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Current Events       Last Updated on 01.06.2023 - 10:20 AM


AGM Pers BSNL CO issued one more lot of Long Stay Transfers of AGMs and SDEs working in CNTX Circles.  AGM Order <<<>>     SDE Order <<<>>

Earlier the Circle Heads of Non-Recruiting Circles were directed to issue long stay transfers within their Circle but out of territory of the working Circle. Accordingly, many Circles have issued Transfer orders but some of Circles have not issued or some individuals have preferred transfer out of Non-Recruiting Circles as per their options submitted under OTP and their names were sent to Pers Section by these Circles. Accordingly, these two long stay transfer orders are issued by Pers Section BSNL CO. 


DGM SEA BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads reminder for updating of Transfer posting delated ERP data of finance executives in ERP. Copy<<<>>

SEA Section BSNL CO has requested for updating data in ERP pertaining to stay particulars, career history, chronic disease/ disability of self or dependent family member, immunity available, working at Soft Tenure etc which is base for processing of inter circle transfer longest stay, OTP requests.

If data is updated then then long stay transfer of the concerned officers will not be issued and priority will be given for consideration of their OTP Requests.

Though letter is written only for Account wing, this is applicable for officers of all wings and cadres and hence this data needs to be updated in ERP and this should be regular process now. 


DGM Admn BSNL CO writes remainder to all Circle Heads for details of Nodal Officer from BSNL Side for Implementation of Voluntary Group Health Insurance Scheme for BSNL employees w.e.f. 01/06/2023.  Copy<<<>>  


Court case on DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular Promotion: The court case in CAT Chandigarh on DGM Adhoc to DGM Regular promotions which was scheduled on 22/05/2023, was adjourned and no hearing could take place on this date and next date of hearing is 02/06/2023. Copy<<<>>


AGM Taxation BSNL CO endorsed the notification by Ministry of Finance, GOI for Increase in the Exemption Limit of Leave Salary Encashment. Copy<<<>>


Add. GM BW BSNL CO issued transfer and posting in the grade of SDE Civil on return back from deputation and he is posted to MP Circle.  Copy<<<>>


PGM CA BSNL CO issued reminder to all IFAs of Circles regarding delay in submission of GPF data of CCA Offices by Circles. Copy<<<>>

The migration of BSNL GPF Subscribers from COMPACT Module to GPF Module of PFMS by DOT getting delayed due to non-submission of data and the required data need to be submitted in time bound manner without any further delay.  


AGM Pers BSNL CO released the schedule for Commencement of Training for Management Trainees as per MTRR 2013.  Copy<<<>>

The selected candidates are designated as Management Trainee Telecom Operations and will undergo 52 weeks training starting with orientation program of two weeks commencing from 05/06/2023

SNEA congratulates all the successful MT aspirants and conveys best wishes for grand success in their MT training.  


Highly Successful Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA MH at Gao: {Report by Shri. Samir Khare CS SNEA MH}:  The Circle Executive Committee Meeting of SNEA MH was held at Hotel Green Park, Mapusa Goa for two days on 15 & 16/04/2023. All the District Secretaries, COBs, CWC Members and observers from all over Maharashtra Circle attended this CEC Meeting.

The first day of the Circle Executive committee meeting of SNEA, MH Circle started with Flag Hoisting by Circle President Shri Shailendra Solanke in the Presence of Shri M. S. Adasul, General Secretary, SNEA CHQ, Shri Tata Babu, CHQ Treasurer, Shri M. N. Kotambe, AGS MH, Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary, Shri H. N. Tipre, Circle treasurer and other Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members, DS, CEC Members and Observers from all over Maharashtra and all the members of Goa SNEA.

The proceedings of CEC Meeting started with Deep Prajwalan, felicitation and welcome by bouquet.

Shri Simon Dsouza, District Secretary, SNEA Goa in his welcome address gave warm welcome to all the participants of the CEC coming from various parts of Maharashtra and Goa in his opening remark.

The opening session was well anchored by Shri Prashant Baviskar, ADS, SNEA, and Goa Branch.

The Circle President Shri Shailendra Solanke in his opening remark welcomed all the delegates across Maharashtra for the first CEC meeting after Jalgaon Circle Conference. The President told all the delegates to focus on upcoming Membership Verification and requested all to work dedicatedly for increasing the membership of SNEA. He also appealed that this time we should take efforts to cross 80% Vote Share in MH Circle and further stated that it is quite possible as last time MH circle garnered about 70% Vote share.

Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle presented his first ever circle secretary report. Copy  <<<>>. In his report he emphasized the importance of social media and lagging on this part, was one of the major reasons for losing last Membership verification. He further told the house about the settlement of some long pending transfer cases in this short period. He further told that he is well aware about the anguish of Tenure Completed executives and further stressed that SNEA MH Circle is strongly pursuing the cases with CGM MH Circle and GM HR during each meeting. It is due to the lackadaisical approach of the Circle Management that the orders are pending for last about 8 months. He said that he has discussed the issue with CGM, MH Circle and GM HR for clearing all the cases of executives completing tenure up to 30 September 2023.

Shri H.N. Tipre Circle Treasurer SNEA MH presented the Report thereafter in a studied manner as always. 

Shri M.N. Kotambe, AGS, MH Circle then deliberated about the issues at MH Circle level. He further stated that under the able leadership of our GS will win the MV with thumping margin. He also emphasized on the need of alliance with SEWA. He praised SEWA MH Circle for standing always with SNEA MH, Circle.

Shri M.S. Adasul, General Secretary, SNEA CHQ in his address guided house on different HR and development issues viz.  Regarding Pay Loss of Post 2007 recruit JTO/JAO’s, LICE promoted JTO/JAOs, Inter Circle and Intra Circle transfer, Regarding BA level Body of Association, Implementation of 3rd PRC, availability of equipment, 5G services by BSNL, Bharat Udyami targets and so on. In his illustrative address, he updated house on about all current issues and also replied the doubts and queries raised satisfactorily.

OPEN SESSION:  Post Lunch session was one of the major attractions as the Open House was to be held and Shri Shailendra Solanke CP SNEA MH presided over the Open Session.

Honorable Shri Sripad Yesso Naik, Union Minister of State for Tourism and Ports, Shipping and Waterways, GOI was the Chief Guest for the Open Session.

Shri Prashant Patil, Chief General Manager, CNTxW BSNL and Shri Sanjay Kumar Choudhary, Principal General Manager, Goa BA were the Guest of Honor from the management side.

Shri. M. S. Adasul, General Secretary, Shri. M. N. Kotambe AGS MH, Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle.

Shri Gautam Gharde, Chief Advisor, SEWA, Shri Linesh Walvi, Circle Secretary, SEWA MH Circle were present on the dias.  

The Open Session started with “Deep Prajwalan” by the hands of all dignitaries thereafter all the dignitaries were felicitated by offering Memento and bouquet.

In his opening remark Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH Circle welcomed all the guests and thanked them for sparing their valuable time.

Shri. M. S. Adasul, General Secretary, SNEA in his address appreciated the efforts of Central Government for revival of BSNL. He further appreciated the Government for taking efforts for Indigenous 4G Equipment which is the need of the time but at the same time urged to expedite the process as non-availability of the equipment is badly affecting growth of BSNL. He assured that BSNL will complete the 4G project within deadline specified by Government, if the equipments are made available. He further extended thanks to State Governments of Maharashtra and Goa States for providing space for installation of 4G Towers. He also told the Chief Guest that BSNL has successfully implemented the Digital India Project and further added that BSNL employees are taking dedicated efforts for achieving the targets. Bharat Udyami is a scheme of Government for providing FTTH in rural area and the target was to cross 1 lakh connections in 4 months but by the dedicated efforts of all the executives the target is achieved in a period of 4 months. He further added that BSNL being the Government PSU is extending services to socio-economically backward areas. Shri Adasul requested the Chief Guest to support BSNL employees by satisfying their minimum demands which is possible with Government intervention. He stated that the major work force is suffering a pay loss due to non-implementation of E2 pay scale to JTO/JAO. He further added that the Functional Time Bound Promotion can be given without any additional financial burden and requested support from Government for providing 3rd PRC to the employees by delinking the affordability clause which is well within hands of Government. He assured Hon. Minister that BSNL executives and Non-Executives are giving their best in very odd and difficult situation and Government and DoT has to recognize their devoted services by extending all possible benefits and mainly demanded for restoration of dialogue on 3rd PRC implementation without further delay and resolution of others issues for motivation of executives. He conveyed thanks to Hon. Shri Shripad Naik ji Minister, Hon. Ashwini Vaishnav Ji and Hon Prime Minister of India for extending whole hearted support to BSNL.

Hon’ble Shri Sripad Naik, Union Minister of State for Tourism and Ports, Shipping and Waterways, GOI in his very impressive address for about half an hour to the gathering informed that BSNL has done excellent job during Covid Period and it was due to the selfless efforts of BSNL staff that people could avail the facility of work from home during the critical phase. The Government of India has recognized the importance of BSNL and thus declared it as a strategic PSU of Government of India in Telecom Sector. He assured that he will convey the sentiments of BSNL employees to the Government and further assured that the issues raised by Association will be given consideration. He directed us to give representation in writing and firmly assured to take up these issues in the larger interest of BSNL. He added that survival of BSNL is must and Government is taking care of all the issues related to BSNL. He appealed all to provide best quality services to customers in rural area and all required support for same will be extended by GoI. He expressed pleasure over the way BSNL is moving ahead and was optimistic that BSNL will be coming in profit very shortly.

Though Hon. Minister had some prior commitments, prescheduled public function as chief guest, he gave sufficient time to the Open Session and interacted with house in very affirmative and motivational manner for more than one and half hour and the audience was fully energized with his address

Thereafter, Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary, SNEA MH raised various issues in front of the House including the tenure transfer which are not issued since July 2022. He said that there is a great unrest amongst the executives. He further stated that he has raised the issue several times with CGM, MH Circle, but it seems that CGM is not interested in HR issues. He asked the GS to raise concern about the violation of Transfer Policy Guidelines by Corporate office itself. As per the Transfer Policy guidelines amended from time to time, not more than 10% of executives be transferred from one SSA but as per the latest letter by Corporate Office regarding Intra Circle transfer it is mentioned as 15% which is violation of the guidelines. He also raised the issue of unnecessary transfer from MH Tenure Stations in name of intra circle transfers.

Shri Prashant Patil, CGM CNTXW Mumbai with his excellent oratory impressed each and every one in the house. He said that the current set of directors of BSNL are working very hard for the company and told that all things can be set alright if we increase our market share from 9% to 15% which is achievable. He praised the officers and staff of BSNL for their dedication due to which the company is making steady progress even after VRS 2019. He further assured that he will convey the sentiments of the house regarding HR issues to CGMT MH Circle.

Shri Gautam Gharde, Chief Advisor, SEWA MH in his speech appraised GS SNEA for his efforts to have excellent relations with SEWA MH Circle as CS SNEA MH and continuing the same after becoming GS SNEA. He further added that SEWA MH has always stood with SNEA MH and he will try that in this MV SEWA India goes along with SNEA.

Shri Linesh Walvi, Circle Secretary, SEWA MH appraised SNEA MH Circle for well organized CEC meet. He also underlined the importance of SEWA and said further that he will also try for having an alliance with SNEA for upcoming MV.

Shri Shailendra Solanke CP SNEA MH in his Presidential speech thank all the dignitaries and members for their active participation in the session. The Open House session concluded at about 2045 Hrs.

The House resumed it working at 2115 Hrs and started with the DS report from all over Maharashtra. The President calls it a day and meeting adjourned at 2330 Hrs.

Next full day, house discussed about the HR issues of the Executives and issues related to growth and development of BSNL and passed different resolutions giving directions to Circle leadership to move ahead in persuasion of Growth and development related issues of BSNL along with HR issues of Executives.

In his closing remark Shri Samir Khare, Circle Secretary praised efforts of District Body and members of SNEA Goa for successful conduction of the CEC. He said all the arrangements made by Goa team is excellent and requested the house for big applaud for Goa Team. The Goa team was then felicitated at the hands of GS, SNEA, CHQ.

In his closing remarks Shri Shailendra Solanke, Circle President said that it was not easy to make such arrangements in a very short span but it is the unity of the SNEA Goa team and their hard work which has resulted in this iconic CEC meet.

Shri Prashant Baviskar, ADS SNEA Goa thanked all his team members and committee members of various committees such as transportation committee, accommodation committee, Program committee etc.

Shri. S. A. Bhadane, ACS SNEA MH presented the vote of thanks on behalf of SNEA MH Circle body to all the members of Goa SNEA and all the DS and delegates from nook and corner of Maharashtra who participated in the two day meet.

The entire two days proceedings of CEC Meeting concluded at 1800 Hrs of second day with national Anthem and Slogans of Unity. 

Photos <<<>>>  <<<>>> 



Meeting with Shri. Anurag ji Thakur Hon. Union Minister, Government of India: Delegation of SNEA led by Shri. R.D. Sharma, CS SNEA HP along with Shri. Upender Pathak, Ex CS SNEA HP, Shri. Brijesh Gupta, DS SNEA CO HP, Shri. Mahesh Prasad, OS SNEA HP Circle and Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA CHQ have short meeting with Shri. Anurag ji Thakur Hon. Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting & Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India at Shimla HP Circle on 16/05/2023.

We congratulated and conveyed thanks to Hon. Shri Anurag Thakur ji Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting & Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India for support extended to BSNL and its executives through revival package 2.0.

In reciprocation Hon. Minster informed that Government is standing behind BSNL like rock in all respect and it is responsibility of BSNL workforce to appreciate and reciprocate it. He assured full support to BSNL and appealed us to achieve the targets of BSNL Mobile towers in all villages and especially in Himachal Pradesh Circle. He expressed pleasure over that BSNL is appreciating its partners all over India in a special function being held at Shimla and was optimistic for best quality services to FTTH Customers of BSNL all over India.

On his Hon. Shri. Thakur ji asked us whether there is any issue of mass transfers in BSNL as he has received some cases/ complaints about mass transfers and transfers from HP Circle at faraway places like MH and Gujrat state. We responded in affirmation but added that we are discussing these issues with BSNL management and sorting out issues. We further shared difficulties being faced by executives on such long stay mass transfers.

We made it clear that our association is not opposing transfers in the interest of BSNL to meet shortages if any, but we are against the mass rotational transfers wherein no purpose of BSNL will be solved. Hon. Minister informed that he also is of the opinion that BSNL has to deal with different state specific challenges and co-ordination with local authorities and same can be better way handled by the local officers.

Hon. Minister specifically mentioned different terrain of HP State and shared that it is difficult for officers from other states to work efficiently in interior part of HP Circle, but local officers can extract works in best possible manner. Hon. Minister Thakur assured us that he will discuss the issue in detail with CMD BSNL so as to stop avoidable transfers or keep it minimum.

Hon. Minister specifically asked us about progress of FTTH services by BSNL as per target assigned by GoI. We informed that BSNL has achieved the given target of one lakh FTTH Connections within three months when it was for period of nine months and second target given is five lakh FTTH Connections which we are on the way to achieve it well before the given time. We added that now, GoI has fixed the target of Two Crore FTTH and with strong initiatives by CMD BSNL and Director CFA BSNL Board and active role of BSNL officers all over India in support of FTTH partners, BSNL will surely achieve the target of Two Crore FTTH Connections. We informed that FTTH Growth is possible with whole hearted support extended by Government of India under special support under Bhart Udyami Project, and conveyed thanks to him and Government of India for such great and solid support. 

We conveyed that SNEA want to draw kind attention of GoI on certain issues related to growth & development of BSNL and certain HR issues of Executives in BSNL and requested him time for special meeting while at in Delhi. Hon. Minister Thakur ji, assured to meet delegation of SNEA in June 2023 at Delhi and directed us submit issues in detail and firmly assured to look into it.

In conclusion of meeting, we conveyed thanks to Hon. Minister Shri. Anurag Thakur Ji for sparing his valuable time from busy schedule and giving patience hearing to issues related to BSNL and its executives. Hon. Minster Shri. Thakur ji assured to have detail meeting at Delhi and conveyed best wishes for profit making BSNL in coming days.  Photos <<<>>


Meetings of Forum of Associations and Unions of BSNL & MTNL: {Report by Shri. Bhuban Mohan Das, CWC Member SNEA Odisha}: In continuation of persuasions by SNEA to have unity among the Associations and Unions of BSNL and MTNL, two important meeting of GS of prominent Associations and Unions of BSNL and MTNL was held in last week. First meeting was held on 19/05/2023 in the Office of BSNL Mazdoor Sangh at T 20, Atul Gove Road, New Delhi and second meeting was held on 24/05/2023 at Room No. 555, Kidwai Bhavan, Janpath, New Delhi i.e. the office of MEA Delhi. Both the meetings were presided over by Shri. Dharmaraj Singh GS MTNL Mazdoor Sangh and was attended by Shri. V.K. Tomar, GS MEA & SG NCOA, Shri. M. S. Adasul, GS SNEA Shri. N.D. Ram, GS SEWA, Shri. Rajpal Sharma, President AIBSNLEA, Shri. Bhuban Mohan Das, CWC Member SNEA Odisha, Shri. Suresh Chand Meena, AFS SEWA CHQ & CP SEWA CNTxN Delhi, Shri. Sunil Kumar CS MEA Delhi and other prominent leaders of MEA Delhi.

All the leaders discussed the challenges before executives and Non-Executives of BSNL and MTNL. We have also detailed discussions on issues related to Merger of MTNL with BSNL and its impact on Executives as well as Non-Executives in BSNL as well as of MTNL.

After elaborate discussions from all angles, it was decided by to constitute a Forum of Associations and Unions and pursue all the common issues on the platform of this forum. Initially, from MTNL Mazdoor Sangh Recognized Union at Delhi, Mahanagar Kamgar Sangh recognized union in MTNL Mumbai and MEA recognized association from MTNL Mumbai/Delhi will be part of this forum. From BSNL side SNEA the recognized association in BSNL, SEWA BSNL the recognized Welfare Association of BSNL, AIBSNLEA the legacy and mighty association of BSNL, AIBSNLOA one of the prominent association in BSNL will be part of this Forum. First meeting was for basic discussions and bring consensus among all Associations and Unions on Common Minimum Programme by constituting forum of BSNL and MTNL and pursue issues jointly.

In second meeting, it has been decided to constitute Forum of Associations /Unions of BSNL/MTNL to work on single agenda of implementation of 3rd PRC for Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL and MTNL. It has been decided that the doors of Forum will be open for all like minded Unions/ Associations in BSNL & MTNL so that common issues related to Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL & MTNL will be pursued on this higher level platform with strongest possible unity.

It was unanimously decided further that Shri. Dharmaraj Singh, GS MTNL Mazdoor Sangh will lead this Forum as Chairman and will take up the common issues with DoT/Government of India.

After elaborate discussions by all participant leaders it was unanimously decided that Forum will keep focus on single common agenda of Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision for BSNL and MTNL Executives and Non-Executives. Accordingly, one common representation /request on Platform of Forum of Association & Unions of BSNL & MTNL will be given to Secretary DoT with its copies to all concerned with single agenda of implementation of 3rd PRC for all Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL and MTNL before or along with implementation of proposal of Operational Merger of MTNL with BSNL.

It was also unanimously decided to have negotiations with DoT /GoI on lines of agreement made by DoT with MTNL officers/Staff during settlement of Pension revision in 2014 that while implementation of 3rd PRC parity in pay scales of officers/staff of both the PSUs will be maintained. It was also decided that merger of MTNL with BSNL without implementation of 3rd PRC will not be accepted by Forum. Other common issues in BSNL and Common issues in MTNL will be pursued by the Unions/  Associations of BSNL and MTNL separately and all Unions and Associations are free to take up all such issues

Further, it was unanimously decided to have stronger unity of serving and retired Executives and Non-Executives of BSNL and MTNL and if majority of Pensioner associations joins this forum, then another issue of Pension revision will be added in agenda of Forum in due course of time.

It is further decided to have meeting of Forum in coming week probably on 30/05/2023 to confirm participation of more Unions and associations in the forum and to decide further course of action by Forum of Associations and Unions of BSNL and MTNL on common single agenda of implementation of 3rd PRC for Executives as well as Non-Executives of BSNL and MTNL.

In conclusion Shri. Sunil Kumar, CS MEA Delhi conveyed vote of thanks to all.

Photos <<<>>


Update on JTO to SDE SCF Promotions and Court cases: With continuous persuasion of all CS/DS SNEA all over India, the VC and SCR Report from all Circles have been received by Pers DPC Section BSNL CO by 16/05/2023. Accordingly, before the fortnight, the process for promotion of about 400 JTOs as SDE under SCF Quota was moved to the advanced stage. The DPC Pers section has started the process of promotions and it was expected to release the Promotion orders by the end of May 2023.

But with filing two different court cases related to seniority of JTOs in AIEL 3 by group of JTOs in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh Circle wherein Hon Court has issued directions to keep on hold the process of DPC for 2012 Recruited JTOs in AIEL 3 and since then the DPC process has been kept on hold by BSNL.  

In this regard, it is to inform that some JTOs recruited in Year 2012 in Punjab Circle have approached the CAT Chandigarh challenging AIEL 3 and related Circle Gradation lists with prayer for preparation of AIEL/CGL as per the vacancy year or as per date of joining and not as per the Marks obtained in Training Centre. The case was heard on 16/05/2023 wherein the court has granted stay in operation of AIEL 3 of Year 2012 only till next date of Hearing which is scheduled on 31/05/2023. Copy<<<>>

Then on the next day, i. e. 17/05/2023, another group of JTOs from Himachal Pradesh Circle approached the same court by filing MA requesting permission to join together and maintain joint OA with the same prayer for review of seniority of JTOs recruited in Year 2012.  Hon. Court allowed MA and permitted them to join together and maintain joint OA.  Copy<<<>>

Third case is filed by one JTO in Kerala Circle, who has raised concern about filling LICE Quota vacancies since 2012 and requested the Tribunal for issuing directions to BSNL not to proceed further with SCF promotions till LICE for 33% quota is completed and granting SDE promotions provisionally. The Court has admitted the case but not given any stay on process of DPC as demanded.

Third case filed by JTO from Kerala Circle in CAT Ernakulam quoting that BSNL is only conducting DPC for promotions under SCF quota and no action has been taken for SDE promotions under LICE Quota since years together and prayed for staying ongoing process of JTO to SDE Promotions. This case was listed on 17/05/2023 and case was admitted but request for grant of stay on SCF DPC was not accepted and giving time to Respondents to submit objections if any on granting interim application and matter is posted for Hearing on 12/06/2023. Copy<<<>>

Fourth case filed in CAT Chandigarh asking for realising promotions excluding JTOs VY 2012 of AIEL 3 of which seniority is under dispute in court. This case is adjourned and the same will be also heard on 31/05/2023 along with earlier applications.  Copy<<<>>

It is understood that some group of JTOs have filed MA in CAT Chandigarh in support of the BSNL stating that AIEL published is correct and stay may not be granted to applicants ongoing JTO to SDE promotions. This case is registered with a Diary Number but has not yet come up for hearing.   

With all these court cases in CAT Chandigarh, the process of DPC for JTO to SDE Promotions under SCF Quota is kept on hold and further course of action will be taken as per directions from Hon CAT Chandigarh on next hearing scheduled on 31/05/2023.

Meantime, some of JTOs in RY 2011 and earlier are asking for issuing SDE Promotions without operating AIEL 3 for VY 2012 to adhere to court directions, which is difficult as without operation of AIEL 3, the relevant reservation quota of DPC Process cannot be completed as all JTOs under reservation i.e. SC/ST quota in AIEL 1 and 2 are already promoted. 

Apart from this, many JTOs are asking for additional vacancies to cover all JTOs in AIEL 3 either by diversion of post, by issuing excess promotions by diverting posts or by restoration of scrapped LICE Quota during restructuring review in Year 2020, creation of post against BBNL, 4G Saturation project etc.

SNEA has taken up these issues with different officers from DGM DPC to CMD BSNL, but till management has maintained a stand that vacant posts are calculated on the basis of difference between Sanctioned Strength and Working Strength and no diversion will be issued from any quota.

Some of JTOs have informed that the working strength of SDEs shown about 10000 is not correct and some names of retired/promoted also are in this list. Accordingly, the verification of data is being done by SNEA activists and on finalization of data, the same will be brought to notice of all concerned for required corrections.   

We are always assured by management to fill up all vacant posts, creation of new posts by review of restructuring norms, creation of vacancies for BBNL Works, Bharat Udyami FTTH Project & 4G Saturation GSM project in due course of Time.  Now some more vacancies are likely to be created against SDEs being promoted as MTs. But till now, no review is taken on restoration of vacancies under LICE Quota, nor is any firm assurance given for review of LICE vacancies surrendered under restructuring in 2020.

After VRS 2019, BSNL has promoted about 4000 JTOs as SDE under SCF Quota but no single post of LICE Quota is filled and we have brought it to notice of CMD BSNL and requested to review the LICE Quota vacancy. CMD BSNL informed that all the vacancies are abolished as per restructuring norms and no changes will be made in it. We informed that we can understand about abolishing vacant posts before VRS, but BSNL has issued 4000 SDE promotions under SCF Quota and there is need to fill related SDE Vacancies under LICE quota and finally CMD BSNL has assured us to look into it.

Thus after clearance of the ongoing court cases, the process of DPC for SDE SCF as well as LICE quota will be given consideration as per court directions.

As on today, there are more than 9000 JTOs eligible for SDE Promotions and promotions of all these JTOs through SCF as well as LICE Quota in one stroke is not possible and it will take much time cover all eligible JTOs.  

By now, about all have understood that only way to promote all 9000 eligible JTOs as SDE is through Time Bound Promotion Policy.  SNEA CHQ has been pursuing this issue with BSNL Management and DoT for a long time wherein DoT has recently directed BSNL to take review on implementation of TBP in post VRS Scenario.

We are pursuing this issue of implementation of Time Bound Promotions or Change of designations with all other associations to build consensus among the association leaders so that Management can be convinced for Implementation of Time Bound Promotions or change of designations up to AGMs along with EPP 2007.

We are hopeful that by understanding issues in getting regular promotions and to avoid expenses on different court cases and mainly with aim to promote all eligible JTOs in time Bound manner, BSNL Management will also think on implementation of Time Bound Non Post based Promotions up to AGM or for change of designation on non-functional Time Bound Promotion as per existing EPP 2007.  

Though we all are expecting promotion of all JTOs up to AIEL 3 in single order, and we are pursuing for same as per the feedback, demand from nook and corner of India, but the promotions of all JTOs in AIEL 3 in single order is difficult at this stage mainly due to non-availability of sufficient vacancies in SDE Cadre.

But after analyzing things at BSNL CO, availability of vacancies available, likely to be available in coming days, we are of the opinion that promotions of all JTOs in AIEL 3 are possible in coming days. Let the promotion process go ahead and the issues of seniority can be taken care of as per direction of courts.

There is nothing wrong in approaching the Court of law and all are free constitutionally for the same, but the time to approach the court when process of DPC is started and get process stayed is not correct. It was quite possible for all these applicants who have approached the court to stay the AIEL 3 since it was finally published in 2020, and their grievances could have been resolved well in advance. Further, this list has been partially operated for reserved category candidates, that time also no one has challenged its operations, but same is being done now when CPC was supposed to complete the process and orders were expected.  

Now the process of DPC is started after long persuasion by SNEA and approaching court and demanding stay at this stage will not only keep on hold the entire process of SDE Promotions, but it will be supporting to certain officers who have ill intentions for not giving promotions to BSNL recruited JTOs in general and LICE JTOs in particular.

Due to a similar approach of demand for promotion for all eligible SDEs in last year in one/single order, the SDE to AGM promotions were dragged in different court cases and promotions delayed for six months. But over the period, it has been underlined that management is firm rather rigid on its stand of not diversion of any posts, not issuing any excess promotions, but ready to fill all available/vacant posts through promotions by adding vacancies through review of restructuring norms, new projects etc in step by step manner.

The issues in seniority as projected by a group of JTOs can be resolved even after promotion orders and no need to ask for staying the ongoing process. Similar mistakes we have seen earlier SDE promotions wherein many of JTOs have lost precious years of their SDE services by dragging the SDE promotions in courts.

One has to keep in mind that seniority in SDE Cadre will be useful/required by these JTOs for their AGM Promotions, when they will be completing four years of minimum services as SDE for making them eligible for AGM Promotions.  This minimum service of four years will also be useful and required for appearing for LICE for SDE promotions under LICE Quota. 

Further for AGM promotions till about 7000 SDEs in Seniority list 9 to 13 are waiting for AGM Promotions and hence revision of seniority in JTO Cadre by staying the ongoing SDE promotions is not important, but at this stage going ahead with SDE promotions and becoming SDEs is important for all these JTOs and seniority issues can be resolved as per directions in ongoing court cases.

Till anybody want to approach court for revision of seniority in JTO Cadre, we do not have any issue and we will continue our efforts for getting promotions to all eligible JTOs through LICE/SCF Quota and also through Time Bound Promotions but these avoidable court cases will kill certain and reasonable time and it is matter of concern.

SNEA is pursuing promotions for all JTOs and appeal the JTOs approaching court to have patience and even if one is approaching court, do not pray for staying the ongoing process and let their grievances of seniority in SCF/LICE Quota be decided by the court.   

SNEA CHQ will continue all out efforts in getting maximum possible promotions of JTOs as SDE not only in Telecom wing but for JTOs of other wings and JAOs as AO also and assure for pursuing for promotion of all eligible JTOs/JAOs for their SDE/AO promotions as early as possible. 


Jt GM Pers BSNL CO writes to all Circle heads for extending the timelines for processing of e-APARs for year 2022-23.  Copy<<<>>

The last date for submission of self-appraisal of executives and Non-executives through ESS portal is hereby extended up to 31/05/2023.

SNEA has requested GM Pers for extension of date by quoting issues with ERP /ESS portal. GM Pers agreed that there were issues in last two days, but has expressed displeasure that Portal was open for days together and why these executives are waiting for last day. He added that this is endless process and every year date is being extended and it seems that all have taken it granted that date will be extended till last officer submitting, reviewing and writing APR will complete his work. There was reluctant on his part, but finally date is extended up to 31/05/2023.

This is the last opportunity given to concern officers who had not submitted the self-appraisals and we appeal all officers to submit.

We appeal all officers to grab this opportunity and submit the self-appraisal as well as write and review the APARs in given time as chances of extension of dates are decreasing day by day. 


AGM Recruitment BSNL CO writes to all Concerned Circle Heads regarding clubbing of LICE for JTO Telecom, JE and TT and now LICE for these posts will be held on 27/08/2023.  Copy<<<>>


Jt GM Pers BSNL CO endorsed the approval of DoT conveying the entrustment of additional charge of the post of CMD, BBNL to Shri Pravin Kumar Purwar ji, CMD BSNL for the period of one year w.e.f. from 03/10/2022.  Copy<<<>>


GS SNEA, GS SEWA and GS AIBSNLOA writes to CMD BSNL requesting to keep on hold the mass Intra/Inter Circle transfers of Executives on long stay basis till completion of process for 3rd Membership verificationCopy<<<>>

The issue of mass transfers was discussed among the constituent Associations of Forum of Associations first to stop mass transfers and then to keep on hold the Transfers till completion of 3rd Membership verification process. But there was reluctance on part of some associations and hence only GS SEWA, GS AIBSNLOA and GS SNEA have finally decided to go ahead with firm stand as per the prevailing guidelines on subject and requested management to keep on hold the Long Stay Transfers orders till completion of 3rd Membership verification. In past also transfers were kept on hold till completion of process of Membership verification of Associations as well as Unions.

We have also personally requested to CMD BSNL in meeting held on 23/05/2023 and CMD BSNL was kind enough to give patience hearing to our request and submission. CMD BSNL responded that he cannot not assure firmly, but will surely look into concern expressed by the Associations and will take suitable action on this request. 


GM CIT BSNL CO accorded approval for the Reimbursement policy for purchase of laptop for the Addl.GM/Jt. GM/DGM/AGM/DM level officers working in BSNL CO New Delhi.  Copy<<<>>

Since the laptop policy was approved by BSNL only for GM and above level officers there was mass unrest among the Officers working below the rank of GMs. Copy<<<>>

SNEA has taken up this issue time to time with CMD BSNL and it was always assured to extend this policy for other officers in BSNL.

In Open Session of SNEA CWC Meeting held at Hyderabad on 04/05/2023, this issue of extending laptop policy to all Officers in BSNL was raised by GS SNEA and we have requested for allotment of laptops to all officers in BSNL with priority to JTOs in field units. Request by SNEA <<<>> 

In immediate and very positive response Hon. CMD BSNL has assured to allot the laptops to officers Below the rank of GMs and now in first phase this laptop policy is extended to all the officers in BSNL Corporate Office.  Assurance by Hon. CMD BSNL<<<>>

As firmly assured by CMD BSNL, in first step, this policy is extended to officers in BSNL Corporate office and it has been assured to us that this laptop policy will be extended to field units in step by step manner and we will continue our persuasion for till this laptop policy is extended to all the officers in each and every corner of BSNL. When this policy will be extended to JTO level in field units, then it will have great and positive impact on efficiency of officers in BSNL.  

SNEA CHQ conveys sincere thanks and gratitude to Shri. P.K. Purwar ji, CMD BSNL for keeping his words and extending the laptop policy for all the officers below GM level and extending support to the officers to join digital India programme. 


Under Secretary Ministry of Finance, GOI released notification for Tax Exemption on leave encashment on retirement, enhanced from Rs 3 lakhs to 25 lakhs for PSU employees and deemed to be effective from 01/04/2023. Copy<<<>>

SNEA has raised this issue on the platform of NCOA, National Confederation of Officers Association and continuously pursued for Tax exemption on leave encashment on retirement. This issue was seriously raised after VRS 2019 wherein thousands of Executives opted for VRS and have paid tax on leave encashment.

The serious persuasion by SG NCOA Shri V. K. Tomar has given the fruitful results now and it will be effective from 01/04/2023, Our sincere thanks to team NCOA in general and Shri. V. K. Tomar, SG NCOA/GS MTNL EA in particular for taking up this issue successfully and extending financial benefits to all. 


DGM Admin BSNL CO writes to all Circle Heads regarding  closure of ESS window for withdrawal of Group Health Insurance by 1700 Hrs of 26/05/2023 i.e. Today and thereafter no withdrawal will be allowed.  Copy<<<>>


AGM Pers Policy BSNL CO published the CPC Calendar for undertaking post based promotion to DGM/AGM/SDE grades of all streams with dates by which sonority quota promotions are to be conducted during the year 2023 for all available vacancies.  Copy<<<>>

SNEA CHQ was pursuing with BSNL management for firm time frame for considering promotions in different cadres and wings and it was always supported by Management and specifically CMD BSNL was firm on it.

CMD BSNL was of the opinion that executives should get clear idea when their promotion will happen and when they will have to appear the LICE and no executive should be dependent on leaders or officers to get this information.   

This issue was pursued for last six to seven months and finally it decided to issue Calendar for CPCs to be held during Year 2023-24 and in CWC Hyderabad, CMD BSNL has shared information that CPC calendar has been finalised.

Though Calendar was finalised and issued in March 2023, same was sent only to Cadre Controlling Officers and they were directed to adhere the timelines given for CPCs.

But this was not made public or even its copy was not given to associations thereby defeating very purpose of issuing CPC Calendar.

In meeting held with CMD BSNL on late evening of 23/05/2023, SNEA CHQ has taken up this matter with CMD BSNL and requested for publication of CPC Calendar for different CPC s under SCF and LICE quota.

CMD BSNL was kind enough to issue immediate directions to GM Pers BSNL CO for publishing CPC Calendar and in prompt action, the CPC Calendar issued on 28/03/2023 is now made public on 24/05/2023.

This CPC Calendar will give clear idea to all Officers in BSNL about their SCF/LICE promotions and will give time for preparations on LICE well in advance.

We have been further assured by CMD BSNL that henceforth the SCF as well as LICE Promotions will be issued parallelly and every year for whatever may be vacancies available. In case of litigation in any of the promotion, other will also be kept on hold till final decision of court.