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View Corporate Office Instructions:
Implementation of procedure to be adopted for reimbursement of claims for Briefcase / Mobile / Newspaper and Towel etc reg.
Processing of eAPAR in case of demise of Reporting officer - Clarification reg.


GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD, BSNL:

Payment of Salary to the BSNL Executives and other Employees on the last working day of each month as Employees are fully depends on the salary for the daily needs. Salary is paid from the internal resources and it is just 1/3rd of the monthly collection.

Unfortunately management did not take this issue seriously as observed in the case of other Human Resources related issues. At the time of VRS, it was assured to the employees by the management as well as the Govt that once VRS is successful, salary payment will become regular and BSNL Revival will be very much possible through the Revival package. Now, no one is talking about the Revival package and the important decisions of the Union Cabinet dated 23.10.2019 for launching 4G services and land monetization which is not happened so far. Last 19 months developments established that Govt is not much keen on BSNL Revival. Govt and the BSNL management miserably failed in the process of Revival of BSNL. The employees cannot be punished for the failure of the Govt and management. 

Instead of creating industrial unrest, it is once again  requested to accord priority to Salary payment to the employees on the last working day of the month by simply  rescheduling other payments by one or two weeks.

GS letter to CMD on Dalary payment


IDA freezing for CPSUs from 01.10.2020 to 30.06.2021

NCOA and AUAB calls for observing 25.11.2020 as PROTEST DAY.

National Confederation of Officers Associations (NCOA) calls for observing 25.11.2020 as PROTEST DAY.

All Unions and Associations in BSNL (AUAB) calls for Lunch Hour Protest Demonstrations on 25.11.2020.

All CSs and SSA Secs are requested to coordinate with other Assns and Unions to make the programme a big success.


UP (West) Circle Conference held at Agra on 21.11.2020

The Circle Conference of UP(West) Circle was held at Agra on 21.11.2020 maintaining social distancing and taking Covid 19 precautions. GS, CHQ President and AGS Com Sanjeev Sharma addressed the Conference. Delegates from various SSAs attended the Conference. An open session was held on the subject, Challenges before BSNL and Associations after the Revival package. Shri Sanjeev Aggarwal, CGMT/UP(W) was the Chief Guest. Shri Surya Kant, PGMTD/Agra and Shri Rajesh Kumar, GMTD/Noida also addressed the open session.  

In the open session focus, was on BSNL revival and ways to increase the revenue. CGMT focussed on utilization of available resources to increase the business and revenue. 4G launching is getting delayed which is a real concern. Employees demanding that Govt should allow BSNL to upgrade the existing 49300 BTSs and launch 4G services. Discussion on ICR pact with Vodafone is also going on. Land monetization is a major proposal by which only BSNL can wipe out thousands of Crores bank loans and really possible for getting BSNL revived. Cluster for BSNL land line maintenance is having lot of issues and in many places, it is not able to take off. Similarly, OF mtce also. FTTH model is very successful and DIR(CFA) is fully focussing it. It is a very successful model and more than 80,000 FTTH connections are provided per month. It is to be increased to 1 lakh.

CHQ leaders congratulated the Circle Office bearers, all the SSA Secretaries and activists under the dynamic leadership of CS and CP for the very good performance in the last MV and securing number one position in UP(W) Circle. SNEA is the largest Executives Association of BSNL Executives and continue to take up all the issues concerning the BSNL and the Executives, CHQ leaders assured.

In the delegate session, GS and President explained the status of various HR issues. On promotion, delegates demanded the promotion of all the eligible Executives. CHQ leaders assured that we are working for that and we will overcome all the obstacles through our unity and united struggles. Parallally we are working for the possibility of DPC as much possible and complete it before December end. From January onwards, our entire focus will be implementation of non-post based promotion as followed in all CPSUs (which is approved by the Board) and we will be starting the agitation programs till we achieve the goal. Preparation will start from 02.12.2020 onwards through protest demonstrations.

Other HR issues like standard pay scales of E2/E3, Pay loss issue, SAB, E1+5 increment, first TBP, E1A/E2A for Civil/Elect etc have financial implications and management is not positive in its attitude citing the poor financial conditions. We are focussing on regular payment of salary, labour payment, temp advance, electricity payment, rentals, medical treatment etc so that revenue can be increased.  

In the Circle Conference Com V.K.Yadav/AGM, Com R.P.Sharma/AGM, Com Deepak Muchhal/JTO and Com Abhishek Sharma/JTO are unanimously elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary, Circle Treasurer and Asst Circle Secretary(HQ). Com Vivek Saxena/JTO and D.P. Singh/JTO are elected as the CWC members. Majority of the OBs are JTO/JAOs.

New Circle Office bearers of UP(West) Circle


National Confederation of Officers Associations (NCOA) of CPSUs writes to Shri Prakash Jadadekar, Hon Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises against freezing of IDA. SNEA is a major constituent of NCOA. NCOA Core committee meeting held on 20.11.2020 also decided to observe 25.11.2020 as PROTEST DAY.

NCOA letter to Hon Minister


IDA freezing for CPSUs from 01.10.2020 to 30.06.2021

NCOA and AUAB calls for observing 25.11.2020 as PROTEST DAY.

National Confederation of Officers Associations (NCOA) calls for observing 25.11.2020 as PROTEST DAY.

All Unions and Associations in BSNL (AUAB) calls for Lunch Hour Protest Demonstrations on 25.11.2020.

On one side Govt not implemented 3rd Pay Revision for many PSUs including BSNL. BSNL employees are working round the clock to maintain the essential telecom services during the Covid 19 pandemic. Many CPSUs are playing important role in maintaining the essential services during the Covid.

NCOA and AUAB deplore the Govt decision for Freezing of IDA in the name of Covid 19.

All CSs and SSA Secs are requested to coordinate with other Assns and Unions to make the programme a big success.

DPE Order freezing IDANCOA letter AUAB letter


GS writes to CMD/BSNL and Secretary/DoT regarding Salary payment: There should not be any discrimination in salary payment for the BSNL employees in the pretext of court order as Govt and BSNL miserably failed to present the facts before the Hon Court. Salary for the ITS Officers heading the company as Directors, CGMs and GMs should be paid along with other employees:

DoT and BSNL has to take immediate steps to pay the salary for the months of October and November immediately with all the recoveries.

Any discrimination in salary payment in BSNL cannot be accepted. Any discrimination in salary payment will invite wide spread resentment among the employees and in that case this Association will be compelled to go for protest actions immediately, including legal remedies.

GS letter to CMD and Secretary, DoT


Youve been hacked by CyberFin


Youve been hacked by CyberFin


Youve been hacked by CyberFin



View Corporate Office Order:

Pay fixation matters relating to BSNL absorbed employees - Issue of increment on regular promotion to a scale. Undertaking to be taken to process pension cases in case of grant of extra-increment on post based promotion - reg.


View Corporate office orders:
Review of results of failed SC ST candidates in LICE - Revised guidelines reg. 

Social security Scheme for the families of BSNL Employees who die untimely - Benovalent fund - Suggestions reg.


View Corporate office orders:


Pay Revision of Board level and below Board level Executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of CPSEs with effect from 01-01-2017.....View DoPE Order.


GS writes to CMD regarding the Urgent need to switch over to CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, immediately after completion of the ongoing post based promotions.  Stagnation in some cadres is in alarming situation which cannot be addressed by post based promotions.......View Copy of the Letter.


Joint Forum Convener writes to CMD regarding Revision of the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per BSNL recommendation dated 06.06.2016 and subsequent letters.... View Copy of the letter.


List of Left Out JTOs for getting fixation under FR22 (1) a (1) - CSs are requested to verify the list and  corrections if any may be intimated to CHQ.


BSNL replies to DoT with respect to the queries raised by DoT on implementation of Standard Pay scales E2 and E3 for JTOs and SDEs and equivalent cadres...... View Copy of the letter.


GS writes to Smt. Seema Bahuguna, Secretary, Dept of Public Enterprises to direct the Dept of Telecom (DoT) to implement standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per 2nd PRC recommendations and DPE guidelines dated 28.11.2008, 02.04.2009 and DPE vide letter W-08/0002/2014-DPE-(WC) dated 09.07.2014. DoT notified intermediary pay scales of 18850-40500 and 22800-46500 w.e.f 01.01.2007, further DoT lowered the pay scales to E1 and E2 for the future without the recommendation of the CPSU, BSNL ..... View Copy of the letter.


Unions and Associations of Executives and Non Executives in BSNL writes to Secretary DPE  and DoT regarding Wage Revision of the Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL with effect from 01-01-17 – View letter copy.


View DoT order copy on revised E1 and E2 scales -  Page 1    Page 2


GS writes to Dir HR regarding Extension of E1A and E2A pay scales notionally from 01.10.2000 for the JTOs / SDEs in Civil / Elect. / Arch. / TF wings, PA / PS cadres and other equivalent cadres to bring parity with other cadres like JTO(T), JAO, SDE, AO etc... View Copy of the letter.


GS writes to Secretary, DoT regarding the Payment of Pension contribution for the Employees absorbed in BSNL on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale. It is to be regulated in accordance to orders of DOP&T OM dated 19.11.2009 on the basis of recommendations of 6th CPC, thus superseding DOP & T OM dated 15.05.2000. Pension and all issues related to pension for employees absorbed from DOT into BSNL to be strictly regulated in terms of provisions stipulated in 1972 CCS Pension Rules. DoT is forcing BSNL to make excess payment on Pension contribution on implementation of 2nd PRC. 3rd PRC recommended pay scales as good as open ended pay scales by which the Pension contribution will be almost three times .... View Copy of the letter.


GS writes to Secretary, DPE to direct the Dept of Telecom (DoT) to implement standard pay scales of E2 and E3 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per 2nd PRC recommendations. DoT did not approve the standard pay scales even after specific directions from DPE vide letter W-08 / 0002 / 2014-DPE-(WC) dated 09.07.2014.BSNL recommendations are pending with DoT for the last 9 months.... View letter copy.


Implementation of 7th CPC recommendation on Maximum limit of Death / Retirement gratuity of Rs.20 lakhs with effect from 01-01-2016- Applicability to BSNL and MTNL absorbees reg - View DoT instructions.


GS writes to CMD regarding Superannuation Benefits to the BSNL directly recruited employees .... extending the benefits from 01.01.2007 to get the retirement benefits for those joined earlier ,,, View Copy of the letter.


GS writes to Secretary DoP & E regarding the implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations / suggestions and issues to be addressed like a) Affordability of the CPSU for pay revision and Superannuation Benefits, b) Pension revision for the BSNL Executives absorbed from DoT, c) Uniform increment date, d) Periodicity should be 5 years from 01.01.2012 with minimum 15% fitment, e) Minimum Fitment of 20% required if periodicity is 10 years..... View Copy of the letter.



GS writes to Secretary DoT regarding enhancing the ceiling of DCRG from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs for the IDA pensioners in BSNL w.e.f 01.01.2016, date of implementation of VII CPC, since IDA pensioners in BSNL are also covered by CCS Pension Rules, 1972. Requested to endorse the Govt. order to CCAs. View Copy of the letter. 


Implementation of Hon CAT judgement in OA No.1282 / 2010 Fixation of pay uder FR 22(1)(a)(i) to the Members of SNEA, who were Screening test passed & officiating in the grade of JTO- reg. View Corporate office orders: 
Kolkatta Telephones     Madhyapradesh     Maharashtra    Tamilnadu       
UP East     West Bengal 


Implementation of Hon CAT judgement in OA No.1282 / 2010 Fixation of pay uder FR 22(1)(a)(i) to the Members of SNEA, who were Screening test passed & officiating in the grade of JTO- reg. View Corporate office orders: 
Kolkatta Telephones      Madhyapradesh     Maharashtra    Tamilnadu   
UP East     West Bengal 


View Corporate office Orders:
Merger of QA circle Bangalore with T and D circle Jabalpur from 01-04-17 reg.
Transfer and posting in the grade of SDE Civil.
Payment of Srinagar Valley allowances to BSNL staff posted in Srinagar Valley reg.


GS writes to Additional Secretary, DoT to take expeditious actions to approve the BSNL proposal for replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A with standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f. 01.01.2007 as per Union Cabinet decision on 2nd PRC recommendations and DPE guidelines dated 26.11.2008, subsequent clarification dated 02.04.2009 and DPE letter to DoT dated 09.07.2014 as done in other CPSUs.... View copy of the letter.


GS writes to CMD, BSNL regarding serious discrimination and pay anomaly between Executives in Civil/Elect/Arch/PA/PS/TF and other cadres like JTOs, JAOs, SDEs etc - Request to bring total parity between different wings by extending E1A and E2A pay scales notionally with effect from 01.10.2000 to the Executives of Civil / Elect / Arch / PA / PS / TF wings... View Letter Copy.


GS writes to DIR HR regarding Pay parity of 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs at par with the 2005 batch JTOs joined after 01.01.2007 and the 2010 batch JAOs who got fixed at Rs 22820/-. Further requests to constitute a committee to examine the case as done in the case of JAO 2010 batch. This will address the grievances of the TTAs become JTOs as departmental outsider in 2007 and 2008 batches. They are facing similar pay loss and even those could not become JTOs and continued as TTAs and become JTOs in 2013 through LICE are drawing higher pay than those become JTOs in 2007 and 2008.....View Copy of the letter.


View Corporate Office Orders:
Preparatory work for promotion to AGM /  DE on Regular / Adhoc basis - calling of VC for whose name appears in the Seniority List no 7 reg.
Declaration of AAO and Sr. AO promotion as post based promotion under the EPP and its effect on Time Bound Promotion-reg.
Preparatory work for ensuing CPC for promotion from Sr AOs - AOs to the grade of CAOs on Adhoc basis - Updation of APAR reg       Annexure.


Pay parity of 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs:
Some queries received from CSs and Office bearers on this subject. This is a genuine demand and our Assn is taking up very seriously. It is part of our charter of demands in the Manifesto. We are waiting for the settlement of the basic issue of standard pay scales of E2, E3 first. Immediately after that this issue will be pursued very strongly, parity of Rs 22820 with 2005 batch JTOs and the 2010 batch JAOs. Strategically first we are settling E2 and E3 and then the pay parity demand.


Implementation of Superannuation pension scheme in respect of DR employees in BSNL View DoT Order copy. 


Superannuation benefits to BSNL Direct recruitment employees: 
The proposal cleared by Additional Secretary (Telecom) and gone to Secretary, DoT for approval.


Initial response of UF comprising of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA  to the draft proposal on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. If the proposal is implemented all the SDEs completed 10 years of service will be promoted as AGM and all efforts are made to ensure that all the SDEs in list no 6 & 7 are promoted together in a single lot ending all the disputes.


Superannuation benefits to BSNL Direct Recruits:
In continuation of our agenda meeting with Secretary DOT on 19-08-2016, GS, CHQ President and Chairman met senior officers of DOT today to further pursue the proposal on Superannuation benefits . In the meeting held on 19-08-2016, Secretary DOT assured us that the proposal will be approved soon. Member Finance, Telecom Commission now cleared the proposal, crossing the major hurdle. The orders are expected in a couple of days.

Replacement of E1A & E2A pay scales with standard pay scales of E2 & E3: 
Today GS, CHQ President and Chairman met the concerned officers in DOT and given further input to the issue. They assured that the inputs will be incorporated in the proposal.

United Forum comprising of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA is on agitation to settle the issues.


On E2, E3 pay scales, DoT Finance informed Secretary that higher pay scales can not be considered due to financial implications. Instead Finance suggested that the cadres can be placed in E1 scale and their pay can be compensated. However we took very strong exception to this and explained in detail to Secretary how this cadre has been recognised and upgraded in 1986, 1996 etc by the Govt. By demotion of the  cadre to E1 scales, it will demoralize the entire cadre and cannot be accepted by the Assn under any circumstances. Further we informed Secretary that even after extending E2 scale, the Basic pay will be less by Rs.2220 (Rs.22820-Rs.Rs.20600), comparing to the JTOs joined prior to 01.01.2007. Finally Secretary directed concerned officers to re examine the case in light of the fresh inputs provided by us. Comrades, it is very clear that DoT is not in a mood to consider even E2, E3 pay scales. Make extensive preparations for a prolonged agitational programs on pay scales.


View Corporate Office orders:
Corrections in SDE Telecom final Seniority list 6 and 7 reg.

Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners - family pensioners who retired prior to 10-06-2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/ DR with Basic Pay / Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/ DR for the purpose of fitment - Instruction for utilizing proforma reg.

SDE relieving through ERP reg.


GS and CHQ President met concerned Officers in DoT and pursued the proposal of Superannuation benefits and E2, E3 pay scales.


View Corporate Office orders:


View Corporate Office Orders:



View Corporate Office orders:


DoT issues order, rescinding the 60% ceiling on liability of Govt. to pay pension / family pension to BSNL retirees: Dot Issued order modifying the liability of BSNL towards the payment of pensionary benefits to the retired employees.

Forum of BSNL Unions /Assn and SNEA in particular was pursuing the matter in DoT with Secretary, DoT and Member (Fin). Ex Secretary, DoT Shri Rakesh Garg and Member (Fin) Smt Annie Moraes taken lot of initiatives to settle this issue. 

View Order Copy.


Superannuation issue is under process in DoT and moving forward.


Approval of standard pay scales of  E2, E3 for the JTO / JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007, replacing E1A and E2A:
As assured by CMD yesterday, CMD met Secretary / DOT and Additional Secretary / DOT yesterday itself and discussed about E2, E3,.....etc pay scale issue. CMD told both Secretary / DOT and Additional Secretary / DOT  that the presidential orders for replacement scales of E1A and  E2A is not issued by DOT so far, hence E2, E3 issue has to be processed on priority.



DOT released orders for the Revision of pension of BSNL pensioners / Family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% DA/DR with Basic Pay / Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% DA/DR for the purpose of fitment. The pension will be fixed notionally from 01.01.2007 or on the date of retirement after 01.01.2007 and will be paid on actual basis w.e.f 10.06.2013. We express our sincere gratitude to Ex Hon MOC & IT and all other officers of DoT for resolving the long pending issue of BSNL Pensioners. Sri Rakesh Garg, Ex Secretary, DoT was the man behind the removal of 60:40 condition by incorporating it in the Cabinet Memo.

View DoT order dated 18.07.2016


E2,E3 pay scale development:
It is learned that DOT has sought queries regarding the financial implications of the BSNL proposal.Even though the details are available in the annexure of the original proposal, BSNL will be replying the queries shortly.


It is reliably learnt that BSNL Management has sent the Proposal of Up gradation of Pay Scales to DOT. The proposal was sent in two parts as assured to us on 17.5.2016.

1. E1A TO E2  and E2A TO  E3 protecting  the Five  Time Bound Promotions.

2. E3 to E4, E4 to E5, E5 to E6, E6 to E7.


Last week, 30% superannuation benefits proposal send to DOT for approval. Meanwhile the proposal for forming trust and contribution on actual basis etc. send to CA section yesterday for taking further action. 


Two crucial meetings are going to take place on 21.04.2016. DIR(HR) called a meeting of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA to finalise the E2, E3 pay scales. Pers section is giving a presentation to CMD and DIR(HR) regarding the implementation of Joint Committee recommendations on CPSU cadre Hierarchy and first TBP.

The outcome of these meetings on 21.04.2016 is so crucial with regard to implementation of Joint Committee recommendations and our strategy and future struggles fully depends on it. It is understood that there is a proposal in management circles to constitute another committee. In that case we have to forget about the standard pay scales, next pay revision for the Executives and CPSU cadre hierarchy as new committee means, another 3 years. Some section is creating conducive environment for the management to burry Khan Committee recommendations by making fresh demands when management is considering the implementation of the Joint Committee recommendations. We should not allow this game plan and protect the cadres. It is the responsibility of all the Executives. We cannot imagine another three years passing without promotions and finalising the pay scales.

As a last resort to resolve the issues through discussions, we are eagerly looking towards the outcome of these meetings. Similarly the superannuation issue also to be reconsidered by the management as reduction of contribution from 6% to 3% by showing 13.8% on medical expenses is something nobody can digest. Initially it was told that medical expenses is about 1.5%, then increased to 3% and now shoot up to 13.8%. In all other CPSUs it is between 3% to 4.5%. If the outcome is not positive and management is not taking action to approve atleast the pay scales in the next Board meeting, Assn will be going ahead with the orginizational actions as decided in the last CWC.

So organizational preparations at the grass root level in all the Circles is to be started next week onwards.


Development on 78.2% IDA for the Pensioners:
GS and CHQ President met concerned officers in DOT and discussed the matter. It is informed that the proposal is Cleared by Secretary, DOT and sent to MoC & IT for approval. It was pursued by SNEA, FORUM and Other Associations representing retired Employees. New Secretary DOT linked it with MTNL pensioners and all the processes delayed. Now it is delinked from MTNL. After approval it will directly go to Cabinet after completion of formalities in DOT.



Inclusion of pension revision of DOT officials absorbed in BSNL / MTNL in the terms of reference of next wage revision committee which we have been assured shall be constituted very soon by the Govt. since pension of employees absorbed in BSNL / MTNL from DoT is regulated under the provisions of 1972 CCS pension Rules, identical to the provisions of Central Govt. Employees. - lmmediate personal intervention solicited since finalization of the terms of reference of wage committee is understood to be in the conclusive stages. Delay will lead to serious injustice to retired / retiring employees of BSNL / MTNL.....GS / SNEA and GS / MEA writes to Secretary DPE, Govt of lndia,  CGO, New Delhi.... View copy of the letter.


The long pending issue of pay fixation of JAOs (Deptl - 40% quota) of 2010 Batch arising out of Non-Executives  Wage revision orders dated 7.5.2010 and subsequent clarification dated 18.5.2011 settled....View Order Copy.
SNEA (I) was pursuing this issue for quite long time. SNEA (I) extends heartfelt thanks to CMD, Director HR and all Committee members for settling this case.


Enrolment for Aadhaar number and its seeding in pension records of all pensioners - DoP & PW Instructions.


GS Com K. Sebastin attended the National Convention on “Executive Compensation in Central Public Sector Enterprises” organised by Institute of Public Enterprises (IPE), Hyderabad and NCOA at Hyderabad on 29.01.2015.

Association Leaders representing CPSUs from various sectors like Oil, Telecom(SNEA and MTNLEA), Power, Steel, Defence etc participated and deliberated on the issues to be taken up with GOI and ensuing 3rd PRC. All the leaders presented their papers on the occasion. Dr. R. K. Mishra, Director, IPE chaired the inaugural function. Sri M. Narayana Rao, CMD/MIHANI was the chief gust. Jt S(S) Com P. Padmanabha Rao and CS/AP Com A. Viswanath attended the seminar along with GS.

GS submitted the proposals on behalf of Telecom sector. Some of the important proposals made by GS are:

1. Since profit, loss and paying capacity of the company is not under the control of the employees and most of these issues are related to Govt. Policies, the pay revision in CPSUs should be implemented irrespective of paying capacity or profitability of the CPSU. Performance Related Pay (PRP) can be linked with the profit of the company.

2. Revision of pension for BSNL and MTNL absorbed employees from 01.01.2017 shall be made part of the terms of reference of the 3rd PRC.

3. Uniform Increment date of 1st January or 1st July for all employees to avoid pay anomalies.

4. Open ended pay scales to address the issue of stagnation.

5. Monitoring of strict implementation of Govt/DPE orders by various CPSUs/Administrative ministries on issues like standard pay scales, 30% superannuation benefit, Child care leave, gratuity etc.


One subcommittee on wage revision is chaired by the GS/SNEA(I).


View Corporate office orders:
SDE Tenure transfer order.
Renting out vaccant staff quarters - revised policy .


Meeting of the Joint Committee on E2, E3 pay scale and CPSU cadre hierarchy.

Discussions held on implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy. Finally it is decided to continue the discussions after 15 days in which Assns will give a presentation. The official side will study the financial implications if any on the issue.

On implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 for JTOs, SDEs and equivalent cadres, the official side was inclined to consider E2, E3 pay scales for JTOs, SDEs etc replacing E1A and E2A if there is no cascading effect to other scales from E3 onwards. On the demand for implementation of standard pay scales from E2, E3 to E7, Chairman told that this is not the mandate of the committee and if E2 to E7 has to be discussed, it has to be brought to the notice of Management as it is having huge financial implications. The mandate is limited to E2, E3 for JTOs, SDEs and equivalent cadres in place of non standard pay scales of E1A and E2A. Further DoT also to be consulted since pension issue is involved. If Management agrees to modify the mandate to the committee, it will be discussed further. Chairman directed GM(Estt) to take up the matter with DIR and CMD and get the feedback.  

All the members of the Joint Committee except GM(SR) was present in the meeting. GS and AGS represented SNEA(I).


Benefits of past services to be given to  TTAs  for fixation of pay in JTO Post -  Clarification regarding extending the benefits to  the Internal officials selected in  DR JTO 2007 and 2008 batches reg - View Order Copy



Department of Expenditure replies to DOT with respect to extension of benefits of merger of  50% DR amounting to 78.2% for the purpose of revision of pensionery benefits in respect of pre-2007 pensioners and and pensioners retired between the period 01-01-2007 and 09-06-2013 ... View letter copy.


VC status of JTO to SDE: VC from Punjab and UP(W) are received. Although, it is reminded from time to time to send the VC’s but the progress is very slow. Once again all the remaining C/S are requested to expedite the process and send the VC’s at the earliest.

Committee meeting on officiating pay fixation: The committee on officiating pay fixation met on 17th Oct 14, and deliberated in details on the issue. As the committee has asked for more inputs from us and also the live cases, where in there is recovery at the time of retirement. The letter in this context will be issued soon. Earlier, both the AGS Com. Vivek Wankhede and Com. Arvind Pal Dahiya met GM(Trg & SR) Sh. Neeraj Verma and Sh. R K Goyal, GM(Estt.)  and pleaded for positively consideration of the issue in light the difficulty being faced by large no of executives.

Committee on E2-E3 pay scales: The committee meeting was scheduled on 17 Oct 14, could not be held due to paucity of time and postponed for next week.


View Cor. Office orders:

Tariff book for CFA products as on 31-07-2014.

Grant of Honorarium for setting up o f  Question  papers,  Evaluation of Answer book etc reg.


EPFO has allotted Universal Account Number:

EPFO has allotted the UAN (Universal Account Number) to all the EPF Account holders. UAN will enable access to multiple PF accounts with the only one member id. This will provide a great amount of flexibility in addressing EPF related issues. However these UAN will be distributed to employer on submission of KYC Details (Aadhar No, PAN and Bank details) for individual account holders by the employer i.e BSNL.

All the CSs are requested to pursue the same with respective Circle Offices / DDOs for early submission of KYC details and early circulation of UAN.

View letter from EPFO on  UAN allotment.
View  User Manual on UAN Member Portal.


EPFO has allotted Universal Account Number:

EPFO has allotted the UAN (Universal Account Number) to all the EPF Account holders. UAN will enable access to multiple PF accounts with the only one member id. This will provide a great amount of flexibility in addressing EPF related issues. However these UAN will be distributed to employer on submission of KYC Details (Aadhar No, PAN and Bank details) for individual account holders by the employer i.e BSNL.

All the CSs are requested to pursue the same with respective Circle Offices / DDOs for early submission of KYC details and early circulation of UAN.

View letter from EPFO on  UAN allotment.
View  User Manual on UAN Member Portal.


30% superannuation benefit to directly recruited employees of  BSNL – inordinate delay in settlement created large scale resentment among the Employees........ GS writes to CMD.

View letter copy.      


Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3,……. E7 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A, E2A for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres up to SGJAG as per the understanding reached between BSNL Management and SNEA(I) on 18th & 19th March, 2014 reg – GS writes to CMD…. View Copy of the letter.


GS writes to Director HR regarding the Sympathetic consideration of the pay anomaly of TTAs recruited as JTOs in 2009 as Departmental Outsider in the Direct Recruitment quota... View Copy of the letter.


View Corporate Office orders:

Transfer and Posting order in the grade of EE civil.

Recovery of Prequisite Tax from Gr A officers of Govt of India working in BSNL reg.

Implementation of Hon SC judgement  to implement the provisions of Persons With Disabilities act 1995 reg.

RH on 17-02-2015 for Mahasivaratri reg


DOT replies to Department of Expenditure regarding revision of Pension / family pension of Pre-2007 retirees BSNL IDA Pensioners / family Pensioners who retired prior to 01.01.2007 and Post 2007 BSNL IDA Pensioners who retired between 01.01.2007 and 09.06.2013 by allowing the benefit the merger of 50% DA / DR effectively amounting to 78.2% ....View Letter Copy.


View corporate office orders:

Rate of Transport allowance to Blind or Orthopedically  handicapped employees.

Looking  after arrangement on Standalone basis - Electrical reg.

DE regular promotion - requirement of ACRs reg.

DE promotion order - Retention reg.


DPE rejects BSNL proposal of BSNL to introduce E1A, E2A IDA pay scales for the Executives and reiterates "there is no scope to introduce intermediary scales of pay in 2007 pay revision in light of DPE guidelines".View Letter Copy.


DPE out rightly rejects the proposal sent by DOT recently to allow BSNL to introduce replacement scales of E1A and E2A for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs in BSNL based on the decision of the BSNL Board.

This Association has had been having consistent interaction with the concerned officers in DPE for the last about three months to impress upon them and convince them not to take an exception to the proposal of DOT to allow BSNL to introduce non standard IDA replacement scales of E1A and E2A in BSNL for JTO/SDEs in the context of guidelines issued by DPE to all the CPSUs not to extend non standards IDA scales. DPE has further directed DOT to correct any aberration, if at all, in this regard.

With the rejection of proposal by DPE, our demand to extend standard IDA scales of E2 and E3 for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs gets strengthened since BSNL Management very recently during our organizational actions made a firm commitment to us that it will consider our demand of extending standard pay scales of E2 and E3 with an open mind in case DPE takes a contrary view to the decision of BSNL Board to allow extending replacement IDA scales of E1A and E2A to JTOs, SDEs etc. This is a very positive development and surely brings us closer to resolution of our demand of extending standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs, SDEs etc.

This Association has had series of discussions with concerned officers in DPE on this issue. CHQ president and GS had a detailed discussion on this issue with Secy/DPE and JtSecy/DPE nearly three months before and succeeded in impressing upon them to reiterate to DOT that BSNL must switch over to standard IDA scales approved by Govt. based on the recommendations of 2nd PRC and immediately correct any anomalous situation that prevails in BSNL with regard to existence of non standard IDA scales. This is a big milestone as far as resolving the issue of extending standard scales of E2 and E3 to JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs etc is concerned and gives us huge strategic leverage to get the issue resolved.       



Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc in BSNL - GS writes to Secretary / DPE seeking expeditious intervention to reiterate repeated instructions of DPE to administrative ministries to switch over to standard IDA pay scales from intermediary pay scales to DoT in the context of the proposal sent by it to DPE recently to allow it to continue with intermediary IDA pay scales of E1A and E2A in BSNL. View Letter Copy.



View Corporate office orders:

Special concessions / facilities to Central Govt. Employees working in Kashmir Valley in attached /subordinate offices or PSUs falling under the control of Central Govt.

DE Transfer order.


Pay fixation on officiating promotion and protection of pay so long as he is holding the same post — provisions of TBP policy issued on 18.01.2007, relevant provisions of FR/SR, Hon SC Judgments and clarifications dated 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010 issued by BSNL to be examined by the committee constituted .............GS writes to Dir HR.
View letter copy.


The Committee on pay fixation and protection of pay during officiating promotion as per the provisions of TBP policy is reconstitued with Sri. Neeraj Verma/GM(SR) as Chairman and Sri S S Aggarwal/GM(Pers), Sri R K Goyal, GM (Estt), Sri Karunaraman Tiwari, GM(F) as members. Sri Deepak Aggarwal, Addl GM(Pers) is the convenor of the committee. This is as per the assurance given in the meeting held on 19.04.2014.


CWC meeting at Jaipur on 26th & 27th May, 2014:

a)    Membership verification: The number of Executives working in each SSA and Circle, cadre wise may be collected so that there can be fruitful discussion on this subject. The figure may be cross checked with the ITPC figure of total Executives in SSA/Circle.
b)    Circle /SSA conferences which are due may be conducted prior to the CWC.
c)    The venue for next All India Conference will be decided in this CWC. The Circles willing to hold the next AIC may submit their proposal in the CWC.
d)    Constitutional amendments: Proposal for constitution amendment if any may be mailed to the constitution amendment committee before 10.04.2014 so that it can be discussed in the CWC.
e)    Circle Executive Committee meeting may be held prior to the CWC to discuss the above issues alongwith other issues related to the growth of BSNL and HR issues.


View Cor. Office Orders:

Delayed incomplete submission of affidavits in Hon Courts by the Circles reg – Instructions to be adhered.
Constitution of HLC on superannuation benefits and Pay parity etc of DR JTO JAO reg.

DE Transfer order.

Regular DE to Adhoc DGM promotion order - 4 cases reg.

Transfer and posting in the grade of SDE Electrical reg.

Transfer and Posting in the grade of EE Electrical reg.

Hiring of service of consultant Ms Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt Ltd for the comprehensive review of BSNL reg.

Providing National roaming facility on Franchisees C topup numbers reg.

Promotional offer of full talk time on Top-up recharge of Rs 100 to Rs 199 reg.


View Cor. office orders:

Preparatory Exercise of AI Eligibility list of JTOs Telecom - Pending assessment reports ( 660 cases ) reg - Attention CSs and Office bearers.

Ante- dating the effect of regular promotion in the grade of STS regular reg.

Transfer and posting in the grade of SE Civil reg.


View Corporate Office Orders:

Payment of IDA at revised rate from Jan -2014 - BSNL order.

JTO to SDE promotion under LDCE held on 04-03-12 - Result for two cases.

LICE For PA to PS in BSNL Cor. Office held on 20-10-13 - Result reg.

Adhoc appointments in the grade of SE Civil reg.


View Corporate office orders:

Ante-dating the date of effect of Regular promotion in STS of TTS Gr A - Corrigenda.

Ante-dating the date of effect of Regular promotion in STS of TTS Gr A.


View Corporate office orders:

Promotion to the grade of Additional Chief Engineer Civil - Calling for APAR.

Promotion to the grade of Additional Chief Engineer Civil - Calling for VC.

Implementation of OA no 1282 - 2010 Judgement -Pay fixation of officiating JTOs clarification reg       Original Instructions.

Ante-dating the date of effect of Regular promotion in the grade of STS of TTS Group A.


EPF - Registration of the digital signature of the authorised signatories of the establishments in OTCP through EPFO website for online submission of transfer claims reg:
BSNL Corporate office has issued instructions to the concerned to take necessary digital signature and process transfer claims of BSNL employees on line from now onwards as per guidelines issued by EPFO.... View Letter copy.         View EPFO instructions.

View copy of letter written by GS to ED Finance.



Removal of disparity of pay of DR JTOs of Recruitment year 2005 - Corporate office order:

The Pay of all the JTOs of 2005 batch who joined after 01-01-2007 may be fixed at R.22820/- on date of joining the post of JTO as a special case in order to remove the disparity of pay between the JTOs of 2005 batch who joined before 01-01-2007 and who joined after  01-01-2007. How ever no arrears will be paid for the period 01-01-2007 to 09-06-2013 as in the case of JTOs of 2005 batch who joined before 01-01-2007.......... View Order Copy.


Provision of RSTC over FTTH -  Clarification reg.


View Corporate Office orders:

Provision of GSM Mobile service handsets in BSNL to JAG and above level officers - Revised instructions.

Merger of CMTS accounting unit with SSA - AP / Karnataka / Gujarat / Punjab circles, Ahmedabad / Bangalore / Chandigarh & Hydrabad.

CE Civil regular promotion - Calling for APAR and VC reg.





GS writes to GM(Pers) regarding clarification sought by NTP Circle on pay fixation on officiating promotion to AD(OL).
Letter to GM(Pers)


Standard pay scale of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc:

GS writes to CMD regarding non finalization of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc of basic cadres JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc for the last 6 years demoralizing thousands of talented and young JTOs/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007---Major obstacle towards resolution of the issue, ie. pension contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale stands resolved --- immediate kind intervention solicited to resolve the issue to restore the dignity and sagging morale of thousands of Executives.

Letter to CMD


Meeting with GM(Estt), BSNLCO: GS and CHQ President met Sri R K Goyal, GM(Estt) and discussed the following issues:

Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3, E4 etc for the JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc:

This issue discussed in detail including the cascading effect of implementing the pay scales for the Executives in higher scales like E3, E4, E4 etc. The major hurdle for the implementation of the standard pay scales was the pension contribution on maximum of the pay scales instead of actual basic pay. The Pillai committee constituted to address the issue of “reduction in pay of JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batches” was sympathetic to the demand for standard pay scales but due to the pension contribution issue, the committee recommended only E1+5 increments to address the issue temporarily till finalization of the pay scales. The proposal of pension contribution on actual basic was earlier rejected by Dept of Expenditure/Ministry of Finance. Since pension contribution was become the main hurdle for the resolution of this major cadre issue, Assn pursued the matter in DoT continuously with Sec/DoT, Addl Sec/DoT, Member(Fin)/DoT, member(S)/DoT and Jt Sec/DoT. Finally it is understood that Dept of Expenditure/MoF agreed the proposal and orders are expectedly shortly. BSNL Mgt and DoT even taken up the issue with GoM also. This will save an amount of about Rs 300 Crores per annum for BSNL on pension contribution. As informed by GM(Estt) in the last meeting, Estt branch send the file to EF branch to work out the financial implications and recently EF branch returned the file with their comments. It is understood that the financial implications worked out by EF branch is slightly high comparing to the figure Assn worked out during the deliberations with Pillai Committee mainly due to increase in IDA rates. Assn requested to expedite the process and convene the joint committee meetings at the earliest. GM(Estt) assured that the matter will be first discussed internally and then joint committee meeting will be convened.

Regularization of officiating JTOs:

GM(Estt) informed that the BSNL counsel at Chandigargh given a positive legal opinion on their regularization by creating supernumerary posts. The matter will be refereed for legal opinion next week. Based on legal opinion, further action will be taken. GM(E) told that the whole process may take few months time. Since good number of officiating JTOs are written and passed the recent LICE from TTA to JTO, the no of supernumerary posts required to be created will be less than that of the earlier figure.

The wrong pay fixation in case of AD(OL) officiating promotion  in NTP Circle and the clarification sought from BSNLO:

Association briefly explained the issue and sought time for further discussions. Before that Assn will be giving a detailed note on the issue.


GS writes to CMD regarding


View Corporate office orders:

Retirement on Superannuation order of Shri. G L Jogi, DE our CHQ president.

Display of quote by Mahatmaji on customers.

Amendment to the fitment table of pre revised E9A pay scale for fixation of pay as on 01-01-2007 in the revised E9 scale for Executives of BSNL.

SDE tenure transfer.


Removal of disparity of Direct Recruitment JTOs of Recruitment year 2005 - Corporate office instruction,


View Corporate Office Orders

Adhoc DE promotion - Retention up to 31-03-14 reg

SDEs Inter circle Transfer reg


GS writes to CMD  for an urgent meeting to discuss long pending unresolved issues whose non resolution has evoked strong  and  widespread  resentment and agitation among the members of our Association throughout country.

a) Standard pay scales of E2, E3, etc for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs etc upto Selection Grade JAG replacing the pre-revised scale of E1A, E2A etc. JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 face huge difference in pay with respect to JTO/JAOs recruited prior to 01.01.2007 who got 30% fitment with 78.2% IDA neutralization.

b) Time Bound Functional promotion from JTO/JAO to Selection Grade JAG clearly specified in the terms and conditions of absorption in BSNL after negotiated settlement with this Association at the time of absorption. First Time Bound promotion uniformly after 4 years since 01.10.2000 for all the Executives.

c) 30% superannuation benefit to the BSNL recruited employees as per the agreement between Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations and BSNL Mgt on 12.06.2012.

d) Promotion from JTO to SDE under 67% quota for the vacancy years 2009-10, 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14 (as on today) considering the huge stagnation in the cadre of JTOs. Notification and holding of LDCE from JTO to SDE against 33% quota for the vacancy years 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13.

e) Filling up of 80% of STS posts on regular basis in all streams to end unwarranted adhocism - Appropriate amendment in BSNL MS RRs. Action to fill up the remaining DGM posts.

f) Settlement of EPF related issues like option for "Maximum pension" instead of "Minimum pension" and Centralised EPF payment etc.

g) Settlement of long pending pay anomalies like

i) Antedating

ii) Pay protection for the increments drawn during officiating promotion till the implementation of TBP policy and Senior drawing less pay than Junior after promotions and

iii) DNI option on Adhoc promotions from a lower scale to a higher scale.

h) Immediate recruitment of MTs from among Intl candidates till the implementation of Time Bound Functional promotion.

View letter Copy



Meeting with GM(SR):

GS, CHQ President and both the AGSs at HQs met GM(SR) on 05.08.2013 and held discussions on immediate holding of Committee meetings to resolve the issues of E2, E3 standard pay scales and implementation of Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy as per the terms and conditions of absorption. Association pointed out that the joint committee comprising of senior officers of BSNL management and the GSs of the United Forum has been constituted more than 18 months back but no progress has been made on these issues because of total lack of interest on part of officers of the management in the joint committee. This has created considerable resentment among the Executives, especially the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007.

GM(SR) informed that BSNL Management is sincerely trying to resolve the issues one after other on priority basis and resolution of these two issues requires lot of deliberations and that is the reason, the Joint Committee has been constituted. Management is trying to hold the meeting of the joint committee at the earliest and is very keen to resolve the issues in a time bound manner. We pleaded for very quick resolution of these issues.


CS, CP and CHQ Office bearers meeting at YMCA Hall

New Delhi on 02.08.2013.

 All the Circles except AS, NE II and JKD attended the meeting. After Presidential address GS briefed about the developments having taken place during the intervening period after the CWC meeting at Chennai in Jan 2013. The meeting deliberated on the following issues:

a) Issues related to our young comrades like E2, E3 pay scales, 30% superannuation, EPF related issues and CPSU cadre hierarchy etc.

i) E2, E3 etc pay scales for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc and equivalent cadres is an issue that Assn has been pursuing since 2009 consequent upon implementation of 2nd PRC report. Another important issue related to pay revision, the 78.2% IDA fitment, was resolved through continuous struggle for the last four years by the Forum. After the implementation of 78.2% IDA fitment, the demand for standard pay scales of E2, E3 has become more and more justified and relevant since the difference in basic pay has increased from Rs 2600 to Rs 3800 for a newly recruited JTO. All the CSs opined that this issue has to be resolved on topmost priority as decided in our last AIC and Assn should go for strong trade union action if the issue is not resolved shortly though mutual discussions. Serious ground level preparations at the grass root should start immediately.

(ii) 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees: Assn will submit its response to the committee report within a few days. Further Assn will be interacting with other Unions/Assns in the Forum to have a common strategy on this issue.

Govt. pension for the BSNL absorbed was finalized prior to the Corportization and the gazette notification in this respect was issued on 30th Sept 2000 introducing Rule 37A in pension rules. In case of MTNL, it was finalised well before this as MTNL was formed since 1984. The pay scales of executives of BSNL and MTNL were settled after intense struggle under the banner of Executive Negotiating Council (ENC) comprising of TEOA, BSNLEA and MTNL EA. Later on TEOA and BSNLEA merged together and formed SNEA(I). No discussion or negotiation on pension was required at that point as the pension issue was settled for all the employees prior to formation of BSNL. None other than TEOA and BSNLEA participated  in the agitation for the pay scales and terms and condition for absorption in BSNL.

iii) EPF related issues: The most important issue faced by the BSNL recruited employees was the payment of EPF contribution on actual emoluments (Basic+IDA) instead of the maximum ceiling of Rs 6500.  Since 2001, BSNL Mgt was paying a fixed amount of Rs 780 (12% of Rs 6500) per month towards EPF contribution for all the employees irrespective of their emoluments. After 3 years of continuous pursuation by SNEA(I) alone, this issue has been resolved and BSNL Mgt issued orders in 2005 to pay the EPF subscription on actual emoluments without any ceiling or restriction of Rs 6500. Resolution of this issue not only benefited the Executives, but also the Non Executives recruited by BSNL.

Now remaining EPF related issues has to be pursued like a) maximum pension option in which pension is even better than Govt pension, b) centralised EPF payment and c) EPF statements. Assn is even exploring the possibility of approaching the Hon Court against the EPF authorities for getting an opportunity to exercise option for maximum pension. By default, the option is given as minimum pension for all the BSNL employees as none of them are aware of the fact that they have to exercise the option at the initial stage itself. In minimum pension option, a nominal amount is credited towards pension head and the remaining amount of the contribution is credited towards savings.

b) The promotion from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE (Adhoc/Regular) and DE to DGM. The DE(Adhoc) to DE(Reg) DPC is in progress.

c) JTO to SDE promotion under seniority quota: The ACRs from few Circles like AP, AS, JKD, WTP etc are pending. Assn is trying to complete the DPC at the earliest in order to issue the promotion orders for  the vacancies upto 2011-12 for which ACRs are called for.

d) JTO to SDE promotion under LDCE quota: Efforts are being taken to notify the next LDCE at the earliest.

e) Membership verification among Executives Associations: The BSNL Mgt has formed a committee to frame rules and regulations and the modalities for membership verification. The committee held two rounds of meeting. All the Circle /SSA/Branches must hold the conferences where  ever it is due and get ready for membership verification.


GS writes to Dir(HR) regarding Suggestions on 30% Superannuation  benefit to BSNL recruited employees  in response to the report of  the  Committee constituted  as  per  the  agreement  between  the Forum of BSNL Unions  and  Associations on 12.06.2012.

a)   BSNL should increase the PF contribution from the employer’s side from the   proposed 2% to 12%. 2% is too inadequate and not acceptable at all.

b)   The date of effect of the scheme should be 01.01.2007 instead of “date of approval of the scheme by the Administrative Ministry”.

c)   The trust should be jointly managed by the nominees from Employer as well as from Employees for purpose of transparency and accountability.

View letter copy.



Request to immediately resolve very important issues of standard IDA pay scales of E2 and E3, introduction of mechanism of CPSU cadre hierarchy and 30% superannuation benefits to employees recruited in BSNL....... GS writes to CMD, BSNL.

Stand of this Association on outstanding and crucial issues of JTO/JAOs recruited in BSNL whose settlement is primarily delayed because of game of one-upmanship.

Critical issues of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs/SDEs and introduction of CPSU cadre hierarchy were identified as key and basic issues to be resolved by all the three Associations i.e AIGETOA, AIBSNL EA and SNEA(I). Accordingly, programme of organizational actions was jointly decided in Feb,12 and thereafter a committee, in which GSs of all the three Associations are included as members, to address these twin issues were constituted and the committee was asked to give its recommendations within a period of six months.

It is a fact that due to some reasons, lack of cohesiveness was visible but that never means that unity should be disrupted. In a game of one-upmanship, which is counterproductive as far as trade union movement is concerned; this fabric of unity is broken by embarking on programmes of organizational actions. We do definitely acknowledge the exclusive right of every Association / Union to independently launch programmes of action but this specific act of one-upmanship amounts to disruption of unity and will surely not help in resolution of   core issues of standard IDA pay scales and CPSU cadre hierarchy. Resolution of these crucial issues calls for united and sustained organizational actions. If someone feels like scoring over the other, resolution of these crucial issues will surely get defeated. Thus the need of the hour is a consolidated, united and sustained struggle for resolution of these issues.

SNEA(I) does not naturally support any isolated organizational action to get these key issues resolved since isolated actions will never and never help resolution of these core issues for obvious reasons, and against the background of the fact that we have already initiated a united struggle for resolution of these issues, any isolated action on the part of anyone would be counterproductive and surely defeating these issues. Let us tirelessly continue our crusade from the United platform from where we started and let no one be under any illusion that he is the sole champion and saviour of JTOs recruited in BSNL which is a just a myth and not a reality. Let us all together tirelessly work towards great objective of achieving exemplary unity and solidarity of executives that will rock the management, not disrupting unity and solidarity that is so easy to do.    

1) E2, E3 pay scales for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres:

The standard pay scale of E2 and E3 is one of the core issues that this Association is struggling to resolve. This is an issue which affects the entire Executives in general and the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 and getting recruited in the coming days in particular. Furthermore, non resolution of standard E3 pay scale for SDE and equivalent cadres is adversely affecting the time bound promotions also. The justification for E2, E3 scale got very strong after the implementation of 78.2% IDA fitment which was overdue for the employees of BSNL. After the implementation of 78.2% IDA fitment, Assn is focussing on the resolution of this key issue and is according highest priority to its resolution.

2) Time Bound functional promotion and CPSU cadre hierarchy:

Time bound functional promotion from JTO to Selection Grade JAG was the result of the historic agitation in 2002-03 by SNEA(I) (erstwhile TEOA(I)) while finalizing terms and condition for absorption like promotional avenues, pay scales, fitment method  etc before absorption, and the agreement between SNEA(I) and BSNL Mgt. When all other Assns were ready for absorption, without spelling terms and conditions, just for Rs 2000/-, SNEA(I) singlehandedly struggled to get the pay scales and promotion policies declared before absorption. When EPP was implemented in 2007, functional promotion and time bound promotions were kept as two different channels. When functional promotions became a nightmare, due to different court cases related to seniority, Assn decided to work towards implementation of time bound functional promotion or CPSU Cadre hierarchy. The official side in the committee has given some proposals and it is time for UF to discuss and decide the strategies of how to go ahead.

3) 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees:

This is a common demand related to the Non Executives and Executives recruited by BSNL. There is no link between 30% superannuation benefit and 78.2% IDA fitment. 78.2% fitment is part of 2nd pay revision which BSNL did not implement and the employees of BSNL were struggling since 2009. If anybody think there is some link, then it will be appropriate for them to take a decision that they will not avail 78.2% IDA fitment benefit till the resolution of 30% superannuation. The issue of 30% superannuation and Child Care Leave got focussed only and only because of agitation by Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations in June, 2012 and the final agreement reached on 12.06.2012, not because of any isolated effort by anyone as is being propagated and claimed.

As per the agreement with the Forum, the committee on 30% superannuation has been constituted and the committee has given some recommendations also. Based on the recommendations, the Mgt has sought the opinion of all the Unions/Associations on its implementation. This breakthrough is also part of the agreement with the Forum only. In one of the meetings between UF and DIR(HR), AIGETOA representatives themselves suggested that BSNL start with contribution of 2% from BSNL side. However, the recommendations of the committee are under discussion within the Forum and the Forum is trying to give a common response to the recommendations of the BSNL Mgt. Now the issue appears to be on the right track of settlement. This issue can be resolved under the banner of Forum only since majority of the BSNL recruits are Non Executives, and without the involvement of Non Executives Unions, this issue cannot be resolved. We will vigorously pursue resolution of this issue from the platform of the Forum.

We are confident that the first two issues can be successfully resolved in the Joint Committee already constituted, and if not, the issue can be further discussed in the UF and appropriate organizational strategies and united programmes of action can be chalked out to resolve these highly legitimate and genuine issues.


View Corporate office orders:

Local officiating arrangement / Local officiating promotion in the grade of JAO - Instructions.

Revision of pension / family pension of pre-2006 pensioners / family pensioners in accordance with Vth CPC decision reg.

Filling up of backlog vacancies SC /ST and OBC reg.


Convening of CPC for Executives as per BSNL Management services for various streams.

Quarters - Modified policy for allotment of  vacant   quarters to Retired employees in BSNL DOT.

EPP - Implementation reg.


View Corporate Office orders:

Revised table for fixation of pay as on  01-01-2007 in  respect of Non-Executives.

Revised table for fixation of pay as on  01-01-2007 in  respect of Executives.

Promotion in the grade of SDE Arch on regular basis.

SDE own cost transfer order.


Promotion and posting of 30 JTOs to the grade of SDE T in BSNL under Competitive quota on the basis of LDCE held on 04-03-12 - Order dated  04-07-13.

Promotion and posting of DE to DGM Adhoc.

Hard area Allowance to BSNL employees posted in some Islands of Lakshadeep.

Restriction of the Training to the executives posted in tenure stations reg .


View Corporate Office Orders:

CPSU Cadre hierarchy - Draft views of the committee.

Rec Rules 2004 of PS in BSNL - Amendment.

Recruitment process in the level of DGM / GM / CGM  under  immediate absorbtion - Correction reg.

Revision of provisional pension sanctioned under Rule 69 of the CCS Pension Rules 1972.

Withholding  10 percentage  of  gratuity  of  retiring  employees  reg - Clarification.

Holiday list for 2014.

AGM tenure transfer retention.

SDE Inter circle owncost transfer.

AGM transfer order cancellation.

AGM transfer order.
DE tenure transfer.
SDE Telecom  Tenure transfer.
Posting of EE Civil.


View Corporate office orders:

Admissibility of allowances like MR with vouchers, Professional Up gradation  allowance and HRA etc at IDA basic with 68.8%  fitment in respect of Executives.


Admissibility of allowances like MR with vouchers, Professional Up gradation  allowance and HRA etc at IDA basic with 68.8% fitment in respect of Non - Executives.


Congratulations to one and all !!!

BSNL CO endorsed the presidential order issued by DoT. Date of effect will be 10.06.2013, the date of issue of PO. The arrears payment issue will be taken up with DoT.

Comrades, our justified demand of 78.2% IDA fitment for 100% IDA neutralization w.e.from 01.01.2007 is implemented by BSNL. That also when the company is registering recurring losses for the last 4 years and the accumulated losses crossed Rs 24,000 Crores.  Now it is our turn to reciprocate as the Forum of BSNL Unions /Associations committed to the BSNL Management at the time of agreement on 12.06.2012 on behalf of the entire BSNL employees. This settlement highly motivated our employees definitely and that should translate into business and additional revenue generation in the coming days. Comrades, let us work for that from today onwards, that is precisely the appeal from CHQ.

View  Order Copy for Executives

View Order copy for Non-Executives


Heartiest congratulations !!!

DOT issued presidential orders for fixation of 78.2% IDA. This landmark breakthrough was possible because of sustained and tireless struggle for the past one year by the employees of BSNL from the forum of BSNL unions / executive associations. We are extremely grateful to the secretary DOT, CMD BSNL, DIR(HR) BSNL, DIR(FIN) BSNL, ADDL. SECRETARY DOT, MEMBER FINANCE DOT, DDG TPF DOT and Joint Secretary DOT for their great support in getting this order issued.

We are confident that the employees of BSNL would continue to participate in future struggle for revival / revitalisation of BSNL.

The indefinite strike will be officially called off tomorrow with the issuing of orders by BSNL.

View Order Copy



Meeting with Sri V. Umashankar, Jt Secretary, DoT on 30.04.2013:

GS, President and AGS Com Arvind Pal Dahiya met Jt Secretary, DoT and discussed the issues of 78.2% IDA merger with basic. He informed us that the proposal has gone to BRPSE for their comments and DoT will take a positive decision once the proposal is returned to DoT.

On the issue of recent DoT order calling volunteers, Jt Secretary informed that he is unaware of the development and appropriate action will be taken by DoT.



78.2 IDA fitment case has been cleared by the nodal agency in DOT and sent to Member / Finance / DOT for taking further action. We are very closely monitoring the progress of the case.


Incentive for acquiring fresh higher qualification - applicability to BSNL Employees - Clarification.


View Corporate office orders:

Calling VC for regular promotion in the grade of SE (C).

Calling ACR for regular promotion in the grade of SE (C) 

SDE tenure transfer.

Regular promotion in the grade of STS - Corrigenda.

OTA rates mapped corresponding to the revised  IDA pay scale for Non Executive employees.

AGM transfer order - retention order.

DE Transfer order - Modification order.


View Corporate Office and other Dept. orders:

Repayment of bond amount on resignation by DRJTO- Clarification.

CGHS Ceiling rate revision for coronary - Vascular stents reg

Amendments in CCS pension rules 1972 dated 21-12-12.

Family pension - Clarification by DoP and PW.

Finalisation of terms and conditions including pay fixation i r o Board level executives of CPSEs - Revised procedure.


Resolutions passed by the Central Working Committee meeting of SNEA(India) held at Chennai on 07th and 08th January, 2013 in respect of Cadre issues:

1. Finalization of standard pay scales of JTOs of 2007 & 2008 batches, JAOs and executives recruited after 01-01-2007.

2. Centralised payment of EPF of directly recruited Executives.

3.Immediate finalization of the recommendations of the committee constituted to finalize the time bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy and standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc.

4. Regularization of officiating JTOs as a onetime measure.

5. Expedite the recruitment to the cadre of JTOs against 50% dept quota from amongst the eligible candidates as per JTO R/Rs.

6. Immediate filling up of all the SDE, DE, and DGM posts. Efforts to be made to settle all the court cases including LDCE to enable expeditious   issuing of functional promotions to TES Gr B, STS and adhoc JAG.

7. Pay anomalies to be settled at the earliest. Pay anomalies in respect of Non executives are already settled as per the Hon Supreme Court order. In the case of Executives also, Hon Kerala CAT and High Court have already directed BSNL to settle the pay anomaly. There cannot be different criteria for the employees of the same company.


Meeting with Member(Fin), DOT: GS Com K. Sebastin, President Com G L Jogi along with GS and Finance Secretary of AIBSNLEA met Member(F), DOT regarding 78.2% IDA merger with basic w.e.f 01.01.2007. The queries raised by DOT were replied by BSNL two weeks back and the proposal is under the consideration of DOT, Finance. We explained the background of the issue as it is only 100% IDA neutralization as on 01.0.2007. On the date of pay revision in 2009, BSNL recorded a profit of 574 Crores and accordingly fitment was given. The IDA neutralization revised from 68.8% to 78.2% on 02.04.2009, subsequent to the implementation of pay revision in BSNL. Denial of the pay revision for the employees of BSNL is nothing but discrimination as the non-optee ITS working in BSNL on deputation got 100% DA neutralization w.e.f 01.01.2006, irrespective of paying capacity of BSNL, we pointed out.


View Corporate Office Orders:

SE Civil Transfer and Posting order.

Adhoc promotion in SE(E) grade- Issuance of vigilance clearance certificate regarding

ransfer and Postings in the grade of EE Civil.
Modification in policy for provision of concessional Broadband 
connection to the below JAG level BSNL retired employees at
their residence.
Clubbing of Cable damage charges with IUC bills  – 


View BSNL orders
BSNL Distance Learning Scheme 2010- Review
Reversion of ineligible candidates appeared in LDCE held on 15-07-07
Calling for options to Tenure circles - among the candidates of LDCE held on 04-03-12
Revised HRA rate for Shaharanpur City

Transfer and posting of JTO Arch


Corporate office has issued instructions to keep the order of extending  Sixth CPC allowances to Gr A officers on deemed deputation in BSNL under abeyance. View Order Copy.

There is no change in our agitation programme. As decided by the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations all office bearers and activists are requested to intensify the Dharna programme on 06-06-2012 and make it a grand success.


GS writes to CMD/BSNL regarding anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale on implementation of 2nd PRC- Violation of Fundamental Rules --- shuttling of files for last two years between Estt and EF section and submitting the files on flimsy grounds with all the negative remarks --- BSNLCO order dated 03.04.2012 allowing antedating of increment for the unabsorbed officers working in BSNL.

view letter


View Corporate office Instructions:
Review and monitoring of Rules of reservation.
Pay fixation on first up gradation under provisions of EPP consequent to pay revision w e f 01-01-2007..



Clarification order issued by Corporate Office  regarding TDS on Leave Encashment amount at the time of retirement.


View Corporate Office Orders:
AGM - DE Transfer and posting.
Sr. Executive Health checkup scheme extension.
SDE Tenure Transfer retention order.


View Corporate office instructions:

EPP - subsequent IDA pay Scale up-gradation to the executives on eligibility who have got the grade of JAG [E5 Scale] on first financial IDA pay sacle up-gradation – Clarification.

Issue of pay anomaly of certain seniors drawing less pay than juniors due to implementation of IDA pay up gradations under the EPP.

Recovery of excess pay i.r.o. AAOs/Sr. AOs as per clarification under the EPP vide letter No. 400-175/2007-Pers.I dt 19.02.2002 - regarding


Empanelment of Hospital - NABH accredtion reg - Clarification....View Cor. Office letter.


View Corporate office orders:

BSNLMRS-CGHS - overstay period clarification.

TTA selected as Out sider DRJTO Pay revision as per Clause 3.6 – clarification.

Revised Norms for vehicles in BSNL field units.

"USO Subsidy and Pension fund on actual pay - Record of Minutes.

Consultation with NCSC and NCST on policy matters.

WiMAX Discount scheme offer for Govt. and BSNL employees.


GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding:

a)  Option for pay fixation on DNI for Adhoc DE/CAO/DGM promotions  and

b)   Pay anomaly in case of JTOs officiating as SDEs till the implementation of TBP -- protection of pay as on date of implementation of TBP to avoid reduction in pay and recovery there of on implementation of EPP.

a) Option for pay fixation on DNI for Adhoc promotions b) Pay anomaly in case of JTOs officiating as SDEs


View Corporate office Instructions and Orders:

Retention policy for keeping PC, Laptop etc by DGM and above officers – reg.

Reservation for OBC in civil posts and services under CPSE - Sub quota for minority community - reg.

Transfer in the grade of EE Civil.

Relieving of SDEs to Hard tenure Station -reg

Tenure transfer of SDEs.

Modification of Tansfer order of AGM -reg

E admit card for candidates appearing JTO to SDE LDCE Exam on 04-03-12 -reg.


Restoration of disconnected RSTC / Concessional Phones of Employees of BSNL and MTNL - Corporate office Instructions.


 Seniority of 147 SDEs: The appeal at Hon High Court of Kerala at Ernakulam against the quashing of seniority of 147 SDEs came up today and posted for 23rd Feb:’12 for hearing. The stay on revision of seniority continues.

Review Application on notional date of promotion:

The review filed by BSNL at Hon High Court of Karnataka at Banglore came up today. Arguments completed and judgment reserved. Earlier the Hon Supreme Court dismissed the SLP filed by BSNL against the High Court order. Recently the CATs at Hyderabad and Ernakulam also given judgments on the same line.

E1 + 5 increments for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007.    The proposal of method of pay fixation has been sent to the competent authority for approval. Assn requested to fix the pay at Rs 19,020/- by giving cumulative effect.


Hall ticket for the LDCE from JTO(T) to SDE(T):   The JTOs who forgot the username /password may sent mail to the DE section of the BSNLCO on email id DE section will intimate the earlier user name / password.

As lot of vacancies are available in the LDCE quota and only few vacancies are available in the seniority quota, all the eligible JTOs joined upto 01.07.2006 are once again requested to prepare for the LDCE and get promotion in LDCE quota. The vacancies in seniority quota is only a few hundreds.


 Programmes of Protest actions by the United Forum of Executives’ Associations ( SNEA (I), AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA )  to impress upon the management to immediately abandon the arbitrary move to recruit Sr. DGMs and Jt. GMs in direct contravention of existing BSNLMS RRs and also to process the legitimate demand of standard IDA pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs and SDEs.


·  Country wide Lunch hour Demonstrations at Corporate / CGM / GM Hqs on 16-01-12.

·  Full day Dharna at Corporate / Circle /  SSA Hqs on 20-01-12.


View CORPORATE OFFICE / DOT Clarifications on :

Admissibility of full pension after 10 years of qualifying service in Govt.



Method of pay fixation of Executives recruited as per Special Lateral Direct Recruitment Rules, 2011 of BSNL Management Services.



Operation of E-6 scale on functional basis in BSNL and designating them as Sr.DGM.

Revision of pay of Board level and below Board level Executives w.e.f. 1.1.2007 - reduction of emoluments of directly recruited JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batch and directly recruited JAOs in respect of whom result was declared in April-10 ( E1 + 5 Increments ).

SDE Inter Circle Transfer orders ( Own Cost).



Policy for allotment of staff quarters to retired employees .

Promotion of SDE Civil to EE Civil grade on adhoc basis.

Transfer and posting in EE (C ) grade.



Proposal for operation of revised E9A pay scale w.e.f 01-01-2007 in BSNL Has not been agreed.

Staff Quarters retention by repatriated Gr-A officers - reg.

CGA - Creation and Calculation of vaccancies 28-12-11.


It is reliably learnt that the BSNL Board has approved E1+5 increments for JTOs who have joined after 01.01.2007.


GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding

  • Anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale on implementation of 2nd PRC.....View letter Copy


  • Anomaly in pay fixation- Senior promoted earlier getting less pay than junior promoted later.....View letter Copy


  • Extending the benefit of notional date of promotion and fixation of pay w.e.f. 23.01.2002 and actual benefits from 01.04.2008 in terms of judgment dated 26.04.2010 of the Hon CAT, Bangalore Bench in OA. No. 181 / 2009 to similarly placed other candidates also ....View letter Copy


GS writes to Sr GM (Pers), BSNLCO for incorporating the method of pay fixation in the case of promotion to Adhoc DE. As per the EPP, Executives are eligible for pay fixation under FR 22 (1) (a) (1) on promotion from a lower scale to a higher scale

View copy of the letter


GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding Finalization of the pay scales of JTOs, SDEs and equivalent cadres by placing them in the standard pay scales of E2, E3 etca decision with least financial implications that meets the commitment of 5,000 young JTO/JAOs and avoids further anomalies in time bound promotions --- provisionally extend E1+ 5 increments to settle the pay anomaly:

View copy of the letter


Monthly Pension contribution payable in respect of absorbed employees at par with those on deputation basis from 1st Dec-2011 ie on actual basic pay and not on maximum of the pay scale: Assn was fighting on this issue the last few years with DOT as well as BSNL Management for parity with the officers on deputation. By this the pension contribution given by BSNL will be reduced by 50% and BSNL can save about Rs 550 Cr per year.

Corporate office has instructed all Circles to follow the principle of Office Memorandum of DoP & T dated 19-11-2009 with effect from 01-12-2011 (ie. Monthly pension contribution calculation on the basis of existing basic pay of the employee instead of the present practice of pension contribution calculation on the basis of maximum of the pay scale)

View order copy


Clarification by DOT on the method of Pay fixation on promotion for the Executive employees w.r.t 2nd  pay revision.

View order copy


BSNL Corporate office Orders :

Posting on Promotion of SDE to Adhoc STS -02-12-11.

Promotion and Posting of STS to Adhoc JAG

Review of existing Tenure Area - J and K and NE II Circle

HPL encashment against shortfall of EL of 300 days on death of any BSNL Employee while in service w e f 01-01-2006.

Extension of medical facility to spouse of Retired employee who married after retirement,subject to the inclusion of the Spouse's name in the Pension Payment Order - Clarification.

Revised Scheme and Syllabus for LICE to fill up JTO (TF)- Modification.


In the meeting with Dir(HRD) BSNL on 18th NOV’11, it was informed that Management Committee of BSNL has approved E1 + 5 increments for the JTOs who have joined BSNL after 1.1.2007 paving the way for settlement of pay anomaly for JTOs of 2007, 2008 batch. The proposal will be sent to BSNL Board for final approval shortly.