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Strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015.

Make extensive preparations. Success of the strike going to decide the future of BSNL and the future of the employees.

The two days "Stay out strike by abstaining from duty will be from 00.00 Hrs of 21/04/2015 to 24.00 Hrs of 22/04/2015. Forum has to conduct demonstration infront of all Circle, SSA HQs and all major stations on both days.

All employees should participate in the two days "stay out strike" to "SAVE BSNL, SAVE NATION ".


Circle Conference of UP(East) Circle.

The Circle conference of UP(East) Circle was held at RTTC, Lucknow on 17th and 18th April, 2015. An opens session was held on 17.04.2015 in which hundreds of comrades from Lucknow and nearby SSAs participated. CHQ President, CGMT UP(E) Circle Sri H. R. Shukla, PGMTD, Lucknow and other senior officers participated in the open session. In the open session focus was on issues related to growth, expansion and quality of service. CHQ President explained the policies of the Govt which crippled the company in the past. CGMT informed that now UPE Circle started growing very fast and he had taken series of measures to improve the service and curtail wasteful expenditure.   

GS and President addressed the delegate session on 18th April. Both explained the situation which led to the strike in the banner of Forum. The strike is not for any monetary benefit, but to protect our company, to protect our job. In order to protect our company, we have to make the strike on 21st and 22nd April a grand success. It should be an eye opener to the Govt. All the issues pertaining to the Govt to be addressed in a time bound manner. Simultaneously issues related to retirement benefits like 30% superannuation benefit and automatic pension revision also to be settled. It is a do or die situation for us.


On HR issues, we have to address the twin issues of standard pay scales and delinking the promotions from existing seniority. BSNL management is proposing to demote the basic Cadre to E1 and E2 scales? In the present situation we cannot expect promotions in the next ten years because all the seniority lists are quashed by Hon Courts and the litigations are continuing. Management is not bothered about this or ignorant about this? So, the only way to protect our promotional avenues is to switch over to TB functional promotion. It is the duty of each and every Executive of this company to protect the pay scales and promotions and struggle for standard E2, E3, --- E7 pay scales and TB functional promotion irrespective of Union /Assn affiliation. SNEA(I) already started agitational programmes to resolve these twin issues of standard pay scales and TB promotions.

GS and President appealed all the Executives to join the agitation programms in the coming days and strengthen the Executives Unity so that these two issues of the cadre can be resolved once for all. The conference resolved that at any cost we will protect the cadre from demotion to E1 and E2 scale and the promotional avenues.

The conference was unique one by participation of members and deliberations. In the conference Com P. K. Sirothiya, Com Ajay Trivedi, Com C. L. Yadav, Com C. P. Pandey, Com D. P. Tripathi and Com Amit Katiyar were elected unanimously as C/President, C/Secretary, C/Treasurer and CWC members. CHQ wish the new Circle body all the success.


Circle conference of UP East circle started at Lucknow on 17.4.2015. CHQ President is attending the conference and GS will join today, 18.4.2015. GS rescheduled the program to participate in the meeting on 17.4.2015 called by the CMD.


Meeting with CMD, BSNL. CMD invited Forum leaders for a meeting to discuss on the charter of demands. GS attended the meeting along with other Forum leaders.  A detail discussion for more than 3 hours held mainly on BSNL related issues. CMD informed that he requested DoT also to have a meeting with Forum to discuss issues related to Govt. Since Secretary, DoT is on tour along with PM, meeting may take place only after his return on monday . Smt Sujata Ray, ED Fin, Sr GMSR, GM Pers, GM Estt and GM Admn were also present in the meeting. Comrades, since most of the issues are related to Govt which are yet to be addressed, make maximum preparations for the strike on 21, 22 April.


View Corporate office orders:

Clarification for reimbursement of dietary supplements under BSNLMRS reg.

DE tenure Tranfer order.


DoPT Clarification regarding application of FR 49.....View Media report.
CCS - Joining time - Rules 1979 amended -DoP and Training Instructions.


View Media Report:


Merger of STR and STP under single CGM - Order issued.


Meeting with GM(Pers): GS and both AGSs met GM(FP) on 16.04.2015 and discussed DE to DGM promotions for the eligible DEs whose seniority is not under dispute. GM(Pers) informed that the matter is under serious consideration of BSNL Management and a decision will be taken shortly.

Meeting with GM(FP): GS and both AGSs met GM(FP) on 16.04.2015 and discussed the following issues:

a)         DPC from AO to CAO for 230 posts: GM(FP) informed that the DPC is delayed as one of the DPC member is not available. It may be held on 17.04.15 or 20.04.15 as per the convenience of DPC members.

b)        DPC from JAO to AO: GM(FP) informed that the DPC will be held after the DPC for AO to CAO.

c)         Option for 2010 JAOs: After discussion GM(FP) assured that the issue will be taken up with new GM(Estt) after some time.


Strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015.

All activists are requested to make Massive preparations  in the next few days by door to door campaign and conducting combined meeting of Forum at all the exchanges / locations.