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GS writes to CVC - Continuance of Dir CM after establishing prima facie involvement 30-03-12
Approval of BSNL proposal for the revision of the intermediary pay scales - To Secretary DOT 28-06-17
Destruction of BSNL 020110 - PM
Breach policy- 3g spectrum - 28-09-11 - MOC
BWA Spectrum charges Refund 05-11-11- To MPs
Request for a meeting to discuss issues related to revival of BSNL 23-06-14 - To MOC
Judgment of TDSAT on 3G roaming has basic judicial infirmity reg - To MoC 29-12-14
Breach of 3G policy 05-11-11 - To MPs
Ill timed decision of Govt to off load potential assets of BSNL- 66000 mobile towers reg - DoT Secy 14-09-17
3G violation 28-09-11- MOC
Unwarranted inordinate and illegitimate delay in refunding Rs 8000 crores to BSNL in lieu of its surrendering non standardized BWA spectrum -To MOC 22-04-13
Policy issues 22-02-11 - Secy DOT
Merger of BSNL and MTNL reg - To MOC 10-02-14
NTP 2011 -Yet another policy scandal - 31-10-11 - To PM
Lapse on part of BSNL by not making effort to safeguard BSNL in Hon SC -3G ICR case 09-01-15
Inordinate delay to reimburse BWA spectrum amounting to nearly Rs 6724 crores to BSNL - To MoF 28-10-14
GS writes to PM - Inaction of MOC&IT to protect 3G policy- 30-03-12
BWA non standered Spectrum 02-02-11 - MOC
Request to amend the Payment of Gratuity Act reg - To Hon MoL and E 17-05-16
NTP 2011 - Response of SNEA - To Secy DOT 01-11-11
BSNL to surrender 1
Scripting of exit policy -Policy Violation- 12-09-11- PM
Implementation of reservation policy while issuing Looking After Promotion - To DIR HR 11-07-16
Guidelines for considering requests of BSNL employees for deputation to outside organizations reg - CMD 26-08-16
Suitable compensation spelt out by policy for the recurring loss incurred by BSNL in its Telegraph and Rural services in landline sector 25-04-13 -To MOC
BWA spectrum Issue 17-03-11 - MOC
Policyviolation 27-01-11- MOC
Memorundum to GOM reg meassures that could be taken for revival and revitalisation of BSNL 05-05-13
Fictitious company to roam in BSNL NW 15-02-11