit for 2013-14 was more than 500 Cr. The revenue and profit should have increased further due to the effect of hike in tariff.
  • The effect of tariff hike is about 11%, but the total growth of Kerala Circle is just 7.69%.
  • If the tariff hike was not implemented, the revenue would have come down drastically and even the profit would have been less than that of 2012-13.
  • In CFA segment alone, the revenue increased during 2013-14 by 45 Cr (-8.59% in 2012-13 to 3.45% in 2013-14) comparing to previous years. In 2011-12, revenue decreased by 131.6 Cr(-8.43%) and in 2012-13, the revenue was further down by 122.7 Cr (-8.59%). Increase in revenue in CFA segment is only due to increase in rentals from Rs 50 to Rs 110(annual plan closed). In the Broadband Segment it can be seen that, despite negative growth during 2013-14 (Broad band connections fell down from 79,717 during 2012-13 to 50,544 during 2013-14), revenue increased by 71 Cr only due to tariff hike, not growth which was negative. Total landline connections are about 27 lakhs.
  • The tariff hike alone increased the revenue of CFA segment at least by 150 Cr.
  • Negative growth in mobile segment. Even after the tariff hike in 3G, WiMax and infra sharing, mobile revenue during 2013-14 increased only by 178.4 Cr (14.29%) compared to previous years. Without any tariff hike, the mobile revenue increased by 187.6 CR (20.44%) in 2011-12 and 145.5 Cr (13.19%) in 2012-13.
  • Large no of Broad band disconnections in 2013-14 (1.217 lakhs).


Connections provided


















  • There are seven Circles have registered revenue growth higher than Kerala during the last FY 2013-14 according to Corporate Office, the list is as follows.










J & K







  • There is a drastic decrease in Port in / Port out ratio i.e., from 4.25 during Jan 2011 - Nov 2012 to 3.35 during Dec 2012 - July 2014. Sri MSS Rao took charge in December, 2012.

Jan 2011 to Nov 2012 (23 months)

Dec 2012 to June 2014 (20 months)

Port in

Port out

Net port in


Port in

Port out

Net port in










View Revenue Chart.


Rakesh Garg to be telecom secretary.... View Media Report.


DPE rejects BSNL proposal of BSNL to introduce E1A, E2A IDA pay scales for the Executives and reiterates "there is no scope to introduce intermediary scales of pay in 2007 pay revision in light of DPE guidelines". For DPE letter copy and details, see the updates on 11.07.2014.


View corporate office orders:

Rate of Transport allowance to Blind or Orthopedically  handicapped employees.

Looking  after arrangement on Standalone basis - Electrical reg.

DE regular promotion - requirement of ACRs reg.

DE promotion order - Retention reg.


DE(Regular) VC pending: A&N-09, AP-26, AP/A&N/AS/JKD/ITPC/NE-I/NE II/J&K-14, AS-27, BBNW-04, BR-15, BRBRAITT-05, CG-04, CTD/Kol TD-11, CTS-03, ETP-12, ETR-17, GUJ-17, HP-32, HR-01, INSP-12, ITPC-04, J&K-24, JKD-06, KRL-54, KTK-228, MH-29, MP-36,NEES-04, NCNGN-04, NE I-22, NE II-24, NETF-05, NTP-02, NTR-42, OR-10, PB-08, QA-26, RAJ-19, STP-18, STR-01, T&D-03, TERM CELL-03, TN-34, UPE-59, UPW-55, WB-05, WTP-05, WTR-62, Non Traceable-293--- Total—1297.
Full list updated on 10.07.14.
Since 1500 VCs already received will expire on 18.08.2014, the pending VCs may be expedited.