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GS address in the CEC meeting at Kolkata and Bhubaneswar and CHQ President address at the GB meeting at Mysuru:


GS attended the extended CEC meetings at Kolkata(CTD) and Bhubaneswar(OR) and CHQ President addressed the GB meeting at Mysuru in connection with membership verification. In their address, GS and CHQ President elaborately explained the role of SNEA in protecting the interest of BSNL and the struggles for its revival, the struggles by SNEA during last three decades for the upliftment of the cadres especially the basic cadre of JTO and to protect the interest of Executives as a whole.

The most important task ahead for SNEA is the constitution of 3rd PRC and its implementation. SNEA started the struggle in the platform of NCOA for the PRC constitution. NCOA launched series of agitation programmes since November, 2015 demanding 3rd PRC constitution. Finally 3rd PRC constituted on 09.06.2016. It is our responsibility to ensure that 3rd PRC is fully implemented in BSNL. For this we have to struggle to delink the profitability from PRC implementation. Simultaneously we have to ensure that pension revision also becoming part of 3rd PRC. These are the major challenges before us.


SNEA continuing its struggle for settlement of the following other major HR issues:

1) Reconstitution of Joint Committee:

The Joint Committee was initially constituted on 28.02.2012. That Committee was practically defunct. About four meetings held on CPSU cadre Hierarchy till 2014 where mgt side insisted for CPSU Hierarchy with huge % of dropping at each promotion (from 15% to 65% as in other CPSUs, See the draft proposal on 14.03.2014). This has vehemently opposed by us.

Only one meeting took place on E2, E3 pay scales in 2013/14 in which the Chairman proposed E2, E3 scales without cascading effect replacing E1A and E2A w.e.f 01.01.2007 for the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007. Unfortunately, a sudden demand has come from one of the member from Assn side that E2 scale has to be implemented from 01.10.2000 itself for the Direct Rects instead of 01.01.2007. Within no time Chairman windup the meeting stating that it is not in the terms of reference of the committee and it can be discussed only after amendment of the terms of reference, which never happened due to obvious reasons. 

In this background SNEA started agitations alone from 2014 onwards since it had given an impression to us that others are not keen on resolving the issues like E2, E3 scales for the new recruits. SNEA went on agitations in April-2014, Sept-2014 and then in April-May, 2015. As a settlement of the agitation of SNEA, CMD, BSNL re-constituted the committee on 08.05.2015 with Mr M A Khan as the new Chairman. In addition to the issue of standard pay scales replacing E1A and E2A and CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, the demand of SNEA alone – first TBP uniformly after 4 years also referred to the Committee.

2) Joint Committee recommendations:

On our strong plea, CMD directed the Committee to conduct meetings regularly atleast once in a fortnight and give recommendations in 3 months time, before 15.08.2015. By the strenuous efforts of SNEA, Committee submitted very positive recommendations on 07.10.2015, which can change the fate of Executives in BSNL. Chairman was sympathetic to our genuine demands. Com R P Shahu, GS/AIGETOA also played a very crucial role to come to a common understanding on all the issues which affects vast majority of the Executives, by keeping aside contentious issues. Jt Committee recommended a) standard pay scales of E2, E3 replacing E1A and E2A, 2) TB functional promotion from JTO to SDE to Sr SDE to DE after every 5 years (3 assured promotions upto DE in 15 years) and 1st TBP after 4-5 years instead of 4-6 years.

3) Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations: We expected resistance from mgt side on implementation. To the surprise of all, it has come from Assn side which made the Khan Committee recommendations. By raising the demand of 5 years in E3 scale without insisting for cascading effect for existing Sr SDE from E3 to E4 etc, indirectly their demand leads to E2(JTO), E3, E4(DE), E5(DGM), E6(SG JAG) scales (E2 to E6) with 4 promotions instead of 5, abolishing promotion to SDE or Sr SDE grade. If it is implemented, it will end our original demand for E2 to E7, which were are struggling since 2002 and the executives will lose one promotion once for all in their service period. Moreover, the recommendation on CPSU Cadre Hierarchy will become redundant and un-implementable. This shortsighted, selfish approach against their own recommendations questioned by SNEA. In the combined meeting on 26.05.2016, all accepted once again to go ahead with Khan Committee recommendations on the appeal from DIR(HR), keeping fresh demands aside for further deliberations (see website of all). But very next day they served notice! When the intentions are so clear from the notice that they are not interested to implement the Khan committee recommendations on E2, E3 scales and CPSU cadre hierarchy which has all happened due to the agitation of SNEA in 2015 and the continuous efforts in the Committee, SNEA served the notice on 28.04.2016 to protect our demand of E2, E3 --  E7 scales with 5 promotions and Committee recommendations on CPSU Hierarchy. Our intention was to protect Khan Committee recommendations on CPSU Hierarchy, no reduction in 5 promotions and continue struggle for E2, E3, -- E7. The discussion with CMD and DIR(HR) on 17.05.2016 was a historic one, first time, BSNL management agreed to consider the demand of E2, E3, -- E7 with 5 promotions with focus on settlement of E2, E3 in first place in view of the 3rd PRC (E3 to E4, ---, E6 to E7 etc may have to go to cabinet, DoT has to decide) and assured that the decision will be taken by 31.05.16. On CPSU, decision will be taken by 31.08.2016.

If SNEA was not gone for agitation, mgt would have gone ahead with E2, E3, E4-- E6 scales with 4 promotions (mgt and DoT is very keen to reduce the promotions, DoT is repeatedly insisting BSNL to reduce the number of promotions and fixations) and CPSU cadre Hierarchy would have gone to dust bin (mgt never interested to implement).

This is not the end, lot more struggle is required for the settlement of E2, E3, --- E7 scales as well as implementation of CPSU Hierarchy.

4). On JTO to SDE promotion, all possible efforts are being taken by the Assn for the final hearing, to decide the case on merit. Eventhough the case was filed in the HC in Feb, 2015, it was listed for final hearing due to our continuous efforts where as other similar cases of the year 2013 is going on in the Hon HC. SNEA engaged the best legal team to defend all the three cases. In Chennai also, SNEA alone fought the case for more than three and half years from 2010 to May, 2013. As per our request, BSNLCO allowed engagement of senior lawyer from New Delhi. The case will be finally heard shortly. On LDCE quota, eventhough all the vacancies upto 2013-14 was notified, due to court direction, LDCE was conducted only for 2010-11 for which results declared recently. Issuing promotion order is stayed by the Chandigarh Court. SCF and LDCE are two separate quotas provided in the RRs and we are pursuing both at all levels for early solutions. The seniority will be decided as per the latest DoPT order dated 04.03.2014, vacancy year basis. Similarly promotion from SDE to DE, JAO to AO, AO to CAO etc are also held up due to court cases at Chandigarh CAT. Similarly SDE to EE(C/E) promotions also held up due to litigations.

5. 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL Direct recruits: This is one major issue in which SNEA trying its level best to get maximum contribution. Prior to 2nd PRC, EPF only was available. Initially EPF contribution was with the ceiling of 12% of Rs 6500/ not on actual emoluments. On EPF, SNEA alone struggled from 2003 onwards for the EPF contribution @12% of the current basic pay + IDA (emoluments) without the ceiling of 12% of Rs 6500/-. Mgt agreed it in May 2005 and orders issued in August, 2005 after Board approval, with retrospective effect from 2000. It is a great breakthrough for the BSNL direct recruits with respect to their terminal benefits.

BSNL offered upto 4% in 2014 and 6% in the SNEA conference at Jaipur in Sept, 2015. But some Assns not accepted even 6%, but insisted for nothing less than 12%. But surprisingly they accepted the offer of 3% in the meeting on 19.02.2016, without any protest, which SNEA not attended. No protest, not agitation on this vital issue which affects the future of all the BSNL direct rects. SNEA strongly protested against the betrayal by the management as well as our friends and demanded the implementation of 6% assurance given in the Jaipur AIC by CMD, BSNL. Eventhough the 3% proposal is approved by Board and gone to DoT, our strong protest reopened the case and mgt agreed to review the contribution after recalculation.

6. Pay fixation and pay protection on officiating promotion: This was another issue affecting more than ten thousand JTOs officiated as SDEs, JAOs officiated as AAOs/AOs, SDEs officiated as DEs and AOs officiated as CAOs. Last five years, SNEA struggling for that at different levels. On 11.05.2016 and 17.05.2016, mgt agreed to correct the wrong clarifications issued on 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010. This issue will be resolved by June-July, 2016 as per the assurance.

7. Notional pay of E1A and E2A in Civil/Elect/Arch/TF/PA/PS cadres w.e.f 01.10.2000: This issue was lingering on for so many years. During our recent struggle, it got focus again. Our strong pleading for uniformity in pay scales for all the cadres as on 01.10.2000, irrespective of wings got favourable response from CMD, BSNL and DIR(HR) in the meeting held on 17.05.2016 for the first time. This issue also will be settled to our satisfaction shortly as assured.

8. Membership verification among Executive Associations: Assn demanding it for long time as various pressure groups trying to derail all the HR issues to their selfish motives. In other CPSUs, only one Executives Assn is functioning which represents all the Executives and enjoying very good bargaining power. BSNL mgt also using it as a tool to divide the Executives in the name of Assns and their different views conveniently and not settling the genuine issues. So a strong Executive Assn in BSNL is the need of the hour to resolve the issues of all the cadres, without prejudice, taking into the larger cadre interest into account.

Finally mgt agreed to our demand and notified the membership verification on 25.05.2016. The membership verification will be held on 16.11.2016. The majority Assn will decide the future of the Executives in BSNL. So all out efforts are to be made to reach out to all the Executives in the nook and corner of the country in the coming days by forming core groups at SSA/Branch level. SSA and Branch Secretaries will play the crucial role in the verification process as they are always in constant touch with the membership and all the Executives.


Some of the important miles stones in the history of SNEA struggle are:

1. Upgradation of the pay scales from 1986 from 1400 to 1640 scale.

2. Upgradation of 1640 scale to 2000 equivalent scale (6500 scale) with Group B gazetted status in 1996.

3. Upgradation from 6500 scale to E1A in BSNL through struggle in 2002.

4. Joint struggle for TB promotion(Lateral Advancement) in 1990s after 12 years (first time in any central govt dept) to JTO(LA) and Sr SDE.

5. Absorption of JTO as Executive in BSNL.

6. Rejection of offer of adhoc payment of Rs 2000 and struggle for terms and conditions for absorption into BSNL, all other Assns are agreeable for absorption without terms and conditions.

7. Struggle in 2002 for terms and conditions for absorption resulted settlement of a) 5 TBP from JTO to SG JAG equivalent grades after 4 to 6 years instead of 12 years, b) pay scales of E1A, E2A to E6 instead of E1, E2, to E6 and 3) with point to point fixation,

8. Struggle for EPF @12% of emoluments without the ceiling limit of 12% of Rs 6500/-.

9. 50% IDA merger struggle in December, 2006 at the cost of two days wages,

10. Joint struggle for implementation terms and conditions and EPP order on 2007.

11. BSNLMS RR in 2009 ending the bottleneck of JTS and direct promotion from SDE/AO to DE/CAO (50% on regular basis and remaining 50% on adhoc basis),

12. Uniform TBP for all the Executives in Civil/Elect/Arch/TF etc counting the residency period from 01.10.2000.

13. Proactive role in settling 78.2% IDA fitment, atleast on a prospective date.

14. Settlement of 1st ACP issue for Civil, Elect etc.

15. Abolishment of Accounts exam.

16. Issues related to the TTAs selected as JTOs as Dept Outsider.

17. Amendment in BSNLMS RR to end adhocism in DE promotions and increasing the regular quota from 50% to 75%.

18. Efforts on 30% superannuation, 4% offered, 6% offered but some sections insisted for 12% but ultimately they agreed for 3%.

19. TTA to JTO LICE after 12 years.

20. Promoting more than 30,000 JTOs to SDEs, thousands of SDEs to DEs on regular basis and DEs to DGMs.

21. Amendment to JTO and SDE RRs.

22. Regularization of Offtg JTOs as we proposed in 2004 and TTA to JTO LICE.

23. Struggle for rejection of E1A and E2A scales by DoT/DPE on 09.07.2014, communicated to BSNL on 18.07.2014.

24. Reconstitution of defunct Joint Committee on 08.05.2015 as Khan Committee on our agitation with specific terms of reference.

25. Joint committee recommendations on 07.10.2016.

BSNL is on the revival path. SNEA and Forum of BSNL Union/Assns played very important role in the revival of BSNL. SNEA was in the forefront of all struggles in respect of BSNL growth related issues as our career interest is directly linked with the profitability and health of our company BSNL.


Some of the important struggles on growth and viability issues are:

1. Relentlessly fought against corruption at all levels.

2. SNEA started the agitation in 2007 against 45.5 Million GSM tender cancellation.

3. Exposing the 2G scam.

3. Challenged the ICR pact between the pvt operators in the Delhi High Court on 3G roaming.

4. BWA spectrum issue refund took up with DoT and BSNL management, 6752 Crores refund ordered.

5. ITS issue resolved once for all by the Cabinet decision ending Group A absorption process. All hurdles on promotion to BSNL posts removed.

6. Filling up the CMD and all Director level post with meritorious people.

7. Successful implementation of CDR and ERP.

8. Pension contribution on actual basic pay instead of maximum of the pay scale.

Major struggles in the banner of JAC, Jt Forum, Forum etc in which SNEA played a crucial role:

1. Against disinvestment of BSNL. BSNL is 100% Govt owned company even today.

2. ADC abolishing, in lieu of ADC, USO Fund subsidy extended.

3. Successfully stopped unbundling of copper cable.

4. Repeated cancellation of tenders and for streamlining tenders and procurement.

5. Stopped mergers of MTNL and BSNL without addressing the contentious issues.

6. Tower subsidiary formation.

For the revival of BSNL, worked for the successful implementation of Customer Delight Month and Customer Delight year. Now the SWAS programme of the Forum to be made success throughout BSNL. Our entire focus should be on the growth of BSNL as our future and 3rd PRC is totally depending on the performance of BSNL during this financial year. BSNL Mgt and the employees should work in tandem for the revival.

Since majority is decided on the total number of eligible voters (not on the number of polled votes), all efforts are to be made to bring all the members and sympathisers to the polling booth on the polling day. This will be the major challenge before all of us. So, all our comrades are requested to take it as a challenge. This is a golden opportunity to all the Executives to contribute, to decide for the speedy settlement of HR issues, revival of BSNL, implementation of 3rd PRC, restoration of perks and allowances, etc etc.



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Meeting with CMD, BSNL by Comrades of SNEA / Bihar circle at Patna on 24.06.2016 :
Circle Secretary along with representatives of SNEA / Bihar Circle met CMD / BSNL at Mini Conference Hall, Sanchar Sadan,Patna on 24.06.2016 at 1.30 PM. Circle Secretary / Bihar Circle  submitted a memorandum to CMD / BSNL with special request to immediately resolve the issue of E2 & E3 standard pay scale to JTO / JAO & SDE / AO w.e.f. 01.01.2007 which is pending for a long time. CMD BSNL has assurred to resolve the HR issues of Executives in time bound manner. View copy of Memorandum.    View glimpses of Photos.


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Union Cabinet approved implementation of 7th CPC report today. 

Highlights of the Cabinet decision are:

·  23.55 % hike in pay.

·  24% hike in pensions.

·  Rate of annual increment retained as 3%.

·  Revised pay will be effective from 01.01.2016.

·  Gratuity ceiling doubled from Rs 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs.

·  Indian Army will benefit the highest as cabinet approving    

   hike in its salary from Rs 21,000 to Rs 31,500.

·  Entry level pay will be raised to Rs 18,000 per month.


The Core Committee constituted for overseeing the membership verification met today and held discussions on ban on transfer and posting. It is understood that committee recommended to allow implementation of the already issued transfer orders up to 31.07.2016. In the case of tenure/soft tenure transfers, fresh orders will be issued up to 31.08.2016 and implemented latest by 30.09.2016. After 30.09.2016, no relieving will be allowed. GS letter to DIR(HR)


A delegation of JTOs from different Circles like PB, HR, HP, AP, TN, UPW etc met GS and CHQ President and shared their serious concern on the abnormal delay in conduction of JTO to SDE promotion. GS and CHQ President explained the various steps taken to get the case finalised soon.


We deeply mourn the sad demise of Com V. Mukundan, Ex Circle President, Karnataka Circle, who expired today afternoon at Mysuru. We lost a Trade Union leader and a great fighter against corruption. He was the CP for two terms. His qualities lead the trade union movement in Mysuru and Karnataka to great heights. We pray to the almighty to give strength to his family members. May his soul rest in peace.


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View Media Reports:


Payment of pending CHQ quota, Building and Legal Fund:

All  CSs and SSA/Branch secretaries are requested to clear the pending CHQ quota, Building and Legal fund before CHQ Office bearers & CSs meeting proposed on 09-07-2016. It can be directly deposited into the CHQ account (SBI, Purasawalkam, Chennai, SB Account Name - SNEA(I) / CHQ, SB Account no.: 10332931596, IFSC Code: SBIN0001515) and details may be mailed to CHQ Treasurer. For any clarifications regarding discrepancies,the District / Circle Treasurers are requested to contact the CHQ / Treasurer :R.Rajan, Mobile -9486102600, e-mail: rajanbsnl@gmail.com.


Other than UP (E) and Odisha circles who deposited the amount between 07-05-2016 to 27-06-2016 in CHQ SBI account are requested to send the details of payment to CHQ Treasurer either by mail or by SMS and confirm the same.


GS writes to DIR(HR) demanding declaration of the results of the LICE from TTA to JTO held on 22.05.2016 which is badly delayed. The stay order of Hon CAT Jodhpur is not coming in the way of declaration of LICE results.
GS letter to DIR(HR)


JTO to SDE promotion case at Ernakulam: GS and Com George Varghese, CP/Kerala Circle met our Sr Advocate at Ernakulam Sri O. V. Radhakrishnan on 25.06.2016 and discussed the strategy for early disposal of the pending case on JTO to SDE promotion. GS was at Ernakulam to attend the CEC meeting of Kerala Circle.


Meeting with Member(Finance), Telecom Commission:

GS along with other Core Committee members of the Forum met Smt Annie Moraes, Member(Finance) on 24.06.2016 and discussed the following issues:

1. GPF Payments to BSNL employees directly by DoT, through CCAs: We expressed our apprehensions on likely procedural delay in payment of GPF to BSNL employees through CCAs of each Circle. Member(Finance) confirmed that DoT and BSNL together is going to decide a policy for payment of GPF to BSNL employees through CCAs wherein she explained that the sanction of GPF payment will be issued by the concerned SSA as done now which will go to Circle Office and then to CCA for payment. The CCA after examining the sanction will make the payment in the bank account of the concerned employee directly under intimation to the Circle/SSA. The payment will be made twice or thrice in a month. On this a pilot project is going on in Punjab Telecom Circle. Nowadays GPF payment is getting delayed for months together due to shortage of fund in BSNL and this will solve the problem.

2. Payment of pension contribution on actual basic pay of serving BSNL employees: We requested for payment of pension contribution on actual basic pay for serving BSNL employees. Member(F) informed that the matter has already been taken up with the Govt. nodal ministries i.e. DoP&W, DoPT and DoE wherein DoE has opined that in CDA scales the pay scales are on grade pay basis but in BSNL it is not there. Hence, the pension contribution to be made on the maximum of the IDA pay scale. However, DoE has advised DoT to get the opinion of DoP&W and DoPT in this regard and again take up the matter with DoE with their opinion. 

3. Reimbursement of Salary of BSNL employees working in DoT on deputation, Electricity/Water Bills to BSNL from DoT: We requested for releasing the payment towards Salary of BSNL employees working in DoT on deputation, Electricity/Water Bills to BSNL from DoT. Member(F) clarified that in TERM Cell of DoT, there is no sanctioned post and hence payment is not able to release now. The post has to be sanctioned by DoT for this purpose which has to be done by Member(Services). She further mentioned that it is logical that DoT should make the payment of Electricity/Water Bill and other maintenance charges to BSNL.


1st Membership verification:

The last date of submission of application and date of verification etc postponed. Revised dates:

Last date of submission of application    : 22.07.2016

Conduction of elections                     : 16.11.2016

Counting of votes and declaration of results: 18.11.2016

However there will be no change in the CS/CHQ office bearers meeting at New Delhi on 09.07.2016

Membership verification campaign

CEC of Kerala Circle at Ernakulum on 24-25, June, 2016

CEC of Rajasthan Circle at Jaipur on 02.07.2016

CEC of MP Circle at Itarsi on 03-04, July, 2016

CEC of Bihar Circle at Patna on 04.07.2016

CEC of Assam Circle at Guwahati on 05.07.2016

BSNLCO Circle meeting at New Delhi on 11.07.2016

CEC of Haryana Circle at Karnal on 12.07.2016

CEC of AP Circle at Hyderabad on 24.07.2016

CEC of WB Circle at Kolkata on 13.08.2016

Revised schedule


Court case against TTA to JTO LICE: Hon CAT Jodhpur bench stayed the promotion to 50% quota till the next date, 04.07.2016. The LICE result may be delayed till 04.07.2016. Meanwhile the affected parties are given an opportunity to implead in the case. The applicants challenge the provision in the JTO RR 2014 allowing absorption of Offtg JTOs as JTOs. The affected JTOs are requested to implead in the case.
BSNLCO letter regarding the case


GS and CHQ President met GM(SR), GM(Pers) and GM(Estt) and discussed about relieving of Executives under transfer order from tenure and other Circles. Positive action is expected by next week.

Promotion from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) under seniority and LDCE quota: GS met the concerned and requested to process the DPC as well as notification of LDCE. The LDCE vacancy year will be finalised by next week. Both the promotions will be processed soon.


Replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1A, E2A – - - with E2, E3 – - etc, Superannuation benefit to BSNL directly recruited employees, 78.2% merger for the pensioners:

GS and CHQ President met Director(PSU-I), DoT on 22.06.16 and held discussions on the matter. BSNL clarification on financial implications received by DoT today. BSNL informed that total expenditure on implementation of E2, E3, --E7 scales is 380.6 Cr (Pension contribution, pay and allowances from 01.01.2007 – 315 Cr, Annual Pension contribution – 27 Cr, Annual Pay and Allowances – 38.6 Cr). During discussion, Director mentioned that it will be a tough task to convince the DoT (Finance) on the issue as DoT(Finance) is not even agreeing for E1+5 increments which is already given provisionally by BSNL replacing 9850/- scale. Assn replied to it that BSNL agreed to pay the revised scale and there is no question of demotion of the cadres to E1 and E2scales. All other PSUs upgraded the scales in similar situations. Dir(PSU) will process the proposal at the earliest.

On Superannuation benefit, Director(PSU I) informed that the proposal has not come to the section. After that Assn met Director(Estt) and enquired about the proposal of Superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees. Director(Estt) also informed that the proposal is not reached the section. Assn is trying to meet DDG(Estt), DoT to discuss the issue.

On 78.2% IDA merger for the pensioners, Director(Estt) informed that the Cabinet memo is under the consideration of Union Cabinet. Cabinet may discuss the issue in one or two weeks time.


DPE writes to GS/SNEA informing the constitution of 3rd PRC with reference to our letter dated 17.05.2016 addressed to Hon Prime Minister.

NCOA and SNEA (constituent of NCOA from BSNL) started organizational actions since October, 2015 demanding constitution of 3rd PRC. The details:

·  NCOA served notice for lunch hour demonstration on 26th November, 2015 at DPE office, New Delhi demanding constitution of 3rd PRC.

·  Secretary/DPE invited NCOA for discussion on 23.11.2015. NCOA represented by Com Baby Thomas, Secretary General, Com V K Tomar, President/NCOA, Com K Sebastin, GS/SNEA and Com Shiwani, Treasurer/BHEL Federation. Secretary/DPE, Addl Secretary/DPE and Director/DPE were present during discussion and assured that Govt will constitute the 3rd PRC without any further delay. Based on the assurances given by Secretary/DPE, NCOA decided to postpone the protest demonstration on 26.11.2015.

·  An NGC meeting of NCOA was held at New Delhi on 31.01.2016 to discuss about various issues of CPSUs and 3rd wage revision committee. 

·  NCOA again starting organizational programmes demanding constitution of 3rd PRC.

17.05.2016: FAX to Hon Minister, with copy to Hon Prime Minister, Hon FM, Cabinet Secretary and Secretary/DPE by the GSs.

01.06.2016: Demonstration infront of DPE office, New Delhi.

22.06.2016: One day Dharna infront of DPE Office, New Delhi

27.07.2016: March to DPE Office, New Delhi

·  As per NCOA call, SNEA given FAX message to Sri Anant G Geete, Hon Minister for HI and PE with copy to Hon PM, Hon FM, Cabinet Secretary, Secretary/DPE etc demanding immediate Constitution of 3rd PRC

·  In the banner of NCOA, hundreds of Executives from various CPSUs conducted Lunch Hour demonstration infront of DPE office, New Delhi on 01.06.2016 demanding constitution of 3rd PRC. GS, President, Chairman, AGS, Jt Secretary and other office-bearers of SNEA participated in the demonstration.

3rd PRC constituted by DPE on 10.06.2016.

Similarly, SNEA went on strike for 2 days in December, 2006(with PAY CUT) demanding 50% IDA merger with basic and got favourable recommendations from the 2nd PRC.

DPE letter to GS/SNEAGS letter to Hon PM dated 17.05.2016