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Current Events       Last Updated on 18.04.2024 - 11:55 AM


Update on JTO to SDE Civil/Electrical Promotions: SNEA CHQ has received certain queries about SDE Elect /Civil Promotions as no action has been taken on it for long time. In this regard it to inform that, the proposal was moved by Electrical as well as Civil Wing BSNL CO to Pers DPC Section before 2-3 months, but Pers DPC section has returned it siting pending court case of Year 2017 at CAT Chandigarh.  

Since, January 2023, SNEA has taken up matter with CGM BW, CGM EW , PGM Pers and Director HR BSNL Board and pursuing for issuing JTO to SDE promotions for Civil as well as Electrical wing subject to outcome of this old pending  court case and we have submitted written request  to Director HR BSNL Board for the same. Copy<<<>>

It is to inform that one combined notification both for Electrical and Civil wings for SDE promotions under LICE quota was issued in 2017 and it was challenged  wherein reservation issue was challenged and court has given certain directions  to BSNL for this LICE Promotions.

But this LICE was not conducted and later DoPT/DoT have issued guidelines on this issue. Now BSNL has decided to withdraw appeal as the DoPT has issued clear guidelines on issue disputed in this pending court case . There is nothing to be cleared from Hon Court in appeal made by BSNL as the issues are cleared by revised guidelines by DoT/DoPT.  Now BSNL has submitted request for withdrawal of appeal and same is not given consideration by Hon Court and next hearing in this case is scheduled in June 2024.  

Our request for issuing promotions subject to outcome of the pending court cases, is principally agreed by all concerned officers to move ahead in these directions. SNEA CHQ is pursuing this issue and we are hopeful for early orders for JTO to  SDE Civil/ Electrical Promotions.


Update on Court case by filed by some of MTs on restoring Seniority of MTs: Out of 134 recently BSNL recruited Internal MTs, have approached the CAT Jabalpur demanding restoration of Seniority of MTs as per MTRR 2014 and MSRR 2009 which has been fixed by BSNL as per MSRR vide OA No.MA/470/2024 .

The case was admitted on 08/04/2024 and was head on 10/04/2024, wherein it was specially pleaded by advocate for petitioners for staying ongoing process of SDE to AGM Telecom Promotions under LICE /SCF Quota. Hon. CAT Jabalpur has admitted case, but not granted stay on AGM Telecom Promotions and next hearing in this case is fixed on 27/06/2024.

Asking for own grievances is always welcome but creating hurdles by staying promotions of others that to be second time is not good sign and this action on part of MTs has created mass unrest in minds of SDEs waiting for their AGM promotions. 

SNEA CHQ has personally discussed this issue with active applicants in this case and many of them have expressed that they are unaware of demand for staying AGM Promotions and some have expressed that their consent was taken only for seniority of grievances, but later has been modified for demand of staying promotions.

Anyhow, it is good that Hon. Court has not granted any stay as demanded by applicants and there are no issues in getting SDE to AGM Telecom Promotions for which work is at conclusive stage.    


Update on Court case on JTO to SDE Telecom LICE Promotions: One case has been filed at CAT Chandigarh by some JTOs for restoration of LICE quota vacancies abolished by BSNL during restructuring review with prayer for stay on scheduled LICE. This case was heard on 09/04/2024 and the Hon Court has admitted case by accepting the dispute. The prayer for staying LICE scheduled on 16 & 17/04/2024 was not given consideration. The court has given green signal to go ahead with LICE, but restricted BSNL from declaration of results of LICE till next hearing which is scheduled on 08/05/2024.  Copy<<<>>


Update on Court case on JTO to SDE Telecom SCF Promotions: Hearing in the ongoing JTO to SDE seniority Court case at CAT Chandigarh wherein SDE Telecom SCF quota promotions are stayed was held on 09/04/2024. The advocate for applicants requested for time and now hearing is fixed on 07/05/2024.  


Update on Court case by SNEA for E5 to E6 Pay Scales: This case filed by SNEA at CAT Delhi was listed for hearing on 14/03/2024, but the same could not be heard on said date due to non-availability of the Bench. Now it is posted for hearing on 22/04/2024. 



DGM SCT Cell BSNL CO endorsed writes to all Circle Heads endorsing the DoPT/DoT orders for modification/ Revision in instructions for authorities competent to issue Caste/ Tribe/ Community certificates in respect of SC/ST/OBC and Income & Asset Certificates in respect of EWS. Copy<<<>>

These guidelines are issued by DoPT as per the directions laid down by the Hon Supreme Court in case of Mrs. Madhuri Patil Vs Add Commissioner.

As per this order, the State/UT Administration are competent to issue and verification of Caste/Tribe/ Community Certificates.

Henceforth the powers to decide authorities competent to issue Caste/ Tribe/ Community certificates in respect of SC/ST/OBC and Income & Asset Certificates in respect of EWS are delegated to State/UT Administrations.

These guidelines/instructions are issued in suppression of earlier instructions on the subject matter. 

Hopefully, these clear instructions will reduce the difficulties faced by the SC/ST/OBC/EWS employees in BSNL. 


AGM Rectt BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads conveying the setup of Control Room for LICEs scheduled on 16 & 17/04/ 2024. Copy<<<>>

One AGM and three DMs of Recruitment Cell will be available on given Mobile numbers for clarifying any issues /doubts/ queries by the LICE Candidates or BA/Circle administration for smooth conduction of these four LICEs.



Certain issues related to LICEs scheduled in this week: SNEA CHQ is getting many queries from individual LICE candidates about the procedure to be followed for attending and mainly about relieving of LDCE Candidates for attending LICE and confusion thereof.

Some of BA Heads have issued the relieving orders and many have taken stand that LICE is departmental Examinations which is conducted on duty and hence relieving orders for attending LICE is not required.

LICE is not new for Executives and administration in BSNL, but all of sudden many queries are raised as GMs/PGM are being relieved with proper reliving orders for attending Psychometric Test.

In this regard, it is to inform that one has to understand that the Psychometric Test which is conducted at only one place all over India has no relation with LICEs being conducted on hundreds of Centers all over India. LICE for executives is up to SDE is regular matter and newly introduced for AGM/DGM Promotions since 31/12/2022.

As such, there is no much change in procedure of LICEs and it is same procedure followed in earlier LICEs and the is to be followed now also.

For all candidates who are attending Exam at same station, no need of relieving and Admit card/Hall ticket signed by Controlling officer will be sufficient to attend Exam.

Further, reliving order may not be required for attending Exams, but if controlling officers are giving relieving orders, then it is OK.

But if relieving order is not given by controlling officer for any reason, then candidates who are attending LICE at Centers away from his/her working HQ, may submit representation/intimation about leaving HQ for LICE for safer side. Hopefully it will be granted by all controlling officers and if not granted also, candidates should not wait for it and attend the LICE.

There are certain queries about postponement of LICEs demanded by individual LICE candidates, as per information with SNEA CHQ there is no such proposal from BSNL Management as preparations for LICE are almost complete and only four days are left for LICE.

The postponement of LICE is possible only if any such binding directions are issued by any court or by Election commission and as of today, there are no such directions and hence the chances of postponement of LICE are less.

Some candidates are confused as certain What’s App messages are being circulated unofficially for applying leave for attending LICE, but in our opinion, LICE is to be attended on duty, no need to apply leave as it is part of office work, but till we will get more clarity about from the Management and will update shortly.

For applicability of TA/DA, Kerala Circle has asked for certain clarification, and same is being pursued b us for required clarification for BSNL CO.

Further, SNEA CHQ has taken up matter for waiver of LICE Fees and matter is under active consideration of BSNL Management and as all candidates have already paid fees. As such, it has no direct relation with scheduled LICE and we are hopeful for consideration of this proposal of SNEA by the BSNL Management.

As such, there should not be any confusion in minds of LICE candidates and they should focus on preparations of for their success in Exams and if there are any changes or clarity is issued by BSNL CO on doubts/queries raised by the field units, we will update it all suitably. 


AGM Rectt BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads about Mock test for familiarization of candidate with the LICE. Copy<<<>>

The examination format and Admit card of eligible candidates are generated and can be downloaded by the candidate from the registration portal for LICE scheduled on 16 & 17/04/2024 for JTO to SDE (Telecom), SDE to EE/AGM (Civil), SDE  to EE/AGM (Electrical) and SDE to AGM (Telecom). 


Addl. GM BW BSNL CO issued transfer order of SDEs in Civil wing who have completed their tenure at all India hard tenure stations as well as OTP requests of SDEs Civil transfers.Copy<<<>>

Thus request of all SDEs in Civil wing are given consideration. SNEA CHQ conveys thanks to Director HR BSNL Board, CGM BW and his team of Officers in BW section for giving consideration to these request transfers.

This proposal was also initiated by BW section before long time, but was delayed for review of the proposal for considering the cost of transfers and finally with intervention of Pers section all request to and from All India Tenure stations are given consideration at Company cost.

The Own Cost OTP Inter Circle request from Non-Tenure stations is also given consideration.

Now, OTP Request of only Telecom wing are pending for which work is under active consideration and orders are expected  shortly. 


AGM Electrical BSNL CO issued Transfers and Postings of CE/GM Elect wing and all these transfers are at company cost. Copy<<<>>

It is reported that CEE post does not exist at Raipur in Chhattisgarh Circles but it is at sanctioned at Bhopal MP Circle since the revised Restructuring norms are issued by Rstg Cell BSNL CO.

But the HQ of CEE MP is unofficially continued at Raipur, Chhattisgarh Circle with looking after charge of MP Circle. SNEA has taken up this matter with CGM EW BSNL CO and he has assured for corrective action.

It is reported that there are many such discrepancies in posting of GMs/PGM level officers and posts are being diverted for the benefits of individuals keeping aside interest of BSNL.

All CS SNEA are requested to share details of such cases, including excess/shortage posting of GM/PGM level officers and SNEA CHQ will take up this matter for corrective action safeguarding interest of BSNL. 


PGM CA/ERP-FICO BSNL CO writes reminder to IFAs of Circles regarding process for tracking BSNL employees GPF Cases on separation as well as on transfers from one circle to another Circle. Copy<<<>>

The letter states that the Circles are not adhering to guidelines issued on this subject and in case of any lapses on part of Circles in updating EPF data and  explanation will be called from IFAs for non-adherence to these repeated instructions. 


DM LM BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads for up-gradation of existing websites for publication of sale, renting and auction details of BSNL properties. Copy<<<>>  


DGM Pers BSNL CO conveyed the approval of DoT for extension of the additional charge of CMD MTNL to Shri. Pravin Kumar Purwar ji, CMD BSNL from 15/10/2023 to 14/07/2024. Copy<<<>>



AGM Taxation BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads calling for  declaration from all BSNL employees for old Tax regime if he/she is willing to opt so for Year 2023-24, otherwise new tax regime is applicable to all. Copy<<<>>

The options/declaration in given format is to be submitted DDO/AO Pay/Cash/HCM concerned and the last date for submission of options is 21/04/2024. 


AGM CSS BSNL CO writes all Circle/Unit Heads calling for information for preparations of AIEL & Reservation Roster as 01/01/2023 of PSs working in field units along with updated seniority list of PPSs working in field units.  Copy<<<>>


AGM Elect BSNL CO issued transfer orders of the SDEs in Electrical wing wherein request of Executives working at different paces including SDEs who have completed all India hard Tenure are given consideration.  Copy<<<>>

This process mainly for consideration of request of SDEs who have completed tenure took time of one and half month and orders are issued now.

In the similar manner the file for considering requests of SDEs in Civil wing is also under consideration for long time and presently with Pers section. As such, the transfer orders for SDEs in Civil wing are also expected shortly.  

SNEA CHQ conveys thanks to Director HR BSNL Board, CGM EW BSNL CO and his team for giving consideration to these requests by individuals.