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Regular Promotion and posting order issued  for 44  Executives in the grade of AGM / DE (Telecom) on regular basis .... View Copy of the Order.


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Employee Provident Fund regulations revised.
Referral to CGHS Empanelled Hospital by name is not permitted.
There is need for data exchanges in India: IT Ministry.
Tower companies look to new public infra projects for revenue growth.
Incumbent telecom profit halve in 3 years, margins fall 1,000 bps. 
Government seeks public comments on Data protection bill; September 10 deadline.


SNEA Wishes


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Committee meeting on Group Term Insurance (GTI) with SBI Life: The committee consisting of GM(Estt), GM(Restg), GM(SR) and GM(CA)  held negotiations with SBI Life. SNEA also invited by the committee during the discussion. The rate quoted by SBI Life is:

1) Annual premium of Rs 1.42 per thousand for a coverage of 50 lakhs for the age group of 18 to 50 years. For monthly premium, rate will be slightly high. GST will be separate.

2) The premium will be same even after crossing the age of 50.

3) Minimum 50% of the Executives should join the scheme.

4) The rate of premium will be reviewed after 3 years.

5) No medical is required.

We are trying to complete the negotiations at the earliest. We asked them to give the draft MoU to study the other terms and conditions. Thereafter a chance will be given to the Executives to opt out of the scheme. More participation in the scheme will give us an opportunity to bargain for lower premium.

This is one of the major issue we are pursuing after the MV.


GS met Shri Sourabh Tyagi, GM(Estt) and held detailed discussions regarding extending the benefit of E1+5 increments to the JTO/JAOs recruited after 2010, including the recent direct rect JTOs to address their pay loss to some extent. All of them are in the provisional pay scale of E1 (pre-revised E1A scale) and most of them are placed at the minimum of the pay scale at Rs. 16,400. The proposal for extending E1+5 increments for the JTO/JAOs recruited upto 2014 is pending in the BSNL Board since 2014. It is linked with HR Plan finalization. GS requested to delink the same and extend to all the Executives as it is already agreed by the DoT also in the Presidential order dated 28.03.2017. 


GS writes to CMD/BSNL: Request to take immediate steps for implementation of Uniform First Time Bound Promotions through EPP-2007 for all the BSNL Executives. This issue can be settled without any anomaly only by extending the first Time Bound Promotion in 4 years for all. It is requested to process the case at the earliest and render justice to thousands of JTOs recruited between 1993 to 2001.

GS letter to CMD


BSNLCO issued Promotion orders from Jt GM (C) to CE (C) [SAG] on regular basis. SNEA congratulate Sh Manish Kumar Jt GM (Pers) on his Promotion and posting as GM EB II, BSNLCO. 

JT GM (C) to SAG (CE(C))


BSNLCO FP unit issued the request transfers of AOs

AOs request


The contempt case at Chandigarh CAT is posted to 24.8.2018 along with OA.


GS writes to CMD/BSNL: Extending the benefit of E1+5 increments to the JTO/JAOs recruited after 2010, till today [JTO(SRD) of 2010, JAO 2012, Direct Rect JAO of 2015, JTO 2012/2013/2014/2015/2016 and Direct Rect JTO of 2017] to address their pay loss to some extent. All of them are in the provisional pay scale of E1 (pre-revised E1A scale) and most of them are placed at the minimum of the pay scale at Rs. 16,400.

Letter to CMD on E1+5 increments


Conduction of Circle, SSA and Branch Conferences:

All the Circle, SSA and Branch conferences, which are due to be held at the earliest, before the next All India Conference. Circle Secretary and CEC should ensure that the SSA conferences are held in time. The next AIC dates will be announced shortly after the CEC meeting of Punjab Circle at Ludhiana on 14.08.2018. 


Officiating JTOs Pay fixation under FR22(1)a(1): It is understood that the SLP filed by Kerala Circle against the judgement of Hon. HC of Kerala  "allowing pay fixation under the provisions of FR22(1)a(1) without the restriction of FR 35" is dismissed by Hon. Supreme court. Association also filed the petition in the Hon. PCAT New Delhi for our members who are officiating JTOs and got favourable judgement earlier. PCAT allowed our petition based on the final out come of the Hon. HC of kerala. Since the SLP of Kerala Circle is dismissed by Hon. Supreme Court now, our prayer "Allowing pay fixation under the provisions of FR22(1)a(1) without the restriction of FR 35" in Hon. PCAT attains finality.


BSNLCO issued request transfers of SDEs promoted through LDCE / SCF 

Request Transfers SDEs


FTTH Week Procession - Kerala


Meeting with Smt Sujata T Ray, DIR(HR)/BSNL: GS, President, AGS and Jt Sec(C) met DIR(HR) on 09.08.2018 and held discussions on various issues in the presence of GM(Pers), GM(Estt) and GM(SR):

a) Deputing senior officers to DPE to present the facts to DPE regarding the clarifications sought by DoT from DPE, on the approval of Standard Pay scales of E2 and E3, replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 for all the post 2007 rects including the fresh rects: DoT presented wrong informations to DPE on the issue. In order to justify their decision on lowering the pay scales from E1A to E1 and E2A to E2 in the presidential order issued on 28.03.2017, DoT informed DPE that BSNL wrongly implemented E1A and E2A pay scales after the formation of BSNL to fresh BSNL direct rects. This is illegal. E1A and E2A scales are only a special dispensation for the Executives absorbed from DoT into BSNL to facilitate absorption. For the fresh BSNL direct rects, only E1 and E2 scales are applicable, according to DoT. We had submitted a copy of the reference made by DOT to DPE for her kind information. Since wrong informations are given by DoT to DPE, BSNL has to strongly present the facts before the DPE so that DPE can take a correct stand. We explained the detailed discussion we had with Advisor/DPE twice on the matter.

GM(Estt) informed about the discussions he had with this Association and opined that the contents of DoT reference is very much negative. BSNL has to present the facts before the DPE. A para-wise response will be made on the subject to present before the DPE. After detailed discussion, DIR(HR) assured that next week, GM(Estt) will meet the concerned officers in DPE for explaining the facts to them.

b) Notification of CPSU Hierarchy w.e.f 01.07.2018: DIR(HR) reiterated that it will be notified w.e.f 01.07.2018 as already announced, it is a BSNL Board decision and it has to be implemented, there is no other options. The issue of financial implications and reservation issue are examined by two committees and the committee report received by DIR today. DIR(HR) sought one week time to go through the report and taking further actions to notify it.  We informed her about the assurance of CMD, BSNL that the moment file reaches him, he will approve its notification.

We further requested to protect the interests of the JTOs and AOs where DPC is initiated before 01.07.2018 for the existing vacancies but could not complete before 01.07.18. They may be given notional promotion from 29.06.2018 along with others to protect their seniority at par with others and the pay fixation benefit if any, we suggested.

c) Bringing Parity and Uniformity in all future promotions: DIR(HR) informed that BSNL management will follow the principle of parity in all the future promotions. As first stage the possibility to bring parity upto 2005 is under examination and will be discussed with CMD. As of now there is no vacancy to promote, except in SDE(T) and CAO cadres. Now management is only focusing on the contempt petition at Ernakulam and Chandigarh and after that only it can concentrate on further promotions. AIEL preparation is stalled by your own friends, then how we can promote JTO to SDE, DIR asked. We explained that the case was filed not by SNEA, it was done by AIGETOA activists and they are only filed the contempt petition also. SNEA all along supported the BSNL stand in the courts. She suggested to ask them to withdraw the case, on which we informed DIR that already we told them several times, which is the easiest way to promote the JTOs. In Chandigarh case also SNEA is not supporting the case and we publically told this and our stand is very clear, reservation should be given in promotions as per the interim order of Hon SC. But some leaders for the sake of their own promotion, forced BSNL to give excess promotions beyond the scope of the interim order of the Hon SC which is to be reexamined. This drama they had played only in SDE to DE promotions because the so called leaders are also getting AGM promotions. Similar stand they did not taken in the case of JTO(T/C/E/Arch/TF) to SDE(T/C/E/Arch/TF) or JAO to AO promotion or SDE(C/E/Arch/TF) to EE(C/E/Arch/TF) promotion. CMD and BSNL management is very much disturbed on the contempt petition, DIR told. BSNL is filing review petition in the Hon HC against the order quashing the method of fixation of inter-se seniority from training centre marks to date of appointment which will unsettle a settled procedure followed by DoT and BSNL. It will expedite the preparation of AIEL, GM(Pers) informed.

On bringing parity by upgradation of posts, DIR(HR) is non committal and informed that upgrdation may not be possible in future but doors are not closed for ever.

d) DE to DGM promotions: We requested to find a solution to the deadlock situation due to the court order on catch up rule. If 600 DGM posts are created which is almost proposed in the HR plan, all the disputes over the catch up rule can be overcome by giving promotions to all. Meanwhile the DPC for all the eligible DEs to be completed and the panel can be made ready, we suggested. DIR(HR) is very positive and told us to give some time as entire management is busy on the contempt petitions.  

e) Circle break on Soft tenure posting: DIR(HR) informed that the proposal is already in her office. OSD to DIR(HR) told that it is with him for more than one month. In fact the proposal has sent by the Pers section by the end of May. DIR(HR) assured that decision will be taken very shortly as per the assurance.


CGHS Beneficiaries permitted for OPD Consultation at Private Hospitals - View DoH & FW instructions.


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JTO to SDE SCF quota promotion - Cancellation due to VRS / Superannuated / Expired reg. (Anymore retirement cases are there, it may be intimated urgently to BSNLCO. A copy may be made available to CHQ)


BSNLCo issued promotion orders from SDE(C) to EE(C) today for 2 SDEs notionally from 29.6.18. 
SDE(C) to EE(C) Promotion


BSNLCo issued promotion orders from JTO(C) to SDE(C) today for 86 JTOs. After 23 Years of service as JTO (C), our AGS Com A. Chandrasekhar is promoted as SDE. 

JTO(C) to SDE(C) Promotion /Posting orders