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Promotion of AGM CSS to DGM grade on regular basis and posting against the DGM Telecom operation posts reg 20-06-13
UF of absorbed BSNL EA writes to CMD reg Candle light march on Dec 01 -2011 -23-11-11
Committee for introduction of CPSU hierarchy and two other issues reconstituted 21-05-12
Constitution of Committee - UF meeting held on 13 and 14 -02-012
Request to abandon the proposed move to reduce the DGM DE posts by 30 percentage reg - To CMD 01-02-13
United Forum of EA Indefinite Work According to rule and Non cooperation notice 20-01-12
UF writes to DOT secretary reg Candle light march 29-11-11
Request to abandon the proposed move to arbitrarily reduce JAG and STS by 30 percentage - TO DOY Secy
United Forums letter to PGM SR reg Agitational prtogrammes determent 14-02-12
Memorandum - Canle light march Dec 1 - 2011
Initial response to the draft proposal on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy 31-08-16
cpsu cadre hierarchy letter 19-05-2014
Second response to the draft proposal of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy-reg 05-09-16
CPSU Cadre hierarchy - Brief response to the draft views 05-09-13
Arbitrary notification of DGMs Recruitment in Telecom and Finance wing reg - To CMD 20-09-12
Illegimate promotion to ITS - To Secy DOT- 61107
Protest notice against ITS repatriation in phased manner
Filling up DGM DE posts as per BSNLMRS 17-11-11 - UF To CMD
UF of BSNL EA - Circular reg Non co-operation and Work to rule from 15-02-12- dt 01-02-12
Protest actions demanding immediate relieving of unabsorbed ITS in BSNL - To CMD 28-09-12
UF writes to CMD reg Lunch hour Demo on 07-02-12
UF Dharna 22-11-11 Press release
CPSU Hierarchy - New proposal by UF - 12-10-12
Minutes of the Committee meeting held on 16-03-12
United Forum - Agitation notice 17-08-16
Facts clearly and unambiguously establishing retaliatory vindictive actions of CGM Kerala reg - To CMD 10-07-14
ITS repatriation - UF to Secy DOT 22-11-11
United Forum writes to Hon PM reg repatriation of ITS officers 31-08-12
UF of BSNAEA to CMD - Arbitrary tampering with BSNLMS RR 16-12-11
UF Of BSNL EA writes to CMD reg framing of RR 24-11-11
DIR HRD - Revised Tr policy suggestions-101011
UF of BSNL Exe Association writes to CMD non resolution of long pending HR issues 03-01-14
UF of BSNL Exe writes to CMD reg Ghaziabad issue 08-11-12
FORUM meeting decision 24012013
Posting of Absorbed officer as DGM Per - To CMD 16-05-12
UF Writes to CMD reg abandon the move of Sr DGM Rec and also E2 E3 pay scale foe JTO SDE 05-01-12
Proposed amendments to MTRR 2009 - United Forum letter to Sr GM per20-02-13
UF writes to Dir HR reg set aside stting up of inquiry committee - Bihar Exe vs ITSA 09-12-11
Expediting long pending DPCs-90610
Framing RR - To CMD