In the context of the TRANSFER ORDERs to the 2nd SOFT TENURE, been issued recently in the MH TELECOM CIRCLE, time & again, the kind attention of the SNEA NAGPUR & SNEA MH, is being drawn to the BSNL EMPLOYEES' TRANSFER POLICY been issued by the BSNL CORPORATE OFFICE vide its letter No.6-1/2007-Restg.,Dated 7th May, 2008, whereof it's been maintained categorically at its SECTION-B, 11(e) that in the career span of all executives, normally ONE HARD TENURE such as North East, Assam, J&K, A&N Islands and ONE term in OTHER TENURE circles/SSAs, if any, would be required. This makes it CRYASTAL CLEAR that the BSNL officer may be posted for ONE HARD TENURE & ONE SOFT TENURE, in his/her careertime, if at all, is been required so. Meaning thereby, the BSNL officer, having completed his/her FIRST SOFT TENURE already, shouldn't be compelled to move for the 2nd SOFT TENURE, unless - 1)all the officers in his/her cadre in the CIRCLE have completed their SOFT TENURE atleast once or 2) the officer due to, is willing to move for the 2nd SOFT TENURE. In the case of the POINT-TO-POINT TRANSFERs being effected these days, a separate LONGEST STAY LIST, for the officers haven't completed any a SOFT TENURE so far, needs be maintained for the CIRCLE / SSA, so as to get the same posted against the SOFT TENURE STATIONs, as & when is necessitated. Further, the LONGEST STAY LISTs for the HARD TENURE & SOFT TENURE, needs be maintained at the BSNL CORPORATE OFFICE level & the CIRCLE level respectively. Hope, the SNEA NAGPUR & the SNEA MH, shall intervene into to ensure that the DISCREPANCIES / VIOLATIONs being observed posed at the TRANSFER ORDERs issued so far, be viewed seriously & rectified immediately / appropriately, before the same gets booked in the LEGAL COMBAT and incurs BAD NAME to the BSNL, on account. The SNEA needs to plead for the UNIFORMITY & TRANSPARANCY tobe maintained at the TRANSFER POLICY being adopted/practised and must ensure that the same is getting implemented, strictly as per the NORMs laid down / notified thereat. Please this be treated at the apex of the priorities. Thanx.
Posted By : Mr. DILIP G. GULHANE ,  BSNL MOBILE NAGPUR  Mobile: 9422807007
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The COMMENTs offered, need tobe elaborated to its relevance, in this context, please.
Let SDEs/DEs of STR/STP retire on same chair/place/units BECAUSE they are posted since their appointment.Let association and Coporate office help them to full fill the dreams of them